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  • ross1948 00:01 on June 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Alas, Patricia Didn’t Win! But Congratulations, Tawan! 

    Well, there you go!


    Even I can be mistaken sometimes. 

    I was boundlessly confident our Patricia Gunawan would be Asia’s Next Top Model 2016…Asia’s Next Top Model? Menurut Aku, Patricia!   But it was not to be.

    Instead this very pretty Thai lass…


    ….Jiratchaya Kedkong, aka Tawan, won the title.

    Well, never mind.

    We can be sure Patricia has a great career ahead of her, and Tawan will undoubtedly do a great job.

    And it was fun watching them, though I missed the final last night, and have been a trifle fatigued today due to the party that I attended. 

  • ross1948 08:59 on June 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Asia’s Next Top Model? Menurut Aku, Patricia! 

    Zooming out to the post office soon, and I will not be home till late tonight – yes, another party!



    Hence I will miss the grand final of ‘Asia’s Next Top Model,’ which I have been sporadically observing for a month or two.

    My original favourite was May from Myanmar, but she fell by the wayside. Another cutie was Julian from The Philippines, who lasted a little longer.

    But the two Indonesian girls were always in the running too.

    ———————–Aldila and Patricia


    A fetching pair of fillies, indeed, both very impressive, but I have always thought that Patricia Gunawan is made of the right stuff  to take the title.

    She has flair. 


    She is unusually shapely for a model.

    Although these Asian girls were all much more alluring than the stick-insectesses who stroll Western cat-walks, some of them definitely needed more fish n chips wrapped up in their daily bread.

    Alas, that masakan surga ( heavenly dish) which can do wonders to improve even the skinniest of frames, is found in its truly perfect form only in the British Isles and Australia! 


    Fish and chips – masakan surga


    Anyway, I reckon Patricia ought to win.

    However, some of the judges who have appeared were downright awful, even shouting obnoxiously at the lasses, and clearly view their merits from angles startlingly different from mine.

    So who knows? 

    Ayo, Patricia. 

    • Arief 12:24 on June 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Ross, both Patricia and the food look delicious. I agree, she should win.


    • Deni 12:34 on June 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Me too, Ross.
      She is very beautiful and from Medan my city in Sumatra I think


    • Fendi 13:09 on June 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Yes! Agree, Must be Patricia.


    • Santi 21:57 on June 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Who won? I have been reading news all day and no winner name?
      Can you tell us, please, Ross?


  • ross1948 22:01 on April 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Adu…Adieu, Aldilla – and Oh, No! Myanmar May’s Gone Too! 

    Aldilla and Patricia, Indonesian contestants


    Wednesday night so back to Asia’s Next Top Model, apparently a double-episode, and two sad losses, the lovely Aldilla sent back to Indonesia, and my special fave, cute little May from Myanmar gone to.



    Apart from the delightful Patricia, in the very top photo (right) with her fellow-Indonesian Aldilla, I’m left with Julian as my personal hope.

    She’s a yummy little Filipina…. 



    ..and since there’s a great photo to show you, I hardly need to explain my support. 

    But I had to get back to this laptop, as  last night’s post on communism has provoked a surge of comment.

    Don’t want to keep them backed up for too long.

  • ross1948 22:11 on April 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Hurray, May! Adieu, Jessica – Another Night With Asia’s Next Top Model! 

    Wednesday, nothing but re-runs of old CSI stuff etc., so back to Asia’s Next Top Model.

    And my judgement last week, in favour of the charms of the Myanmar contestant, May Myat Noe…

    Asia’s Next Top Model…Could Well Be…May From Myanmar! 

    …. was vindicated tonight, as she excelled her rivals sufficiently to be sent off to New York…


     May of Myanmar


    … to star in something called Maybelline, which, by process of elimination (not a Broadway musical, not a Trump rally) I deduced must be a girls’ magazine, or a publishing chain encompassing several of those.

    Good luck to her.

    Pity she’s not coming to Jakarta!

    But sad to see Jessica go home, She looked rather yummy tonight.

    As indeed did Indonesia’s ladies.


    But it was the panel which held me in horrid thrall, the spokeswoman, a not unattractive female but possessed of what is known, I believe, as a ‘New York Death Stare’ and a penchant for melodrama, plus an unkempt, rather rude, fellow who was apparently a photographer, and a bulky Asian geezer with a peculiar hair-cut and an attempt at an Old Etonian accent.


    Womens/Ladies 100cm Red Color Long STRAIGHT Cosplay/Costume/Anime/Party/Bangs Full Sexy Wig (100cm,Straight,Red)

    But who on earth was the granny with the scary red wig?


    I shall continue watching this show, largely because of the lovelies, but also because of those who sit in (often grouchy) judgement on them.

    They do tend to leave me feeling glad that, in contrast to those lofty persons, I was brought up to talk nicely to people….well, at least to pretty young women!

  • ross1948 21:19 on March 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Asia’s Next Top Model…Could Well Be…May From Myanmar! 



    Somewhat against my better judgement, I tuned in again to Asia’s Top Model.

    Why the reluctance? Because I saw the previews and was appalled at one puffed-up oaf who was interviewing them, yelling and bawling at one poor girl who had the temerity to roll her eyes.

    This for some reason incensed the rude and raucous man, who denounced her for her ‘misbehaviour,’ saying he’d never ever hire her!

    God knows if I were interviewed in such a manner, for any job, I’d walk out, probably after telling him to add a bit of class to his act. I can tolerate dimwits, but slobs, no way.

    There’s a true tale of a Jakarta-based American teacher who was invited in by a professor at a famous university ‘ to talk about a class.’


    i love jkt


    The Yank travelled miles from the edge of town to the college, which is not far from Citraland Mall. When he arrived, the ignorant old dope told him, ‘Yes, I thought it more appropriate to advise you face-to-face that we’re not going to run that course.’ 

    The Yank just went home. I might have defenestrated the toad. 

    However, back to the dolly-birds.

    For want of anything better to view, I switched over to Star World and settled down –  to watch them all being given new hair-dos!

    Some were none the worse for the scissors, but May of Myanmar emerged exquisite! Not only does she have a captivating look to her, but her hair actually looked better ‘after’ than ‘before!’  

    Not every other contestant could say the same. Incidentally, there now seem to be two Indonesians, whereas last time I only noticed one!

    Good luck to Ardilla as well as Patricia.

    But back to May of Myanmar!


    May of Myanmar


    I know little of her country and that’s maybe the reason why I’ve pondered it as a possible safe haven if  – Heaven Forbid – departure from Indonesia ever became a necessity.  



    After all, way back when, I chose Indonesia because, despite equally good offers in Bangkok and Hanoi, this was ‘terra incognita.’

    And the fetching May is another good reason to contemplate emulation of Orwell’s Burmese Days.

    No point in describing all the other lovelies.

    But I have to say the whining little minx from Vietnam, named Mai Ngo, is a total pain in the backside. While the other gals protested politely during the hair-stylist’s attentions, like the Singapore beauty who was clearly anxious but calm, the Vietnamese was simply an embarrassment to herself and to the show.

    Then lo and behold, she was sent packing!

    And the nasty bully in the interview scene – that must be next week!

    Or was it last week? No doubt somebody will tell me!

    Now, a lazy night, I’ve got The History Channel on, with ostensibly serious people discussing whether the conflicts in the Middle East are somehow fomented by space-aliens to prevent us learning their role in human affairs.

    • a whiskey-glass
    • Time for a Black Label!
    • Lars 07:50 on April 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Myanmar deserves a visit at least. Seeing May’s photo here makes me think there are a lot more like her but you never hear about Burmese girls.
      I have also been asking myself how long before Indonesia goes down the sharia tube. It’s a terrible shame Jokowi isn’t applying that ‘Mental Revolution’ he promised and getting rid of mental cases like those you condemn in so many of your posts.
      Ahok is now disappointing the poor people too, who hoped he would be different from the rest. I’m sending you a note about what happened in my part of Jakarta, the Satpol having a bunch of warungs wrecked for no reason at all.
      Don’t take my word for it.
      I think you live somewhere near Grogol, so can you please come over and check it out and write something?


    • Kiki 08:09 on April 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I want of course Indonesian girls to win because I am Indonesian too..
      But if not so, I think the girl of Korea is best. She is very cute.


  • ross1948 21:06 on March 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Ayo Neng! Patricia Gunawan OKE! Asia's Next Top Model? 

     With my first visitor for over a week gone home, I cast about with the remote, a restful evenng in order since there are partying duties to undertake tomorrow.

    Weary of CIS re-runs, and wearier still of the dreary news from Europe, I stumbled on StarWorld channel, where lo and behold, we had the openng episode of Asia’s Next Top Model, a MOST agreeable way to pass an hour or so on a rainy evening.

    I avidly awaited the appearance of Indonesia’s representative, and here she is –

    ————–Patricia Gunawan,


    Patricia Gunawan is, as you see, a very attractive young lady.

    But so were all the contestants, not least a sweet, cute girl, I think from Korea, who told us she didn’t want to be regarded as ‘cute and sweet.’  Only 17, she is, so I fear we will disregard her request.

    And I must say these gals are not the wraith-like beings that tend to strut their stuff  on Western cat-walks. As the first show ended, they were all tricked out in white – most in short white dresses, which clearly displayed healthy, appealing physiques, no stick-insects to be seen.

    The organisers are downright Stalinoid in their behaviour. They took all the lovelies to a fancy resort hotel, showed them their accommodations, then immediately cast one of them out, sent home because she hadn’t measured up!

    I felt immensely sorry for the Thai lass, and if she wants to go back to Chiang Mai via Jakarta, she’ll be more than welcome to come along to that party with me!




    A welcome addition to my usual crowd!

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