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    Exposed! In Tory-Ruled GB, ‘Teachers’ Freely Spread Evil 

    I usually quote from articles I like, but this is so shocking that I feel obliged to offer readers the entire C4M article.


    Clare Page is an ordinary mum who finds herself single-handedly taking on the State in defence of her daughters’ education. You can listen to Clare tell me about her epic battle here.

    Clare Page interview

    Clare noticed that her daughters’ schools were teaching controversial ideologies around sex, gender and race as if they were facts. But, she tells me, the questions she was asking “were unanswerable by the school because of what’s happened at [the] Government level”.

    Clare first noticed a change in 2017 when pupils at her daughters’ primary school were being taught to address each other as “they” if pronouns weren’t given. The school was a test site for the Government’s recently implemented Relationships and Sexual Education curriculum.

    Then, over lockdown, her children were asked to produce “social justice” materials that Clare considered “breached safeguarding” standards.

    Her daughter was taught in secondary school that “we live in a heteronormative world” which is a “really bad thing” and must be countered by becoming “sex-positive”. 

    The school refused to send Clare the lesson plans and materials because the copyright belonged to an external organisation. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) sided with the school, confirming that she would have to attend in person to see what her child was being taught.

    Clare tells me that children were referred to the external organisation’s website, which, she says, contained sexually explicit learning materials, and encouraged underage children to use explicit sexualised terminology on social media. “These are known areas” for children to come into contact with “abuse”, she says.

    Clare is now challenging the ICO’s decision at Tribunal on behalf of all parents. She would like to see political intervention to make it impossible for schools to withhold materials from parents.

    Ask your schools “for full transparency” Clare advises. Request lesson plans, materials, and the names of any external providers used. Then be prepared, she says, to make constructive, respectful complaints.

    It’s important for child safety and for democracy, Clare concludes, that we all now get involved.

    You can follow Clare on Twitter @NoSecretLessons.

    C4M believes all children should be taught that growing up with your married biological mum and dad leads to the best outcomes for children, adults and society in general.

    While other relationship types exist, it is very clear at the population level that nothing comes close to the benefits of real marriage.

    If you would like to support us financially, you can do so using the button below.


    Yours faithfully,

    Dr Tony Rucinski

    Dr Tony Rucinski
    Director of Supporter Strategy
    Coalition for Marriage (C4M)


    So that’s what the Tories are doing to British children.

    Next time you hear ANY Conservative Minister or MP prattling about educational standards, think about what they’re up to, and…

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    Another Good Weekend Watch! 



    Fighting evil in the classroom is an heroic duty….



    …vitally important these days when so many bad ‘teachers’ are poisoning children’s minds….


    …with CRT hatreds…

    …and tranny freak filth – aka ‘gender ideology!’

    So good news that more and more parents are fighting back, as described below…

    Bridget Ziegler, one of the 30 school board candidates endorsed this year by Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-FL, has been hard at work training parents to run for office and assert themselves in matters related to the wellbeing of their children. This week Ziegler joined “The Daily Signal Podcast” to talk about her work. Read her remarks here.  READ
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    Decent Muslim Parents V Sicko ‘Teachers!’ 

    Remember not so long ago, when good parents in the English Midlands took a stand against the teaching of perversion?

    Birmingham Brain-Wash – Another Judges V People Confrontation!

    Why Has That Vixen Not Been Fired

    They faced the might of a degenerate establishment, Police State UK in all its intimidatory glory.

    Those brave mums and dads….

    .( dare we still use….Will Tories Fight For ‘Mum & Dad?’ …those outrageous words?)

    …were mostly Muslim, showing far greater moral clarity than many nominally ‘Christian’ parents.

    Same thing now happening in Michigan, USA, where ‘hundreds of protesters against sexually explicit LGBTQ books being provided to children’ showed up…



    …and shut down a Michigan school board meeting in Dearborn, not far from Detroit.

    They certainly got confirmation of their true enemy’s identity, since the much smaller pro-brain-wash demo comprised AFT activists…


    ..that’s the American Federation of Teachers.

    for more details… READ

    …also good coverage here. https://dailycaller.com/2022/10/11/muslim-community-dearbon-school-board/

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    Left Out! Bravo, Project Veritas! 

    How many times have we looked at the menace of leftist indoctrination in schools?

    Too many to keep track of!


    And how many times have demands for the removal of malevolent teachers been met?

     Not as many as you and I would like, shall we say?

    Now  – thanks to the invaluable undercover work of Project Veritas – one sly red ratbag has not only been outed, but is out of a job….



    …though regrettably, knowing how many schools, in your country ( I say that confidently, to every reader in English-speaking countries, and I suspect many other countries too!) the subversive sow won’t be unemployed for long.

    Thing is, she has nobody but herself to blame for her situation.



    After bemoaning the school’s disapproval of indoctrination, she brazenly boasted of her total lack of principle as far as brain-washing young minds is concerned.

    Norris was caught on video saying that she pushes an agenda for her students.
    Jennifer “Ginn” Norris is “no longer employed” by the Trinity School


    “So, we’ve been just sneaking things in [through] the cracks.”

    Her racist remarks are worth reading too.

    She was also captured on video complaining about “white boys” who don’t align with her worldview.

    “Unfortunately, it’s the white boys who feel very entitled to express their opposite opinions and just push back. There’s a huge contingent of them that are just horrible,” she told the undercover journalist.



    One down…

    …but thousands to go.

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    Another Bad Teacher Exposed! 

    And another so-called ‘teacher’ has been exposed as a gaystapo agitprop activist…

    …in notorious Fairfax County, whence we’ve had to report so much evil..

    .Let Them Die!’ Pro-Brain-Wash Hate-Bitch Steps Down 

    …this latest grimnasty caught out urging children to turn truant on behalf of the transfreak cause.



    Angry at moves to strengthen parental rights, the creep emailed pupils, claiming that new policies, obliging  schools to get parents’ authority ‘ ‘before affirming a new “gender identity” in a minor, were discriminatory to the “LGBTQIA+ community.”  READ

    .the LGBTQI
    Lesbian, Gay, Bestiality, Transfreak, Queer and Incest?

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    Left Teachers Smear Protest Parents! 


    •  The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), the state’s leading teachers union, released an ad this week that depicts concerned parents as “extremists.”
    • .
    • Teachers unions, and not only in New Jersey but in the United Kingdom too, appear to have fallen under the control of fanatics..….

    • National Education Union report says a need to decolonise education is ‘urgent’ 


    • Ontario Teachers Talk Tripe On Sir John A MacDonald….oh, yes, in Canada too!


    • …determined to deny parents’ rights to make sure their children are not being brain-washed by undesirables.

    • .
    • New Jerseyans “all agree that our kids deserve a world-class education,” the ad states.
    • “So when extremists start attacking our schools, that’s not who we are.”
    • The video then shows parents speaking out at school board meetings.


    • “Concerned parents who show up at school board meetings are not ‘extremists,’” the State Assembly’s Republican caucus responded on Twitter.
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    Unspeakable UK Teachers? Expose And Dismiss! 

    The attitude of this man Goddard is breathtaking.

    He’s head teacher of a school in Essex who appears not to realise, or not care, that his handsome salary is paid from public funds.



    He resents hearing from that public’s elected representatives on how schools should be run.

    “Don’t get involved in small decisions you don’t add value to.”

    Uppity flunkey.

    Exactly who, from his presumptuous perspective, does ‘add value’ to questions of how schools should be run?

    But he’s not unspeakable, nor the one whom I’m suggesting should be fired.

    A training course on accountability in a democratic society might suffice.

    You can contact him here

    Another annoying person quoted in the Guardian is, almost inevitably, a lawyer  – yuk – and here she is.

    Esther Maxwell, legal director at Shakespeare Martineau law firm, who advises schools on issues around transgender…

    Unlikely she offers the advice you and I would, like ‘get real, kid,’  or ‘book a psychotherapist, to help mixed-up children lose the delusions!


    Here she goes-
    “It is hard to think what the legitimate aim of a mixed school having a blanket policy of not agreeing to allow trans pupils to be referred to by a different pronoun or name could be…”

    Not hard at all!

    If a kid insists he’s a pig, do you address him or her with a series of ‘oink, oinks?’


    +44 (0)121 260 0260


    But sadly, there are others mentioned in this article, other persons whose names we don’t have, nor do we have the name or contact detail of ANOTHER school….

    …a hell-hole school, where far-left scum are employed as ‘teachers’ and here’s what they do..,

    (NB, the parent’s name is not Newton – the Guardian, presumably at the distressed parent’s request, changed it ‘to protect the child…’


    This presentation was so inappropriate for 13-year-old girls, who are all freaking out about their bodies and other issues,” Newton said.

    . “It was kept secret from parents.

    “If I’d known about it I would have had a conversation with her about these issues.”




    And that’s not all….



    ….there’s worse to come!



    Some months later the school started to send communications home referring to Newton’s son with a boy’s name she had no idea they were using in school.

    “They didn’t ask us about this. We have to sign a form for a kid to go on a theatre trip or to be given a paracetamol, but this happened with no discussion with me,” she said.

    Those responsible for such foul deceitful scheming should obviously be dismissed…



    …but also they should be named and shamed…



    …their malevolent mug-shots on every front page in the land.

    • Vanessa R 20:42 on August 22, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Kick them out?
      Lock them up!
      I understand the reluctance about identifying the young girl but these teachers are monsters, preying on children like that.
      They must know it’s wrong or they wouldn’t have been keeping parents in the dark.


    • Fiona 21:09 on August 22, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Damn those teachers.
      Surely the parents would or should pull their daughter out of the schook.
      After what happened, it is very clear it’s a dangerous place at least while the perpetrators are still employed there.


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    Putrescent Portland, Awful Oregon.. 

    The report below more than justifies my acrid adjectives, above, but can ANY reader…


    ….tell me why so many cities in the West Coast states are so spiritually depraved?


    Portland Public Schools has launched a war against the ‘gender binary’ and adopted a radical new curriculum teaching students to subvert the sexuality of ‘white colonizers’ and begin exploring ‘the infinite gender spectrum,’” reports Christopher Rufo.

    “I have obtained a cache of documents from a source inside Portland Public Schools that exposes the nature of this curriculum. The lessons seek to turn the principles of academic queer theory into an identity-formation program for elementary school students; it has been adopted in many of the district’s K-5 classrooms.”  READ

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    If Aussie Hollie Hughes Were British… 

    If Hollie Hughes had been speaking in the UK, if she were a British MP rather than an Australian senator, then I’d say her words –

    <img class=”i-amphtml-blurry-placeholder” src=”data:;base64,
    Liberal senator Hollie Hughes

    – are absolutely irrefutable.

    We know that UK ‘teachers’ have repeatedly chosen extreme leftists as their representatives.

    Not only the usual suspects, college lecturers…


    …the UCU’s Sussex branch said that Professor Adam Tickell, the head of the university, had not upheld the dignity and respect of trans students and staff last week when he issued a statement supporting Stock and defending freedom of speech.


    Freakos V Freedom? ‘Teachers’ Make Their Choice! 

    …but ‘teachers’ at every level in the UK school system have frankly embraced agendas antithetical to traditional British values.

    Remember our quote, from Comrade  Bousted, NEU general secretary, who exalts..

    ... anyone who dares to challenge the narrow, monocultural base on which the current national curriculum, with all its assumptions on powerful knowledge is based.’

    It goes on and on…

    Christianity V Abnormality? UK Head-Teachers Take Sides! 

    …and on…

    Howden school ditches RaleighDrake and Nelson houses for modern heroes after ex-pupil’s racism complaint  https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/howden-school-ditches-raleighdrake-5030711

    Your Child’s Teacher, The Enemy Within

    Haters Shaping Bad UK Teachers’ Techniques? 

    London ‘Teachers?’ Pro-Blasphemy Strike?

    …and elsewhere in London…

    National Education Union report says a need to decolonise education is ‘urgent’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9754081/Union-says-schools-shaped-colonisation-teachers-decolonise-classrooms.html

    Sadly, it’s got the stamp of government approval.


    Schools Minister Robin Walker (pictured) said new plans will include diversity in a 'meaningful, rather than tokenistic' way

    Tory Minister Robin Walker wants school history bastardised ‘meaningful’ diversity

    Little Red Robin boasts the ‘Conservative’ government’s “new plans WILL INCLUDE DIVERSITY in a “MEANINGFUL, RATHER THAN TOKENISTIC’ way.


    What these ‘teachers’ embrace has a name..

    …Cultural Marxism…

    …and the panic that springs up when that name is used…….

    . .



    Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever Mention Cultural Marxism Again!” 

    …is confirmation enough of its accuracy.

    So when Senator Hollie Hughes warns…

    When kids are at school and they’re being taught all this absolute leftwing rubbish…”

    Australians would be wise to assume that the same rotten subversion we see in the United Kingdom may well have taken root in their country too.

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    Woke Weasels Snarl At Mozart! 

    ‘Decolonise your ears as Mozart’s works may be an instrument of Empire, students told.. ‘https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/05/07/decolonise-ears-mozarts-works-may-instrument-empire-students/

    It’s not the first time Mozart’s music has been abused for political effect, since his most impressive “Ode to Joy” was hi-jacked…


    …by the Fourth Reich, as its anthem!

    Even so, the latest sicko saga is truly laughable, or would be, if we were making up satirical stories..



    ….about pinko creeps foisting wokery on students who go to Cambridge University for an education.

    But, sadly, it seems to be true that undergraduates studying one of Cambridge’s music courses are being “taught to view classical works as an ‘imperial phenomenon…’ “

    Do these Cambridge ‘educators’ have their snooty snouts slurping in the public purse?



    If so, time to boot some bozos off the yummy tax-trough


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