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  • ross1948 20:59 on April 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    New Low For UK Media? London Metro Slurs Paris Cops! 

    What kind of leftist toad stuck this headline above the report on the latest insurrection by banlieue savages in Paris?


    Parisians protest against racist attacks by police during lockdown

    Parisians…’ Hmmm…

    Take careful note, please, although I’m quoting from the Metro, a London newspaper, I’m not using inverted commas as I usually would, just italics to show the words are not mine.

    More importantly, note well the absence of inverted commas from that shameful biased headline, inverted commas which ought to have been there to indicate that the ‘racist attacks’ are not a factual description of events…


    Paris banlieue insurrection, June 2012 – inherently uppity


    …but merely a slur perpetrated by uppity denizens of certain Paris ‘suburbs’ infested by aliens who have no loyalty to France, and in which decent French folk fear to tread, such is the level of dangerous anti-social lawlessness there.

    Zoe Drewett is the hackette named in the newspaper as the authoress of the report.



    Pinko creep journos do not necessarily compose the headlined above their scribbling, but Drewett’s story is hardly better than the biased headline.

    Tension with the police erupted last night in Villeneuve-la-Garenne near Paris (Picture: Taha Bouhafs/Getty) Riots broke out on the streets of Paris overnight amid rising anger at the treatment of ethnic minorities by ‘heavy-handed’ police during lockdown.


    Give us a bloody break!

    French cops don’t mess about.

    The Yellow Vest demonstrators last year, some of whom may be ‘ethnic minorities, but not, I think, most,  complained a lot about ‘heavy-handed’ police.

    I’m sure if I behaved unacceptably, les flics would handle me roughly too!

    Maybe there are grounds for complaint. France has procedures for that, and courts too.


    But rely on the banlieue whiners to  play the sleazy race card.


    Everything we know of the banlieue brutes suggests that the trouble this week is no more the fault of the Paris police than were previous outbreaks of savage mob violence.

    For any British media to take the side of the savages is outrageous.



  • ross1948 19:29 on July 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Macron’s Minions Ban The Star of David! 

    Appeasement of the undesirable banlieue aliens is nothing new in France, and governments of different political persuasions have behaved incredibly irresponsibly, wasting millions on the areas around

    ‘French’ Suburbs? C’mon, Let’s Get Real, Leftal! 

    ….and other big cities instead of sending in punitive expeditions to subdue the savages.


    Banlieue burning

    banlieue amok-runs went largely unpunished

    But the latest action by Macron’s minions, a ban on Israeli fans carrying their country’s flag before and during an inter-city ‘international…’



    …lest Islamist brutes react violently at the sight –

    ‘Police told the guests they were not permitted to fly Israeli flags downtown, citing safety concerns. There were reports that “politicized” fans with anti-Semitic views planned to “stage fights,” police said, explaining their decision.’

      – is a disgrace, and no less disgraceful after an outcry forced the craven curs to back down at the last minute.

    Yes, a few fans had been attacked by ‘locals’ ( how ‘local?’) and of course there might be a risk of more jihadist ratbags running amok, but the answer to that eventuality is surely to give police officers the green light to open fire on any such sectarian trouble-makers who stepped out of line.




    The location of the football match, Strasbourg, has seen vermin outbreaks before…

    …so the cops should be well prepared preemptively to handle trouble.

    I wouldn’t go along with one Jewish spokesman quoted, when he made some fatuous observations about the city, ‘that Strasbourg is a symbolic place since it hosts several important European institutions, including the European Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament.’


    Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court


    He seems to have overlooked the reality that it is that ECHR has arrogantly prevented France rounding up illegal aliens…

    Let illegalmigrants go free, EU court

    …and that those MEPs – a majority of them- spend immense amounts of time, energy and money pandering to crimmigrants.

    But the rest of what he says …

    You have to be open and protect any flag [of any country] in the world, when you have a sports game in your city. If you don’t do it, it shows that you’re afraid… of Islamic radicalism.

    …is admirable!


    • Jeanne 22:40 on July 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      This action shamed France and it is no good for them only to unban the flag.
      The intolerance of jihadists from the banlieue should be beaten down.
      They live in France but do not love France. They hate France.
      That is the reason why you are right in what you say.


    • Vinnie 13:01 on July 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Trump has the best message for the French who understand that enemy aliens can never be French.
      Send them back!


  • ross1948 00:05 on February 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    French Readers! A Petition To Support Your Police! 

    Every time we post on French issues, as fifteen mins ago, we get some extra French readers – logically!

    Banlieue burning

    Banlieue burnings, not for the first time…


    • So here’s a petition sent to me, with a request that I pass it on, for them to sign, supporting their police, who are up against riotous banlieue savages again, with precious little support from their government.




  • ross1948 13:07 on October 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    France Needs To Put Down The Banlieue Beasts! 



    You’d think the monstrous attack by savages on police in Paris this past weekend might have focused even pinko minds on the evil that permeates the banlieiues, those notorious urban areas (not only in the capital) infested with aliens. 

    Hasil gambar untuk Paris attack police car grand borne

    • 0000000000
    • Yet a lot of the media somehow managed to blank the word banlieue from their headlines, substituting the (hardly equivalent) ‘suburb,’ thus, by default or design, concealing the truth of what’s wrong with those areas.
    • But one at least gives us a clue.
    • \
    • The Grande Borne estate was where Amedy Coulibaly, one of the perpetrators of the January 2015 Paris attacks, grew up, as well as a trouble spot during the 2005 riots. Police officers pelted by ‘Molotov cocktail’ in Paris suburb
    • These areas are cesspools, where police know they’re at risk of attack if they dare go on patrol within enemy territory.
    • It’s not just a matter of crime, petty or serious, but of downright sectarian treason.
    • And it flourishes because soft, soppy policies have been substituted for serious law enforcement.
    • We have seen, time and again, in the past ten years, how the anti-social savages that dwell therein have a taste for insurrectionary arson.


    Banlieue burning

    Ten years back – blazing banlieues

    If the swine had been taught a proper lesson previously, there’d be little trouble now, but so far no occupant of the Elysee Palace has had the guts to war down the barbarous brutes.

    It’s all very well for Prime Minister Vails to say that Saturday’s thugs would be “relentlessly pursued and brought to justice…”    http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/552341/Paris-Police-Attack-Molotov-Cocktail-Life-Threatening-Injury-Car-Burned

    But that’s not sufficient. Not just last Saturday’s vermin but ALL such swine MUST learn that their lairs are no longer to be deemed ‘sensitive’ zones..


    NO PARISIAN STREET must go unpacified – no sensitivity to savages.

    Streets must be cleared of masked louts like those who burned that poor cop almost to death on Saturday.

    Immediate imposition of effective curfews, defiance thereof to be met with lethal force.

    • shoot terrs
    • A few dozen – or better still a few hundred! – rabid rats shot dead on the streets they’ve been terrorising would have a salutory effect.
    • guillotinth
    • And Saturday’s thugs need to be not merely hunted down but put down – Vive La Guillotine!

    Martial law would seem the obvious approach, but it’s France’s choice.

    • Marine-drapeau-bbr
    • Friends of the French can only hope that next year they choose a President who will not only talk tough but ACT against the beasts in the banlieues.



  • ross1948 18:28 on November 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Encore, Marine! Ransack the Banlieue Rat-Nests! 




    Just after the minute of silence has taken place in France, I take the chance to post again on the outrage.




    Good to see Marine Le Pen invited to the Elysee Palace to meet the President.

    After Hollande’s socialist flunkeys deliberately wrecked what should have been a time of national solidarity by refusing to invite her to the grand rally of remembrance in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo outrage, it’s high time this great patriot lady was given the respect she deserves.

    Good too, to hear Marine’s good sense, her call for anti-terrorist forces to launch house-to-house searches of the rat-nests, the banlieues, nasty suburbs infested by undesirable aliens with no shred of allegiance to the country they choose (nobody forces them) to live.

    Many of them have the gall to call themselves citizens of France, including the first jihad-pig identified as part of the ISIS slaughter spree this past weekend – and for sure he was only the tip of an ice-berg of treason.


    • Banlieue burning
    • ———————
    • We saw them run amok a few years ago, and it’s long overdue that their disloyalty was recognised and their rebellious addiction to mayhem subdued.

    Marine appears to be the only politician in the land with any serious intention of tackling this needful task.

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