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  • ross1948 09:28 on January 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Happy Australia Day, Despite Baird and Morrison’s Divisive Discord! 

    It’s Australia Day, and I hope all my readers across the Commonwealth enjoy it!

    But what a let-down that Morrison has turned out to be.

    I watched him last night, this Australian of the Year (chosen not by the people but by a panel of people who no doubt regard themselves as ‘the great and good’ aka the elite) a military man being honoured not for great victories against Australia’s enemies but for his commitment to ‘diversity.’

     Morrison and Turnbull, two of a kind?

    Regardless of his views, and the less I say about those the better, you’d expect him to express sentiments, for this day at least, that would command broad support from all across the spectrum.

    Instead, he opted to call for a republic, about the most divisive issue imaginable.

    Although I’m a monarchist, I have always said the decision must be a matter for Australians only. There’s a time and place for the debate to take place.

    Not on the eve of Australia Day.

    Much the same for that Baird, more so in fact.


    Baird, Friend of the Bludger – NSW gives asylum seekers travel concessions ‘to help the vulnerable’http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2015/jun/26/nsw-gives-asylum-seekers-travel-concessions-


    The New South Wales state premier showed both malice and wilful ignorance in his recent rant about immigration, showing contempt both for patriots and for decent people who take their turn in the queue for admission to Oz by suggesting that Australia is at risk of losing its character to anti-immigration politics.


    Most Australians are not immigrants, but most can examine their family trees and find immigrants  somewhere in the last hundred years. Recent intakes include the East and Central Europeans fleeing communism after 1945, and South East Asians escaping the same evil ideology after 1975.




    Nobody nowadays, except ( in the Vietnamese case) the ghosts of Comsymp Labor bigots ( “not having hundreds of f—— Vietnamese Balts coming into this country” The Left Rewrites Its History on Refugees — Quadrant Online )  resents such refugees. They have overwhelmingly embraced their Australian identity, as is the duty of every decent migrant.

    What those who engage in  ‘anti-immigration’ campaigns object to are, surely, economic migrants, who are not ‘refugees’ at all, and the disgusting, disloyal brand of bigots who arrive in Oz but refuse to adapt.

    • 3557c-hizbut-tahrir2
    • They proclaim their allegiance not to Australia but to alien sectarian ideologies.
    • We hear this time and again, not least from treacherous swine like Hizbut Tahrir and the Un-Australian Grand Mufti. Wot Next, Oz? Blasphemy Law? Cut The TurnBull-Sh-t! 
      Many of these undesirables want Australian law to be superseded by a backward code rooted in sexist discrimination against women.

    Baird – and Morrison, given his vaunted reputation as a champion of women’s rights – would have been better advised to address their remarks to scum like that, who ought to be deported to places their subversive beliefs belong.

    Which ain’t Australia.

    Happy Australia Day.

    • Livia 10:51 on January 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I’m too busy today making merry so I’ll only tell you that this is top notch, Ross.
      We like your blog a lot, the way you always speak up for us Australians who aren’t part of that elite.


  • ross1948 18:01 on January 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Happy Australia Day, Especially to Australian Ladies of the Year! 

    How pleasing to see that those responsible for choosing the ‘Australian of the Year’ award have apparently learned that picking pinkos is unpopular.




    Rosie Batty’s politics I know nothing about, but she’s a good woman, who has elevated the issue of domestic violence into a key concern.

    Even better that ALL the awards went to women. Children’s author Jackie French, the deaf advocate Drisana Levitzke-Gray and Juliette Wright who started the GIVIT charitable venture.

    This all-ladies line-up will hopefully offend nobody.

    I like women. Not just the beauties I feature here on RRA, but also heroic people like Hirsi Ali…


    …and greats like Maggie Thatcher.

    And it’s all the more important these days, when Oz is afflicted by a minority of people who adhere to bizarre codes that treat women as second-class citizens, demanding their inheritance rights be inferior to men’s, telling them they must cover their heads when men don’t have to, and other outlandish rules.

    There are of course degrees of benightedness, the worst being savages like Samir Abu Hamza, of the ‘Islamic Information and Services Network of Australasia,’ who horrified civilised Australians five years ago by telling an audience that wife-beating was not necessarily a bad thing. http://www.smh.com.au/national/its-ok-to-beat-wife-demand-sex-cleric-20090122-7n80.html


    The SMH report then mentioned that Hamza was ‘popular with young Muslims in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.’

    That was in 2009. I wonder where they are now?


  • ross1948 13:17 on January 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Australian of the Year? Morrison’s a Better Bet Than Croome! 




    I was referred to this topic because there are allegedly moves to appoint a prominent poofter, Rodney Croome, to be the next Australian of the Year. What has this ‘gay’ activist done to merit such a distinction?

    But then many people on the body which decides the prize title do not exactly resemble regular Australians.

    Drawn from elitist agit-prop backgrounds, as at least some of them are, it’s not exactly surprising the selection committee chose that whinger Goodes as last year’s luminary. Since then, he  has come out with divisive drivel, a case of GOODES setting a BAD example. 

    During a recent interview with the BBC, the AFL star said some Australian policies had resulted in the suppression of indigenous people and other minorities and called for better education about the country’s history.


     Gas-bag Goodes


    He also said children needed to be taught that Australia wasn’t founded by Captain James Cook.

    What a simplistic outlook!

    Australia is a country, the Commonwealth of Australia, which did not exist prior to its discovery by Cook and his Dutch and Portuguese contemporaries. It was founded by colonists under the auspices of the greatest force for good the world has ever known, the British Empire.




    Yes, there was a land-mass there, since time immemorial, but the primitive people who wandered that wilderness would, of course, never have heard the word ‘Australia.’ To deny Cook and other Western explorers due credit for what we today know as Australia is like denying Newton credit for the laws of gravity – they too were always there, but it’s thanks to Newton we have identified them.

    The said land-mass was never previously constituted as a political entity. That achievement derived from Cook’s voyages of discovery, during which he FOUND Australia, and established the British Crown’s claim on the territory. 

    Adam Goodes  – what an ingrate! Australian of the Year in 2014, but abused the honour by dissing the country which has given him such an enjoyable life!

    “I can use my position to help educate people to see through the things that they’ve been taught growing up,” he said.

    Yeah. or better still, help them get their young heads round facts, like the fame and fortune which is there for anyone in the Lucky Country to seek and find – just as he did.

    He should spend his every spare moment singing his country’s praises, not whining about his  prejudiced take on history.


    This year’s Australian of the Year? 




    I’d suggest firstly Andrew Bolt. That would at least compensate for his victimisation via the anti-free-speech laws that the Government promised to reform but bottled out to appease another sort of disloyal whinger gas-bag.

    But another man has been drawn to my attention, a young fellow still, but who speaks in language that normal Aussie folk can identify with. 

    • morrison Scott Morrison
    • The headline today probably made you think I was going to propose Scott Morrison, who is indeed a good guy.

    But no, it’s Jason Morrison I’m talking about, a journo, who has a fine record of straight talking.

    Here’s an example of what I mean –

    INTERVIEW ON CHARLIE HEBDO KILLINGS MORRISON: I’m sorry. I have to interrupt here. I’m sorry I am not going to sit here and listen to people stupidly suggest that the French or the magazine or anyone brought this on themselves. Are you for real? We have a dozen people dead, killed in the name of a religious belief and you are seriously going to even slightly justify this?
    COMPERE: I don’t think anyone is justifying anything here.
    MORRISON: Well that’s not what I am hearing. I’m hearing this vaguely worded defence that France shouldn’t have done this and Sarkozy said that two years ago, and if they didn’t draw Mohammed then this might not of happened or whatever.
    It is obscene and a gutless way of almost saying they all deserved this.
    Well if you believe that you are about as bad as the idiot who thinks the pretty girl in the short skirt is asking to be raped so she better watch out.
    COMPERE: That’s a ridiculous comparison.
    MORRISON: Is it ridiculous? Tell me how?
    It’s the “you were asking for it” way of thinking. Your logic is those who drew the pictures should have known better and should have known what the response would be.
    Where as I say, if you can’t accept that people have different views to you then maybe the problem is with you if your response is the pull out an AK and go nuts.
    COMPERE: Well, the material was designed to offend.
    MORRISON: And so what?
    A lot of what I’ve heard here today has offended me but if you’re civilised, and I think that’s a major issue with some of the people we are talking about, if you are civilised you just get on with it. We shouldn’t have to have special rules for special people.
    COMPERE: No-one is suggesting special rules just an understanding that some things are offensive.
    MORRISON: So OK, we can have a bit of fun with the Pope, with Buddha, Jesus Christ on the Cross, The Dalai Lama, The Queen, Barack Obama. Want to add to the list?
    But not anything or anyone associated with Muslims. They’re special apparently. And that’s where all this free speech talk I’m hearing falls to bits. If you defend free speech then you defend offensive speech as well. It’s real easy to stand up for the nice stuff but sometime it gets ugly and if you are fair dinkum, as we say in Australia, you stand for all.
    Now, I’m not fond of Jesus Christ jokes but if you crack one you shouldn’t fear a few goons showing up with AK47s and shooting everyone in the office dead at their desks.
    So please, spare me the justification garbage for these terrorists being upset and just responding to provocation. If you think they are even slightly justified for killing people who drew some pictures then I’m afraid you are over in their column.
    COMPERE: OK I take your point but if you deliberately set out to offend there are consequences.
    MORRISON: Yes there. People might not buy your magazine or you get nasty letters in the mail from upset people but not a dozen of your workmates dead at their desks, and here we are again talking about consequences.
    It’s back to the same argument as the pretty girl in the bar example. If you think she’s asking to be raped you are, in my view, unfit for civilised society. You are uncivilised and maybe that’s something we should be spending a bit of energy on.
    For those EXCELLENT words alone, Morrison deserves the title more than quite a few of the names read out by Tony Abbott earlier today!
    • Australian Expat 17:07 on January 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Wow, hompohobia and racism within the space of a few paragraphs. If you really wanted to be out of touch though, you could have trumpeted Abbott’s unilateral call to award Prince Philip a knighthood. Maybe he should have given you one as well, since it seems to be a day for handing out awards to foreign anachronisms and vestiges of empire.

      While we are discussing history, I would remind your Indonesian readers that “the greatest force for good the world has ever known, the British Empire” fought to continue this country’s subjugation under the Dutch during the Battle of Surabaya, resulting in the deaths of as many as 16,000 Republican fighters.

      All this will do is galvanize opinion in favour of an Australian republic, which is inevitable.


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