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  • ross1948 5:14 pm on July 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Let Us Pray – May ‘Gutless And Spineless’ Hayes Die In Agony! 

    I was channel surfing a day or two ago and paused when I saw, on BBC, one of those faces that make one instinctively concerned, a self-righteous sneering face saying ‘No comment, no comment.’

    It belonged, so I soon learned,  to a ‘man,’ by the name of Hayes.


    A screengrab from Michael Christopher Hayes’ BBC interview
    Asked if he planted the devices, Hayes replied: “No comment. No comment.”


    I’d not heard the name but his accent gave away his origins.


    Hasil gambar untuk IRA murder inc


    And his words exposed how deeply evil this creature was, the same kind of evil that animates all the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang.


    Birmingham pub bombings suspect says sorry for IRA atrocity


    Or not!


    Unfortunately I didn’t  have time to grab pen and paper to write down what the hyena in more or less human form was saying, but thanks to the Guardian – which I rarely thank! – much of the nasty hypocrisy that poured from its mouth reappeared soon afterwards.

    The IRA SOB was talking about his ‘role in the IRA unit that caused the explosions in the city on 21 November 1974.

    I’ve been accused of a lot of things, without one shred of forensic evidence, without one statement made, without one witness coming out against me.”

    So here was his chance to set the record straight, to tell the truth, if he’d any interest in truth.

    But when ‘pressed on whether he was one of those individuals, Hayes said: “I’m not telling you.”



    So much for his assertion that he and his fellow scum, who waged a ‘war’ on innocents for years, “were horrified” by the carnage caused by those atrocities in Brum.


    Hasil gambar untuk birmingham 1974 ira


    So much for his other arrogant claim that he took “collective responsibility” for mass-murder in Birmingham that day.



    But what surely caused most rage and loathing among British viewers was this –

    “My apologies and my heartfelt sympathy to all of you for a terrible tragic loss that you have been put through. In all these years that you have been trying to find closure, I hope at last God will be merciful and bring you closure…



    How dare the filthy pig speak of God, when he and his gang serve satanic evil?

    But he wasn’t done insulting the intelligence of all who heard him, not quite yet..

    ….I apologise not only for myself, I apologise for all active republicans who had no intention of hurting anybody and sympathise with you.”


    Hayes and Blood-Beast Adams,two of a kind


    Who could fail to agree with Julie Hambleton, who lost a teenage sister to the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang that day.She branded Hayes for what he and all IRA vermin truly were and are.


    “He’ll take collective responsibility for those unarmed, innocent people, but won’t say who done it? He’s gutless and spineless. He’s told us nothing, he’s admitted nothing.”

    All true.

    But there are other cowards around, the architects of appeasement, Major and Blair…



    …who preferred to appease the treasonous terrorists rather than wipe them out.

    And this very month, when that coroner in Britain copped out of naming the guilty?

    IRA suspects believed to be behind the Birmingham pub bombings will not be named during new inquests, a coroner has ruled.

    Birmingham pub bombings: Suspects won’t be named at inquest


    While Theresa May remains committed to the Bad Friday Deal, which ensures that the disloyal are given parity of political esteem with those true to Queen and Country, and – never forget- turned scum like Hayes loose from behind bars…


    …and then invited them to participate in the administration of the British Ulster they laid waste, there will be no earthly chance of justice.

    So all one may do this Sunday, or any day, if one is of a religious disposition, is pray to whatever God you believe in, that Hayes may die, not quickly, but slowly, of some agonising disease.



    After that, surely an eternity of torment awaits him, like all the Sinn Fein/IRA swine shown below.

    • Ronnie C 9:31 pm on July 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      And so we should pray, but if we are talking theology, then lets remember how God helps those that help themselves, so we should hope that them that live by the sword shall die by the sword.

      I do not for a minute advocate violence because I have no desire to get arrested but how many people would feel a second’s sadness if Hayes got blown up as he blew up all the Birmingham innocents.

    • Billy King 10:29 pm on July 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      How right you are, Ross, but some of your foreign readers might not know that even if this pig owned up to any terrorist crime, the British Government would never prosecute him.

      It was a basic part of that Bad Friday Agreement that no matter who they killed or maimed or molested they’d none of them be punished and those already in prison were set free to rub our noses in it.

      But as they say, Our Day Will Come!

  • ross1948 8:24 pm on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Jack The Ripper? The First Ukipper? 



    By the time we publish this, very possibly the Daily Mail may have hired a hack pinko historian to prove that Old Jack was one of Farage’s forebears! Were that proven – which I don’t think likely – it would have absolutely nothing to do with the coming UK General Election.




    And neither does this nonsense.


    Moors murderer Ian Brady reveals he is a Ukip supporter
    Daily Mail


    • The desperation of the lackey media plumbs new depths most every day, but the presentation of a senile psycho as a UKIP supporter, as if it is relevant or even newsworthy, must represent a new nadir.


    Predators and Child Molestors


    How about more attention to the noble Lord Janner, a pillar of the Establishment who can’t be prosecuted for alleged paedophile offences because he’s as mentally incapacitated as Ian Brady.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3058177/Home-Office-chiefs-ignored-FOURTH-warning-Janner-Officials-told-child-sex-claims-1995-report.html


    Criminals presumably hold a range of political views similar to those that exist in the society on which they prey.

    Brady’s alleged pro-UKIP opinions no more reflect on that party than does Janner’s life-long Labour support reflect on Labour.

    And if we make a list of convicted Tory criminals, of whom there must be many, would that be a cause for Daily Mail headlines?

    Maybe it should, but it would be spiked, sharpish! 

    Fact- UKIP has done nothing to seek, or encourage, accommodations with any murderous psychopathic scum.

    UNLIKE the Tory, Labour and LibDem leaderships who have.

    Those are the parties complicit in elevating convicted murderers to positions of power over British citizens, within the UK.


    • kingsmill02
    • The Bad Friday Deal!
    • tony_blair_gerry_adams1
    • But you won’t hear much about that this week or next.

      Except here!


    Think carefully about who you’re going to vote for!

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