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  • ross1948 16:18 on March 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Fake News UK – Europhiliac Marches Did NOT ‘Pop-Up!’ 


    An odd sort of news-week, this, the Enemy Media falling back on a porn star ( not ‘adult-movie’ star, please  –  !) in the USA…


    • =
    • …and a shrill queer in the UK making trouble about Brexit…

    Gambar kisah untuk brexit leave dari Express.co.uk

    Shahmir Sanni –

    ‘a tiff between homosexual lovers…’   


    …both of whom seem to have taken an INORDINATELY long time to decide to let their ‘revelations’ be turned into a media circus, giving a pack of left-liberal hacks another chance to undo democracy in both Britain and America.

    So I won’t waste time on their on-going boring bluster this Wednesday.

    Instead, let me ask you -have you ever been on a protest march?

    I have! I’m sure none of you are surprised by that, so here’s another question.

    Have you ever ORGANISED a protest march?

    Joining in is one thing, but getting it going is another, and it takes damned hard work.

    Believe me, I’ve done that too, and while there have been some spontaneous marches I’m aware of….


    Hasil gambar untuk smithfield porters enoch powell

    …. like these British patriots – whose spontaneity is clear from their home-made placards…


    Rest assured that the great majority of the marches, noble or nasty, which you see on your TV or on your High Street, are NOT spontaneous.



    They are the result of diligent preparation –  phone calls, and emails and text messages…


    • …and meetings to decide where and when to assemble, then telling supporters. Then there’s creating and/or assembling and distributing placards and banners.

    • Actually, again speaking from personal experience, it’s all enjoyable, if you’re into that sort of thing.

    • But my point here is that these self-evident truths make utter nonsense of The Independent’s headline –

    ‘March For Europe’ protests have popped up across the country…



    Just take a look at the one in Exeter!


    Not a home-made banner in sight, with ONE possible exception, that one in the top right corner.

    All those red ones, mass-produced by professional organisers, and the blue ones- and who paid for them?

    As for that Quaker one..


    …since when did they become the Devil’s Disciples?

    • Heather Benson 16:48 on March 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Excellent point made, Ross!
      I have marched a few times and vouch for your description of the time and work people have to put in to get marches organised.
      Those remoaners’ materials are very professionally produced and were not just knocked together in some Europhile garage or kitchen.
      I don’t believe ANY of the anti-Brexit activity is spontaneous.
      With all that Soros money handed over to their cause, they are as slick as they are sly.


      • Marilyn Hill 21:42 on March 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Very much the case, what you say about marches, Heather. Hard work is a necessity.
        I remember when we marched for Enoch, and our signs were done with black biro and looked as amateurish as the pro-Powell march in the photo.
        , .
        In this day and age, it’s easier, for some people at least.
        Judging from news photographs of demonstrations over the past ten years, there is a ‘far-left’ factory somewhere that can run posters off in 24 hours. We know the anti-Brexit people have SO much foreign money at their disposal that their preparations are easy.
        Even then, they still have to use their mobiles to round up the unemployed and the undergraduates to turn out.
        Marches do not ‘pop up!’


    • Edward Lamont 18:04 on March 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      That photo of the anti-independence mob put me in mind of what the LibDem Vince Cable said a week or two ago, about how Brexit was all down to ‘old white people.’
      Cable is an old white person but that didn’t stop him using that racist and agist language.

      But just take a look at the faces in that photo. Look at all the grumpy old men and grannies. Near enough half the crowd is over or near enough pensionable age.
      I am not like Cable grudging them their right to have their say but it does make me think the Remoan narrative that it’s a generation-war is wide of the mark.


  • ross1948 16:49 on March 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Theresa! Make It 25/3 – Rain On The Rats’ Parade! 

    So Theresa May, inexplicably, is still hanging back like a wall-flower at a school dance, unwilling to declare a date for the Big Five-Oh.


    Gambar terkait


    It is now thought that the most likely date for the historic move will be in the last week of March, FOLLOWING the special summit of the remaining 27 member states in Rome on March 25 to mark the 60th anniversary of the European Union.

    My emphasis!



    There’s really no reason to faff about any longer. She should get on with it, regardless of the antics of that shrill separatist Sturgeon’s antics.


    But surely May is not delaying the trigger move till after the 25th cravenly to avoid upsetting the Euro-Commissars’ anniversary shindig…



    ….which I bet will see vast sums of tax-payers’ money wasted on free food and drink and probably fireworks too, in an orgy of Europhiliac self-glorification?

    Rain On Their Parade!

    I truly think that, if TM pulled the plug at the very moment when Comrade Juncker pops the first cork on the undoubtedly expensive bottle on the 25th March…

    Gambar terkait

    ….such a slap on the kisser for the supranational swine would win her cheers from John O’Groats to Land’s End! 


    Meanwhile, a reading recommendation.

    The liars and fear-mongers who provided the basis of Remain propaganda are now largely discredited, but here’s a neat little fact-package from Brexit Central, to dispel any remaining Europhiliac phantasmagoria.


    Hasil gambar untuk brexit central

    Hasil gambar untuk brexit central

    Project Cheer, our compilation of some of the facts, figures and news stories demonstrating that many of the predictions and projections of Project Fear have already been proven false. I hope that you find it a useful resource! Click here to download the PDF.


    • Pamela 23:58 on March 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      What a first-class idea, Ross!
      I share your concerns about May’s reluctance to show solidarity with Continental nations who want to free themselves.
      Her refusal to meet with Mme Le Pen is not just rude but stupid.
      So that would also explain why she does not have the sense of occasion which ought to suggest their EU Anniversary as the perfect moment to trigger Article 50.
      It was The Independent this week that reported her latest comment.
      “It was agreed between them that the Prime Minister won’t be attending. She was clear that she wished the EU well. There were very cordial conversations’
      We British do NOT wish the EU well. We wish European nations well but we hope the EU is destroyed.


  • ross1948 15:35 on December 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Attention, Brit Freedom-Fighters – Bug Your MP! 

    Most of my UK readers may well have taken the action requested by GBO, but just in case – there are so many demands on our time in this Christmas Season – here’s a reminder. 


    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    Please tell your MPs: Respect the Will of the People in the EU Referendum

    As you saw from our last e-bulletin, this week the Supreme Court heard the Government’s appeal to trigger Article 50 – without a vote in Parliament.  In January, the eleven judges will give their decision on whether the result of the EU Referendum alone was enough to start the Brexit process, or if MPs must vote on the triggering of Article 50. If they do decide to send this to Parliament for MPs to vote, we must all ensure MPs respect the will of the people. 

    At the moment, there are 91 MPs who do not respect the result of the EU Referendum. On Wednesday, this week, MPs voted on the Conservative amendment to the Labour motion to call on the Government to invoke Article 50 by the end of March – as the Prime Minister has stated. While the overwhelming majority voted in favour, these 91 anti-democratic MPs stated their clear intention to override the Referendum result.

    Click here to see if your MP is one of the rebel 91, and how to contact them. If your MP is one of these rebels who voted against the Conservative amendment, we suggest you write to them, making it absolutely clear they must respect the will of the people. You can find a suggested letter here which you can amend. We must remind MPs, if they continue to ignore the decision made by the majority of the Great British Public, then they should resign or risk losing our vote at the next General Election.

    If you are not sure who your MP is or how to contact them, click here to find out.

    For the other MPs who appear to respect the result of the Referendum, they too must be reminded that Brexit means Brexit. They too must understand the seriousness of the Referendum result, to us the voters.

    We have drafted another letter for you here to send to your MP to remind them they are your democratically elected representatives.

    Brexit has had many challengers so far, seeking to overturn the Referendum – including Gina Miller, who brought the High Court case in the first place, Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, and many others. 

    It’s clear the fight for Brexit is far from over, but we – the British people – have the power to ensure we Get Britain Out of the European Union. So please spend a few minutes, and write to your MP as we suggest. 

    This will make sure MPs really understand Brexit means Brexit, and we want the best ‘hard Brexit’ deal for the United Kingdom. This means access, not membership of the single market, and therefore we will have control over our laws, borders and money.

    We thank you for your continued support. If you check out our social media regularly, as well as our website, you will find all the daily news and press coverage. This is the link to our website’s Latest EU News page, and there’s lots of information to continue to inform you, your friends and colleagues about what’s going on with the negotiations and what we are investigating ourselves. Get Britain Out will continue to work to ensure we get the best deal for the United Kingdom, and will not rest until we have done so.

    If there are any of your friends and colleagues who would like to contact their MP and have not already signed up as a supporter, please forward them these instructions. It is important to spread information and the truth about this vital issue, so please forward this e-Bulletin to as many people as possible. Here is the link to Sign Up to our campaign.


    Jayne Adye, Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

    P.S. We hugely appreciate your help, both financially and otherwise. If you have any queries, please e-mail to info@getbritainout.org, and we will do our best to help, or pass on your requests. Everything you contribute in donations goes directly towards our continued work to secure the Best Brexit for Great Britain. Do please also think about donating to our vital campaign so we can carry on our work – every £ counts.


    • Pamela 19:33 on December 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      If these Members of Parliament or the Lords or those traitor judges obstruct our declaration of independence, they will regret it.
      I have passed on the GBO message to everyone I know.
      Thank you, yet again!


  • ross1948 20:08 on November 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Come Back, Guy Fawkes? 

    Hasil gambar untuk guy fawkes

    Guy Fawkes was the bad guy!

    He wanted to put the realm back under the authority of Rome. In those olden days, the House of Commons was replete with patriots, whose cause was national sovereignty. 

    But now  we see something of a role reversal, whereby anyone who wants to rid their country of the arrogant parasites in parliament will be seen not as a villain, but as a hero, a champion of democracy.

    • evil judge

    Brexit court defeat for UK government


    • With today’s court ruling – and Brexit’s basically no more to do with unelected judges than it is with lousy legislators, whose duty at Westminster is to put into effect the will of the people – the UK is at a cross-roads.

    Okay, we must await the appeal which May has pledged to lodge. But if it turns out that rogues can veto the clear decision of the British at the ballot box…

    Hasil gambar untuk london has fallen


    …then many will be led to the conclusion that it’s time for a new-look Guy Fawkes to take action.

    Indeed, one’s thoughts stray to the fate of Vidkun Quisling…




    …the Norwegian politician who took the part of the Third Reich. What today shall it profit any pig in the parliamentary slough if he or she betrays the nation.



  • ross1948 12:54 on September 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Swiss Jobs for Swiss Workers? Don’t Be Difficult, Warns Juncker Flunkey! 


    The EU warned Switzerland on Monday over a vote by one of its cantons backing curbs on migrants…EU warns Swiss over vote to curb cross-border workers

    What a nerve, to tell any country that it may not give preference to its own, over foreigners.

    One canton, Ticino, has voted for a measure which most Swiss, I’d say would applaud. It’s a modest step – the initiative called for companies to give preference to Swiss workers over foreigners if they were equally qualified…

    Most Brits would surely applaud any similar move to apply the same rules for UK citizens.


    • power-to-the-people-17-10-13


    But beware the politicians!

    Switzerland’s outstanding constitution is the envy of most neighbouring countries – direct popular power from the ground up. Yet suddenly the evil empire, the EUSSR, looms over  democratic values, casting a dark shadow  over the Alpine confederation’s bright lights of freedom. And, similarly to Westminster, legislators in Berne appear determined to thwart democracy.


    Instead of fixed quotas, the lower house favours a ‘light’ solution which would mean prioritizing Swiss nationals for jobs and only taking more drastic measures if Brussels agrees.


    Oh My God!

    If Brussels agrees?

    A Juncker flunkey ‘warned’ those who respect democratic decisions that “Yesterday’s vote will not make the already difficult talks any easier.” .

    The same report reminds us that the referendum is legally binding – so what are we to make of the fact that a majority of MPs are as much concerned with Brussels as with their own people’s legally binding decision at the ballot box.

    Is parliament’s proposal a necessary solution or the “death of direct democracy”? Row as Swiss MPs give in on EU migrant curbs

    A fair question – one hopes the voters of Switzerland will enforce their constitution on their political class.

    Hasil gambar untuk article 50


    British people are facing the same challenge and should wish the Swiss well! 


  • ross1948 16:03 on September 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Memo – Brits to Commissar Juncker -“Expel Us!” 

    So arrogant Chief Commissar and self-confessed habitual liar Jen-Claude Juncker has reportedly  told Theresa May that she should not be holding free trade discussions with other nations while Britain is still a member of the EU.   



    Hasil gambar untuk juncker democracy

    Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy! 


    “I don’t like the idea that member states of the EU, including those who are still a member state of the European Union, are negotiating free trade agreements,” he said on Sunday.


    So Brits are expected to sit still and do nothing to prepare for their formal deliverance from Brussels misrule?


    Hasil gambar untuk how dare you


    Like a rabbit on a dark night, transfixed by the horror of the headlights?


    • Hasil gambar untuk rabbit caught in headlights


    Get stuffed, Juncker!


    If you don’t like it, save Theresa the trouble of initiating Article Fifty – just expel the UK from your sordid supranational autocracy.

    There’d be mild flooding as the pampered millenial brats wept for a week, but millions of real Brits  – the winning Brexit majority – would rejoice!


    • Freddy Delaney 11:42 on September 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Juncker’s been saying we don’t belong, excluding Brits from EU bodies, now he says we cant do what we please to extract ourselves from his clutches? I know what he should be told.


  • ross1948 15:39 on September 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Reminder- DEMO FOR DEMOCRACY – London, Monday 5th September 

    Just a final reminder, about that

    DEMO FOR DEMOCRACY – London, Monday 5th September 

    which we wrote about a week or so ago.

    Be there, outside Parliament, from 4 pm, Monday 5th September. 


    Hasil gambar untuk september 5 article 50

  • ross1948 16:56 on August 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    DEMO FOR DEMOCRACY – London, Monday 5th September 


    … on Monday 5 September, the day MPs will debate whether to hold a second referendum, spiked’s Invoke Article 50 NOW! campaign is holding a demonstration outside parliament.

    If you’re a real democrat, whether you voted Leave or Remain, now is the time to stand up.



    There’s a lot that appears in Spiked.com that I don’t agree with. Its writers are left-liberal.

    But they are NOT arrogant elitists

    And that’s actually the point. In a genuine democracy, it doesn’t matter if we agree or disagree.

    We argue, debate, clash furiously…


    Hasil gambar untuk people power


    …but in the end, we accept the outcome of the vote, as democrats are obliged to, and as EuroCommissars don’t!

    Hasil gambar untuk juncker democracy


    Britain’s referendum was as free and fair as could be, despite Cameron’s attempts skew the result with his 2-1 mailings, his inclusion of hundreds of thousands of Eire voters with no allegiance to Queen and Country, and his exclusion of hundreds of thousands of Brits overseas.

    Unlike in some marxist or Third World countries, the campaigns on both sides were able to move around and speak freely. So no way was the outcome anything but a clear decision by a million plus votes to deliver the realm from supranational rule.

    In the UK today, however, there’s a novel twist – no rigging of results but those results treated with utter contempt by supercilious swine in all main parties.


    elite arrogance-s


    So fight back!

    If you can’t get to London, there’s a new petition from Leave EU.

    In order for the government to be held to account on Brexit, the British public must be kept informed on its intentions. It is in the nation’s best interests for Article 50 to be invoked as soon as is practicable. The government needs to inform us when that time will be.



  • ross1948 18:12 on July 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Brits! Sign The Petition! Haul Down That Foul Flag! 


    After the Brexit freedom vote on June 23rd, we posted on the need for the UK Ambassador here in Jakarta to get rid of that foul supranational rag from his diplomatic premises downtown.

    Being me, I even suggested a party there for Brits to celebrate their country’s deliverance! 

    Memo to H. E. Moazzam Malik – Haul Down The EU Rag! 

    At that time, I assumed the votes were in and the deed would soon be done.


    Alas, Theresa May is still shilly-shallying about Article 50, so good to see that patriots back in The Old Country are putting on some pressure.

    Here’s the petition – there was excellent coverage in the Express…

    ‘Tear down EU flags NOW’ Huge call for May to pull hated symbol from our public buildings’

    …but curiously I couldn’t spot any link supplied for readers who want to sign it.

    We hereby remedy that.

    Remove EU flags from public buildings immediately … – Petitions

    Please pass it on!

  • ross1948 21:54 on July 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Spiking the Guns of the Remainiacs! 

    I have to hand it to these guys and gals.

    They took the fight into the belly of the beast – that ridiculous demophobe picnic in a London park – and are certainly stirring it up.

    Here with their own report, and I commend them, and recommend readers in the UK to lend support to their efforts. 


    Invoke Article 50 NOW! is a new campaign for democracy, demanding that the Brexit vote be upheld. And that’s why we were there last night. May has said repeatedly that we must wait to initiate Brexit – until the end of the year, at least. We are demanding action, not just to defend the Brexit vote, but to defend the idea of democracy itself.

    We’ve already made headway. Last week we picketed the offices of Mishcon De Reya, the law firm formulating a legal challenge to the triggering of Article 50. On the weekend, we staged a counter-picnic for democracy in Green Park, setting up in the middle of a ‘Picnic Against Brexit’. And our protest last night turned even more heads, gaining coverage in the Guardian, the Mail, and on Channel 4 News.

    Join us. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. And contact the team to find out how you can get involved.

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