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  • ross1948 07:01 on October 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Jokowi To Ban Islamist Hizbut Tahrir – Why Stop There? 

    While the Government ponders banning the caliphascist Hizbut Tahrir movement, because it is openly hostile to democracy, its aspiration to subjugate Indonesia to supranational sectarian rule…


    Hizbut Tahrir – ‘Charlie Hebdo, Proof  of How Rotten Democracy Is…’


    …we now read that the notorious FPI ( self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam Front’) has also asserted its belief in the restoration of the Islamic Caliphate, which, to the delight of civilised people around the world, was overthrown at the end of the First World War.



    Kemal Ataturk ended the Turkish Sultanate – the sultans were the ipso facto caliphs, claiming command over every Muslim in the world.

    I refer readers to the report from last month, in Jakarta, where the infamously mysogynist FPI gauleiter….



    IslamoNazi Gauleiter – “Women Already Have Limitations, Let Alone Non-Muslims!”

    …Habib Novel Chaidir Bamukmin, told the media that, although the caliphate was not the top priority, it was nevertheless something they wanted.


     This fanatic has several fancy titles, Netralnews.com tells us, including ‘Vice Chairman of the Team of Defenders of Ulama and Activists (TPUA)’ but let’s skip that for today.

    Let’s focus on how HNCB compared the long-banned (and rightly so) Communist Party of Indonesia  – PKI – with his much admired ‘khilafah‘ sectarians.

    “What was the PKI solution? Just slaughter, coup, divide the nation.”

    Very true. Communists are totalitarian evil-doers. But he continues.

    What has the Khilafah harmed? Never did anything anarchistic, let alone rebel, let alone slaughter, ” he explained.


    Is this Habib qualified to define ‘anarchistic?’

    Maybe he is?

    Habib Novel, one of the leaders of FPI’s Jakarta chapter, is finally facing trial at the Central Jakarta District Court for organizing and leading the violent protest. And the police are ready should another violent protest take place today.

    FPI leader Habib Novel on trial for violent protest, 

    Exactly what was the verdict and/or sentence in that trial?

    Does organizing and leading a violent protest count as anarchistic?

    I leave it to readers to check out those questions.

    His remarks arose from the recent demo at the House of Representatives, called ‘Action 299,’ which illogically wanted the PKI kept banned but the HTI remain unbanned, although both are quintessentially hostile to democracy.

    And while the prospect of an Islamist global tyranny may not be a priority for him, it seems to have been for many of the other ranters that day, as the reporter tells us …interestingly, each of their speeches always ended with shouting “Khilafah! Khilafah! Khilafah!”

    Bizarrely, the fanatics at the demo were also heard to sing the song Garuda Pancasila.

    Pancasila, for overseas readers, is the state ideology of Indonesia, which is basically a set of democratic pluralist ideas. Nothing could be further from the horrid despotism that a Hizbut Tahrir regime would inflict on Indonesia.

    Again, Islamist ranters invoking Pancasila remind us of Communist ranters yelling about the rights of the downtrodden.



    Both dangerous cliques, both deploying deceitful slogans, sectarian fanatics mouthing off as if they cared about tolerance, marxist fanatics pretending to care about workers and peasants.



    Banning both is best.


    Tokoh FPI: Khilafah Bukan Tujuan Utama, tapi Bisa Jadi Solusi

  • ross1948 18:39 on September 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Health-Freak War On Sausage Rolls? “Stick To Teaching!” 

    Head teacher Heather Lacey said the vast majority of parents supported the ban…


    What a tiresome, dictatorial dullard Lacey must be!

    And what kind of double-talk does she speak, from her bunker in Shirley Manor Primary Academy, in Bradford, Yorkshire, Merry England?



    She says clearly that it’s a BAN, but then we read that pupils are encouraged to show their packed lunches to staff before and after they have eaten.



    If the youngsters are merely encouraged to show staff what they have been given by their parents, then it’s up to the kids to do so, or not.

    Yet Ole Misery-Guts Lacey says it’s a ban?

    … pork pies, sausage rolls and pepperoni sticks should not be included and neither should fruit squash or flavoured water….

    One can only agree 100% with one of the dads, who says that she and her sort should-

    Stick To Teaching Kids!


    Since when have school heads become diet despots?

    Although schools are legally required to provide meals that comply with the government’s School Food Standards, they are able to set their own policies on packed lunches.


    Hasil gambar untuk bakso tikus


    Well, of course if some demented parent were found to have stuck a bakso tikus snack in a child’s lunch box, there’d be a case for intervention.



    That dreaded phrase is heard here sometimes, when unscrupulous street vendors are caught seeking to save money by using rats as the main ingredient of their meat-balls!

    But sausage rolls?


    Hasil gambar untuk sausage rolls


    Who doesn’t love sausage rolls?

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    Indonesians Speak Out Against Islamist Fanatics! 

    Further to our previous post, it’s interesting to read that ‘dozens of people calling themselves the ‘Alliance of People Who Care for Banjarnegara’ are urging that the  FPI mass organization be dissolved.



    They assess that the Government should not allow groups threatening the diversity and integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

    Banjanegara is a city in Central Java, which, judging from the photo, has its share of genuinely nice girls.

    The crowd carried banners that read ‘Dissolve FPI & HTI’, as they paraded around Banjarnegara city centre.

    The FPI  (self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front’)needs no introduction to our readers…

    Nightmare – Indonesian IslamoNazis Get Armed Forces Training! 

    …and indeed we wrote about them just an hour or so ago today.


    Fanatic Indonesian Islamists Plan Myanmar Jihad! 

    …and HTI of course refers to Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia!


    Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia declares that ‘Charlie Hebdo is proof of how rotten democracy is.’


    It’s surely note-worthy that while the British and Australian Governments have been shilly-shallying for years about outlawing HT in their countries…

    Hizbut Tahrir Non-Violent? Implement The Promised Ban


    Hizbut Tahrir – ‘Erase Israel from the world map!’


    …concerned Indonesians are out on the streets calling for a ban.

    The organiser, Setya Bangun, said FPI has provoked hatred.

    “The situation in Banjarnegara is very peaceful and respectful of differences – if there are organizations that provoke hatred, that’s dangerous.

    Puluhan Warga Banjarnegara Menyerukan Pembubaran FPI

    We are still waiting for President Jokowi’s Government to decide how or when to implement proposals to dissolve HTI.

    As for the FPI, he has yet to say anything about banning them.

  • ross1948 16:46 on February 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Java Killjoys Ban Valentines! Why? ‘Non-Compliance!’ 

    Told you so!

    Less than 24 hours ago, we posted on the cultural marxist war on Valentines in the USA. We mentioned the annual killjoy-fest here in Indonesia…

    Valentine Wars Back Again – But Not Just in Indonesia! 

    ..and sure enough, an uptight eruption has just been reported from the fine city of Malang, East Java!

    Metrotvnews.com tells us that Malang’s Education Department has issued a diktat prohibiting students from elementary to secondary level from celebrating the festival of love next week.

    The ban is contained in the Circular (SE) Number 421.3 / 0452 / 35.73.307 / 2016 – but the reasoning is as laugh-provoking as some of the cards on sale in every city mall. Valentines do not comply with the moral values, religion, and culture of the Indonesian nation, both inside and outside the school.

    NB – so not only are these wowsers out to fatwa in-school activities, but they seem to think they can dictate what kids do at home or out on the town.

    And how blatantly sectarian – Valentine, as a Christian saint, may be unpalatable to fanatic Muslims – though not to normal Muslims who know it’s just a bit of fun.

    ‘Reject Valentine Day’s Heathen Culture!’


    But this decree applies to all schools, not just Islamic ones. Who do they think they are, these sticky-beak bureaucrats?

    With sublime arrogance, the letter also advises parents to keep an eye on sons and daughters not to do negative things that can harm themselves.

    Yeah, right – as if normal mums and dads neglect that duty any day of their lives! 

    “We hope the schools actively monitor their students,” said Head of Education Department, Zubaidah.

    She’d have done well in the Stasi!

    Zubaidah with the Diktat!


    And she’s a vindictive old besom (I say ‘old’ but those awful head-scarves do tend to make women look older than they really are!)

     Zubaidah also asked schools to impose sanctions if their students are caught celebrating Valentine’s Day. http://jatim.metrotvnews.com/read/2016/02/06/480439/pemerintah-malang-larang-siswa-rayakan-valentine

    What a mean woman!

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    Sex ‘Not Sinful Even If By Force!’ New Year Fatwa Needed? 

    HTM, which seeks to establish a global caliphate, has been vocal in its demands, most recently for declaring Malaysia’s welcoming of US president Barack Obama in November as “haram.” 

    Not every day I find myself nodding in agreement with Hizbut Tahrir, but their distaste for Obama does evoke a certain empathy!

    However, the news item has more to say on that fanatic outfit’s outlook on the world we live in, which inspires me to applaud the Islamic authorities in Selangor, Malaysia – an equally rare occurrence!

    •  ======

    Silhouette weeping




    Only a week ago, I mentioned the need for ‘excommunication’ to counter ‘Islamophobia’ – by excising unpleasant elements altogether, decent Muslims could do wonders to facilitate useful dialogue with the non-Islamic world.

    Those Muslims whom I know and regard as friends certainly are horrified by the nonsense and nastiness of HT and, here in Indonesia, the FPI.  

    But my friends are everyday people, people whose voices are not heard in high places.

    Certainly, the Muslim ‘scholars’ in Jakarta have not included the deviance of such gangs among the many fatwas they issue, unlike in Malaysia’s Selangor state.

    • 3557c-hizbut-tahrir2
    • In the fatwa in the Selangor government gazette on September 17 and published today as a notice in Malay-language daily Sinar Harian, Hizbut Tahrir was declared a “deviant” movement for several reasons, including its claim that MPs, rulers and Islamic scholars here are infidels for accepting and following a government system that it claims to be against God’s will. 




    HT are notorious for their loathing of democracy, and of any concept of ‘human rights’ that might be comprehemsible to the rest of us.


    • fatwa mui sholeh
    • =============
    • Sadly, the top ‘scholars’ body here, the Majelis Ulema Indonesia, who could fatwa HTI, have a downright bizarre notion of ‘rights’ – one senior figure in the MUI famously described FGM as a human right!


    • ma'arruf amin
    • Their Deputy Chair, Ma’aruf Amin, made that infamous comment – female circumcision  a ‘human right?
    • ——————

    Clitoral Clip? No, ‘Scraping’ Suffices! TELL Us, Islamist ‘Scholars!’ WHY Do It? 

    • Elsewhere in recent news, I read that in such diverse countries as Pakistan…
    • ——————-
    • Please note – the sectarian ‘caliphate’ (dictatorship) would extend into Europe, through Greece almost to the Gates of Vienna – who’s been setting the scene for that recently!!
    • ————
    • ….and Kirghizstan, detention of HT flunkeys has been taking place. They are banned in numerous Muslim lands.

    Yet here in Indonesia, we’ve had to report not that long ago a case of the police – yes, the police! – handing over innocent orphans for ‘counselling’ by such hate-groups.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/muslim-school-burned-by-angry-crowd-police-enlist-islamonazis-to-counsel-kids/

    With Muslim New Year just gone by – on the same day I was enjoying Christmas Eve – it would have been pleasing if President Jokowi, and the MUI, and the National Police, had announced that the bans in Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Kirghizstan and elsewhere…


    • hizbut


    …were henceforth to be replicated across the archipelago.  That didn’t happen! However, tomorrow is everybody’s New Year, celebrated, as midnight tolls, by Indonesians of all faiths and of none. 

    So wouldn’t that ban make a wonderful start to 2016?

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    Somalia's Intolerant Ingrates – Not A Penny More In Foreign Aid! 

    Attention all you UK, US and probably Aussie and Canadian tax-payers!

    .Somalia To Receive $2.4 Billion In Aid From Global Donors


    Christmas or New Year’s celebrations “could damage the faith of the Muslim community,” Mohamed Khayrow, director general of Somalia’s Ministry of Religious Affairs, said at a news conference, according to Somali news media. “All security forces are advised to halt or dissolve any gatherings. There should be no activity at all.’’   https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2015/12/23/somalia-banned-christmas-and-new-years-even-though-it-celebrates-neither-heres-why/



    “We [Islamic scholars] are warning against the celebration of such events, which are not relevant to the principles of our religion,” said Sheik Nur Barud Gurhan, deputy chairman of the Supreme Religious Council of Somalia.

    Not relevant to HIS religion! What about other people’s?

    These arrogant bigots are lousy hosts, devoid of gratitude to those who are there to help them.

     Although there are almost no native Christians in Somalia, the country hosts more than 22,000 peacekeepers as part of an African Union mission, and many of them are Christian..

    Last year, savages murdered peace-keepers during Christmas celebrations in Somalia.

    …gunmen belonging to the Somali terrorist group al-Shabab attacked a Christmas party at an African Union military base in Mogadishu, killing at least three peacekeepers and a civilian. One of the dead was retired American Delta Force member Brett Fredricks, who was in Mogadishu to train a unit of Ugandan troops.

    This year that ignorant oaf Khayrow would do better to show up at celebrations, denounce sectarian hatred of religous liberty and declare that his country supports the right of anyone, citizen or honoured guest, to worship as they please.

    Somalia To Receive $2.4 Billion In Aid From Global Donors



    In the absence of any commitment on the part of Somalia to adopt civilised values, the West should stop all further largesse reaching the greedily out-stretched hands of this ungrateful beggar-nation. 

    • Tom USA 15:15 on December 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Diversity for thee but not for me.
      I have long pondered something like a religious reciprocity principle that denies tolerance to religions that don’t offer it.
      Almost impossible to implement, though


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    ‘Possibly’ Extremist? Calling Jews ‘Pigs and Apes?’ 

    Not sure where the UK’s lefty paper the Guardian stands on the Muslim Brotherhood, but they handily headed their report on Cameron’s latest display of craven quivering with a photo of that malignant Morsi, the MB Egyptian leader who infamously told his fans that Jews were descendants of pigs and apes.

    ‘Apes and Pigs’ Morsi Presides Over Hell! 

    That wasn’t some obscure MB minion talking, but their heavy-hitter from whose fanatical grip Egyptians freed themselves, and they knew whose side Obama was on


    Smart Egyptians know their enemy

    …so is Cameron’s latest waffle…“The main findings of the review support the conclusion that membership of, association with, or influence by the Muslim Brotherhood should be considered as a possible indicator of extremism.” … a result of coaching by his comrade in the White House?

    A possible indicator?

    The cur insults the intelligence of the British people, who, sure, maybe they haven’t all read much on the Muslim Brotherhood, but they DO understand that it exemplifies the worst kind of sectarian supranationalism.

    ikhwanul-muslimin Muslim Brotherhood symbol

    • Cameron knows, for sure, all about the poisonous MB ideology which maintains that UK citizens who happen to be Muslim should somehow identify more, feel more solidarity with, Muslims abroad than with their own non-Muslim fellow-citizens.

    That ideology is indistinguishable from treason, and it is quintessentially Muslim Brotherhood.  

    Possible, Cameron?  


    Stop lying and ban the bad, dangerous, treacherous conspiracy.

    But although he’s had the report on his desk since summer, he’s done nothing. Now he’s all mouth and trousers, as usual, saying maybe it’ll mean a ban…but that’s even weaker than the ‘cast-iron’ pledge he gave to ban Hizbut Tahrir – and that was years ago!

    Hizbut Tahrir Non-Violent? Implement The Promised Ban

    And HT, much the same as MB in its disloyalty to Queen and Country, remains at liberty to preach its evil across the British Isles.

  • ross1948 13:08 on December 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    A Festive Cheer For Muslim Sanity – Ban The IslamoNazis! 

      • What a fine Festive Season treat to read the bold declaration from Said Aqil Siroj, who chairs the country’s largest Muslim organisation, the NU.
      • ——
      • Said-Agil-Siraj-300x186
      • ——————-
      • He’s echoing the thoughts and prayers of every decent human being of all creeds that the IslamoNazi thug gang, the FPI (self-styled ‘Islamic Defenders Front’) should be immediately disbanded.
      • ———
      • Nu Nahdlotul Ulama
      • —-
      • The Nahdlatul Ulama has enough clout to makes itself heard in the corridors of power here in Jakarta.Indonesia, said Said, does not require such an organization..it is not suitable to this country….moreover, Indonesia is not a country at war, but rather, a peace-loving country.
      • These photos of vicious, violent FPI louts, many of them too yellow-bellied to maraud without masks, illustrate the cancer he’s talking about.
      • ooooooooooooooooo-
      • FPI_13Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).
      • fpi_anarkis4demo-fpi-hi-foto-reuter-566-ok-500x272
      • fpi kill busddhistfpi-lempar-dubes-australia-131122b
      • ————–
      • ———–
      • And more than adequately answer his rhetorical question… 
      • “So, what need of organizations like that?!?!  http://nasional.republika.co.id/berita/nasional/politik/15/12/14/nzclld330-said-aqil-sejak-lama-pbnu-desak-bubarkan-fpi

      Now what we need is a New Year’s Resolution…




      …from President Jokowi, a pledge to outlaw the white-shirt hoodlums who disgrace his beautiful archipelago on a perennial basis.

    • JazPen 15:49 on December 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I saw this news in Tempo and was thinking you were bound to cheer.
      Do you really think, even with NU on side, that Jokowi has the nerve to do anything about the FPI?


  • ross1948 21:34 on December 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo – Bavaria Backs Bag-Head Ban!, 

    Given how Mama Stasi Merkel has imposed nearly a million unwanted aliens, at least a lot of whom are likely to be devoid of both gratitude and loyalty, upon the increasingly alarmed German people, Ilse could also have added the other powerful argument for a burqa ban. –



  • ross1948 08:41 on October 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Get Lost, Goblins! Hallowe’en Ban in US Schools – More Grovelling! 

    Lazy few days here, no visitors due till the weekend, and no parties at all this week! Oh dear!


    • lazy-sloth-14384269
    • ===================
    • So I was having a look at the local events pages on the internet to see what’s happening in Jakarta and was reminded that there are a lot of Hallowe’en party nights coming up, all over town.

    This is a 90% Muslim city with an 8% Christian minority and some Buddhists and Hindus, and nobody seems to mind the spooky fun – except Islamist fanatics like Amidhan, an MUI notable we have mentioned all too often on our blog. 

    Top Islamic ‘Scholar’ To Kids – Admire Invaders Who Occupied Palestine! 


    The top man with the MUI’s self-styled ‘scholars’ made clear his intolerance when he said “Don’t join in the celebrations. It’s not our culture…”    http://www.nahimunkar.com/mui-muslim-jangan-rayakan-halloween/

    Hmmm..ain’t that the dread phenomenon that pinkos call ‘xenophobia?’

    But in fact, spooky stuff, domestic or foreign, is immensely popular here, witness the Haunted House shows that migrate around the capital’s malls.


    Like most children around the world, Indonesian kids delight in fright – there are all kinds of horrors here, unique to this amazing archipelago. Young (and many older) Jakarta residents will enjoy the scary make-believe events.

    They all know it’s make-believe, so why not?

    Pocong! Kuntilanak! Sundelbolong! Wewegombel…Ghosties and Ghoulies of Indonesia 

    Sadly, it’s a different story in Milford, Connecticut, where the school board has banned Hallowe’en, to avoid offending uptights.

    ...a letter was sent home to parents last week letting them know that the school district’s annual Halloween parades are being called off, due to “numerous incidents of children being excluded from activities due to religion, cultural beliefs, etc.”


    • Halloween ban [Flickr]
    • ————————-
    • For pity’s sakes!
    • It’s not compulsory to join in, but it’s an annual American fun-fest, and most kids love it. If some don’t, or are ordered not to participate in the fun by sectarian parents, why should all the rest be thus penalised? 

    Not only is the parade going, but all signs of Halloween are being prohibited. Students won’t be allowed to wear costumes to class, class activities cannot have a Halloween theme, and giving out food is “not an option.”


    How pathetic!

    What infantile administrators these Milford minions must be!

    Hallowe’en is a hugely popular festival in the USA, more so than in the UK, whence it migrated to the Americas a long time ago. I went to school in both hemispheres and while we did ‘do’ Hallowe’en in Britain, in Canada it was a much bigger thing, same as in the United States.

    And now, because people migrate there from countries without such a tradition, some arrogant immigrants expect the authorities to pander to them?

    When in Rome, bud!

    • Santi 11:44 on October 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I will go to a Halloween party this year. I always go. My friends also like them. MUI and FPI like only trouble making.
      Will you party in FPI costume, Ross? All white like Habib the Yemeni? That will be funny for photographing..


    • Euis 14:08 on October 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Not surprising how MUI Amidhan do not like Halloween. It is because people enjoy it. Nobody is serious at Halloween.
      Same like yoga, fatwa all the time if people happy.
      I before when I was little think that scholars mean wise men, but they are just mean men.


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