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  • ross1948 19:18 on May 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Workers? Wasters! Pig-Ignoramuses Burn Ahok Flowers! 

    I took my own advice today and stayed home, knowing that the May Day demo downtown would make any gallivant pointless- traffic in Jakarta is always tough but demos make it awful.



    A glorious sunny day in my front yard instead. Cooked some rendang beef, read a book – nice!

    But not so nice was the atrocious bigot vandalism that occurred during the demo, a gang of mangy louts amok, burning flowers at City Hall, flowers left by good citizens to honour their good governor.


    Having lost the gubernatorial race to Anies Baswedan in April, Ahok was greeted last Friday at city hall by a thousands of well-wishers and more than 3,000 karangan bunga or flower boards thanking him for his service.


    • Hasil gambar untuk jakarta ahok flowers bakar buruh
    •  On Monday, however, a group of trade unionists pulled several wreaths into the street and set them alight.\
    • But were they trades unionists?

    • Most of the workers, the decent workers, had their march and made their protests peacefully.

    • =====
    • ====

    Sounds to me like the arsonists were more like the sort of pig-ignorant savages who a few months ago were marching through Jakarta with placards demanding that Ahok himself be burned!




    Here’s what happened back then.

    The protesters, most of whom were men dressed in white Muslim attire, were heard yelling, 

    “We want a Muslim governor,” “Burn Ahok!” and “Kafir!”


    It’s all very sad.

    As sad, even, as the fact that one of the big labour federations chose to accompany those jihadist bigots on their bizarre ‘blasphemy’ march.

    The KSPI even joined hardline Islamists on the streets in previous mass demonstrations against the governor, the latter calling for his arrest and imprisonment for alleged blasphemy.. Indonesia: May Day demonstrators target Ahok flower boards

    People should be careful about the company they keep!


    Although millions of decent people – both Muslims and Christians – voted for Ahok and were desperately disappointed that he lost to a man who openly courted IslamoNazis, they accepted defeat gracefully, showing none of the moronic rancour displayed by Clinton’s millennial brats in the USA.


    Hasil gambar untuk not my president


    I hope the real workers’ leaders will disown the anti-social scum who burned the flowers. They are a disgrace to Indonesia.

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    Thwarted Of Their Prey, Calais Savages Amok Again! 

    god of hellfire

    WATCH: Furious migrants TORCH Calais Jungle camp 

    Express.co.uk21 Jan 2016
    French authorities want to create a 100-metre buffer zone between the Calais camp and the bordering motorway to protect thousands of lorries …

    These filthy brutes ran amok, indulging in wholesale arson, because of the perceived loss of access to the innocent targets of their frequent vicious forays. Then they still have the nerve to enlist Jeremy Corbyn’s sympathy about how their Jungle is inadequate for their needs.

    I just heard that fool on TV, offering his thanks to the mugs who volunteer there, assisting the parasitic rabble with their needs. 

    Well, we all know what their ‘needs’ are.

    Rape, violence and vandalism, using land on which they have no right to be squatting as a launching-pad for mob assaults on anyone who passes near.

    They’ve no right to be there, and most have no right to be in France at all, even the handful who may have some flimsy claim on ‘refugee’ status. Most men in the Calais camp ‘aren’t refugees’ – PressReader – 

    If they entered through a safe country – and EVERY country with which France shares a common border is VERY safe –  that’s where they should have registered as ‘asylum’-seekers.  

    Yet still most of the media, like Jeremy Corbyn, love to wax near-hysterical on the liars’ behalf.

    They deserve a boot on the backside, hard enough to propel them back to whence they came. 

    Who in his right mind…


    Foto Jill Aslan.


    …would bring riotous savages within range of his hearth and home? Who in her right mind would want that rabble anywhere near her, or her children?


    • hands off
    • ————
    • Who in their right minds would feel sympathy for those who deliberately choose to flout the law and live in filth?

    Migrants storm French port of Calais, disrupt ferry traffic


    Hasil gambar untuk calais port migrants


    Aaah, say people like Corbyn, the poor wee things are stressed out -if we take them in, lavish tax-payers’ money on them, they’re perfectly capable of behaving like decent human beings!


    The Germans have tried that.


    And this, below, is only the most recent report on the consequences of that folly. 

    Gang of migrants arrested after ‘sexually assaulting women and masturbating at historic German swimming baths’

    • Migrants have been banned from a historic swimming bath in Germany 
    • One man was caught on CCTV masturbating in a hot tub  
    • Several men were seen ’emptying their bowels’ in the swimming pool
    • The gang of migrants allegedly sexually assaulted women at the baths


    The proper course of action is clear!


    out with them


    And if they resort again to violence, shoot the Calais curs down, like the dirty dogs they are!


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