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  • ross1948 18:41 on June 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    As Conte’s Cabal Diss Patriot Lady, Italy’s Voters Warm To Giorgia! 

    In a deplorable display of discourtesy, Italy’s coalition government has refused to allow patriot leader Giorgia Meloni to lay a wreath at this week’s ceremony of remembrance in Rome.

    But it’s not so much the Conte cabal’s snub, as their manner that displays their lack of basic courtesy.

    Instead of timely and proper notification of their refusal, they went crawling to their media pals, so the first she heard of it was when the hacks passed on the news!

    The feisty Fratelli d’Italia leader did not try to hide her e tirely justifiable indignation.

    We wanted to lay a wreath in memory of the Unknown Soldier. If, on that day, it was not possible, it was enough to say so!”

    ”Instead, the prime minister’s staff spent the afternoon calling all the newspapers without anyone ever talking to us about the matter.”



    While the in-crowd may think they can show such Un-Italian disrespect and get away with it, La Bella Giorgia , as noted in the same report, is a rising star in the eyes of the voters.

    In the last election, her party got just over 6% of votes cast. In the latest Ipsos poll, the FdI now has the support of 16% plus!

    And her personal popularity has soared too.

    She may have been been banned from honouring the Unknown Soldier tomorrow….

    …but in the not-so-distant future it may well be Giorgia that decides who goes where!



  • ross1948 19:58 on March 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Rude Red Rat Re-Elected, Thanks To Mama Stasi Merkel! 

    Hardly news at all, but worth noting, that the sometime Stasi flunkey ( that’s how she gets her nickname, after all!)….


    Image result for stasi erika"

    Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 

    ………deliberately propelled a pig-ignorant far-leftist into power in the German province of Thuringia.

    Nor is it surprising that the boorish bigot she put in power, Comrade Ramelow, refused to shake hands with the AfD patriot party candidate he defeated.

    Marxists are the lowest form of political life.
    Hence Ramelow’s inability to show civility earned him ‘applause from his supporters.’
    Yet on reflection, marxists are low, but there are lower forms of political pond-life – those who collaborate.
    Vidkun Quisling collaborated in 1940 with Nazism in Norway and was hanged for it.

    Angela Merkel collaborated this week with The Left party in Germany. If you don’t know their quisling DNA, check ‘em out via our search engine.

    What punishment does she deserve?
    Many Germans, however, already think she should be tried , convicted and hanged – for her treasonous opening of the flood-gates to illegal undesirable aliens.
    • Annelie Neumann 22:21 on March 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      So true,


    • Edward Lamont 23:01 on March 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      We saw a scene not that different when UKIP won a seat in Scotland. The lead candidate attended a debate before the vote and was ostracised by the other parties.
      The left are bitter and full of hate.


  • ross1948 19:00 on September 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Sod Off, Fancy-Pants Europhiliac Foul-Mouth! 

    If you missed this, read the link, and ask yourself…

    Official portrait of Neil Coyle crop 2.jpg

    Neil Coyle,MP -Fancy-Pants Foul-Mouth


    …what kind of coarse, creepy MPs are on board the Anti-Brexit Express?

    This foul-mouthed socialist Europhiliac slug has a university degree and attended an expensive super-posh independent school in Bedford which was founded centuries ago ( by mediaeval optimists!) to instil ‘good manners in youths and boys.’




    Yet he can’t articulate his opinions without resorting to the vocabulary of an inebriate fish-wife?

    The rather louche-looking louse ( would you buy a used car from anyone resembling him?) had already been obliged to promise his constituents to tone down his foul mouth..


    Image result for wash your mouth out with soap

    …but any promise from a socialist slob is clearly like a pie-crust, made to be broken.

    • Mary Marten 20:00 on September 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The real problem is, what kind of idiots vote for somebody like him?


    • Ned A 21:51 on September 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I had a look and the place he represents used to be a solid working class area full of real Londoners.
      Have all the English moved out?


  • ross1948 13:44 on June 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Go For It, Trolls! Slappa Da Bocca! 

    A couple of points to look at in this Times report on the rotten rudeness shown by an Italian resto in Berlin.

    I like Italians, always have, even before Salvini came to prominence.


    Usually polite and friendly, these resto ratbags are clearly different, childishly discriminating against German AfD patriots who simply wanted a bite to eat.


    The report says the far-leftist-run eatery is ‘upmarket’  – so unlikely I ever went there during my travels through Germany.


    Related image


    It’s probably quite recent anyway.

    ‘Bocca di Bacco,’ it’s called, and please take note of their website, where you could, if you were a ‘troll,’ bombard them with email bookings etc –


    …and don’t forget their Facebook page etc., and take whatever action you deem appropriate.

    Not today, however..

    Message from TripAdvisor: Due to a recent event that has attracted media attention and has caused an influx of review submissions that do not describe a first-hand experience, we have temporarily suspended publishing new reviews for this listing.
    If you’ve had a firsthand experience at this property, please check back soon – we’re looking forward to receiving your review!

    Cheeky beggars!

    Suppose you’ve not had a first-hand experience but are affronted at the management’s arrogant intolerance towards patriotic patrons!

    Patience, friends!

    Give it a few more days…

    But anyway…trolls?

    As kiddies, we had a story about The Three Billy-Goats Gruff, and a nasty creature who lived beneath the bridge they cantered over, who wanted to eat them ‘for my supper!’


    He was a troll!

    Where did the new, strange usage of the word come from, a term of disrespect applied to people who launch internet attacks on those they dislike?

    Why shouldn’t they?

    Good people need to make the most of social media while they can, because social media’s gangster-moguls are intent on our extirpation.

    So tell the Bocca bigots to smarten up, learn some manners, or get the hell out of a business where the customer is, or at least should be, king.




    If they can’t, or won’t, then fight-back is entirely in order, and has been underway for a few days already!

    Hundreds of AfD-supporting keyboard warriors targeted Bocca di Bacco yesterday, deluging it with one-star reviews, after the restaurant said that it would not cater to politicians who denigrated ethnic or religious minorities…  https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/trolls-target-berlin-restaurant-bocca-di-bacco-for-refusing-far-right-afd-party-mbkh9c30t

    The Times, of course, betrays its bias, with an infantile slur saying that the AFD has ‘often flirted with the limits of free speech in Germany,’ which tells us how limited Germans’ access to ‘free speech’ really is.

    Yet The Times conspicuously fails to give us any examples of when the AfD naughtily transgressed the red lines…


    …which the Merkel Coalition would undoubtedly exploit in their constant readiness to jackboot democratic resistance to multikulti.


    • Ned A 20:09 on June 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      This could be fun!
      Thanks for the tip-off.


  • ross1948 21:33 on January 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    A Rude Old Bat Uses Holocaust Memorial To Score Party Political Points! 

    From the rotten media’s headlines, you’d think the AfD patriot party had disrespected a Holocaust memorial service held in Bavaria last week.

    AfD MPs walk out on Holocaust survivor’s speech – Irish Times

    Far-right AfD lawmakers walk out of Holocaust commemoration in Bavaria  – Deutsche Welle

    AfD lawmakers walk out on Holocaust survivor’s speech in Bavaria – Channel NewsAsia

    Far from it!

    A far more accurate headline would have been –

    Insulted by a guest, AfD make dignified exit!

    Because here’s what actually happened.

    Like all the members of Bavaria’s state parliament the AfD turned up courteously and took their places for the memorial- only to face a politically-motivated diatribe from a woman who was a GUEST on THEIR work-place premises.

    ONLY THEN did they do what was reported –

     MPs from Germany’s far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD)  party staged a walk out from the Bavarian parliament during a service to remember Holocaust victims, after it was accused of playing down the crimes of Nazis…


    Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Jewish Community Munich, gives a speech during a ceremony to inaugurate a memorial site at the former Muehldorfer Hart concentration camp, on April 27, 2018. (AFP Photo/dpa/Matthias Balk)

    Charlotte Knobloch,


    After Charlotte Knobloch…told the chamber that the AfD based its policies on “hate and marginalisation,” more than a dozen state politicians made a point of walking out.

    So were they expected to sit there and let this old bat spew her leftist vitriol all over them?

    Why would anyone put up with her bad manners?

    The patriot party could have staged a tit-for-tat exchange of insults but they didn’t.


    Image result for good manners

    They showed sensible self-restraint and left peacefully.

    A lesson in courtesy undoubtedly lost on Knobloch!


    • Jerry Jerman 23:05 on January 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for putting the record straight.


  • ross1948 00:01 on January 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Mannerless Brussels Disses Democracy – Greece Today, Next UK? 

    Interesting actually to listen to what Syriza leader Tsipras said during his election campaign. He sounded as much right as left, with a clearly nationalist appeal.



    Pity is that if you examine his party and its platform you find no sign he’s prepared to carry on the war against crimmigrants which Greece has been waging admirably for some years. 

    ‘Asylum’ Thugs Amok in Greece – Kick Them OUT! 

    However, there’s always hope.

    He has now formed a coalition with the Greek Independents, described as ‘rightwing and populist,’ the latter adjective almost always indicative of a commitment to the real meaning of democracy.

    However, Tsipras is the people’s choice, like it or not, and the laggard despatch of standard courtesies by the EurocRats is totally out of order. 



    It’s deliberate disrespect towards not one politician but to the entire Greek nation. But hardly a novel display of contempt for democracy.

    Who’s forgotten how Brussels slapped diplomatic sanctions on Austria, a fellow-EU member, when the people there gave the ‘rightwing, populist’ Freedom Party enough votes to put them into a governing coalition?’ Brits will know what to expect later this year!

    Brussels Ban On UKIP Coalition Role? 


    EU leaders slow to congratulate Syriza




     EU president Donald Tusk, whose office is normally quick to congratulate the winner of a national election in one of the EU’s member states, had not publicly reacted by Monday morning, nor had EU commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.  https://euobserver.com/news/127364

    And Cameron was just as crass, taking his cue from HMV in Brussels.

    It seems that, of the big beasts in Europe. only two were prompt to congratulate Tsipras, Hollande and Schultz – two men I don’t often have much good to say about, but tonight I applaud their civility..

    There’s no good reason not to be polite.

    If I find myself in the company of a pinko, I behave properly, chat away  – dealing with people in a social or commercial context is not like blogging, which is a means to an end, getting a message across.

    In politics too, you can slag off opponents as much as you like on the campaign trail, but face-to-face? It’s perfectly possible to sit down and argue agreeably with a pinko, provided he enjoys a drink and a laugh. And if it’s a she?

    Only a few days ago, I met a very pretty lady from the UK who suddenly confessed to me that her worst nightmare would be a British Coalition Government including UKIP.  My response was to say that my fervent hope would be just that, ASAP.

    We then got on with a normal conversation. About the price of booze and how much fun we’d had as students.  

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