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  • ross1948 19:00 on December 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Another UK Court Makes Mockery of War on Terror!’ 



    I see that British justice has made a complete fool of itself again, that foul swine Anjem Choudary having flouted his bail conditions, flaunting his contempt for the law, thus detained, but now released again!


    • Muslin extremist - Al-Muhajiroun
    • =====================
    • The sleazy scumbag was not up for littering or disturbing the peace but for giving support to the ISIS rape-gang.

    It’s bad enough that UK courts can be over-ruled by the robed clowns in Strasbourg…


    Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court

    Pig Hamza Convicted, But Snake Cameron Blocked REAL Justice! …


    … but those arrogant aliens hardly need to interfere when judges at home show such a lily-livered approach to serious crime.

    So Now Life Only Means FIVE BLOODY YEARS!?! 

    Choudary should of course be hanged for treason, but in the absence of the death penalty, then either lengthy incarceration or better still deportation is the obvious course of action.

    I doubt if ISIS-Land offers the same welfare benefits the pig has enjoyed for too many years at decent people’s expense in Her Majesty’s realm, so he might prefer three squares a day in comfy lodgings in Her Majesty’s Prisons.


    • prisoners
    • ==============
    • On the plus side there, of course, is the possibility that decent British prisoners, or prison officers, might dish out a little strong medicine for what ails him, as happened to the Woolwich Pig earlier this year.

    Xmas Bonus, Please, For Prison Guards Who De-Fanged Pig! 

  • ross1948 00:29 on April 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Killer Khadr Unleashed on Canada? The Beast Deserves Death! 



    Surely most Canadians will applaud Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney’s comment on the lamentable court ruling that granted bail to the bestial sectarian swine Omar Khadr.

    “We are disappointed and will appeal this decision.”

    Blaney’s description of Khadr’s crimes – not least the murder of a medic serving in the armed forces of one of Canada’s allies – as “heinous” is indisputable.



    “We have vigorously defended any attempt to lessen his punishment for these crimes…

    “While Justin Trudeau refused to rule out special compensation for this convicted terrorist and the NDP actively tries to force Canadian taxpayers to compensate him, we believe the victims of crime, not the perpetrators, are the ones who deserve compensation.”

    Good for Blaney!

    But neither he nor we should be surprised by Justin Turdeau. He is only maintaining his evil sire’s policy of letting off terrorist murderers.

    castro-trudeau-neanderthal Castro and Turdo


    Check out what happened in Quebec when he let those FLQ scumbag killers flee unhindered, to find sanctuary in his communist comrade Castro’s Cuban tyranny.

    True, Khadr does not belong in prison. The proper place for traitors is six feet under. Here’s a link to explain why Khadr should be put to death… 

    Facts about Omar Khadr that the mainstream media won’t to tell you

    • Arnold 16:24 on April 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I agree he should be kept in prison and he should be tried for treason,
      But the courts in Canada are still out of line with what Canadians think. That’s the problem, and so if Blaney appeals, he may not get far.
      Turdo ( I like that!) Senior must be waiting down in the firey furnace for his friend Castro to join him and have a good old-fashioned communist gloat at how well Junior is filling the old devil’s shoes
      Thanks for that clip where the media distoritions are cleared up. Most media in Canada and especially the one we are forced to pay for, the CBC, are not to be trusted,


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