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    ‘Liberal?’ ‘Democrats?’ – Who Wants A Ban On UK Freedom-Fest? 

    Thanks again to the Europhiliac TNE site, for telling us that the acting LibDem leader, Ed Davey wants a BAN on the plan by Nigel Farage’s plan to hold a grand freedom party at the end of the month to celebrate the restoration of British independence.



    In the true liberal spirit of UK democratic traditions, Davey wants his fellow-Remainiac, the Labour Mayor of London…



    ….to ‘reject the plans because it would not help bring the country back together.  “I don’t think it’s very unifying… We want to unify the country to learn the lessons…”

    This twerp has clearly NOT learned the lesson he and his comrades should have…




    ….that seeking contemptuously to overturn the ballot-box decision by the British majority was NOT the action of anyone interested in ‘unifying’ the country.

    The jackboot jerk has the nerve to cite “VE Day when we defeated Nazi Germany… “




    ….as an example of when Brits might be entitled to “come out in our public spaces and celebrate together.”

    So it’s okay to demonstrate national joy at the defeat of the Third Reich…



    ….but not the Fourth Reich?

    Quite right,’ shrills Mr. Ed.

    Mister Ed.png

    The idea that a party in Parliament Square will be a way of bringing the country together is quite literally nonsense.” https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/ed-davey-on-january-31st-brexit-celebrations-1-6453576

    What is actually nonsense is this LibDem louse’s belief that his defeat should not be celebrated by those who defeated his disloyalty to Queen and Country!

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    ‘Open Democracy?’ “Pseuds’ Corner,” More Like! 

    That ‘Open Democracy’ gang went paranoid a month ago, all uptight about the appealing prospect of a Le Pen presidency in 2020.

    That’s an outcome devoutly to be wished for, as Le Muppet Macron continues lip service only to controlling the migrant menace.

    But the odd O.D. crew are STILL banging on about Marine…



    ….with a weird analysis of her campaign style from some geezerette who begins her warble with this, a quote from another warbling geezer.

    Political scientist Benjamin Moffitt argues that populism is, above all, a performative repertoire which has capitalized on the intensive mediatization of social and political life.”



    That’s just high-falutin’ hogwash!

    Can’t the klutz express himself in plain English?

    However, he obviously realises that nobody could possibly divine a meaning from that initial stanza, so he has another go!

    .” It is a stylized performance which conveys a thin – but highly effective – ideology of antipathy to elites and claims to represent “the people.”



    Yes, Marine’s performance has style.

    It’s downright classy.

    But there’s nothing ‘thin’ about Marine’s SUBSTANTIAL disdain for elites.

    And if it’s a question of whose ‘claims to represent the people’ are more valid, then we need only cast our minds back to the announcement of Macron’s most famous fake-reform…


    Muppet Macron’s Mock-Consultation -“We’ll Only Talk About What WE Value!” 

    ….those ‘consultations’ in which the French people would be given the chance to direct the destiny of their beloved France…



    ..as long as they didn’t dare challenge the ideology of the ruling elite!

    If I were you, I wouldn’t waste time wading through the Open Democracy babble, though feel free if you have absolutely nothing better to do.

    Be warned, though – it’s penned by a sociologist, Dorit Geva, attached to the notorious Sorosoid Central European University, with a very peculiar, actually unwholesomely obsessive, focus on ‘gender’ ( which of course means ‘sex’ ) so it’s basically worthless.

    But that little extract above may be useful when Bojo tries to string Brits along with the ‘consultation’ broached before the recent election, which I’m willing to bet will be loaded with the elite’s chosen ‘experts.’

    UK Tax-Funded Climate Talk-Shop? Will BOTH Sides Be Heard? 

    Anything to avoid proper democracy.

    It’s not a new trick…

     Ministers accused of ‘sham’ consultation over gay marriage – Telegraph

    ….so the people – in Britain as in France – should stand ready to call it out.

    Elites are not some phantasm conjured up by patriot ‘populists.’

    They are real.

    They are the Enemy Within!

    • Jim Ex Jakarta 8:35 pm on December 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You are a bit offbeat tonight, Ross, but New Years so we all are.
      Does that super-pseud not get it, ‘performative..mediatization…’ does he know he’s writing for an English speaking audience?
      Those words are not in the dictionary, are they?


  • ross1948 6:16 am on November 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    NZ Euthanasia Referendum? Why Not On Capital Punishment? 

    I rarely get much from New Zealand to comment on, and it’s been a while…

    Kiwi Shoppers Should Be Entitled To Bash Vile Vegans! 

    • ————

    Kiwis Keep The Flag Flying! But Oz Pinkos Aren’t Happy! 

    ..though when I do, the stories are usually interesting….

    Scumner-Burstyn Oozes Into Hyper-Whine 

    ….but this latest news, that MPs there are bowing to the democratic principle, giving Kiwis a referendum on euthanasia, is most welcome.

    BUT…why only on euthanasia?

    In a true democracy, if the people are indeed sovereign, they should have the right to a citizens’ initiative, demanding a vote on any issue.

    I have no idea how New Zealanders feel about the death penalty, but in many Western lands the politicians are seriously out of step with the people.


    The political class is almost openly contemptuous of us common folk. Certainly, when the UK ended capital punishment, British MPs arrogantly over-rode the wishes of the electorate.

    I have heard that there are concerns too about immigration in NZ, that tiresome leftist PM sabotaging a sensible reform planned by her coalition partner.

    Inexplicably, she seems to like the idea of aliens getting in based on the primitive practice of ‘arranged marriage.’  https://www.newsroom.co.nz/2019/11/11/899072/the-dirty-little-secret-about-this-migration-debate



    Why don’t the reformers challenge her to put that VIP (very important policy) to a people’s vote?

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    TV Election Debate – Arrogant Elite Gets Egg On Its Face! 

    As British media discuss how the televised pre-election debates should be arranged…

    …it’s a good time for a quick glance at a very recent retort to the establishment’s belief that democratic principles and practice should function only within boundaries drawn up by elites.

    We have seen calls for this kind of infantile intolerance on display in the UK media…


    Guardian’s Nick ‘Storm-Troop’ Cohen.

    Guardian Bigot- “Don’t Even Acknowledge Patriot Point Of View!” 


    …and in Canada, from the  leader of the socialist NDP party…

    Turdo’s ‘Brown-Face?’ Howzabout Singh’s Brown-Shirt? 

    …but how did it work out in Madrid this week?

    Spaniards  vote tomorrow, fourth election in four years, we’re told, but rather than argue in public about serious alternatives to the effete response to issues which characterises the political ruling class (there as in so many Western countries!) the big parties, obliged by the rules to sharea tv studio with the patriot party Vox but largely, rudely, treated its leader, Senor Abascal, with crass disrespect.



    The leftist PSOE leader, Prime Pedro Sánchez…


    Image result for pedro sanchez"


    ….sought to ignore Abascal entirely…


    This arrogance did not go un-noticed by the millions who had tuned in to hear real debate.

    , =


    Vox, unchallenged at TV debate, enjoys boost in the polls

    The leader of the far-right party, Santiago Abascal, took advantage of the silence of his rivals on Monday night to get his message across to the more than eight million viewers…

    Polls in a number of Spanish newspapers – El Mundo, La Vanguardia, La Razón – placed the leader of the far-right Vox party, Santiago Abascal, as the winner of the live televised debate broadcast..


    And what a good message much of it is!

     “For the most humble Spaniards, Spain is their only asset; only the rich can allow themselves the luxury of not having a homeland…


    .elecciones 10N


    …citing the issue of citizen safety, something he directly linked to irregular immigration, and to the battle between Spaniards and foreigners for scant social resources. “How is the state going to deal with Spaniards who are in need if it attends to those from outside first?” .


    Good luck, Vox.

    • Navan Leberge 7:41 pm on November 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, it’s their insufferable arrogance, and their hatred of free speech, the way they look down their noses at any politician who identifies with the hopes and fears of ordinary people.
      The elites are a disease, like a cancer in every Western country.


  • ross1948 7:29 pm on October 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Guardian‘s Gabbling Gaby’s Goodwill Towards The London Stinkos! 

    The men who scribble for the Guardian are in general abominable, rhe worst probably being Old Nick, who harbours a distaste for rational debate…

    Guardian Jackboot Bigot Calls Brexit Brits “Thugs!=

    Guardian’s Nick ‘Storm-Troop’ Cohen.

    Guardian Bigot- “Don’t Even Acknowledge Patriot Point Of View!” 

    …nearly as  demented as his hatred for anyone who respects the outcome of democratic decision-making!

    But the Guardian Gabblistas – – I’m switching my aim directly fron the men to the women, ignoring queers like Owen Jones, who don’t properly fit either category  – do seem to have the edge in brain-dead blather.

    Extinction Rebellion has built up so much goodwill. It mustn’t throw that away


    What planet does this woman inhabit?

    There’s no goodwill among the populace!

     The only supportive noises have come from half-baked children and of course the glitterati  – ‘grown-up’ spoilt brats given grossly undue prominence by the media  –


    Image result for emma thompson


    Emma Thompson flew 5,400 miles to join climate change protest | Metro News
    Apr 19, 2019 · Actress Emma Thompson has sparked fury after she flew 5400 miles to join 

     – because they are actresses or members of some other over-privileged cocktail circuit.

    The name Gaby rang a bell when  I was flicking through stuff about the Stinkos..

    Bravo, London Commuters! One Dirty Stinko Gets Taught A Lesson! 

    Image result for london commuters Extinction station

    A bearded weirdo meets the decent people he set out to torment

    This morning London commuters furiously dragged a protester from the top of a train at Canning Townhttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7582765/Extinction-Rebellion-protesters-cause-misery-morning-commuters-converge-CanningTown.htm

    ( I must be upfront – the Canning Town tube station scene was so inspirational that I wanted to write about it again!)

    And I find I have mentioned her in the past…

    Beware of Boris. He’s Pulled Many A Trick Before Now! 

    when she showed a bit of insight on the subject of the Fake-Brexit Fop!.

    She does seem vaguely to notice the element of class-war being waged, how pampered snobs with no need to earn a living are victimising honest working folk.

    The incident at Canning Town station exposes the movement’s lack of empathy with society’s least well-off people – 17/10

    But her input this week revealed a sad hang-up she shares with many of her comrades, male, female and freako.

    An obsession with race!

    Did any of you notice ( I didn’t! I was too busy cheering! ) that the public spirited commuter who moved to haul down the vicious Stinko was black?

    Or that the Stinko was white?

    Going back for another  look, I see that it’s true.

    But so what?

    Who cares what colour a public-spirited citizen happens to be, when he takes action against anti-social scum and thus promotes  the common good! .

    But by God, GG noticed, and just had to include  it in her rambling rant!

    There’s something about the Guardian, methinks, that makes its hacks and hackettes seek to sow division on specious grounds of race…




    …even when white people and black people are up in arms, united in their abhorrence of stinking self-righteous anarchists!



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    ISD Exposed Again – Will Priti Patel Stop Funding Anti-Boris Sticky-Beaks? 

    We wrote about this gang some months ago, when one of their flunkeys fired a few cheap shots at the excellent Herr Kickl, Austria’s then Interior Minister…

    Guardian Hack Kicks Kickl – Guess Who Funds Her Network? 

    • Image result for institute strategic dialoguehttps://www.isdglobal.org/isdapproach/

    • ..ISD fosters strategic partnerships across governments, academia, civil society and the private sector to develop policy and operational programmes to respond to the threat of extremism. We also work closely with leading players in the media and technology sector to help achieve impact on a global scale.

    …and while the supranationalist meddling which characterises the ‘Institute for Strategic Dialogue’ is appalling, what was much more shocking was the huge amount of cash pouring into the agitprop outfit.

    And where it comes from!

    The Independent insists on describing ISD as a ‘think-tank,’ but my preference for the term ‘propaganda pump’ was confirmed last week by a woman named Chloe Colliver.





    She’s the boss of ISD’s ‘digital research unit,’ and she lashed out at British PM Johnson for telling it like it is.

    Bojo’s sin, in Comrade Chloe’s eyes, is to defined the Remainer’s legislative coup as a “surrender bill…”

    Miffed ... Boris Johnson.

    ….worse, says the ISD bint, was that Johnson was ‘positioning himself as enacting the “will of the people.”

    Since the people voted for Brexit and Johnson says ( and, one hopes, means it) that he wants to achieve Brexit, what’s Comrade Chloe cavilling about?


    She reckons the PM was “calling successfully to a nationalist interpretation of the Brexit debate.”



    If Brexit is not a nationalist issue, what the hell is it?

    Taking back control from the Brussels Commissars is not just some fiddly thing about regulating fishing or checks at harbours and airports, important though these may well be.



    It’s about flags and passports and freedom, the very stuff of national pride.

    Now the liberals, lefts and the far-lefts and the separatists find all that sort of thing abhorrent.

    We all understand that.



    But this ISD rat-pack are funded by governments and banks and big biz and like to present themselves as professional ‘experts.’

    ‘Experts’ like Chloe Colliver, who positively shudders at how “it seems very purposeful to me and it really harks back to the Second World War nostalgia in this debate, which plays powerfully to the far right and nationalist groups.”

    Sorry, Comrade Chloe, but it ‘plays powerfully’ to millions who voted for Brexit, but of course this condescending ‘expert’ thinks all those common people are thick as pig-sh-t!

    They don’t understand the mechanisms and decisions being made on their behalf….”


    elite arrogance-s


    The 17 million, who had had enough of ‘decisions made on their behalf’ and in 2016 made the decision THEMSELVES, were just so dim-witted!

    Just sod off, Your Arrogance!

    But there’s a better way than irate ‘sod offs’ to put these elitists in their place.

    Cut off the cash!

    Britain currently has a Home Secretary named Priti Patel.

    We know that the IDS gets funding from all sorts of sources, including the European Union…


    soro evil

    …and Soros’s ‘Open Society’ meddlers…


    ….British tax-payers’ money via the UK Home Office.

    Priti Patel has a patriotic reputation and was appointed by Boris Johnson.


    Priti Patel Minister.jpg

    Might it not be a prudent, responsible and patriotic act on her part to stop her ministry’s funding of an ‘NGO’ whose minions so flagrantly launch outrageous propaganda missiles against the Prime Minister?

    Check out who funds them!


    ISD benefits from a wide range of financial support from philanthropic donors, private companies and governments.

    Curtin University, Australia
    George Washington University
    Harvard Berkman Klein Center for the Internet and Society
    Victoria University
    Yale University

    • Mack the Knife 8:50 pm on September 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Just look at all the governments and international banks funding these people and you have a very clear picture who the people’s enemies are.


    • Petra Malley 11:23 pm on September 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Another ‘charity,’ is it?
      The far left War On Want was reported but it has not lost its charitable status, so we must hope at least Ms.Patel will put her foot down.


  • ross1948 5:44 pm on August 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Heseltine Lurches From His Westminster Crypt 


    Like one of those zombies in The Walking Dead that lurches on well past their expiry date…


    …Michael Heseltine, once widely known as ‘Tarzan,’ whom Brits of a certain vintage remember, none too fondly, for prevailing on Maggie to reward the 1980s  riotous rabble with millions…


    …government ‘investment’ in the areas they dwelt ( for which precious little thanks were ever heard) instead of sending in battalions of security personnel to pacify them…



    …has emerged from the crypt ( aka the House of Lords) to redefine ‘democracy’ as a system of government in which the clear wishes of the electorate In no way bind legislators to enact what the electorate decided.

    Far from it!



    Tis the role of the ruling class who know what’s best, to unmake the electorate’s decision for them…



    …and impose THEIR will on mere recalcitrant voters.

    But it’s good to read that he’s been sharply slapped down.

    “In the end even people like Lord Heseltine, great figures from the past, who have never quite reconciled themselves to the idea that we’re going to leave the European Union, are going to have to focus on the fact that that’s what the British people commanded us to do….




    • Penny 7:22 pm on August 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Would it be regarded as a threat if I make a joke about driving a stake through a zombie’s heart, or does that only work for vampires?
      As it happens, I see Heseltine as more of a dinosaur than anything else.


    • Morrie Ellard 9:37 pm on August 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Him and that old fool Clarke, two of a kind.
      They hate the idea that the people know what’s what, they always think the nobs know best and look where that’s got us.


  • ross1948 8:36 am on March 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Elitism – Gushing Guardian Girl Lauds Canada’s Almost Flushed Turd! 

    The political scandal engulfing the Canadian prime minister has outed him as not quite the hero we all believed he was…

    Justin Trudeau’s disgrace is like watching a unicorn get run over




    The idea has often occurred to me that one of the key mental issues afflicting liberals is that they don’t get out and about very much.

    Sure, they go to work  – in the Guardian office, perhaps, and to parties (probably not proper drinking / singing /dancing parties    – more the sort of twee ‘dinner-parties’ one sees on tv or films, where mincing twits sit around a table sipping at wine, nibbling muesli…




    …and gabbling pretentious stuff on which they all agree -otherwise they’d not have been invited – ) …


    ….but they never get to – or choose to – meet real people with opinions outside the pink – or rainbow – bubble.

    And that ‘ALL’ as used in a gushing Guardian piece by some silly little girl named Leah McLaren…

    Image result for leah mclaren

    …whom nobody I know has heard of but who does perfectly mirror the mentality of many in Canada…

    …that ‘ALL’ exemplifies the ignorance of the breed that has degraded the Dominion!

    She really thinks that ‘ALL’ Canadians EVER ‘believed Justin Turdo, the Soft-On-Terror Pretty Boy…

    In Turdistan, Decent Muslims Protest Junior’s Jihad Jaunt! 


    Kathleen Wynne truddownload

    The ‘gay-friendly’ Prime Minister infamously tried to make excuses for the Boston Bombers…

    Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 


    …..was a ‘hero?’

    Let’s play nice and assume she is intelligent enough to know that notion is arrant nonsense.

    That leaves us with the alternative, that her definition of ‘ALL’ means ideological catamites, ‘intellectuals,’ leftists, ‘progressive’ pinkos…

    Hasil gambar untuk turdo gay justin

    – ….and don’t forget all the crimmigrants he’s let in – who idolise the degenerate drip as much as she does…




    …and excludes ‘ALL’ other Canadians, who certainly number in the millions, those who recognise Turdo as a loathesome, smarmy sleaze.

    What a sad girl she must be!

    Read her infantile gushing over –

     ‘Canada’s undeniably gorgeous, halo-bound Liberal prime minister, Justin Trudeau – proud feminist, defender of minority rights, advocate for transparency, inclusivity and decency..’

    – for yourselves but make sure there’s a vomitorium handy!

    • Nairn Moore 12:21 pm on March 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      How old is this gushy little girl?
      She sounds like my niece who, when around 13 years of age, used to talk like that about Brad Pitt!
      The difference is that my niece grew up.
      It sounds like Little Leah is stuck in an adolescent ‘hero-worship’ mentality.
      But what a putrid hero she chooses.


    • Rena Sharpe 1:29 pm on March 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She makes me sick.


    • Arnold 9:04 am on March 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      What an empty head that Leah must have and how rude too!
      That rude ‘all’ ,as if everyone in Canada who doesn’t kiss Turdo’s ass like she does is a NON citizen.


  • ross1948 3:57 pm on January 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Slimy Goings-On In The Strasbourg Slug Swamp! 


    More dirty tricks at the Strasbourg Slug Swamp?


    Villainous Verhofstadt


    …and guess who’s the Bad Guy?

    The leader of the liberal Alde group, Guy Verhofstadt, has denied the public a debate on a controversial trade deal between the EU and Morocco, EUobserver has learned.

    Liberal leader blocks public debate on EU-Morocco deal

    But the REAL issue, of course, is that neither he nor any of his fellow-slugs has ANY right to keep trade deals…

    ….or anything else discussed in Strasbourg, from the people who put them there.


    • Martin Jones 6:16 pm on January 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I see Vehofbog or whatever he is called is rooting for Britain’s biggest enemy in Strasbourg, supporting Eire with all his might,
      An atrocious person.


    • Edward Lamont 10:11 pm on January 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Him again!
      Every time I read about him or see him on tv, he is always ranting and raving on behalf of Eire’s aggressive foreign policy and how the UK must be punished for exercising its right to leave his beloved ‘European Project.’
      The fanatic hates Brexit!


  • ross1948 4:52 pm on January 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Cancel Brexit?’ Arrogant, Ignorant Turn-Coat Tusk! 

    “If a deal is impossible, AND NO ONE WANTS NO DEAL, then who will finally have the courage to say what the only positive solution is?” Donald Tusk, the head of the European Council, said on Twitter on Tuesday night, suggesting that the only available outcome to overcome the impasse in the House of Commons is to stop Brexit.   (my emphasis)

    EU’s Tusk suggests the UK should cancel Brexit

    How ignorant can this creep get?

    Noone wants no deal?’


    Hey there, Turncoat!

    How many people did you ask before you told that lie?

    Most Conservative activists back nodeal Brexit over May’s deal …

    We don’t know if that’s reflected across the land, but it refutes Tusk’s mendacious claim.

    The majority of the British people, in the largest popular vote ever held, voted to LEAVE, not for any ‘deal’ with ‘President’ Tusk or any of his lousy supranational comrades.

    It’s the British people, not those pompous prats at Westminster ( for the patriot minority of whom, by the way, Tusk has previously voiced his contempt Brexit Tusk accuses MPs of showing lack of respect for May …it’s the PEOPLE whose views matter.

    Up 2 UK – A Pusillanimous Parliament V A Proud People? 


    This Polish louse has spent much of his presidential ‘reign’ collaborating with Merkel and Juncker and Timmermanns…

    • Edward Lamont 5:16 pm on January 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      He is an outstanding example, of a dirty rat.
      He rats on his own country and now scavenges like a rat among the wreckage of May’s dirty deal.


    • Tom Finney 6:12 pm on January 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Is it true that his grandfather served the German occupation forces in the Second World War?
      Collaboration with Poland’s foreign enemies must be genetically transmitted.


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