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  • ross1948 14:33 on December 3, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Fourth Reich’s Kaiserin? No! Call Her SCHEISSERIN! 

    Ursula von der Leyen compares Britain’s rule in Ireland to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

    The European Commission president’s remarks to the Irish Parliament were called ‘beyond disgusting’ by Tory MPs


    And if you don’t have enough German to get what I’m likening the unspeakably offensive Ursula von der Leyen to…




    ..let this picture be worth 1000 words!


    For new readers, I should explain that I often referred to Merkel as the Fuhrerin…



    … as both she and Fuhrer Hitler brought ruin to their country.

    To differentiate between the two hyenas, Kaiserin Ursula has been described as Empress  due to her arrogance and extravagance….

    Ursula’s Wölfinsschanze? Room For A Few Fake-Refugees? 

    …but since this week’s rant in the capital of the UK’s malevolent bad neighbour, in my view she is an absolute piece of sh-t, so from now on, she is Scheisserin.

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    Eire Justice  – Another Sick Saga! 

    The vile alien republic that adjoins British Ulster is notorious for harbouring terror scum….

    Lest We Forget…Eire’s Neck-Deep Collusion With Murder! 

    Image result for evil irishman


    …and the pathetic slap-on-the wrist sentences meted out to pigs that do come to court.

    One of the IRA men served nine months in jail for boobytrapping the body and the other 15 to 18 months, he said.



    The length of the sentences was “an absolute joke” for what they did, he added.


    Who said that?

    Read the link, find out and ponder again Eire’s record of double standards.


  • ross1948 15:21 on November 3, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Ulster’s Bad Neighbour – ‘A Sense Of Proportion?’ 

    So…sales of ‘republican merchandise have trebled?’

    Isn’t Eire wonderful, their lousy soccer ladies singing the praises of their country….



    …oops, no, in fact the praises of their country’s most infamous murder gang.


    What exactly are we talking about?


    “...a T-shirt bearing the slogan “Tiocfaidh ár lá”, and a badge showing a silhouette of armed militants in the back of a lorry featuring the Irish flag and the words “Irish Republican Army”.

    Oh, and ‘portraits!’

    Of whom?

    The republican rat, dead but unlamented, Martin ‘Murder’ McGuinness…

    Murder-Gangster McGuinness Is Dead! 

    ..a snip at €600.

    But don’t be vexed.

    Just be cool, because, after all, didn’t Blood Beast Adams…..



    …tell us that ‘there were people who saw the organisation as “freedom fighters, as people who suffered greatly, as people who had members killed on active service…



    You have to get some sense of proportion about all this,” he said.


    We know, despite BBC’s attempted cover-up…

    When the BBC first reported on the interview they didn’t feel O’Neill’s comments about there being “no alternate” to the IRA campaign were worth reporting.
    It took other news outlets to pick up on the line. Why?
    Because they knew it was unhelpful and the BBC is very much an actor in as well as a reporter on the process…

    …how Sinn Fein have told the world that their current leaders feel that the sectarian atrocities…



    …the IRA’s ethnic cleansing terror campaign, were justified.

    Glorification of the cowardly perpetrators is, however, evidently legal…

    …and the government in Dublin takes no steps to end that.

  • ross1948 16:15 on October 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'unidentified woman', Antrim Road, Bad neighbour Eire, , disloyal republicans, Princess Kate   

    Deporting Disloyals – A Suitable Case! 

    What an obnoxious cow, the ‘unidentified woman’ on a British street (Antrim Road) in a British city (Belfast).

    ‘Twas a noisome (and seemingly ill-groomed) nasty, whose ignorance..


    .( both of civility and  her own whereabouts)

    .. was amply demonstrated, by her hypocritical hand-shake with Princess Kate, a gesture accompanied by this arrant oafery.

    Nice to meet you but it would be better if it was when you were in your own country.

    The Princess, gracious as ever, and of course in her own country, the United Kingdom, just smiled politely and moved on, but…


    The unidentified woman was in the crowd on Antrim Road in north Belfast


    …please note the rest of the disloyal’s drivel…

    .”Ireland belongs to the Irish…” https://pagesix.com/2022/10/06/kate-middleton-heckled-by-irish-nationalist-in-northern-ireland/

    …which sums up the real problem in British Ulster, the delusion that ‘Ireland,’ a geographical expression, is somehow a country, rather than an island, on which two distinct peoples exist…

    …one, the smaller, British Ulster, constantly menaced by the aggressive expansionism of the larger.

    Lest We Forget…Eire’s Neck-Deep Collusion With Murder! 

    Image result for evil irishman


    It’s that expansionism that incites ignoramuses like the ‘unidentified woman!’

    If such people won’t acknowledge their duty of allegiance to King and Country…



    …then send them southwards, where they can bask, like putrid whale carcasses on a polluted beach…


    …in the shade of the alien Eire flag they like so much.

    • Billy King 23:54 on October 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Not for the first time, you say exactly the same as what I was thnking when I saw that scruff.
      She thinks Kate is in the wrong country, Ha, it’s her sort, the republicans, who are in the wrong country .
      They should all get told to go and live in their republic.


  • ross1948 16:24 on June 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    A Dog’s Life – Ulster Protocol’s Double-Standard? 

    We must wait and see if Jellyfish Johnson keeps to his word…

    ( if so, cast your eyes upwards…


    …for unusual phenomena)

    …on his Protocol Pledge, but who knows?

    Meanwhile, yesterday, I came across what may be a minor issue but one which exemplifies the injustice of the dirty deal he struck with the Fourth Reich…




    …and please note, even if Bojo moves to suspend the worst impacts, there is no sign he is seriously intent on permanently erasing the jurisdiction of the malevolent ECJ…


    Never Trust Those Robed ECJ Rogues 

    …over matters that by any normal constitutional standard belong to the United Kingdom’s elected representatives.

    Travelling to Northern Ireland with a Dog in 2022 –

    Northern Ireland is a fabulous destination to visit with your dog, whether you’re visiting family or friends or touring the beautiful countryside.

    However, due to being situated across the Irish Sea and being treated differently since the end of the Brexit transition, it’s potentially trickier to visit than the other countries of the United Kingdom…


    That’s stuff you probably all know –  if you live in that part of Her Britannic Majesty’s realm which suffers irrational discrimination due to Bojo’s taste…

    …for supping with the Devil without holding tight to a very long spoon.

    Yet if loyal British canines are subjected to discriminatory regulation on entering British Ulster from British Scotland, British England and British Wales…



    …then pray tell, how come such rabid curs…



    ..as Simon Coveney…

    Cur Coveney? Get A Grip Or Stay Home!

    …or yelping poodles like Leo Varadkar…..

    Mind Your Erse! Varadkar Minces Into Ulster’s Internal Affairs.

    …have experienced no similar difficulties when barging or mincing across the border from an alien and hostile republic?


    • Billy King 23:21 on June 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I like this, Ross.
      Those meddling Eire men come in and out of Ulster like they own the place and they think they soon will.
      But we think different.


  • ross1948 18:17 on February 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    For Putin, Read Dublin! 

    Listening to what Vladimir Putin has been saying, about how Ukraine is not really a nation at all, that Ukrainians can only have an identity as part of Russia…




    …did it not strike you as chillingly similar to the arrogant expansionist ranting heard from Eire for decades…

    Detached From Reality, Eire’s Dreams Fester!


    Irish postage stamp denominated two pence showing a green outline map of the island of Ireland with the Gaelic words Éire for Ireland and dá pingin for two pence

    …even the postage stamps denying there are two nations on the island?

    Eire Still Clings To Indefensible Expansionism

    Dublin politicos endlessly parrot the Big Lie!

    I want unification. I make no bones about the fact that I want a United Ireland.’


    Eire gave safe haven to murderous IRA gangsters over the years – Dublin would love to alter the map of the British Isles, to partition the UK and absorb Ulster into an alien state under a foreign flag.

    Ulster Brits should thank God that Dublin’s armed forces are puny and would get bloodied and battered if they tried to implement the evil, atavistic ‘United Ireland…’

    Image result for devalera hitler


    ‘…De Valera’s Dream,’ that still hangs like a foul fog over the hostile state to the South.


  • ross1948 20:11 on February 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    O Canada…Beware Of Carney! 

    Having written about Canada already today…

    …here I am back on the subject of what’s to become of the Dominion.

    The quality of Canadians imported into the UK has decreased shockingly since about a century ago….

    Bonar Law

    ….when  Britain had Bonar Law, a true Ulster-Scots Canadian, as PM.

    A few decades later, Lord Beaverbrook made his mark in The Old Country…


    Lord Beaverbrook 1947b.jpg


    …publishing the Daily Express and serving as a government minister.

    Not so nowadays, with that wretched leftist Maitlis…

    Don’t Gag My Black Voice! Stacy Calls Out BBC’s Mannerless Maitlis!

    NewsNight’s Night-Hag, Unpunished Again! 

    …spewing bias with impunity at UK Pravda.

    And then there’s Mark Carney, who blared bitter anti-Brexit BS as Governor of the Bank of England, and is moreover a Climate Panicker.

    Now there’s talk of him replacing Turdo as Canada’s PM.



    Mark Carney.jpg

    Mark Carney’?

    Check him out for yourself. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Carney

    His latest rant, against the truckers, was reminiscent of the worst sort of tripe Candians hear from Pretty Boy Turdo.

    Mark Carney argued the protest was an act of sedition and approvingly quoted those who referred to it as an “insurrection.”


    And his curriculum vitae includes the globalist Goldman Sachs…

    Europe Day? Please Note Collabo Companies! 

    …which we have written about, though going back through our own blog posts, Carney himself only pops up once, tangentially…

    Elite Enraged At Lippy Brits, So – NO More Referendums – Ever? 

    …but his brief mention suggests a background which requires careful inspection.

    He is wiki-listed as a member of Turdo’s Liberal Party, which is no surprise, but there’s also an entry which reveals something I’d not known before.

    • Canada
    • United Kingdom
    • Ireland

    It always used to say on Canadian passports that every Canadian citizen was a British subject,  a proud member of the imperial community.

    So no problem there.

    But who appointed a citizen of Eire, the Fourth Reich’s dancing monkey, to be Governor of the Bank of England?



    Who among Canadian patriots would want a leader whose allegiance is partly owed to the country which cowered in neutrality during WW2…


    …and whose then leader mourned the death of Adolf Hitler?

    Neither Forgive Nor Forget Eire’s Malevolence!  

    …but then, maybe it’s in fashion, among the worst kind of Canadians….

    .Canada’s Pinko Singh Won’t Answer Hard Questions! 

    Turdo’s ‘Brown-Face?’ Howzabout Singh’s Brown-Shirt? 

    Jagmeet Singh at the 2nd National Bike Summit in Ottawa in 2018
    … Jagmeet Singh

    Jagmeet Singh wants to be Prime Minister: Of Canada or Khalistan

    ….to vote for leaders whose loyalties at least appear to be divided!

    • Arnold 21:38 on February 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Bulls eye with that Sikh fanatic. We all know about him.
      With Carney it’s another story. His attack on the truckers does sound just like Turdo.

      We need to be very careful that we don’t end up with a sanitised version of The Turd.


    • Marty N 23:18 on February 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Jagmeet, Pretty Boy, Carney.
      All different ethnicities, but all very Un-Canadian


  • ross1948 23:59 on January 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘A Deal To Be Done?’ Dis-Truss Her! 

    Brexit: there’s ‘a deal to be done’ over Northern Ireland, says Liz Truss | Northern Ireland | The Guardian

    Once more, one feels obliged to revise what Kipling wrote 110 years ago… 

    ‘Before an empire’s eyes, the traitor names his price…


    And the evident satisfaction of Eire’s Coveney…

    Will Brussels Reward Ulster’s Dublin Enemy With High Office?

    …infamous for his arrogance…


    Gambar terkait

    .there can be no British-only direct rule. That is the Irish government’s position.”


    …as anti-British as Dirty Dev…

    ….  if it had not been for the loyalty and friendship of Northern Ireland we should have been forced to come to close quarters with Mr. de Valera or perish forever from the earth.

    However, with a restraint and poise to which, I say, history will find few parallels, we never laid a violent hand upon them…

    . .


    ….which at times would have been quite easy and quite natural, and left the de Valera Government to frolic with the German and later with the Japanese representatives to their heart’s content.

    Winston Churchill


    ..who mourned Hitler’s death in 1945, suggests a sell-out by Truss is on the cards.

    Dublin’s foreign minister may be endlessly aggressive, but he knows what the denizens of the FCO are like…

    “I think it is a good thing that the Brexit issues and the protocol issues are back in the Foreign Office in London rather than in a separate unit led by Lord Frost



    ….he has presumably noticed how incapable Ms. Truss is of bringing under control the decadent flunkeys…

    We Must Distrust Liz Truss

    …who work in that government department.

  • ross1948 15:06 on September 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Spread Unsubstantiated Anti-Orange Slurs 

    It’s very strange to read that in Scotland, ‘police have condemned “outbreaks of racist and sectarian singing” by some of those attending Orange Order processions in Glasgow


    I can remember talking to a prominent Scots Orangeman, back when I lived in The Old Country…



    …and how pleased he was that a parade he’d been part of had included a contingent of Ghanaians.

    There was no problem even entered his mind that his local band would be side by side with black African men.

    But perhaps ‘racist’ in the vocabulary of Police Scotland now has nothing to do with race?



    It’s hard to figure out, because the BBC fail to quote whatever shocking slogan or song it might be that got the rozzers’ knickers in a twist.

    To be frank, Police Scotland’s not an organisation one can much respect.

    Glasgow Cops Appease Pro-Crimmigrant Mob

    Their behaviour, as reported in local media, has been nothing short of despicable.

    As for ‘sectarian,’ well…

    Some rude remarks have been heard, from time to time, on or about the Twelfth of July, regarding the Bishop of Rome, ‘whom some call Pope.’


    I rather liked the Polish Pope, who was instrumental in freeing his brave nation from the evil of communism.

    Yet I can see no reason at all not to heap insults on the current pontiff.


    Who cares about the women and girls of Europe – crimmigrants come first!’…not the Argie’s actual words, but what they mean in practical terms. 

    Dope! “Prioritise Migrants’ Dignity Over National Security


    The Argie Dope is IMHO an S. O. B.

    One other thought occurs to me, on that ‘racist’ rubbish.



    Perhaps the cops took exception to comments from some Orange marchers about Eire and/or the significant element of its population whom I recently described as ‘morally vacuous cretins?’   

    A Grain Of Sense, Down South In Eire?

    Eire is an alien and hostile country, much as Nazi Germany once was.

    While it would be quite wrong to abuse individual Eire citizens…



    …just as it would have been wrong to blame individual Germans for Hitler’s misdeeds, patriotic Brits should be entitled to disaparage such a bad neighbour, and the thousands of its citizens who vote Sinn Fein.


    Legitimate disparagement of a known enemy is NOT ‘racist!’



  • ross1948 19:00 on May 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Ulster’s 100th Birthday? 

    Happy Birthday, Ulster.

    Sounds a bit odd?

    It’s 100 years since the entity of Northern Ireland was promulgated,

    …but the Ulster nation has been around a lot longer than that.

    A good little history – don’t know if it’s still available


    Since the time of the Cruthin, arguably.

    But although Ulster’s borders have shifted from time to time, Ulster’s identity has not.

    Like Scotland, England and Wales, Ulster is a distinct British nation.

    However, France24’s news today, lunchtime in Jakarta, reminded us of significant demographic changes.

    Over-breeding by disloyals means that the true Brit majority has been eroded.

    It’s facile to equate Protestant with unionist and Catholic with disloyal. There are of course Catholics understand their duty to Queen and Country, while undoubtedly some Protestants are traitors.

    No matter! It has to be recognised that the Ulster nation’s right to a homeland – free from the shadow of the Eire flag –  is by no means secure.

    Again, I urge the good people protesting against EUSSR meddling and Westminster weaselling…

    Ulster – Jellyfish Johnson’s Insult And Injury! 


    …to consider the merits of re-partition. 

    Eire Still Clings To Indefensible Expansionism! 

    The partition of the UK after WW1 afforded Ulster’s southern neighbours the opportunity to determine their own future..


    …as Eire.

    But sadly, Eire still refuses to accord the Ulster nation that same right to self-determination which they got for themselves.

    In Dublin, only last week, the ‘Taioseach’ – in other words, their PM – again asserted, with sublime arrogance, that he favoured a ‘United Ireland. ‘

    How dare he!

    If Eire had any other smaller neighbours, would Micheal Martin and his kind make similar expansionist declarations of that sort?

    I think not.

    It’s only Ulster which animates their atavistic, irrational, aggressive urges.



    Dig in, Ulsterfolk, on this anniversary day.

    Only by a readiness to resort to whatever form of resistance is required will you save your proud little country!

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