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  • ross1948 16:34 on October 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: arrogant BBC elites, Bbc prosecutuon, Earl Spencer, , , Scotland Yard   

    Does ANYONE Trust British Cops Any More? 

    The Bashir BBC Scandal is not to result in prosecution…

    ….of anyone at all?

    The distinguished barrister named in the news must hardly be the only Brit who finds Scotland Yard’s refusal to bring any UK Pravda or associated scum before a court ‘mystifying!’


    Millions of decent folk will hope Earl Spencer is able to launch that private prosecution he’s been contemplating.



    The senior ranks of many, if not most, UK police forces have been exposed as cowards..


    London Fallen Indeed? Cur Cops Crawl Before The Rabble! .

    ..or collaborators….

    Avon and Somerset Police  Superintendent Andy Bennett said the action was“inexplicable and unacceptable,” and that the police treat “any reported hate crime with the utmost seriousness.” 

    Police-State UK? Don’t Dare Say It’s OK To Be White

    ..in recent years, crawling to anti-British racist mobs and bullying Brits…

    Merseyside’s Foulest! Charge Bully-Cops With ‘Wasting Police Time!

    …who defend the values we were all brought up to respect.

    Now the humble citizenry have influential individuals also calling out the Keystone cruds.




  • ross1948 09:30 on April 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: arrogant BBC elites, , Naga = dragon, , St. George   

    Fire The Divisive Race-Obsessed Dragon! 


    If I haven’t mentioned it before, the local word for ‘dragon’ here in Indonesia is ‘NAGA!’

    Nasty Uptight Naga’s Job Is Safe, No Matter What! 


    Or be fired.



  • ross1948 18:46 on March 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: arrogant BBC elites, , , Nish Kumar The Mash   

    Don’t Trust UK Pravda – The BBC Has NO Regrets! 

    Much brou-ha-ha in The Sun, over the discontinuation of what seems to have been one of the most in-yer-face left-bias ‘comedy’ shows, run by some nerd named Nish Kumar.


    BBC cancels The Mash Report, the show that became the focus of perceived  Left-wing bias


    Luckily, we don’t get that here in Indonesia, but I have heard enough about it.


    A yukky clown, clearly.

    This new BBC tactic is rather clever, taking off simple-minded trash, whilst not lifting a finger to deal with the venomous in-crowd clique…

    Why Does UK Pravda Welcome Race-Obsessed Freakos?

    BBC’s Heroine ( BLM Cop-Killer Fan!) Condemns The Queen! 

    …nor slapping down malevolents like The Maitlis…Don’t Gag My Black Voice! Stacy Calls Out BBC’s Mannerless Maitlis…Awful Embley…BBC’s Embley – ‘There Seems To Be A Lot Of White Privilege In The Response!’ …Dreadful Derbyshire BBC, VD, ‘Ignorant Things!’ UK Pravda’s Ageism Exposed! etc.

    The non-stop barrage of slanted ‘news…’

    BBC Bigot Bryant Flaunts His Left Bias, Again! 

    ….and downright dishonesty….

    BBC Exposed – Deliberate Politically-Motivated Disinformation! 

    …is what’s truly dangerous about the BBC, not some nitwit ‘satire’ baboons capering about a studio!

    But who really believes the tax-funded-propaganda-channel feels the slightest remorse over the cr-p ‘satire.’

    NOT A CHANCE!   

    They make that CRYSTAL CLEAR!

    We would like to thank all those involved in four brilliant series and hope to work with Nish Kumar, Rachel Parris and the team in the future.


    Take my word for it.

    On THIS occasion, the Enemy Within means what it says – Nish The Nerd and his comrades WILL be back!

  • ross1948 20:35 on February 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    These UK Pravda Scum Forget They’re Public Servants! 

    I don’t really care if The Maitlis agrees or not with Piers Morgan, but she reaffirmed her utter disregard for her duty to stay out of endorsing political positions when she re-tweeted one of his little outbursts on Dirty Dorsey’s network.



    She was previously deemed, last year, to have flouted that same duty –  but those BBC mandarins who found her guilty then irresponsibly refused to impose any disciplinary sanctions at all.



    The middle-aged bat therefore doesn’t give a tinker’s cuss, and showed it again, a quick flash, hurriedly covered up when caught out.

    Nothing bad or biased that The Maitlis says or does…

    Chicago Man Puts Maitlis In Her Place! 

    Don’t Gag My Black Voice! Stacy Calls Out BBC’s Mannerless Maitlis

    …could come as a shock to you or me, but what is shocking is her pay-masters’ response when challenged on her misconduct.

    NB I use pay-masters to refer to the intermediaries, not the great British public who are coerced into paying the leftist vixen’s colossal salary –

    When asked to comment on this latest example of Maitlis’ penchant for illicit partisan interventions, the slug who responded on UK Pravda’s behalf displayed a level of arrogance absolutely unacceptable by any servant…

    • BBC employees are public servants, in theory at least, though they see themselves as masters –

    “We’re not about to start commenting on one retweet which was swiftly deleted.”


    WHO DOES THAT S.O.B. THINK HE  (or she, or trans-it) IS?

    Both that uppity flunkey and The Maitlis are on the public pay-roll.

    They don’t get to brush off ANY Brit when asked a civil question!


    • Jock Tamson 23:58 on February 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Maitliss always makes me think of the old Hammer horror pictures, where the women that accompanied Count Dracula would flit about, their fangs bared for blood.


  • ross1948 14:58 on January 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: arrogant BBC elites   

    Tell UK Pravda What You Think Of Their Vile Bias! 

    A pleasant pastime I offer you this Friday, an opportunity naively provided by the tax-funded propaganda channel…


    ….for you to give feedback on their performance.

    Survey about the BBC – the BBC – Send – BBC

    If you’re stuck for words, or pressed for time, please feel free to cull my store of material.

    My various observations on Dateline and Newsnight alone should give you plenty of ammunition!

    • Keith Milner 09:48 on January 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      ABC ask our opinions too but only for show.


  • ross1948 07:28 on January 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , 2021 New Year, arrogant BBC elites, ,   

    As Calendars Replaced, What To Make Of Our World? 

    What are we to make of the world we live in, as the fairly unspeakable 2020 disappears and the fairly unpredictable 2021 begins?

    I want to be optimistic but after the subversion of democracy in the USA – clearly Trump won – it is difficult to hope for any quick roll-back of the evil forces unleashed under the shadow of the Chinese Virus.

    I’m not talking of any one country.



    We’re all up against Enemy Within media/Big Tech bias, but I’d suggest that.. 


    …the first and foremost domestic enemy Western countries are facing has to be the rabid racism associated with BLM, the pernicious ‘Critical Race Theory.’


    Has Anyone Costed Bojo’s BLM Appeasement Commission? 

    One Boy’s Fight-Back Against Red Vermin Teachers! 

    Let’s focus on that Enemy Within – a cultural counter-revolution is required, by whatever means necessary.

    Good luck in the war, and Happy New Year.

    • Keith Milner 08:22 on January 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Overnight the government changed the words to our national anthem, which we had a national vote to approve. Riding rough-sh-t over our democracy.


    • Lois Wadden 11:48 on January 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I say the BLM bunch get far too much time on the media and now we have Scomo selling out on the anthem.
      Didn’t we get to approve Advance Australia Fair which I personally did not vote for but respected the result of the vote.
      Then they can change it to appease the ‘indigenous’ noisies.
      No people’s vote thus time?
      It’s wrong!
      I’m sorry to see that Pauline’s not putting up a fight.
      Its a sad day for Australian democracy.


    • Ken Kasic 23:17 on January 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I wish I could be in Washington for the patriot rally.
      Stop the Steal!


  • ross1948 21:00 on December 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Your Chance To Vote Against Malignant Maitlis! 

    Remember when The Malignant Maitlis was found guilty by her UK Pravda bosses of breaching the BBC’s ( rarely if ever observed) impartiality code?



    Remember what disciplinary steps were taken to curb the leftist vixen?

    None at all!

    The BBC mandarins refused to punish their pet propagandist, giving her a green-light to push her poisonous prejudices, a green-light that she has made serious use of…

    Don’t Gag My Black Voice! Stacy Calls Out BBC’s Mannerless Maitlis! 

    Sneer-Minx Maitlis – No Charm School Grad, She! 

    .Image result for maitlis

    Biased, but unpunished – The Maitlis!


    ….to slant everything she touches as leftwards as she possibly can.

    Well, now one resourceful citizen has taken it to OfCom…



    …which may be a waste of time. 

    OfCom has been exposed as anything but a useful institution…

    Starmer-Troops Urging OfCom – ‘Stomp UK Media Diversity?’ 

    ….but let’s wait and see.

    My main purpose in providing that AOL link above is that it has a little poll ‘thingy….’

    …which gives you an opportunity to express your view of Malignant Maitli of course care nothing about serious consultation with those who pay their gargantuan salaries…



    …and it’s been said the UK Pravda parasites would like to cover up to what extent their leftist slugs soak the public purse.

    So any chance to say what we think of them is welcome!

  • ross1948 16:47 on November 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , arrogant BBC elites, , Dan Roan BBC, , Greg Clarke, , Ken Brennan MP,   

    Colourful Language And Clarke’s Resignation! 

    The BBC is now telling its millions of English-speakers how they may use the English language….

    Warning: This report contains offensive language.

    Greg Clarke has resigned as chairman of the Football Association after using offensive language about black players.

    The FA boss had used the term “coloured footballers” as he spoke to MPs about diversity and racial abuse against black players.

    He apologised…



    Unbelievably, that arrogant chunk of hogwash ( without the pictorial embellishments, which are mine!) appear on the BBC’s website…


    UNSIGNED…so it’s not there as a personal opinion penned by one of their Bigot Bias Coven, but as some sort of compressed multicultist Ten Commandments.

    Like most people, I was incensed when I heard some slimy uptight cur on UK Pravda yesterday telling us that the Football Association’s Mr. Greg Clarke….


    Greg Clarke


    ….had committed the high crime and misdemeanour of ‘outdated and offensive’ language and that UK Pravda was apologising in advance for inflicting torture on hyper-sensitive creeps among its global audience.

    I steeled myself for the auditory ordeal, wondering if, even in the interests of transparency, the BBC would air the notorious ‘N’ word.

    Fat chance!

    Instead, we had a pleasant man in middle age talking sympatheitcally about the problems of coloured people.

    I waited.

    When was Clarke going to snarl and turn ‘offensive?’

    His Football Association has shown itself pathetic and servile, true…

    Petition To Football Association – Scrap The BLM Cr-p! 

    … but on this particular day he was stating obvious truths, that South Asians were well-known for tech skills, that black men often turned out to be skilled footballers.

    The man was speaking in perfectly normal, understandable, modern English.

    Nothing ‘outdated.’

    Then the chairman of the House of Commons Committee he was talking to….


    Official portrait of Kevin Brennan MP crop 2.jpg


    ..a Stalinoid puke named Kevin Brennan MP, asked him in intimidatory manner if he ‘would withdraw‘ the words used.

    So what did the victim of the witch-hunt actually say?

    ….he used the term “coloured” to describe black, Asian and minority ethnic people and suggested that “different career interests” led south Asian people to choose careers in IT over sport. He also described a gay player coming out as a ‘life choice’ and recounted an anecdote about girl footballers being afraid to be hit by a ball….

    In other words, NOTHING remotely offensive!

    Nor outdated. 

    Later we saw another Stalinoid puke, a nasty uptight called Sanjay, Bhandari, apparently head-berk with a whine-gang called ‘Kick It Out,’ who eagerly put the boot in…



    …while some  BBC bum, Dan Roan, ‘sports editor,’ was soon righteously rabbiting about how the victim had shown how ‘the game has failed to move forward.’

    I’d not seen or heard of Roan before…


    BBC Sport’s Dan Roan ‘taken off air’ after offensive comments about tragic Leicester City owner – as he faces calls to resign..


    ….so checked up and learned that he is a slimy creep, who scurrilously, swinishly, gossiped about a dead man at the scene of the crash in which the man had died horribly.

    Mr Roan was picked up on a live Sky News feed having a conversation in which he mocked Mr Srivaddhanaprabha’s marriage and hinted that his assistant was also his ‘mistress’.


    What a pig!

    But the BBC didn’t fire him, despite a petition from angry citizens!

    They wallow in tax-payers’ money but they refused to tell tax-payers what, if any, disciplinary measures were taken against Rotter Roan!

    Of course BBC rather like pigs.


    BBC’s Beastly Begum-Symp – More Awful Than Maitlis

    They really, really like pigs – they employ Emma Barnett, don’t they!

    And every UK Pravda parasite has its snout in the tax-trough!



    According to various media reports, nobody on that parliamentary committee spoke up on Clarke’s behalf.

    Nobody declared that a Brit in his parliament could and should speak freely, with being subjected to PC bullying.

    One ‘Conservative’ MP Julian Knight…


    Official portrait of Julian Knight MP crop 2.jpg

    Julian Knight MP


    …brayed about how the victim was right to apologise, which is absolute drivel.

    Clarke should have told Commissar Brennan to get stuffed.

    He should have reminded the Commons cowards that the real people of the UK do not like being lectured and bullied by Politically Correct low-lifes.

    Or Tory turds like Julian Knight, who is himself ex-BBC, and a Remainer, exactly the sort who should be de-selected.

    • Vanessa Reilly 21:11 on November 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      About time somebody said this.
      The FA let everyday England supporters down with all that BLM kneeling but the way Clarke has been treated is out of order.
      Who do these BBC toffs think they are telling us that calling coloured people ‘coloured people’ is either outdated or offensive?
      When I was younger, it was quite common to refer to ‘darkies’ but we were told that was mean and it was polite to say ‘coloured people ‘
      That was what the negroes said themselves when they started NAACP in America, am I right?
      These things come and go, but coloured people is much more like real clear English than the clumsy ‘people of colour.’

      Liked by 1 person

  • ross1948 16:59 on November 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: arrogant BBC elites, ’Nobodies’ V Elites, Biased Ben Wright, , ,   

    BBC Labour Brat Calls Pompeo A Nobody! 

    Nobody seems to think the various legal challenges will make any difference!’

    So said UK Pravda’s Ben Wright, as I battled with my recalcitrant laptop this morning.


     Ben Wright


    We noticed Mr. Wright last week….


    …though Mr. Left might be a better name. After all, we identified him as the son of a Labour MP, and are making enquiries to find out exactly if he himself has a record of political activity which he is concealing.

    But that’s not why his words are so utterly offensive!

    It’s his demeaning, disrespectful elitism – intolerable in a flunkey paid from the public purse!


    It’s his gratuitously insulting, arrogant dismissal of you readers, and myself, and of millions of people in the USA and around the world, as ‘NOBODIES.

    That mentality is typical of the UK Pravda elite, a condescension so engrained that, although they know full well that large numbers of people do NOT think as the BBC thinks, this pompous upstart and his comrades can deny the very existence of such massive dissent.

    Nobody seems to think the various legal challenges will make any difference!‘

    Thus the prig prattled…


    CIA Director Mike Pompeo testifies before a Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing on April 1……..

    ….yet within MINUTES he himself was whining that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ’seems to think there may be a second Trump Administration.’

    So Mr. Pompeo too thinks that ‘unthinkable’ thought ( unthinkable only in the BBC’s ideological Twilight Zone!) and therefore all us other ‘nobodies’ are in fairly significant company?

    • Noreen Paterson 17:17 on November 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      It is exactly their arrogance that angers people.
      They have the right to their opinions but not to dismiss ours and even less to pretend we count for nothing.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 23:27 on November 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The more the media try to shut down the argument, the more i think there has been fraud.


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