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    Ahoy, Antipodes! Now It’s ‘Climate’ “Asylum”-Seekers! 

    I suppose it might be argued that I myself am a ‘climate’ refugee!

    After all, anyone who spent all of his school years and decades of his working life in either Canada or the UK, or anywhere in lands that border the North Atlantic, surely has grounds for seeking sunnier shores.

    I don’t know the statistics but strongly suspect it’s a fact that rheumatism and arthritis among senior cits is much more common on shores lashed by Atlantic rain and cities beset by sleet and snow for many months each year.

    So when I saw this headline, I paused.


    New Zealand Climate Refugee Takes His Asylum Case to Supreme Court


    A climate refugee in New Zealand has taken his fight for asylum to the Supreme Court…after overstaying the visahttp://au.ibtimes.com/new-zealand-climate-refugee-takes-his-asylum-case-supreme-court-1417227

    Well, not much of a refugee, if he came in on a visa (what kind? work? holiday?) then decided he liked NZ so much he suddenly felt a need for ‘asylum!’

    Honest folk would go home then apply properly. There’s nobody waiting to shoot him back there, is there?

    But skip that!

    I’ve never been to Kiribati, but if it has a climate like Toronto’s or London’s, I wouldn’t blame this geezer for heading south.

    But alas, he’s not basing his case on a human right to sun-bathe, which I’d say makes more sense than some of the so-called ‘human rights’ we hear about from that European Court, for instance.

    • No, nothing of that sort!

    Teitiota’s lawyer claims that his client is making a valid claim for asylum, as the effects of climate change entitle him to be a refugee. “Our argument is that he is being persecuted indirectly because of the inability of the industrialised world to ameliorate CO2 emissions! 3 News.




    Are all who dwell in Kiribati delightful, honest, civilised souls?

    I don’t know.

    One hopes so, because if this guy gets the nod, they’ll ALL be entitled to swamp NZ.

    And everyone else in the world, MILLIONS of people, dislocated by the hot seasons or the wet seasons…

    flood victims Jakarta flooding

    …like Jakarta’s at the moment (which of course the Climate Panic Crew will be attributing, at least in part, to ‘climate change,’ now that they’ve sneakily dropped the term ‘global warming’) will obviously have to be taken aboard the Good Ship Western Welfare. 

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    Banjir Uang! Jakarta’s Ahok Turning Off the Tap? 

    It has been raining all night – every few hours I’d wake up to the sounds of downpour, and it’s still raining. I guess my prospective visitor won’t make it today.





    Still, reasons to be cheerful -the street is awash, but this part of Jakarta doesn’t (fingers crossed!) suffer the frightful flooding ( banjir)  that afflicts other areas.

    Like North Kedoya, where the photo below was taken last year, near the Green Garden Busway Stop.


    The authorities will be doing their best, I guess, but even our smart Governor Ahok hasn’t yet figured a way to turn off the rain.

    Mind you, he seems to be making progress in the mammoth struggle to turn off at least some taps through which money ( uang) pours into the hands of criminals. 


    ahok Ahok


    Governor Ahok to use e-money
    to defeat Jakarta’s hoodlums 

    He’s introducing electronic parking payments, initially at selected locations, like Jalan Sabang.


    sabang Sabang

    Falatehan falatehan


    …and good old Jalan Falatehan, where expats like to frolic in the bars till the wee small hours.

    Ahok’s move is intended to curb the rapacious predator element which permeates the ‘parking’ industry here.

    Better still, he’s hoping to use similar technology to go after the protection racketeers who prey on Jakarta’s street vendors.

    “Prior to this system, vendors were often asked for additional fees from individuals who claim to be city officials. They paid more than Rp 600,000 a month. This new system will prevent illegal levies because vendors will know exactly how much to pay,” Ahok said… 

    Good on ya, Guv!

    But it’s not just bogus ‘officials’ the poor vendors have to fear.

    Nobody has yet asked the IslamoNazi FPI or the other gangster groups for their comments, but given the hatred they harbour for Ahok…


    fpi-tolak-ahok-jadi-gubernur IslamoNazis rage against Ahok


    … I’d expect they will have something to say on any progressive steps he takes.

    Not least in the light of the comments made by prominent anti-crime campaigner Ratna Sarumpaet, which we covered a couple of years ago! 

    Right On, Ratna! Activist’s All-Out Attack on IslamoNazis 

    ratna sarumpaetRatna

    Do read it carefully. She does her home-work!


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