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  • ross1948 16:08 on January 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Scurrilous Abuse? Green ‘Hate’ Biter Bitten! 

    Interesting case of the biter bit in Austria, where a minister in the new coalition government got the whine chorus stirred up about ‘hate speech’ against her on ‘social media.’

    Unfortunately, the BBC fails completely to offer examples of what’s got her so alarmed.

    One hopes it’s not just an excuse for self-serving publicity, like the now thankfully almost forgotten Fourth Reich Fan…

    Shrill Soubry Should Get Out Of The Kitchen!

    Image result for soubry

    Brexit – Shrill Soubry Pants For Stalin-Style Purge! 

    ….Shrill Soubry, in the UK.

    The woman, Ms. Zadic by name, should not be targetted merely for her country of origin.

    That kind of malice is unreasonable!

    If an immigrant to a country makes clear her, or his, unconditional allegiance to her new homeland, she or he is qualified to serve her new homeland.

    End of story?

    Not quite!

    Zadic is described as both a Green and a lawyer, ‘specialising in human rights.’ the latter alone being grounds for distaste…


    …and the former no better.

    But on the question of her indivisible loyalty to Austria…



    …that basic requirement certainly seems compromised by her own words.

    She rejects the notion that individuals should choose a single identity. “It was diverse New York that showed me I could be simultaneously a female Austrian, Bosnian and European,” she told the news.at website.’

    Not good enough!

    If she’s a minister in the Austrian government, she should be absolutely crystal clear that her days of being Bosnian are behind her.

    As for ‘European,’ that may be construed as a cultural reference, but does she mean that her allegiance is not just to her country but to the EUSSR?



    We can’t say for sure, but if her outlook was formed  – as she herself said – ‘in diverse New York,’ a milieu notorious for decadence, cosmopolitanism and multicult, then patriotic Austrians would be wise to beware.

    But my headline today refers to her yelps about being the victim of scurrilous abuse, while at the same time owing – what?

    damages of €700 (£595; $777), which a court ordered her to pay over a photo she had posted on the internet. A young man in the photo denied that he was pictured giving a Nazi salute – he said he had simply been waving to fraternity friends. Ms Zadic had captioned it: “no tolerance for neo-Nazis, fascists and racists.”

    A hateful slur against an innocent young man?

    She’s appealing – the court case, that is.

    Her whines,however, are NOT appealing to a lot of Austrians!


    • Blaine Cliffe 17:22 on January 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      If she’s serious about saying she’s not just Austrian but also Bosnian, she should not be a minister in the Austrian Government.
      No room for dual loyalties.
      From my reading of the BBC story, she is another of these intolerant liberals and Chancellor Kurz will have cause to regret getting in bed with the Greens.


  • ross1948 04:55 on September 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Viel Glück, FPO! 

    Elections today in Austria, with the FPO patriot party polling well enough to merit re-inclusion in a government led, as is likely, by the ‘centre-right’ Sebastian Kurz, of whom we once had high hopes.

    But media rumour ( aka hope!) is that he may instead join forces with the leftist Greens…


    …and another ‘liberal’ party called NEOS.

    We shall see.

    But what was most alarming in the run-up to the election was the arrogance of the Austrian President…

    Far-Left Bellen Brays Support For Biased State Media! 

    ..   Van der Bellen

    Will Green Fascist Try To Thwart Patriot Power In Vienna? 

    …van der Bellen, a person once described rather accurately as a ‘green fascist’ by the admirable Herr Hofer, who’s now in charge of the FPO.

    Campaign posters featuring the far-right Freedom Party leader Norbert Hofer during the party's Oktoberfest in Vienna on September 19, 2019

    Like Italy’s President Matarella, he’s meant to be a ceremonial leader, in a position like Queen Elizabeth in the UK, with various powers that are not meant to be used if there’s a functioning parliamentary government.

    Vaffanculo, Matarella! Impeach This Lousy President! 

    Like that Italian, he aspires to much greater power.

    When the green and grizzled Austrian jackanapes narrowly defeated Hofer in presidential elections two years ago, Bellen‘s authoritarian leanings were already obvious.

    And since then, he has revealed an excessive level of animosity towards one FPO notable in particular.

    The Interior Minister, Herbert Kickl, showed real grit and patriotism throughout his term of office.

    Euro-Court Exposed For What It is – Creeps Gang Up On Kickl! 

    Bellen is an enemy of democracy!

    In response, Kickl said it is possible that he may receive a considerable number of preferential votes in the election. This would mean the president would have no choice but to swear him in, arguing that he must act in accordance with constitution, and “cannot act arbitrarily.”  


    Tomorrow night, or Monday morning at the latest, we will see who wins as far as votes are concerned.

    Good luck to Kickl and the FPO.

    But once the votes are counted and the coalition wheeling and dealing gets done, we shall see who wins when it comes to that arrogant president trying to impose his will on an elected government.

  • ross1948 17:59 on August 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Austria? Hungary? 1989-2019 – Where’s Better? 

    Just saw a report on Euronews, about a commemoration to mark the 30th anniversary of when the Iron Curtain border melted.


    Hard to believe that golden day was three decades ago.

    What surprised me was that this event was said to have been staged by the Hungarian opposition.

    Of course there are various parties to which that label applies, but the main opposition party in the Budapest parliament, last I heard, is none other than the MSZP, the self-styled Hungarian ‘Socialist Party….’




    ….which in fact is the revamped quisling party which served the Kremlin as a puppet regime from after WW2 until that blood-stained frontier fell in 1989.

    That party jailed and tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands of Hungarian patriots.

    It should have been banned and its collaborationist cadres publicly hanged for treason, just as similar scum had been strung up during the brief burst of freedom in 1956…


    Gambar terkait

    AVO (Red gestapoj vermin got what was coming to them in 1956!


    Instead the MSZP was left intact, to re-fashion its image, and we featured one of its present-day notables a year or so ago….

    Hungary’s Red Agnes – Self-Induced Amnesia? 

     …a woman virulently hostile to Viktor Orban, the man ‘whom Hungarians had just given an overwhelming parliamentary.’

    Ágnes Kunhalmi (MSZP): A hard world is coming to Hungary

    I called her Red Agnes because she is an unapologetic spokesperson for that rebranded marxist quisling gang…




    …and she IS unapologetic, with infantile references to the 1989 liberation as the ‘system change,’ no recognition of, much less repentance for, the essential evil of communism.

    communism tyranny

    Read my previous post to see how bad she is!

    Anyway, just musing on the incongruity of any such ‘opposition’ celebrating the downfall of despotism.

    But of course, another thought crossed my mind.

    In those days, 30 years ago, Hungarians must have thought ‘twas a dream come true, to cross into Austria.

    And in those days it was.

    But today, if Austrians cross into Hungary, they must surely envy the absence of predatory menace which the folly of Vienna politicians has imposed on their streets……

    hands off

    “Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair

    ….and which Hungary has been largely spared, thanks to the wise and patriotic policies of Orban’s government, which has defied the EUSSR and taken on the Soros subversives…Migrants protest as Hungarian riot police fires tear gas and water cannon at the border crossing with Serbia in Roszke

    …to secure the country’s borders against alien savages.


  • ross1948 00:46 on August 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    No Media Interest In Rape-‘Refugees?’ 

    After I read the Breitbart report on the filthy alien ‘asylum-seekers’ who gang-raped a13-year-old in the Austrian city of Graz, I considered writing something about the case.


    The entire ordeal was also filmed by one of the migrants on his mobile phone. The phone, along with the footage, was later discovered by police.

    No mention of guaranteed deportation back to Syria when their sentences end…

    Predators and Child Molestors

    …and that is odd, surely?

    I decided to look for other media reports to get more info.


    No reports, other than Breitbart’s, were to be found in English language media, so over the weekend I must check out Austrian and German news sites.

    It may be, of course, that fake-refugee rapine is so common that such cases are not regarded as newsworthy.



    Or is there a more sinister reason for the news black-out?



    • dms0001 03:50 on August 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The more sinister reason is appropriate. they don’t want it in the main stream media, to let everyone know what is going on. \
      They are devious, odious filth to allow it to happen to their own people, but, then, we have a British state, & government that sacrificed 100s of thousands of young under age girls to be raped, assaulted, drugged, pimped, prostituted, abused, threatened, & in one case at least, murdered & used to make kebabs. look up Rotherham, Rochdale rape gangs.
      All for the sake of diversity, as Naz Shah MP stated in a text to a colleague, which was publicly displayed.. If they can do that to their own people, think what else they can & will do…?


    • Telly James 09:47 on August 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It used to be that the big parties had an ‘ungentleman’s agreement’ to suppress debate on immigration during elections. The media mostly collaborated jnstead of asking why the politicians were scared of facing the voters on that issue.
      Now it’s the media; an occasional story when the day is dull, but so many cases like this are kept under wraps.
      Good you and the other resistance sites do keep us informed. .


    • Bob Granger 12:54 on August 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      As a rule, it’s only Breitbart and a few smaller voices like yours that gives migrant crime the coverage its magnitude needs and deserves.
      Most of the media are on the side of migrants and don’t care a fig for the native European people.


  • ross1948 20:59 on May 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Scomo’s Lucky He’s In Oz, Not Austria. 

    Scott Morrison deserves credit for his victory in the Australian election.


    Bravo, Morrison! 

    I often used often to applaud him when he was in charge of resisting the crimmigrants swarming towards Oz..

    Jakarta Post Lets Oz Red Urge Show Trial for Morrison

    …and defended him against nutjobs!

    The bludger-boats were repulsed and their repulsive cargos – most of them – lodged on islands far away – whence they can still be heard whining!

    But would Scomo have won in any European Union-controlled country?

    I wonder!

    If the left agit-props could have concocted some bizarre ‘scandal’ – some Liberal MP caught in flagrante with an Aussie sheep…


    …perhaps – that would have derailed the fight-back against Labor’s Shorten!

    No such nonsense erupted, though a few of his candidates were picked off for offending PC neurotics, mini-purges justified by rubbish about ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘homophobia,’ hopefully mere tactical retreats rather than any inclination to appease the freako left.

    But in the Good Ole EUSSR?

    Exactly who is behind that Strache episode in Ibiza, we don’t know.

    There are, no doubt, plenty of Russian whores in Spain – heck, I have even run into a few in Jakarta bars…

    ‘…good-lookers seeking rich blokes, so I’d have a brief little chat then move on!

    Hiring one smart enough to play a key role in a big-time sting must have been costly.

    Who paid?


    Not boring old criminals, who would gain nothing from ruining a man’s political career!

    Ask the question, cuius bono – who gains from Strache’s downfall?

    The FPO leader, judging from that video, was unwise enough to drink too much and thus make a fool of himself, out to impress a cute chick. It happens, but when one has risen high, the consequent crash can be painful.

    And EVER SO useful, to the Enemy Within!




    All those leftist Strasbourg Slugs with their snouts jammed in the public purse…

    No Garden? But YOU Might Still Have A Slug Problem! 

    …will be making hay, posing as paragons of morality, faux horror that somebody with a political agenda might seek to buy shares in a newspaper.

    But it’s the timing that’s the give-away!

    Just before the Strasbourg ‘Parliament’ elections?

    Stage-managed for maximum electoral input?

    Who paid the whore, and the rest of those involved?

    Who’s got tons of money and hates patriots wherever they may be?

    We have NO idea!

    Any suggestions?

    Will packs of investigative journo-jerks mount an intensive pursuit of the creeps who perpetrated the sleazy set-up?



    The ‘brave’ media that splurged it are up to their necks in cover-up of the culprits.

    Also – I wonder if that Polish documentary on bad priests was also timed carefully, to put the Polish patriot party, strongly Catholic in its stance, on the defensive. The Law and Justice patriot party’s poll ratings have taken a knock.


    And we all know who hates them!

    The Brussels Empire ruling class has tried to turn the Austrian issue, in particular, into a gigantic hit-job against all the resistance parties, making wild allegations that they are ‘enemies of freedom…’

    …which ring especially untrue from authoritarian hypocrites like Mama Stasi Merkel’s Heiko Maas and his socialist comrades…


    HEIL MERKEL!   – The SPD’s pro-crimmigrant Maas

    ‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 


    PS – EuroNews offers clues –

    the German media outlets which released the footage have refused to say who gave it to them, but questions are arising about Jan Böhmermann, a German satirist and television presenter, after recent comments he made reveal he’s known about the video for a while.

    Well, we know what that leftist clown thinks, not just about the FPO, but about Austrians in general, judging from his racist comments a week or so before the ‘scandal’ broke.

    He condescendingly, in Austria, insulted all eight million Austrians, ALL the men, women and children who live in Germany’s small neighbour.

    Böhmermann told his Austrian hosts that their country was  – I quote

    now full of eight million morons…’


    It was only recently that the BBC ended another man’s career because he made a joke about a royal baby which was not racist at all but which upset race-obsessed uptights.

    Evidently insulting an entire nationality as a ‘joke’ in Germanic countries is altogether different!


    • Vanessa Reilly 21:49 on May 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I was waiting to see what you would say about this.
      You have found us a few new angles on the story..
      I’d heard about that German leftwing comedian being suspected of involvement but I hadn’t heard about his racist attack on the Austrian people.
      He’s not a very admirable person in my opinion and I’d say even more so in the opinions of the Austrians he insulted en masse!
      The way the Eurocrat crowd are using the folly of one politician from one party to smear all the patriot parties is an outrage.
      Merkel has never said or done anything about her own black sheep, for example about her man Brok, the MEP in Strasbourg whose conduct you exposed for us, and Verhofstadt too is in no position to talk morals or money. You have given us links aplenty about him.
      A lot of stones being thrown from glass houses in Brussels.


    • Keith Milner 08:59 on May 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Politics has always been a dirty business but with these cowardly stunts, and the media covering up whodunnit, we are reaching new lows.
      I reserve judgment on Scomo. I used to be a fan but with those candidates getting the chop for talking about things the left dont like, we better wait and see.


    • Saul Hooke 13:11 on May 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We need an investigation into the extreme left GetUp movement in Australia. So-called ‘far-right’ movements are hunted and harassed but GetUp is everywhere.
      I am not acquainted with Austrian politics but if it turns out this Austria-hating joker is behind the set-up, then Austrians will draw the logical conclusion, that he is serving an agends not in line with the best interests of theit country.


  • ross1948 11:02 on February 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Euro-Court Exposed For What It is – Creeps Gang Up On Kickl! 

    We have reported on Herr Herbert Kickl, Austria’s Minister of the Interior, before…

    ..but once again he’s been telling it like it is, on the archaic ‘European Convention on Human Rights,’ which was founded by countries most of which had capital punishment embedded in their national statutes…


    Gambar terkait


    … but which somehow has perverted its role to the extent that signatory states are now ordered not to expel the vilest terrorists to any other country which might impose the death penalty for their atrocities.

    We saw this perversion of justice most recently when Theresa May went out of her way to say that those ISIS scum, the so-called ‘Beatles…’


    El Shafee Elsheikh (left) and Alexanda Kotey

    Man Up, May! Those ISIS ‘Beatle’ Beasts Deserve To Die! 


    Theresa May REFUSES to back death penalty for ISIS Beatles 

    ….must on NO account be punished as most of her citizens undoubtedly felt they should be.

    The ECHR’s directives are implemented by Euro-Court degenerates, who have also taken the side of illegal immigrants…

    Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..


      …saying that police have no right to detain  lawless aliens who violate the sovereign borders of the country in which police have a duty to enforce the law!

    And the same court ( ‘of human rights’ remember!?!?) has outlawed free speech that might upset Islamist fanatics.


    So no wonder Herr Kickl has described the ECHR as consisting of “strange, legal constructs” that are “partly many many years old”. He added that these laws prevent the Austrian government from doing “what is necessary”.

    Austrian Interior Minister and far-right Freedom Party leader Herbert Kickl’s attack on European Convention on Human Rights has triggered widespread criticism in the country

    All the worst elements in Austria at once ran verbally amok, led by the President, whom patriots there regard as a ‘green fascist.’

     “The European Convention on Human Rights has been ranked in the Constitution of Austria for 59 years. Challenging this would be a termination of the basic consensus of the Second Republic,” said Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen…

    Well, we already knew whose side Bellen’s on.

    Far-Left Bellen Brays Support For Biased State Media! 

    ..   Van der Bellen

    Will Green Fascist Try To Thwart Patriot Power In Vienna? 

    And the socialist SPO party plans a ‘no-confidence’ vote in parliament.

    Austria is run by a coalition of Kickl’s FPO patriot party, led by the Vice-Chancellor, Herr Strache, with Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s OVP. Herr Strache is standing by his straight-talking colleague.


    The far-right’s attack on human rights

    Minister Kickl, Vice-Chancellor Strache, Chancellor Kurz

    One hopes Herr Kurz will do the same, but one has to wonder, in view of what the report we are looking at has to say about discussions he’s had with the Interior Minister, which have been described as “clarifying..”

    Kurz won the last election largely by presenting himself and his party as just as patriotic as the FPO.

    If he doesn’t live up to that, his OVP may pay a price.

  • ross1948 21:34 on January 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Austria. Oesterreich, , Die Stimme new patriot party, , Wiener Neustadt, Wienerneustadt   

    Outrage! Austrians March Against Migrant Murders! 

    I tuned into EuroNews last night, and even that Brussels-funded media outlet felt obliged to report on the angry citizens of Wiener Neustadt, in Austria, who took to the streets to vent their righteous wrath over killings of young women by migrant savages.


    Image result for demo wiener neustadt die stimme

    “HOW MANY MORE? Never Forgotten!”


    The latest case is that of a 16-year-old girl, and the suspect, ‘born in Syria in 1999, had already been on their radar for allegedly assaulting and sexually harassing’ the young Austrian victim.



    Protesters interviewed on the tv news were indignant that this is the FOURTH case THIS YEAR of ‘murder by migrant.’

    Good for Die Stimme, The Voice, a recently formed patriot movement…


    Image result for die stimme oesterreich


    …that organised the march. They are collecting signatures for a ‘citizens’ initiative’ to achieve legal reform (see below) ( http://www.die-stimme.at/2019/01/14/ripfl-an-regierung-abschiebung-auch-bei-vergehen-muss-kommen-stimme -startet-signature action / ) and they also ‘collected numerous financial donations’ for the bereaved family.

    You can read about it in the link, which adds a lot to the above report, notably that the alien had already  https://leserbriefe.info/?p=13713 if you take the time – Google Translate can handle that.

    Interestingly, there are now checks being carried out on the girl’s self-confessed killer, as to his age, so it may well be that the Syrian has been purporting to be something he’s not!



    His lawyer, by the way, seems to be saying that the ‘client’ is no longer confessing!

    But what’s most disgraceful is that, even with the FPO patriot party in government, albeit as the junior pàrtner in Kurz’s coalition, the inadequate regulations concerning ‘asylum-seekers’ have not been overhauled.

    According to the report we looked at this morning,  ‘Austrian law stipulates that only serious crimes like rape, homicide, or armed robbery are grounds for revoking asylum status.’


    That’s absurd.

    A quick reform is required.

    These uninvited aliens should be under no misapprehension.

    They are in Austria on sufferance.

    Step out of line even once, no matter what law is broken, and they should be shown the door.

    • Arthur Granger 00:50 on January 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Four girls murdered by these invaders this year? This year is only three weeks old.
      No wonder the Austrians are furious.
      They should be kicking those invaders out by the trainload.


  • ross1948 12:49 on December 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Anybody Else Curious About The Attack On Those Vienna Monks? 

    It’s one thing to invade a church and steal things –  a deplorably bad thing, of course.


    Image result for monks vienna


    But to brutally beat up the monks?

    That’s a very bad thing indeed, especially when it seems not to have been necessary.

    Especially when it is reported that the criminals began the assault by attacking the oldest monk, aged 68.

    I know the Austrian cops have ruled out a ‘terrorist motive,’ but is it not odd that no descriptions have been issued, except that one was heard speaking in a ‘foreign accent?’


    So how about a ‘hate-crime,’ as the current parlance has it?

    A racist motive?

    A sectarian motive?

    Like, what’s going on?

    • Diana 13:30 on December 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      My thoughts exactly, Ross.


      • Ronnie Leonard 16:13 on December 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        And mine, Diana.
        There is a fine line to be drawn between globally active Islamist terror campaigns and the dangerous aliens whom the Austrians allowed in three years ago, few of whom have any legitimate claim to ‘asylum’ but many of whom have not left their alien thinking back where they came from.

        We also know that ISIS propaganda has been found on their mobile phones and it would be seriously to underestimate ISIS and think the Islamists would miss out on a chance to do what the old caliphate failed to do 500 years ago, meaning get into Vienna.
        Maybe the attackers at the church were just out to rob but there is every possibility they were driven by sectarian motives to despoil a Christian house of worship, much as reported in your blog in the country you live in.


    • Edward Lamont 15:03 on December 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Time will tell.
      The trouble is that the police in so many countries have been made into political tools.
      They not only make out that terrorists are ‘lone wolves’ or mentally ill, as if jihadism is not a psychosis, as if all jihadists are organised to operate in gangs!
      Police also harass patriots who exercise free speech that isn’t palatable to jihadists. That Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick was even poring over ‘hare-crime’ law to see if Boris Johnson could be detained for interrogation after he spoke some home truths about the beastly burka.

      Austria has seen too many vicious crimes committed by so-called ‘refugess’ so we have to wonder about this one.


  • ross1948 19:21 on December 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Little Red Rettmann Rants Again! 

    We have looked at this po-faced pinko’s malevolent bias towards patriots before, and it says a lot about EUObserver’s utter disregard for journalistic fair play that the ranter is still employed there.

    You must remember him.

    More Bias! EUObs Headline – Poles’ New Leader ‘Worse!’ 


    Hasil gambar untuk andrew rettman

    EUObs Pinko Rettman Churns Out Bias 


    Because here he is, talking about the Interior Minister in Austria’s constitutionally-elected, democratic coalition government, and get a load of this!

    Austrian far-right agitator, Herbert Kickl, will chair talks with fellow EU interior ministers in Brussels on Thursday (6 December) on how to send more migrants home



    Far-right agitator?

    Everything we know about him – including that EUObs-reported role he’s playing in talks on removal of at least part of the crimmigrant plague from his (and your)  country – suggests that, far from being any kind of agitator…

    …he’s a patriotic politician looking to the best interests of Austria.

    Rettmann’s evidently incapable of keeping his own far-left prejudice out of anything he writes about government ministers of whose civic-minded stance he dislikes.

    Fire the Far-Left Fool!

    • Petra Malley 20:43 on December 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Kickl sounds like a first-rate minister, doing a good job.
      Rettmann is scarcely a journalist, more like a leftist blogger.


    • Noreen Paterson 21:29 on December 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Rettmann looks as if he might jump into a toilet cubicle and change into a super-hero suit.
      Clark Kent was a media person too, was he not?
      Watch out for ‘Red-Man,’ Ross.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jerry Jerman 14:47 on December 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We need a lot more like Kickl and a lot less like Rettmann, in Germany as well as in Austria.


  • ross1948 11:34 on November 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Pamper Crimmigrants? Vote In A Pinko Paper’s Poll! 

    We have taken anguished note of how Theresa The Traitrix has empowered the ECJ to block British independence.

    The most important point about the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement is that, once it is ratified, the United Kingdom will have no legal route out of it unless the EU agrees to let us out and replace it with another agreement. This makes it unique among trade treaties (including the EU’s), which always contain clauses allowing each party to withdraw on notice..   https://www.spectator.co.uk/2018/11/mays-brexit-deal-the-legal-verdict/



    Now and not for the first time, reasons why we should NEVER trust that same gang of arrogant robed asses.

    They have once more made clear their anti-democratic instincts.


    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ordered Austria to roll back regulations on Wednesday that saw refugees given markedly less social assistance than native-born Austrians.

    The ECJ ruled that the Austrian measure from 2015 was not compatible with EU directives on the recognition of “third-party” nationals – i.e., non-Austrians and non-EU citizens.



    However, we do find something appealing in on that DW page.


    You can register your views wherever you are- just use that DW link above to get there.

    I have, and according to the latest scores, over 60% of respondents agree with me.

    Join in the fun.

    • Al Weaver 12:06 on November 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Still above 60 percent for us when I did it just now.
      Worrying that such a large minority wants to waste public resources on aliens, though.
      Millenial morons, possibly?


    • Pamela 20:32 on November 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I participated and the figures have not changed, more than 2 fo 1 in favour of fairness.
      I cannot understand why nearly 30% of those answering the questions are on the side of the parasites.


    • Thomas Leider 13:40 on November 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I think the Left are drumming up their supporters too.
      We had 62% when I did it but my friends today say we are down to 60%
      Please let everyone know among your blog followers to be sure we keep our majority.
      I no more like DW than you do but at least they are giving us a chance to vote, more tham Merkel ever did.


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