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  • ross1948 09:20 on November 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    ABC Lets Leftist Diss de Klerk, Unchallenged! 

    Australia’s infamous state-funded propaganda channel was at it again today.…



    ABC aired a nasty, bitter diatribe  to mark the death of F W de Klerk.

    The funeral maybe not even over, the notorious channel had some woman, a ‘South African author based in Australia’ defaming the man’s memory.


    F W de Klerk sitting at a desk
    FW de Klerk

    How he went about changing his country is open to debate, of course, but for ABC’s vapid bint to let this leftist shrew demean the guy’s memory before he’s in the ground?

    Perhaps some mention of Mandela’s long deceit about his membership of an organisation of totalitarian hypocrites, the SACP?

    South African Communist Party Claims Mandela Was On Their Central Committee! 



    http://www.sacp.org.za/main.php?ID=4151    “At his arrest in August 1962, Nelson Mandela was not only a member of the then underground South African Communist Party, but was also a member of our Party’s Central Committee.

    To us as South African communists, Cde [Comrade] Mandela shall forever symbolize the monumental contribution of the SACP in our liberation struggle… 


    Or a word or two about who ran the ANC while her husband was behind bars, that evil old hag Winnie (the Witch) Mandela?


    ——–as published in a leftist media source-   https://www.nytimes.com/1997/12/04/world/winnie-mandela-s-ex-bodyguard-tells-of-killings-she-ordered.html=

    Both were seen on news film while ABC’s yammering guest gabbled about ‘taking the knee’ and BLM.

    Both Mandelas deserve dissing more than the man who has just died.

    Nothing fair or balanced about ABC today.



    • Uncle Oz 11:40 on November 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      But watch the ABC women ripping nto a Liberal or National Mp.


      • Keith Milner 15:07 on November 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Exactly, mate!
        The ABC lefty women seem a lot ruder than the men when they talk to non-left politicians, but they are all leftist.
        I didn’t see the ABC news today but it isn’t hard to picture the scene, ABC all saccharin sweet while the extremist goes on and on.


  • ross1948 07:15 on September 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Oz Media’s Navel-Gazing Hypocrisy 

    Much ado about a 7NEWS reporter injured at the protest in Melbourne’ CBD, and of course the journalist should not have been assaulted.

    But it’s the sheer hypocrisy of the so-called ‘mainstream’ media that merits mention.



    I’m watching an ABC blonde bint now, and her tax-funded channel comrades have been discussing disapprovingly what befell the 7NEWS man.

    Naturally – it’s news!


    What did they say when a member of the Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini’s team was brutalised?

    We not long ago covered how Victoria State Police resorted to police-state tactics…

    Melbourne Cops? Better Call ‘Em Storm-Troops!

    But how many mainstream hacks gave a tinker’s cuss about, or even let their readers know about, what happened THEN?


    NB – some crummy cop even menaced his right to do his job..

    ‘Avi is starting to become a bit more problematic. So we might need to look at what Avil’s role is here in the moment.’

    Double standards!


  • ross1948 08:45 on April 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Oz Beware! UK Pravda Left-Bigot OTW! 

    If Nasty Naga is a fan…

    …then we know for sure the object of her adoration is as much of a leftist race-obsessed uptight as she is.



    And sure enough, it’s Bigot Bryant, notorious for the sycophantic plaudits he lavished on a fellow-leftist creep.

    “…there are many people who regard him (Trump) as an object of fear. But you have made him an object of fun…”

    BBC’s Biased Bryant Fawns On Trump-Hater Baldwin! 

    Hasil gambar untuk bbc newsnight nick bryant

    Bigot Bryant

    BBC Bigot Bryant Flaunts His Left Bias, Again! 

    …, now awash with tributes from other BBC hacks…


    …heading to Australia.

    No idea if he’s moving from one tax-funded propaganda channel…


    …to another…

    I can only advise my readers in Oz to avoid watching or listening to his snide, surly self-righteous blabbering…

    ….unless, like myself, you feel a need to monitor media bias.

    • Carly M 09:57 on April 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      OMG. Australia has more than enough far-left journos without getting BBC’s surplus to requirements dross.


    • Pamela 18:00 on April 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Our loss ( no loss at all, to be truthful) not Australia’s gain
      He is one of the worst!


  • ross1948 05:32 on July 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Australian media bias, caged juveniles, Criminal brats, savage ‘children’, ,   

    Oz Pravda – Big Win ( 6-0) For ABC Pro-Brat Bias Team! 

    I saw two MPs on Australia’s tax-funded propaganda channel, ABC, on Wednesday ( 1.30pm Jakarta time) babbling about ‘age of responsibility,’ one Labor, a bit of a dork…



    …named Steven Jones, who ‘100%’ supports the BLM cause, the other Trent Zimmerman ( Liberal)  who insisted that he admires the BLM rabble’s ‘passion.’

    Would Mr. Zimmerman say the same about any ‘far-right’ fanatical gang?

    Passion in a bad cause…and BLM is a VERY bad cause…


    “We are trained Marxists.”
    — BLM co-founder

    Neither Black Nor White Lives Matter To Marxists! 




    …is not something to be ‘admired!’

    But both were apparently there to discuss the age of responsibility, which Australia is being pressured to raise to 14, for various reasons, one oft-mentioned being the worst of all possible reasons – that Oz is out of step with ‘the rest of the world.’

    Why should that be an acceptable argument?

    Later still, 6.30pm, Oz Pravda, aka ABC, showed their engrained bias, a talk show called The Drum, with two guests, but NOT so they could debate the issue!



    ABC had deliberately selected a man named Isaiah Dawes and a large woman named Cheryl Axelby, BOTH against taking juvenile crims off the streets…

    …Cheryl telling us breathlessly that the ‘United Nations was putting pressure on Australia.’




    The largest organised hypocrisy in the world!

    Much diversion of the argument to ‘Aboriginal issues,’ Cheryl even resorting to the current buzz-word, ‘systemic change!’

    Contrary to all parents’ experience, she seemed to think 10-year-olds don’t know the difference between right and wrong!

    I knew, when I was ten!

    Didn’t you?

    But young Isaiah echoed almost every yelp we heard from Shrill Cheryl!



    Okay, bleeding heart pinkos are entitled to have their say, but so too are those who disagree with bleeding hearts, yes?


    Not according to ABC!



    Not content to restrict discussion ( hardly debate!) to that brace of bleeding hearts, The Drum brought three more on!

    ABC’s pre-planned orchestra!

    Jamila Rivzi, of whom, thankfully, I have never heard…


    Turns out she’s a rich feminist who worked for Labor and scribbles for the SMH!


    ….yapped about how Aborigine kids comprised most of the caged crim-brats.

    Clearly those kids’ parents do a dreadful job of bringing them up!

    Then we got a ‘medical expert!’

    A professor, no less, who writes for something called IndigenousX !!

    Behind every test is a patient with cultural and emotional needs

    That’s a sample!

    He’s Dr. Shannon Springer, who spouted total gobble-de-gook, about textualising the issue within the whole social and cultural context, and the need for programmes towards self-determination!’




    What’s REALLY needed is a lot more familiarity with discipline and respect for the law…



    …and regular encounters with the good old Scots tawse would do young uppities some good too!

    And THEN some woman, Rebecca Shaw, another person unknown to me, but identified as a ‘company director,’ who thinks that ‘punishment’ will send kids ‘along the wrong path!’



    The ABC may abhor my views, but many of the Aussies whose taxes are taken and handed to the ABC might well agree with me.

    Since ABC had clearly taken a policy decision to censor ANY such dissent, I gave up and started typing this.

    Besides, ‘Criminal Minds’ was due on soon and I wouldn’t want to miss that!

    PS – no, my arithmetic isn’t bad, that headline, saying ‘6-0.’ There were just five guests who dislike the idea of putting rabid little beasts in cages…

    …but it was clear throughout that the the hostess of The Drum was on their side too.


    • Uncle Oz 09:10 on July 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      A good slap taught most kids to behave in the past.
      Lock up some of the parents too, for bad parenting!


    • Keith Milner 10:01 on July 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      They should rename ABC.
      Awful Bunch of Cr-p!


    • Lois Wadden 12:10 on July 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Six to Nil is very bad even by ABC’s abysmally biased standards!
      Thanks for letting us know.
      We stopped watching their leftwing garbage a while ago so now we know not to go back to ABC any time in the foreseeable future.


  • ross1948 10:46 on July 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Australian media bias, drug addicts, English/Arabic PA system, , Melbourne Housing Commission towers, ,   

    Oz Left Try Trumpophobe Smear Tactics On Pauline! 


    ..how can anyone forget, it’s been bandied about so often and still is…

    …the Media-Democrat Big Lie, that Trump called ‘Mexicans rapists.’

    He didn’t of course.

    Even here in Indonesia, we had the knee-jerk lefty jerks…

    …at the Jakarta Post, babbling about the hoary old hoax! that Trump – “had made numerous statements (e.g. Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists)”

    Ill-Informed Jakarta Post Leftists Snarl At Trump 


    Hasil gambar untuk goebbels lies

    I supposed then that the JP was following the Dr. Goebbels strategy.

    If they are not deliberately lying, they must be pig-ignorant, because even most non-journo-jerk citizens in the USA are aware of the truth.



    Trump didn’t!

    As we said, back then, JP editors plainly only read stuff that reinforces their left prejudices.


    One of the most oft-repeated canards that the Media-Democrat Party likes to spew up  when they run out of fresh spittle-flecked spite is the bare-faced lie that President Trump called ‘Mexicans’ (or sometimes ‘Mexican migrants’ ) either ‘rapists’ and/or ‘criminals.’




    He was talking not about Mexicans in general, nor about Mexican immigrants in general, but about CRIMMIGRANTS from Mexico…


    …and he was damn right, and still is!

    Now the pinko creep media in Oz are adapting that strategy, the strategy of the dirty lie, to smear Pauline Hanson.



    Here’s just one example, but there are more, and will be many more still!

    …in a fiery segment she called the tower residents “drug addicts” who should have learnt English before coming to Australia.


    If you actually take the time, and are interested in what Senator Hanson said, you’ll see that she didn’t call the ‘tower residents’ as a whole anything, but noted that there would be drug addicts among them…

    .“The fact is a lot of them are drug addicts as well…”

    …so how many is lots?


    …and has anyone shown that her words were  inaccurate?

    Has the media’s fave ‘resident got numbers to refute Pauline Hanson’s?

    Who Is Hulya Alun? A Melbourne Marxist? 

    She also said that some of them could not even speak basic English.




    And that latter assertion is now proven, with the revelation that the public address system uses both English and ARABIC!


    • Mel Henderson 17:13 on July 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The Left have been very successful with their big lie about Trump, but if we catch this new falsehood they want to use again Pauline Hanson, I mean catch it early enough, they might be the ones embarrassed.


  • ross1948 10:04 on August 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Australia – Guardian Gaystapo Gal Gives Gag Guarantee! 

    Imagine if a leader of a major party in YOUR country decided to challenge the PC elite that does its worst to suppress honest debate about multicult migration.



    Suppose a man or woman with a fair chance of becoming head of government issued a clarion call for patriots to rise up and resist, to force the arrogant in-crowd to halt the alien influx of phoney ‘refugees.’



    “Now is the not the time to cower. It is not the time to hide. It’s the time to stand up. To stand up for yourself. To stand up for your friends, your family, your loved ones. To honour those who fought before to enable us to be here. And to fight for those who fear speaking for themselves and those whose future we want better for ourselves.

    “It’s time to fight for the country we want to be”

    An inspirational call to arms, right?

    But it is the measure of Western decadence that the source of that fighting talk was not exhorting the too-long silent  – or silenced – majority to take a stand against the ‘asylum’ horde….

    ….to demand a referendum on repudiation of supranational conventions used as sticks to beat your own folk, by the UN and other sticky-beak agencies…

    …and to reform laws that inhibit ostensibly sovereign nations from deporting  undesirable aliens en masse.

    Instead, pathetically, Australia’s Socialist Shorten was lauded by all the worst elements in the Commonwealth’s public life and the lousy left media…


    Hasil gambar untuk shorten labor leader gay


    ….for a speech OPPOSING the principle that Aussie voters deserve to have their say on homo-weddings.

    And as an example of the lousy left, I give you – surprise, surprise! – The Guardian!

    We won’t be giving equal time to spurious arguments against marriage equality

    In particular, a ghastly bat named Lenore Taylor …

    Lenore Taylor


    …who more or less rules out any semblance of fair play in the media as the debate rattles along.

    She kicks off with an assertion – “Should all adults have the right to marry the person they love?” –  which appears to indicate that incest is next on the Guardian agenda.



    Then she runs through various arguments which may or may not feature in the weeks ahead and makes it very clear that she sees no reason for objective, impartial coverage of any case she doesn’t deem acceptable!

    And here’s ANOTHER Guardian ghastly bat, named Katharine Murphy…

    Katharine Murphy


    …whose contempt for the legitimate opposition to what she ludicrously describes as ‘marriage equality’ comes across loud and clear in her hysterical scribbling about the deep hurt of the LGBTI community, the pious righteousness of so-called Christian groups inclined to judge.   https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/aug/10/shortens-impassioned-yes-plea-for-marriage-equality-channels-both-empathy-and-outrage

    ‘So-called Christians?’

    Maybe Murphy’s angling for a job with ABC…ABC program shows the broadcaster’s anti-Christian agenda

    Or has she been appointed as official theology guru, that she can declare ministers and congregations of churches  as heretical if they resist gaystapo attacks on the institution of marriage?

    And what the heck’s she rabbiting about?

    ‘Deep Hurt?‘ Is she referring to the possible discomfort queers experience when engaged in mutual anal penetration?

    This weird woman finds it abhorrent that a proper democratic debate is about to get going, with a democratic outcome, citizens making their choices known, via a ballot. She deplores this as a  public popularity contest, a gladiatorial battle where everyone will fight, and turn up the volume, and thunder and hector, and be outrageous, because that is the way of things.

    It’s called DEMOCRACY, STUPID!

    But she just hates that idea.

    As of Thursday afternoon, marriage equality became like an American presidential race. It became about getting the vote out. The only method of activation is the marshalling of armies.


    May the ranks of decency prevail.

    • Uncle Oz 12:13 on August 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It will be an unfair fight and that makes me determined to fight harder to stop this un-natural campaign to change Australia .
      Glad you are on our side like always, Ross.


    • Leo Cozijn 14:27 on August 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      *Where does your backward obsession toward gays come from? A grown-up, intelligent, educated, well-balanced and happy person don’t even thìnk about the sexual preference of other people. In psychiatry it has been established that these so-called macho individuals who do, guaranteed have mental issue’s! It would be interesting to see how NANDA or DSM would diagnose you.


    • Keith Milner 00:15 on August 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Badly biased media, in Australia just like Britain and America, so many journalists so committed to the ‘gay’ side that they cannot write a fair report.
      They honestly hate this ballot because they despise ordinary Australians and do not believe they have any right to a possible veto on what the PC elite have decided.


    • Charles Lennox 01:17 on August 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I know you have no time for Turnbull but he has done his best to keep his word in the face of the Senate’s hostility to consulting the people. You should give him a word of praise. I wish David Cameron had given the British people that much respect but he just rammed the redefinition of marriage through Westminster because he was scared a people’s vote would bloc his plan.

      What’s going to be intriguing in Australia is how fair the campaign during the ballot period will be. The media are mostly pro-homosexual and lack any kind of interest in being objective, as your examples from the Guardian amply demonstrate.

      The vindictive ‘gay’ lobby are furious about the people getting a vote and will be doing all they can to intimidate Christian, Muslim and Jewish people who hold fast to the values in their scriptures.
      It will also be worth watching to see how the publicly-funded and far-left ABC will give both sides equal time.
      I can’t see that happening.

      There’s also going to be abuses like that reportedly planned by one council in Victoria, which I am sending and hope you can write about.

      Most interesting of all will be what happens if the queers find that a majority has voted against them.
      There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth, and not even a smidgin of respect for the democratic process.
      If the queers win, on the other hand, Australia will see more and more persecution of people with decent values.which is what is happening in the UK.


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