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  • ross1948 5:21 pm on October 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Swiss Tell Fakers – If You Go Home, Stay Home! 


    Splendid Swiss decision, this, ‘to strip asylum from those travelling to their home country,’ an abuse reported often but so far rarely tackled by pro-crimmigrant governments.

    We first noted a shocking example in Canada, where lying Tamils, given sanctuary on account of the terrible dangers they faced in Sri Lanka, were exposed for taking vacations back where they ‘fled’ from.

    Mangy dishonest swine, yet we have never yet heard news of any Canadian Government kicking the scumbags out – if anyones does know of any such deportations, I’d be delighted to be stand corrected.

    In Europe too, a lot of the recent horde have been caught going happily home for nice little holidays…

    ‘Desperate Migrants’ Demand ‘Asylum’ – Then Go Home for Holidays! 


    Like Canada’s Tamils, ‘German’ Syrians Exposed -‘Fake Refugees!’ 

    …yet how many of the scammers have been rounded up on their return to the European troughs they love to slurp at?

    So good news that the Swiss reform was approved by 129 members of the National Council  but who are 57 who voted against?

    Almost needless to say, the reform was put forward by the SVP/UDC – the Swiss People’s Party – who have been in the vanguard of all constructive moves on ‘migrant’ issues in Switzerland.

    According to the news report, the case was successfully made that ‘returning home for a holiday or to visit parents proves the refugee is not threatened or persecuted there and should should lose their asylum rights.

    Moreover, the argument was linked to facilitating identification of fake ‘refugees’ and the considersble number of economic migrants who have flooded Europe since the Merkel sell-out on 2015.

    The measure, it was said, would contribute to ‘reducing the attractiveness of Switzerland as a destination.’



    Now it’s up to the other branch of the legislature to get it passed and start the process of expulsion for every liar leeching off the Swiss tax-payers!


    • Roy Lomax 12:28 am on October 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The Swiss have real democracy.
      if politicians step out of line, the people can crack the referendum whip.
      That’s what we need!

  • ross1948 7:39 pm on September 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Just What Britain Needs?More Cop-Stabbers? 

    Just what Britain needs!





    How many British police officers have been stabbed by filthy savages?

    After a Belgian cop was stabbed this week, by a ‘homeless’ savage in Brussels – “a Belgian national…of Egyptian origin..” various questions arise…


    What kind of cretinous system allows a worthless alien to get Belgian nationality?

    How many other worthless aliens have already been awarded Belgian nationality?

    What benefits to Belgium were seen as accruing to Belgium by such awards?

    What is the total sum of welfare benefits handed to such wasters?



    WHY is Belgium allowing parasitic illegals to remain in the country when it is well known, as the Arab New report helpfully tells us, that the neighbourhood of the savage’s attack on the cop is ‘known as a gathering point for mainly North African immigrants hoping to head on to Britain…’


    If any of that rabble were in any sense real ‘refugees,’ or were seriously interested in ‘asylum,’ they’d not be sitting on their idle backsides in Brussels, plotting the next stage in their country-shopping spree, no doubt their hopes buoyedup by  the news this month…

    Fake ‘Child Refugees!’ May Lets ‘Em Stay!

    out with them

    …that Theresa May now readily disregards the findings of her own officials and allows those with NO right to ‘asylum’ to remain in the United Kingdom.

    Round em up, kick ‘em out!


    Sent from my iPad attacker was
    • Gerald Woolds 7:53 pm on September 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      If they really were refugees, like you say, they would apply for asylum where they are, in Belgium. It’s fairly democratic and quite prosperous and safe, or was safe till the ‘refugees’ arrived.

      But they know May’s Britain is a soft touch where any wild animal that gets its paw in the door is petted and pampered.

    • Petra Malley 8:06 pm on September 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Belgium is not much of a democracy. You reported yourself that they banned a big Flemish party for being against multicult. To make it worse, and again I think it was here I read about it, they allow a pro-sharia party to spread its sexist propaganda.
      What you say though is true. Those reportedly hanging about in Brussels cannot be refugees because they are already in a safe country where they are free to go through with asylum processes but they are not interested.
      So they have no right to stay there and there’s no reason for the Belgians not to repatriate them to their own countries.

    • Stanis 8:32 pm on September 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We have had officers stabbed to death in England, so have the French and now there is this Belgian cop knifed. There are others too.
      While all our countries are under the European Court our hands are tied. It was the ECHR that announced that illegals cannot be detained for illegality.
      Of course we should let no more illegals in and May has betrayed us, but ‘Europe’ is the problem. Nothing will be fixed until we are all free nations again.

    • David 11:46 pm on September 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      we have the vilest most useless, spineless politicians on the planet. they only support anyone not white indigenous. Insult, abuse the indigenous.

      Don’t worry, we loathe them!
      It will break soon, as Brits have had enough of the their treachery!

  • ross1948 12:33 am on May 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    No Sympathy For Chilly Channel Illegals – Jail The Swine! 

    Bad enough to be confronted with the BBC’s collaboration with crimmigrant smuggling…

    BBC Covers For Crimmigrant Smugglers – Fire Them! 

    …first thing last Sunday morning, but then the news told us of an attempted illegal incursion across the English Channel, five Iranians caught off-shore and hauled back to France.

    Seems they were suffering from hypothermia, and that meant more French tax-payers‘ money wasted on medical treatment.

    So have the blighters by now been de-frosted?

    Who cares?

    They don’t deserve sympathy, nor do they deserve a single euro of the cost of the care they’re getting. They are not ‘refugees,’ not a chance.



    Were they genuinely fleeing the (undoubtedly horrid) tyranny of the evil ayatollahs, they’d be at ease in France, where they have had every opportunity to apply for ‘asylum.’

    Instead they embarked on a completely lawless endeavour, seeking to sink their snouts into Britain’s bountiful tax-trough…



    Instead of lounging around in freeby convalescence, they should be behind bars.

    Aaah, but the robed rats on the European Court have forbidden France to do that.

    Migrants cannot be imprisoned just because they have entered a country illegally, Europe’s highest court has ruled…


    Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders…despite the fact they are undoubtedly in violation of French law…

    And Muppet Macron complies.

  • ross1948 12:01 am on May 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Old Slags Betray Sweden For ‘Asylum’ Sex! 

    • Vanessa 12:25 am on May 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      ‘Poor desperate migrants’ meet rich desperate slags?
      A match ill-starred from the start.

    • Ned A 4:22 pm on May 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Dirty old bags pairing off with dirty young brutes.
      Sweden’s a hopeless case but if they had any sense they would make the old slags take the young parasites’ nationality when they got wed, then if the young parasite committed a crime, kick hm out and make him take his sad old bag with him.

  • ross1948 10:46 am on April 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    F24’s Pinko Propagandist V Oz Ambassador – An Interview? 

    Another disgusting display by that awful embarrassment to Oz, their imported ultra-liberal Annette Young, interviewing the Australian Ambassador.

    France24 Gives Platform To U.S. Far-Leftist Liz Jaff 

    Note her trade-mark, a smug left-lib smirk!


    Fake Swede Feminism – Can’t France24’s Left Oz-Bint Get It Right? 

    So I shouldn’t have been surprised when she began talking about Anzac Day, and the supreme sacrifices made by so many Australians (and New Zealanders) in World War I…


    Gambar terkait


    ….then suddenly turned it into a party political rant.



    She wittered on, about WW2 being a war against ‘fascism,’ and irrationally linked that to the current rise of ‘far-right and nationalist’ parties – a rise which of course is entirely down to democratic support, engendered by those parties readiness to listen to the public’s indignation at the crimmigrant tsunami.


    Neat job, luvvie, pure old-fashioned guilt-by-association.


    The ambassador didn’t really fall for that, anymore than he let her get away with her next frenzied outburst, pro-crimmigrant yammering against Australia’s ‘harsh’ (aka successful!) steps to stop the bludger-boats.

    The stupid bint, who evidently can’t differentiate between honest, decent legal immigrants…



    ….and all those queue-jumping, country-shopping crimmigrants, the wannabe parasites whom Abbott’s admirable policy curbed…



    …hell, she even suggested that Mama Stasi Merkel’s sell-out was a better model.

     Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks …

    They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So!

    If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    Again, the ambassador easily deflected her hogwash.

    But when will France24 realise that she IS just an embarrassment, her leftist bigotry so easily spotted and seen through?

    If they must pay pinko propagandists fat salaries, surely they can get hold of a less transparently biased tart.

    • Keith Milner 1:36 pm on April 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I want to look at this and am scanning france24 website but I do not doubt your description of this woman’s biased behaviour for a minute.
      She is a terrible advert for Australia and it is even worse when she soils the ANZAC memory by twisting history to suit her own political agenda.
      The Australians who fought and died in both world wars did not do so to see their country become a haven for aliens who have no interest in loyalty to Australia. ‘Asylum’ queue-jumpers have only got one commitment and thats to grubbing away at all the benefits we tax-payers can provide.
      The ‘far-right and nationalist’ parties in Europe are just patriots.
      We need more like them here.

  • ross1948 12:36 am on February 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    New Eurocrat Wheeze – Impose Aliens On Rural England? 

    I’m busy today, happily busy, with a most welcome visitor OTW to my humble home…

    …so no time nor even inclination to write much.

    I will simply quote you a few words from a media report on the latest demonic grand design to emerge from the focus of evil on the European continent…



    …which recommends ending social housing supply in “segregated” areas with high numbers of migrants and…WAIT FOR IT

    ….encouraging more asylum seekers to live in the countryside.


    All together now – ‘On England’s pleasant pastures…’


    Truly, that will help the tourist trade SO much!

    The link below sums up the sheer malignance that, time after time, characterises the Brussels Empire.

    Eurocrats set to use cash from taxpayers to pay migrants‘ rent


    No wonder UKIP MEP Jonathan Bullock told The Sun: “Simply put, not a penny of British taxpayers’ money should be spent on these projects.

    What do Brits make of THAT?

    I’ll check out my comments column much later today, but for now…


    Have a lovely day!

    • Myra Rodley 5:37 pm on February 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This kind of multiculting has ruined so many of our big cities and now they want to ruin our villages?

      It is long overdue that our MPs ‘get real,’ and state openly that the European Union is our enemy. .
      But au contraire, Theresa May wants us to live under their control even after we voted NO?
      She is prepared to submit to their law-making with no UK say in it, throughout the ‘transition period.’
      She’s not on our side at all . as everyone should know, since she was a Remain campaigner.

  • ross1948 7:40 pm on November 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Sign Up, Brits! Petition Against Foreign Aid Folly! 

    Now and then there’s a surge in readership statistics, like this week, with hundreds of Canadians enjoying my post about Hallowe’en, but even on the best days, I can’t yet rival the UK’s Daily Express for the number of people who read my distilled wisdom!

    Hasil gambar untuk rising stats

    I am never loath to give credit where credit is due, so am delighted to offer true Brits the chance to sign up to the Express petition against the May Government’s asinine approach to ‘overseas aid,’ which now, it seems, does not all go overseas at all…

    ….but is pumped into the glorious cause of making life more agreeable for undesirable aliens who have gate-crashed Great Britain.

    Foreign aid madness: Outrage over £1m spent a DAY … – Daily Express


    Please read about the petition and, if you agree with it, sign up.


  • ross1948 7:44 pm on September 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Mama Stasi’s Maiziere – Myopic, Mendacious Or Malign? 

    One of Merkel’s most servile flunkeys, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has ‘warned that Berlin’s generous offer of benefits for asylum seekers was a siren call for migrants.’

    A bit late, Tommy Boy!

    It’s a rare day I agree with Katrin Goering-Eckardt, of the Green Party, but when she asserts that…


    Gambar terkait

    …. Christian Democrats “are ready to do anything” for votes…

    ..it’s near impossible to disagree!

    I say NEAR impossible advisedly, because there’s ONE thing Mama’s cabal will never say, and that’s SORRY for the betrayal of their country, and there’s one thing they’ll certainly never do – what many Germans want to hear -SEND THE BLUDGERS BACK!

    The reason the majority of the alien horde headed for Germany was plain for all to see from the get-go.



    Their objective was to plunder the German public purse!

    And who’s to blame them!

    Mama Stasi herself invited them to wallow in welfare troughs filled and re-filled by German tax-payers.


    German federal govt spent €20 billion on refugees in 2016: report 

    I say ‘majority” because a significant minority came into Europe for jihad, in service of the evil cause of the ISIS rape-gang and other sectarian savages.

    No wonder Mama’s rivals in the election are shocked at Maiziere – who is he to ‘warn’ of a scandalous abuse of public funds in which he’s been totally complicit?


    Gambar terkait


    How dare the Interior Minister declare that ‘the benefits for refugees in Germany are quite high compared to other EU countries. This is part of the pull effect towards Germany.”

    It’s not fake news but old, stale news that Maiziere is peddling – information easily available to all, and if he knew, which he did, then why was the parasite tap not turned off?


    And the folly of handing these undesirables such undeserved largesse…


    An asylum seeker arriving in Germany has the right to housing and up to €390 euros per month to cover food, clothing and other expenses.

    …falls squarely on the shoulders of the Berlin Bitch.



    This isn’t the first time Maiziere has shown himself a worthless weasel..Merkel’s Muppet ‘Warns’ Germans -“Lay Off Our Lying Press!”  

    Maiziere has collaborated with HMV from the moment she threw the country open to the barbarians…



    …and he must share responsibility for the rape, murder and mayhem inflicted by so many of the savages on innocent Germans, especially German women and girls.



    So how come Maiziere is gabbling the obvious, as if he’s suddenly taking the people’s side over the ‘snouts-in-the-trough’ issue?

    Partly because he knows he can rely on the Enemy Within parties to rail at him, and thus cast doubt in conservative minds – if he’s being ’roundly criticised by the far-left Die Linke party and the German Greens…’


    …then chances are the patriot electorate will reckon the target of the subversives’ wrath must be doing something right.

    And Mein Gott the reds are railing!

    Die Linke deputy Jan Korte said that Maiziere was seeking to “disfigure the right to asylum”.


    I always imagined that any right to asylum might have some tenuous connection with whether or not those involved were actually seeking asylum.

    Since ALL of those who barged in via the Balkans had passed through numerous countries, including EUSSR members…



    …and refused to claim asylum there, then they are clearly motivated not by any fears for their safety but by simple obnoxious greed.

    They are just contemptible country-shoppers!

    But towards the end of the report, we catch a glimpse of the cabal’s broader strategy.

    Maiziere on Saturday stressed the need to harmonise asylum procedures for European nations, an issue already broached at EU-level. The European Union needs “a truly homogenous asylum system,” he said.

    Aaah, a ‘homogeneous’ system, directed from Brussels, lashing out more and more goodies to more and more baddies.


    Hasil gambar untuk spongers

    And shifting more and more primitives into the brave lands of East and Central Europe, regardless of those nations’ wishes.

    • Hannelor 9:05 pm on September 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Not many days longer until we can vote against her who has introduced all these problem people into Germany and I hope so many will be voting for the AfD. No other party in Germany will help our nation to survive this disaster Merkel has given to us.

  • ross1948 8:00 pm on August 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Asylum’ Parasite Repays Swiss With Jihad Hate! 

  • ross1948 12:24 am on May 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    ENAR, Tax-Funded Extremist ‘NGO,’ Tells Swedes ‘Don’t Fight Back!’ 

    So, after we spotlighted the so-called ‘non-government’ organisation ENAR, with its enormous income derived from government funds last week…

    ENAR – Another ‘Non-Government’ Snout In The Public Purse! 

    …we found that The Leftal, sorry The Local was not content with devoting vast amounts of propaganda space to ENAR in its Danish edition but had also done the leftist pressure group the same favour in its Swedish counterpart, bemoaning how ‘Sweden’s progressive attitude towards immigration is changing…’

    The European Network Against Racism laments that ‘the tide is turning’ but instead of simply acknowledging that this tidal movement is only to be expected, given mayhem and molestation suffered by the Swedes at the hands of ingrate savages crimmigrants.



    ENAR might also have noted the fury and frustration among honest citizens at the treason of the ‘Swedish’ media, who for years have brazenly censored key aspects of crimmigrant news.


    Lugenpresse = Lying Press = Sweden’s Media Vermin

    Yet instead we read fatuous drivel about how “the media discourse has shifted from positive welcoming of refugees and asylum seekers to portraying migration, and by extension, migrants, as a problem….”

    Damn right it’s a problem!

    Just as outlandish as her Algerian comrade who slammed sensible steps by Denmark, we have another pinko, ENAR’s press spokesperson Georgina Siklossy rabbiting about how the naughty tide “also has an impact on people who have lived in Sweden for two or three generations and continue to be regarded as ‘alien elements.'”

    Considering how fast the imported population breeds, two or three generations only takes us back to the Sixties, and what Comrade Siklossy says makes one suspect that, after living in a civilised country for fifty years, at least some elements of foreign tribes remain wedded to primitive foreign cultures –

    Georgina Siklossy
    Senior Communication and Press Officer

    +32 2 229 35 77

    Comrade Siklossy says absolutely NOTHING about the sexual and other violence perpetrated by alien brutes on Swedes, but talks only about “violence against migrants.”

    But while she tries to smear Swedes with a claim that such violence is fuelled by hateful anti-migrant discourse, she simultaneously exposes the fatuity of her argument – it is, she has to confess, complex and difficult to prove a direct correlation between the two.

    To justify her shrilling, she can only call on her fellow-agitprop cliques, civil society organizations across Europe who report that such discourse legitimises violent attacks!




    So it’s not gang-rape of Swedes by crimmigrants but discourse that ‘contributes to an overall climate of hostility towards migrants?”

    I won’t continue quoting her. You can follow the link if you are masochistic enough.

    But I must give her credit for a tiny glimmer of contact with political reality, for, when she moans about the very effective ads by the Sweden Democrats (SD) in the Stockholm subway in 2015, which focused on pestilential Roma beggars….


    Gambar terkait


    … poor Madam Comrade has to confess how hard it is to conclude that the vast majority of Swedes are against such sentiments, notably in the context of increasing support for SD in the 2014 elections.”   Stir over anti-begging ad for tourists in Stockholm

    And finally ENAR issues a call for indoctrination!

    “There is no such thing as homogeneous nation-states in Europe but until this is understood more clearly by EU Member Sates, anti-migrant sentiments and racism will continue,” the study concludes.

    Who’s going to MAKE Europeans understand ENAR’s clap-trap?



    Who will do the dirty work of making nations swallow gunk about how they are not homogeneous?

    ENAR could ask for even more public money to assist with such a propaganda drive? A top-up on the seven-figure largesse per annum?

      But it would be  hard sell, surely? Even that Bilderberg SOB Sutherland has admitted that homogeneity exists across Europe – otherwise why would he and his supranationalist comrades feel the need to call for its eradication?,


    • Peter Sutherland
    Peter Sutherland

    The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said. Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/multicult-or-else-bilderberger-spurs-eussr-to-erase-national-identities/


     The uncomfortable  truth, for evil ENAR, is that Sweden was one of THE most homogeneous nation-states in Europe.

    I travelled around there in 1971, and apart from other young hitch-hikers like myself, just about everybody was very plainly Swedish.


    Hasil gambar untuk swedish beauty contest 1970

    Some forty or fifty years ago, Sweden was famous for its beautiful girls. There are still plenty, but now they face daily risk of molestation by imported savages.


    But my youthful wanderings occurred long before the insane left-liberal political establishment managed to get their master-plan underway, the grand design to multicult Sweden into ruin.

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