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  • ross1948 00:57 on July 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Akram Khan the dancer, arts parasites, , , Extra 2 billion arts grant,   

    UK Arts Rats, Given Billions, Plan Propaganda Offensive 

    Sickening scenes with Matt The Wally, last night 10.30pm Jakarta time…


    Image result for matthew amroliwala bbc

    Matthew Amroliwala

    …after Johnson announced that UK tax-payers are to have TWO BILLION pounds of their cash splurged on the left-infested parasitic ‘arts industry!’

    A ‘dancer’ named Akram Khan was The Wally’s guest, and had the nerve to moan that the huge sum was so late in coming.

    Bad enough that the ingrate spoke thus…



    …but then, prodded along by The Wally, he got into full rant mode, how ‘the arts’ were all about promoting BLM-type cr-p.

    In other words…

    I hope Boris Johnson was watching.

    If so, he’d have heard the oily BBC hack ask Khan about what Bojo’d been saying.



    It seems Johnson had stupidly expressed sympathy with malcontent snowflakes who might be ‘feeling’ they were hard done by in the context of ‘racism,’

    The Wally took this badly.

    If Bojo thought it was just a ‘feeling,’ he was not, surely, recognising the ‘reality’ of racism in British society.

    How dare the Prime Minister thus implicitly challenge the BBC Big Lie that ‘racism’ is a big issue in Britain?



    Of course it’s not an issue outside the rotten media, and the welfare bums and the BLM freaks with their cultural revolution agenda.



    But The Wally got the nod of approval from The Dancer, and since nobody was there to express any dissent…


    …why would there be, given the BBC’s hatred of dissent?

    …I guess that counts as another lousy left triumph for TFPC.

    • Penny 01:50 on July 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The Wally can slander Johnson all night long as far as I am concerned.
      If the posh p— has been throwing our taxes into the gutter for arty-farty lefties to use for BLM propaganda, then stuff him and his Tory Party.


  • ross1948 13:29 on May 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , arts parasites, , Josh Frydenberg, patricia karvelas   

    ABC Shrew Shrills For Oz ‘Arts’ Parasites! 

    Felt sorry for Josh Frydenberg, whom I saw on tv at lunchtime (Jakarta 1.30pm) today…

    Josh Frydenberg April 2019.jpg

    He’s Australia’s Treasurer (Finance minister) and was nagged incessantly by that ABC shrew Patricia Pettifogger …oops, Karvelas…about the good news that not nearly so many Aussies as feared would need government help as a consequence of the Chinese Virus crisis.



    The error was entirely due to businesses filling in forms incorrectly, but The Shrew was determined to blame the Minister.

    As an obvious leftist, of course, rather than be content with less of a burden on the tax-payers, The Shrew kept rabbiting on about how money saved could as quickly be spent.

    She was on about casual workers, and who knows, that category could be expanded.

    But trust the ABC ( or not!) to bring up as additional candidates for tax-funded largesse…

    Yes, guess who..

    Arts People!’



    Like you-know-who?

    Writing on Twitter about the news, Abdel-Magied said she never expected to secure the grant from the Australia Council, also known as The Australia Council for the Arts, which is the federal government’s official art funding body. 


    Her award was announced as part of the latest grants round earlier this month, which saw a total of $6.5 million handed out to 186 artists. Yassmin received the substantial sum of $20,000 as well as a six-month stunt at the Keesing Studio in the French capital.

    The arts, in Australia as in most Western countries, are infested with parasitic pinko creeps.

    Who else would waste a wooden nickel on scum like this….

    Honour Anzac Day Today – Tomorrow, Go After The ‘Arts’ Rats! 

    As I said before, ‘amid all the vast sums being spent, quite rightly, on helping keep businesses afloat, seeing them through the current crisis, there is one recipient of government largesse which needs to be taught a lesson for its unpatriotic profligacy.’

    Industry profile|Australia Council for the Arts|108216|ArtsHub ...

    There are surely none worse than that rat-pack we named and shamed only a month or so ago.

    As it turned out, The Shrew was followed by Labor Party Leader Anthony Albanese, and so identical was his harangue to hers that it resembled one of those action replays we see on sports programmes, including special pleading for ‘the arts.’

    Did the ABC and Albanese rehearse together?

    Or are they just twin souls?

    • Keith Milner 14:48 on May 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Better spend money on a cheerful casual barista than on arts flummery.


  • ross1948 18:52 on December 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , arts parasites, , Bernt Schmidt leftist theatre, CPB, , Hugh Bronson AFD, PRI -tax-funded USA radio   

    Will ‘Arts’ Parasite Snouts Be Slapped Off Tax Trough? 

    Thanks to PRI, we learn that –

    Artists in Germany fear backlash after far-right party wins big


    But who or what is PRI?

    Image result for radio PRI

    PRI, like NPR etc, comes under the aegis of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which swills gallons from the United States tax-trough.

    Below that headline, there’s an article so blatantly tilted to the Left that I hope American tax-payers will raise hell with their elected representatives to end PRI’s gouging of the federal public purse.

    Anti-Bolsonaro Propaganda – U.S. Tax-Dollars – Pinko P.R.I 

    We have noted PRI’s behaviour before now –

    They appear to think they can show any bias it wants, which might be acceptable if it showed left, right, left, right, alternately.

    It doesn’t!


    But if you use the link above to read this week’s piece in its entirety, you’ll see for yourselves that no less than three whining pinkos are quoted, as against one member of the AFD patriot party.


    A man in a suit stands holding a pair of glasses

    Hugh Bronson, the party’s lawmaker in Berlin, says they cannot be held responsible for the actions of a “few loonies…It has nothing to do with our party — we don’t tolerate such behavior and we don’t encourage this…”

    There’s only the one AFD source, their Berlin city councilman, Hugh Bronson. The leftists are Bernt Schmidt, Paul Hockenos, and Thomas Schliesser.

    The word-total is even more disproportionate – count for yourselves the leftist trio’s input, as against Herr Bronson’s.

    Schmidt’s contribution is a long rant about how he became a ‘hate-figure’ and the whole thrust of the biased article is how naughty the AFD is…


    …but Bronson, as stated,  quite correctly disowns the ‘hate’ campaign.

    But if we read on, we find that what the ‘artists’ really fear is getting their grubby, greedy snouts slapped out of the public purse, thanks to huge electoral swings that have put AFD legislators into state parliaments all over Germany..

    Blockparteien Battered! 

    The AfD has every reason to tackle the way publicly-funded ‘arts’ rats have abused the funding provided, and PRI has to admit there are more than a few examples.

    When a theater in Dresden put on a production to present a dystopian future under an AfD government, the party threatened to pull the theater’s funding.

    Bloody right!

    The swine are funded to supply entertainment, not one-sided propaganda like that, and like this…

    The party filed a defamation action against a theater in Paderborn over an illustration on a flyer comparing the AfD’s success at the polls to the Nazi party. And in Aachen, they threatened legal action unless passages of a play linking Islamists with right-wingers were deleted.


    So now the far-left drama queens are shaking in their shoes, NOT because of any hyperbolised ‘hate’ campaign, but because  – endorsed by so many voters – the new patriotic law-makers “intend to review how local funding is spent on theaters.”

    If the pinko creeps produced plays etc. that attracted crowds of normal Germans, as opposed to the muesli-munching, mincing marxist minorities, the theatres would make money, but the truth is that..


    ….German theaters are heavily state-financed and many smaller theaters are dependent on municipal governments to survive.

    Go for it, AFD.

    Cut the cash and see if the parasites sink or swim!

    • Jerry Jerman 21:52 on December 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      First I offer you and everyone my hearty congratulations on Brexit.
      It must feel so great to be free.
      Now also I thank you for this about the parasiters.
      The culture of Germany has been side-lined and perverted by many so-called ‘artists’ and that is bad enough.
      When they then come to us with begging bowls, and when our politicians pour our money into those bowls, it makes us all very angry.


    • Lotte Herner 12:36 on December 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      PRI should be defunded. Trump tried but the RINO gang in the House failed to support him.
      He should try again.


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