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  • ross1948 1:30 pm on September 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Kiwis Stabbed By ‘Asylum’ Ingrate? No, A ‘Student!” 

    I used to work with a Sinhalese girl in London, who was pretty and charming.

    So I certainly won’t say that all who leave Sri Lanka to live in other countries are bad.

    I enjoyed a stop-over in their capital city some years ago and was treated well.

    But Canadians know how despicably ungrateful….

    Poor, Persecuted’ Tamils? Out with Them, Canada! 


    Toronto traffic chaos, thanks to Tamil ingrates


    ….some who migrate from what was once called Ceylon can be.

    Now we hear that the scumbag who went on a would-be killing spree in New Zealand originated from Sri Lanka.

    It’s good that NZ cops put the pig down.



    A close shot of a woman's head as she speaks at a press conference


    Hiding behind ‘legal reasons,’  Ardern’s government is so far refusing even to let Kiwis know the fanatic brute’s name!

    Or whether it was imported as an ‘asylum’ faker!


    Stop Press!

    Half an hour after we published this, we learn more!

    Update – the pig was apparently allowed in YEARS ago on a ‘student visa’ – what was he ‘studying?’

    Advanced Satanic Sectarianism?

    Whatever, Ardern must explain – why was he still in NZ?


    Yet it seems that, although police and security forces realised the savage was potentially  dangerous…


    ..’…the man, inspired by ISIS ideology, who stabbed at least six people in a supermarket was a “violent extremist” known to the police.. ‘ SkyNews

    ….the laws on such terrorist menaces were inadequate to keep it caged, as such beasts should be.


    ….to where it came from?

    One hopes it wasn’t because the cur might have found itself in trouble there.

    We have seen enough of such gutless get-out excuses….

    Good News! Pig Krekar’s Particularly At Risk! 

    Merkel Wants Bin Laden Brute Back, To Ensure His Safety! 

    …in various European countries!

    • Delise W 2:37 pm on September 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Ardern knew about this jihadist, long before the attack.
      If she had ordered deportation, those people would not have been stabbed.

      She has let us all down, again.


    • Amanda Adams 3:30 pm on September 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Ardern hasn’t covered her head this time.
      But what else is she covering, this news-block on the Islamist’s identity?
      It will be revealed I expect but will we be told why he wasnt deported when it was lnown he was an ISIS supporter?


    • Petra Malley 8:02 pm on September 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I have had little time even to read blogs, much less comment, recently.
      This time, I am taking time, because New Zealand, under Ardern, has me confused.
      Do they not take ISIS seriously?

      I have just been reading that in 2017, this jihadist was arrested at Auckland airport, thought to be leaving for Syria.

      If they had no evidence to prosecute him, why not just let him go and keep fingers crossed for his death there?

      When they did detain him, for possession of ISIS propaganda and a knife, he was almost instantly freed, on bail!

      It just goes on and on, until last year, when an extra charge under the NZ Act was blocked by high court judges.

      Finally, he was convicted of
      offences involving ISIS propaganda.
      And how long was the sentence?
      Not a day behind bars, instead a ridiculous year’s ‘supervision!’

      So Ardern is not alone in her guilt, though she has had quite long enough as Prime Minister to have reformed the law.

      But this cover-up of the terrorist’s identity?
      What is she hiding?
      And why?


    • Delise W 3:55 pm on September 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Ahamed Aathil Mohamed!
      Ardern wouldn’t speak his name but we should remember it and ask why she knew all about him but didn’t manage to kick him out.
      New Zealand deserves better!


    • Bethany 8:50 pm on September 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The more I read about this, the crazier it seems.
      The way New Zealand has allowed this ‘refugee’ to make fools of police, politicians and courts is unbelievable but no, it’s not.
      Most Western countries are as bad, so soft and gullible when it comes to lying immigrants.
      We need to toughen up.


  • ross1948 4:45 pm on July 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Exposed! Again! Syrian Crimmigrant Arrogance! 

    You’d think, or hope, that the latest batch of crimmigrants imported by those SOS Mediteranee leftists…


    • ooooo

    …whose antics EU Observer has covered, with nauseatingly hopeless devotion, over the past week..

    Italy – More Parasites Disembark! 

    …might be content to savour their triumphal landing…

    The First? If Only! How Many Eritrea

    ….but not at all.

    The uppity aliens seem to be holding press conferences.

    Three young Syrians, onboard the Ocean Viking rescue vessel, told EUobserver last week…



    …that Greece has become too dangerous and expensive as an option to enter the EU, in order to claim asylum.

    Well, not for the first time, let’s shout it out…

    Boom! Great Sounds Make Commissars Quake! 

    …good for the Greeks!

    They have instead opted for Libya and the highly-risky Mediterranean sea-crossing. Read on »

    Those poor Syrians!

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    Two More Filthy Migrant Savages

    “We Wanna Go To Europe To Cause Turmoil…” Says Poor Syrian ‘Refugee!’ 


    They may say it’s risky, but they know their far-left friends are sailing around…



    …waiting eagerly to pick ’em up and drop ’em off, straight into European tax-payers’ pockets!



    To Hell with the parasites’ arrogance.

    To Hell with them!


  • ross1948 5:26 pm on October 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Obscurantism,’ Macron? No – It’s ‘Asylum,’ Stupid! 

    Terrorists will not divide France, obscurantism will not win!”


    Macron is wrong. Terrorism has divided France – not the French, except for the putrid liberal element which afflicts every Western nation.

    And it’s not ‘obscurantism’ that is the real problem, though if he means pig-ignorant sectarians…



    …yes, they are an affront to decency.


    Here’s the real problem – 

    It was 26 September, less than a month ago, that a filthy savage ran amok in France, then this week another one.

    We asked the question in September….

    BBC Won’t Tell Viewers How Suspects Got Into France! 

    ….and now we seek answers to a similar question.

    One stupid hack relorted that pig who beheaded the teacher was ‘from Russia.’

    That’s offensive, if meant to imply the fiend was Russian. It’s like saying that some Roma parasite is ‘Romanian.’

    Not so, in either case!

    The sectarian pig in Paris who beheaded the teacher was a Chechen, and so the question Macron should be forced to confront is –

    What was the Chechen pig doing in France?

    Who let him in?

    Who failed to put him out?

    He was, after all, known to police for criminal activity, so ought to have been categorised as an undesirable alien and deported tout suite.



    I strongly suspect that one or both of the scumbags referred to above were fake-refugees, aka ‘asylum-seekers.

    If Macron doesn’t start deporting these lying leeches en masse, Marine Le Pen should make expulsion of sectarian scum a key part of her campaign message.



    Surely it would resonate!

    Along with a pledge of serious vetting, and a cast-iron policy of point-blank refusal of not just asylum for, but asylum applications from, ANY primitive savages…



    ….who think ‘blasphemers’ ought to be injured or killed.

    • Noreen Paterson 6:52 pm on October 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      And so say all of us. How many jihadists are known to the British security services! I think the figure was 29 to 25 thousand.
      They all subscribe to that ‘kill-blasphemers’ idiot ideology. They do not belong in our country and should be brought in and given a fair choice.
      Prison or pack your bags.


    • Jeanne 9:15 pm on October 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You are correct in your guess, the Chechen pig was in France because he claimed to be a ‘refugee’ and also a criminal, so why did Macron not send him back out of France?
      These barbarian people come to France and pretend to want the safety of French democracy but so many are without gratitude.
      Many of them are ‘merde’ in French. You use the word ‘s—t’ and I think it means the same.
      Same word fits also for the parents who made threats against the teacher. They too should be arrested and if they are not French born they should be sent out.


    • Kally Hent 1:13 am on October 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Why won’t Macron arrest them, try them, then shoot them for treason or deport them?


  • ross1948 6:40 pm on September 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Another BBC Redefinition – Arsonists = ‘Protestors!’ 

    David Eades, 3pm BBC World News, Jakarta time, a serious, skilful merchant of bias, handed us directly over to his BBC comrade in Greece, Mark Lavelle, who told us that the Greek Government were saying the fire was started by ‘protestors.’



    That’s a step onwards from yesterday’s BBC sugar-coat sludge….

    We also saw ( and unfortunately had to listen to!)a sticky-beak pinko American, Avril Benoit and then another nag-dame, seriously expecting us to feel sorry for undesirable aliens known for their arrogant ingratitude.

    Ingrate Aliens Spurn Greek Monks’ Housing Offer ‘Too Isolated!’ 

    We noted that both women were identified as part of the notorious Medecin Sans Frontieres….

    Pro-Crimmigrant Medics Exploiting Corona Crisis? 


    The MV Aquarius is a former German coast-guard and fishery protection vessel (then named Meerkatze, 1977) operated since February 2016 by SOS Méditerranée and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

    NGO Imports Murderous Savages – Impound Aquarius


    ….who are forever boosting the crimmigrant cause.

    Again, not one voice to denounce the uppity swine who have abused their Greek hosts in every possible way, as we have detailed again and again, rapine, violence, theft and vandalism.



    We were told that a lot of the alien parasites were being put on to a commandeered ferry.

    A golden opportunity, surely, but…

    Not one Greek patriot was given access to a BBC microphone to say what most Greeks…




    …and most sane people in Europe surely think.

    • Warren 1:51 pm on September 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The islanders are in a bad place.
      Good the police are standing between them and those wild illegals, who must be deported.


  • ross1948 7:52 pm on September 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Bon Chance, Marine! 

    A grand speech from the lady who may yet be the saviour of La Belle France…



    …Marine Le Pen, who ‘kicked off her long-haul presidential campaign on Sunday by urging France to “wake up” to the fact that the country was sinking into “barbarity…”following a summer of violence….


    ..but we know it’s going to be a tough fight, not least because French state media is as rotten with bias as UK Pravda.

    We drew attention to that state media’s Mme. Saragosse and her notorious leftism just a few minutes ago.


    Does This Lefty Madame Ever Watch Her Own Channel?

    As ever, Marine will be facing the collusion of the so-called ‘centre-right’ and ‘centre-left’ parties around Le Muppet. They are always quick to drop their shadow-boxing charade, when faced with a people’s champion.

    It’s the Enemy Within, though, that should be the focus of Marine’s campaign, the need to clean out Un-French from France…

    Paris – BLM Racists Howl ‘Dirty Jews


    Failure To Deport Banlieue Savages Exacts An On-Going Toll! 

    Vile ‘Rap’ Savage – More Foul Racism Against France – Jail Him! 

    ….so whoever those ‘centre’ saps unite around can therefore also expect a shoal of votes from disloyal primitives in the banlieues.

    But French patriots don’t need outside advice.

    They only need to unite!

  • ross1948 9:25 pm on April 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    But WHY Were Terror-Suspect Tajiks In Germany? 

    Four of the suspects were arrested after dawn raids on Wednesday targeting several  apartments and six other locations in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Another Tajik national was previously detained.


    The five were also allegedly planning attacks on individuals they deemed critical of Islam, prosecutors in Karlsruhe said.  https://www.thelocal.de/20200415/germany-arrests-five-tajiks-in-suspected-is-terror-cell-prosecutors

    We here in Indonesia know all too well of the retarded tantrum mentality which deems criticism of, or even comment on, religion as an excuse for blood-thirsty retaliation.


    Jakarta Christian Governor Ahok, imprisoned for ‘blasphemy…’


    The protesters, most of whom were men dressed in white Muslim attire, were heard yelling, “We want a Muslim governor,” “Burn Ahok!” and “Kafir!”   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/10/14/thousands-hard-liners    

    Slouching Towards Shariah

    But NOWHERE in The Leftal, sorry, The Local, can we find any explanation of WHY the Tajiks –

    ..named as Azizjon B., Muhammadali G., Farhodshoh K., Sunatullokh K. and Ravsan B….

    were in Germany, and free to travel in and out of Germany as they pleased!

    Two of the suspects are also accused of travelling to Albania to carry out an assassination attempt in exchange for $40,000. However, the project failed and they returned to Germany.

    So were they just waltzing through German border controls on some kind of special passports, or purporting to be carefree tourists?

    Or were they ‘asylumers?’


  • ross1948 7:39 pm on April 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Frankfurt Hoodlum Mob – Another Media Cover-Up? 

    After the infamous mass-molestation by ‘asylum’ scum at Cologne Hauptbahnhof, Germany’s dishonest, disloyal media hacks were forced ( by public outrage over the attempted cover-up)  to tell the truth.

    “They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So! 



    …so from then until today, most Germans are instantly suspicious when anti-social mob mayhem is report

    Undesirable Migrants ‘Scratch, Bite,Spit, Kick’ German Cops! 

    ‘Asylum’ Savages Attack German Police

    And there’s a lot of mob violence goes on in Germany, since Mama Stasi Merkel imported a million aliens!

    Hence when a gang of stone-throwing, iron-bar-wielding hoodlums hit the headlines on Easter weekend…

    After approaching a group of people who were clearly breaching lockdown rules, one police patrol was pelted with stones.

    A second police patrol was attacked by a group of around 20 men armed with iron bars, stones and roof tiles, forcing the patrol to retreat.


    …a mob that viciously attacked police officers trying to enforce social distance rules, I am willing to bet I wasn’t the only reader of the pro-crimmigrant tax-funded DW, who wondered exactly what sort of swine constituted the violent rabble.



    No descriptions?

    DESPITE the fact that half-a-dozen ‘suspects’ have been rounded up and put behind bars…

    The police called in a helicopter patrol to search for the perpetrators by air, following some of the suspects to an apartment in the western district of Griesheim and conducting a raid.



    Six suspects between the ages of 23 and 31 were arrested in the raid, while police also seized weapons including samurai swords, nunchucks and brass knuckles

    ….and the police could certainly give the public a few basic details of the detainees’ immigration/nationality status?

    Do our German readers have any useful input?




    • Petra Malley 8:20 pm on April 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Why can I find no answer to your very good question anywhere I search with Google News?
      If the Frankfurt police are not telling the public where these thugs come from, we must assume there’s a reason.


    • Lorne Marzio 11:28 pm on April 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Reading back over how badly the ‘asylumees’ have behaved, the violence and sex attacks, I’d put big bucks on it that the mob was not German.


  • ross1948 10:28 pm on April 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'asylum' savages, , , , , Roman sur Isere,   

    France – New Amok-Run – Sudanese ‘Asylumer’ Held! 

    More innocents slain by a savage…



    …in a place I had never heard of, Romans sur Isere.

    God help France, teeming with uncivilised illegal aliens, hand-cuffed now by not only the European Court of Human Rights…

    Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..


    …but also the European Court of Judges…

    …led by a worm who for sure won’t turn…

    Muppet Macron’s “Hard Line?” The FT’s Sense Of Humour!? 

    …except, like his lousy home-grown judge-jerks…

    Free The Gap Three – And Can The Pro-Crimmigrant Judge-Jerks! 

    ….against French patriots who fight back.

    Police told French media the arrested man was a 33-year-old asylum seeker from Sudan.
    Anti-terrorism investigators have been advised and were said to be evaluating the situation before getting involved….
    • Marie Le M 10:41 pm on April 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      European Union, Judges, Macron.
      You identify exactly the problems that cripple France.
      Without them, France would solve the illegals and be the true France again.


  • ross1948 8:17 pm on March 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'asylum' savages, , Gerhard Knaus, , , ,   

    Invasion 2020 – DW’s Soros-Funded ‘Expert’ Forbids Fightback! 

    DW news, 4pm Jakarta time, Saturday 7th March.

    We had ‘the architect of the original deal’ with Erdolf, a self-righteous Austrian berk named Gerhard Knaus, described as a ‘migration expert…’

    Gerald Knaus: Der Vordenker des EU-Türkei-Deals gründete 1999 die Denkfabrik Europäische Stabilitätsinitiative (ESI). (Quelle: dpa/Francesco Scarpa/European Stability Initiative)Gerald Knaus

    ….but given that his first ‘deal’ has more or less imploded, why would anyone turn to him to work up another?


    Because DW certainly knows of Knaus’ Sorosoid background…



    …and that would surely be good enough for the leftist German propaganda channel.

    In 1999, Knaus co-founded the European Stability Initiative, a liberalist think tank…He received funding from organizations linked to American billionaire George Soros…Knaus has been an outspoken supporter of the migration policies of….

    Guess who?

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel… https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_Knaus

    Sorosoid, Merkelite…of course DW would invite him on!

    But that obvious question, why make another deal with the sectarian autocrat who has just brazenly ratted on the first deal…

    …was not asked by anyone on DW!

    Yet anyone else would have asked it loudly, once Knaus unloaded his pinko thinking on how Greece dare not fight back.

    Knaus issued lurid warnings to anybody who favours fightback – it would be ‘illegal’ if the Greeks used their naval forces to forcibly resist invasion. Crimmigrants might get hurt, or drowned, whilst trying to gate-crash Greece!

    Well, boohoohoo!

    The Greek armed forces must have some snipers.

    Take out some of those stone-throwing scumbags and the rabble by the Evros will disappear like snow off a dry stone wall in Springtime!

    Invaders can’t complain if they suffer casualties!

    Glad Knaus wasn’t advising Churchill in 1940; it would have been SSGB for sure – but then the UK was not handicapped by UNHCR sticky-beaks, like the creeps scolding Greece this week.



    When the Greek PM declared that his country would not accept asylum applications for a month…the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said that’s a problem. 

    “Neither the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees nor E.U. refugee law provides any legal basis for the suspension of the reception of asylum applications,” the U.N.’s refugee agency said in a statement on Monday.

    The agency added in the statement, “All states have a right to control their borders and manage irregular movements…

    How gracious of the UN swine to acknowledge that!

    ….but at the same time should refrain from the use of excessive or disproportionate force and maintain systems for handling asylum requests in an orderly manner.”


    How dare they!

    When your country faces invasion by malevolent violent savages, there’s no room for fools who want to debate what’s ‘disproportionate!’

    Nor for any more damfool deals with The Devil!


    • Rudi Reinhsrdt 9:37 pm on March 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You do a good job to reveal this Soros funding for Merkel supporter.
      It is very clear that to trust Erdogan after this, we would be crazy. We must much better fight back, give guns and gunboats to Greece and force the illegal aliens to go back.
      This Knaus from Austria, would he give money to robbers who invade his house or would defend his home?


    • Mel Henderson 7:11 am on March 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Soros, Soros everywhere, a global threat just like coronavirus!


  • ross1948 7:15 pm on December 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'asylum' savages, , , , , , push-back   

    Would Leonidas’ 300 Be Prosecuted Under EU Law? 


    I don’t have the original article in Germany’s Der Spiegel in front of me, but the link below will show the ‘shock-horror’ video of masked men, allegedly ‘Greek law enforcement officers forcibly sending dozens of refugees to an area in Turkey near its border.’

    The link takes us to part of the pro-Erdolf Turk media, which naturally deplores the fact that illegals allowed to invade Greece are put on a boat and returned to whence they came, across the Meric river, to Turkey.

    Given how ordinary honest Greeks have suffered at the hands of ingrate crimmigrants in recent years…

    “We Wanna Go To Europe To Cause Turmoil…” Says Poor Syrian ‘Refugee!’ 

    ….there will be widespread popular approval for the ‘several retired and serving Greek police officers and soldiers’ who allegedly  ‘confirmed to reporters they have been conducting “pushbacks” at the Greek-Turkish border for years..’

    Rather droll, how the Erdolfite scribbler then adds that ‘denying entry to asylum seekers and forcibly returning them is illegal under EU law and a violation of international conventions on human rights. 

    And downright comical, that he or she continues that ‘Ankara has repeatedly urged Greece to stop illegal pushbacks.’ https://www.aa.com.tr/en/europe/greece-s-illegal-pushback-of-refugees-caught-on-video/1672144

    • erdogan

      The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

    • =====
    • It’s Turkey’s duty to man its frontier and prevent illegal crossings INTO Greece, a duty noted for dereliction, despite Brussels bribery on a mammoth scale..

    • …and a duty Erdolf boasts of his readiness to disregard.

    Erdolf Threatens New Tsunami – The S.O.B. Needs A Lesson! 

    • ========

    If these Greeks assigned to defend Greek borders are actually taking their duty seriously, then they are heroes, just as the glorious Three Hundred who prevented another alien horde from invading Greece are universally honoured.


    • ——————
    • Imagine if their ancestors, Leonidas of Sparta and his heroic Three Hundred, had crossed the Field of Thermopylae to find themselves confronted by UNHCR bureaucrats quoting ‘EU law’ – a new dish, ‘supranational flunkey kebab,’ could well have been invented!


    Millions all over Europe and the Americas too will  send up a silent cheer for them. Any move by any authority to punish them should be interdicted.

    But there are dark forces working against Greece…

    Again, BBC Fails To Warn Police of Criminality On Turkish Shore! 

    BBC Now BOASTs of Aiding and Abetting Illegals! 

    ….and I don’t refer only to the BBC.

    Listen to this sticky-beak UN prat!

    The UNHCR’s representative in Greece, Philippe Leclerc, told the Guardian he was particularly concerned by the message of deterrence the new policies conveyed.

    “…we don’t see the need for asylum seekers to be kept in closed centres….”



    The supranationals have no concern whatsoever for the Greeks whose persons and property are put at permanent risk by letting savages roam free….

    …but since the Greeks dumped Red Tsipras, there seem to be signs of sanity, as when ‘Government spokesman Stelios Petsas outlined the measures last week: “A clear message should be sent to those planning, or thinking of coming to the country illegally when they aren’t entitled to asylum. They should realise … if they give money to a trafficker to bring them to Greece they will lose it.” ‘


    • Amanda Adams 8:37 pm on December 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Of course the EU would prosecute them.
      Or persecute them.
      That’s what the EU does!


    • Penny 11:12 pm on December 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The BBC has had a bleeding-heart series from Greece, all so sorry and sad for the illegals in a camp.
      Not a word about the Greeks suffering that’s down to illegals trespassing on their farms, robbing and hurting them, or worse.
      I despise the BBC.


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