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    Will French Voters Obey Ass-Man? 

    Remember that odd, obnoxious little Luxemburger….

    Luxembourg Warns of War! Quake In Yer Boots! .

    …who got into such a temper tantrum, vexed at sensible suggestions on how to curb undesirable aliens?

    Well, Asselborn is back in the news!

    Anguished at the prospect of Marine Le Pen building on  last Sunday’s success.




    …the ever greater chance she may enter the Elysee Palace, The Ass has ( figuratively) stamped his little foot and issued a diktat!

    The French must prevent that.”




    Asselborn with Juncker and fruits


    As arrogant as his fellow-Luxemburg louse, Juncker the Drunkard.

    Methinks France’s electorate may not appreciate being told how they must, or must not, vote!

    But the insignicant Asselborn may not be the only alien intruder intending to meddle.



    …shrilling for Macron.

    We’ve seen such nosey-parkering before!

    The stasi sticky-beak has retired, but there are plenty of others around.

    We’ll see them soon.

    Watch and wait.



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    Luxembourg Ass Brays Again! 

    An unfortunate name, but we can’t blame him for that.

    Heck, the last time he got a mention here…

    Luxembourg Warns of War! Quake In Yer Boots! 

    …his clownish comments were so droll that by the time we had finished deriding those, we had no time to make mockery of his surname!

    • Hasil gambar untuk asselboom luxembourg


    Jean Asselborn, as Foreign Minister of the insignificant Luxembourg, has perhaps some aspiration to emulate the arrogance of another citizen of the country.

    Who else but Juncker, whose name has become a synonym for Liar and whose contempt for the right of nation-states to defend their people is notorious.


    Hasil gambar untuk juncker democracy

     Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy! 


    The aspirational Ass has reportedly slammed Austrian proposals to create asylum centres outside the bloc.

    Splendid idea.

    Reminds me of our oft-floated Rockall Option.



    Indonesia To Adopt My ‘Rockall’ Parasite Policy? 

    The sheer sanity of keeping crimmigrants confined somewhere where  they can’t molest European women or drive trucks into Christmas shoppers is so self-evident, it’s no wonder it keeps emerging as a talking point. 

    Our ‘Asylum Island’ Idea Catches On…in Germany! 

    An Alpine Gitmo for Sectarian Savages? Sounds Good! 


    But it seems it’s far too sensible to win the heart of The Ass. 

     “The idea of penning in refugees on a rented island outside the EU belongs, for me, to a right-wing national line of thinking.”  http://www.euronews.com/2017/01/06/eu-migration-row-escalates-over-austria-offshore-asylum-plan

    Odd fellow, The Ass, holding a job the essence of which, in any country, is to defend the national interest, yet objecting to a national line of thinking. . 

    But at least he implicitly concedes that showing concern for the safety of one’s fellow-citizens is the right-wing thing to do. 

    And by developing this train of thought further, if prioritisation of public safety is ‘right-wing,’ then ‘far-right’ – the fave catch-phrase’ used to slur patriot parties all over Europe -….

    Far-Right? Lefty Rag Gets Lefty Prof To Justify Smear! 

    ….must logically suggest a very high level of commitment to keeping one’s country secure from the myriad threats that the alien horde presents.


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    Luxembourg Warns of War! Quake In Yer Boots! 

    Recall The Mouse That Roared, a comedy film about a mini-state in Europe with delusions of grandeur.

    Well, now the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has warned us all of war!

    All Europe will be a-quiver this week!

    Not with fear and trembling, for this little country, hitherto best known for its poofter Prime Minister  Luxembourg PM becomes first EU leader to wed gay lover …hardly rivals Merkel as an international menace ( Mama Stasi, after all, got in first with almost identical bellicose bleating Merkel warns of war in Balkans – The Local )

    So nobody will tremble, but there might be an anticipatory thrill at the concomitant warning that the insane Schengen System could be doomed.


    Asselborn with Juncker and fruits


    Their Foreign Minister, Jean (that’s a bloke!) Asselborn held out the delightful prospect of the collapse of the European Union as a consequence of the crimmigration crisis.


    • EU_flag_burned

    The core EU element of borderless travel, agreed in the Luxembourg city of Schengen in 1985, is under threat. 
    Jean The Ass raises one’s hopes to fever-pitch by adding “We have maybe only several months time left. The European Union can break apart.” 


    But before readers burst into a rousing chorus of “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow,” calm down! It’s not a promise, merely a dimwit’s poor idea of scare-mongering. The Ass-Man is inveighing not against savages but sanity, aka, politicians who use fear of migration as a way to appeal to voters!


    Another admission that citizens don’t like their countries being colonised by alien primitives, and that parties that offer resistance will likely reap democratic rewards at the polling booth.

    God forbid!

    It was at this point in his rambling rant that Asselborn went right off his rocker, shrilling that false nationalism can lead to a real war!

    Well, false nationalism is bad, true enough, the phoney patriotism of Cast-Iron Cameron, for example, pretending to be battling for Britain as he simultaneously abandons one BritExit postion after another in the bogus re-negotiations before they’ve even properly begun.

    • 0d8e4-kingcameronarrogant ‘False nationalism’ personified


    But REAL nationalism is a different matter, a phenomenon which is certainly apparent, and which, if sensibly applied, would mean some REAL European solidarity, patriots in every part of Christendom working together to reverse the incursions by ingrate illegal undesirables.

    Asselborn, of course, is simply hyper-ventilating and doesn’t know what he’s talking abut – otherwise he’d tell us – he didn’t speak of how war could break out!

    It’d be tempting to have a go at Luxembourg, but it’s not fair to judge a whole country by its political in-crowd ( Brits, for example, should not be held in contempt just because their PM is a lying turncoat!)

    Having said that, Liar Juncker hails from Luxembourg, and he’s one of the most overtly amoral EuroCommissars ( “Of course there will be transfers of sovereignty, but would it be wise to draw the attention of the public to this fact?” Daily Telegraph 03 July 2007…and they do have that pinko poofter as PM, and this Ass as Foreign Minister… 

    Even so.


    referndmlet peole vote


    When the people there were allowed a vote on the EUSSR, some 44% of them took the opportunity to thumb their noses at Brussels. EU constitution: Where member states stand – BBC News

    Let the Ass-Man ( I mean the Foreign Minister, not the PM!) demand a Luxembourg referendum on crimmigration to see how many share his appeasement ideology.


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