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  • ross1948 11:55 on November 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Words Worth Their Weight In Gold! 

    You and I have all said much the same, often, but this MP, Chris Philp….


    Official portrait of Chris Philp MP crop 2.jpg

    Chris Philp MP


    …is one of the few voices I’ve heard from Westminster that makes me hesitate to salute Guy Fawkes.


    Memo to readers.

    Chris Philp
    House of Commons
    SW1A 0AA

    Email: chris.philp.mp@parliament.uk

    Email him to say thanks!


    If people choose to enter a country illegally, and unnecessarily, it is a bit, you know, it’s a bit of a cheek to then start complaining about the conditions when you’ve illegally entered a country without necessity …


    “They don’t even have to come here, they were in France already and previously often passed through Belgium, Germany, and many other countries on the way.”


    Now the Enemy Within will be howling for his blood, just as all the low-lifes are out to get Suella.

    But of that, more later.



  • ross1948 03:12 on December 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Why It’s Immoral To Vote Tory! 

    My Indonesian friend saw the letter reproduced below…


    May be an image of text

    ….on Facebook.

    I was asked-

    “Does Britain really treat its old people worse than illegal aliens?”

    When I said it was so, the next question came at me fast.


    I had no answer, because I don’t know why the British political class is so morally bankrupt.

    I don’t know if the name at the end of the letter below is real or not.

    But it is entirely accurate in what it says about the way Johnson and Patel shovel tax-payers’ money into the ‘asylum’ parasites trough…



    …while decent Brits have to make do, as best they can, in a harsh economic climate.


  • ross1948 15:43 on February 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Arson, Lies, Ingratitude At Napier – An Everyday Tale Of ‘Asylum’ Folk? 

    We do seem to hear such narratives every day, don’t we?

    Sky News is evidently prepared to swallow every unsubstantiated tale of woe they hear from two aliens whom they don’t even identify.


    Majid (left) said he still suffered bouts of depression because of his time at Napier

    ‘Mysterious ‘Majid’ rants outrageously but hides from the camera – with Sky reporter’s connivance


    ‘Majid’ and ‘Mohammed’ spin weird and wonderful yarns, including a whopper about ‘attempts at suicide’ – all of which, unsurprisingly, have been unsuccessful, merely attention-seeking by spoiled grown-up brats!

    ‘Mohammed’ says he was scared stiff when fire broke out at Napier Barracks…

    …but that fire and other mayhem was the work of ‘asylum’ ingrates!

    Nowhere do either of the two free-loaders express ONE single word of gratitude for the hotel rooms…



    ….and ‘three-squares-a-day’ that they have so far managed to mooch out of unwilling UK tax-payers’ pockets.

    Moreover, although it’s surely true that they oozed into Britain somehow without going through the proper legal channels that honest foreigners are obliged to use…



    …they have the nerve to whine that ‘we are treated like criminals!’ 

    They claim they need ‘asylum’ but no details about how many countries they passed through, in which they could have claimed that ‘aylum,’ so as to get their greedy snouts into the British public purse?

    Sky News is pathetic, exposed by their own utter abject failure to engage in serious investigative journalism.


    In a statement from the Home Office, immigration compliance minister Chris Philp said: “Napier has previously accommodated army personnel and it is wrong to say it is not adequate for asylum seekers.

    The hapless Tory says not a word about punishment for the trouble-makers who ran amok, not a whisper to reassure the tax-paying public that the arsonists have been identified for deportation, as they clearly deserve.

    So Priti Patel hardly comes out of this with any credit either – again unsurprisingly.


  • ross1948 16:45 on November 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    UK ‘Charities?’ Pro-Crimmigrant Political Pressure Groups! 

    The effrontery of the pro-crimmigrant ‘charities’ in the UK continues to be as offensive as ever, with reports that they are now getting their pink ( or rainbow-hued) knickers in a twist because so-called ‘asylum-seekers’

    ( fakers, because most of them arrived in the British Isles after travelling through numerous civilised democracies where they declined to settle….

    …..as tax-troughs in those lands did not afford alien parasites the sort of goodies available in the UK)

    ….are being forced to travel miles on public transport despite lockdown restrictions because the Home Office has said they must continue to report to officials… https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/asylum-seekers-home-office-travel-lockdown-uk-b1723721.html

    Aw, diddums!

    On public transport!

    No Home Office stretch limos provided?

    History of the Limousine

    No tax-payer-paid taxis laid on for the ingrate whiners?

    Using the buses, like honest working Brits!

    Is there no end to the insufferable indignities heaped on these uninvited undesirables?



    It’s not like they have anything else to do all day, lounging around in their freebie hotel accommodation…

    Charities said this was “neither legitimate nor proportionate” and that it indicated the Home Office was prioritising its “hostile environment” agenda over the health and safety of communities.

    …and if the Home Secretary Priti Patel refuses to do right by Brits and keep these unvetted aliens under lock and key…



    ,….as they should be, then why the hell not keep the bludgers busy going to and fro on public transport as described above?



    Better still, make it a daily demand on their precious time!





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