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  • ross1948 16:30 on December 22, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Lets Brexit-Hater Branson Rant 

    We have noticed Aaron Heslehurst before…

    BBC ‘Talking Business’ – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? 

    BBC ‘Talking Business’ – One-Way Chatter! 

    Talking Business

    BBC ‘Talking Business’ – One-Way Chatter! 

    …how he welcomes Big Biz notables sympathetic to the BBC agenda aboard his show then lets them churn out their left-woke warbling…


    Related image


    …never any effort on his part to challenge their ideological stance.

    I did ask then…

    …how many business people, or any people, he has brought into the BBC studio to argue that commerce should keep itself untainted by wokery…


    Today I was not surprised when who else but another woko-loco….

    Avoid Branson’s Disgusting Dress-Code! 

    Virgin Atlantic lets male pilots and crew wear skirts to ‘express their true identity’

    Airline also changes ticketing to allow gender neutral markers, such as the title ‘Mx’


    …the mouthy plutocrat Richard Branson was given the chance to rail against Brexit.

    We have urged a boycott…

    Tell Billionaire Beggar Branson To B-gger Off

    Hasil gambar untuk richard branson brexit

    Hypocrisy! Boycott Vacuous Branson’s Virgin Products

    ..but BBC won’t do that, and fair enough…

    …IF there’s somebody on their business show next week sticking up for Brexit.

    If you happen to see such an unlikely phenomenon, please let me know.


    • Pamela 00:42 on December 23, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Is he still in exile, or has he some new tax-free island haven?
      That Heslehurst didn’t mention anything that might have upset Branson, did he?
      Another BBC wimp!


  • ross1948 16:25 on November 29, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Anti-Brexit Bias? BBC Guilty! No Hacks Fired 

    We know that UK Pravda has long been infested with Europhiliac slugs…


    …but equally we know the swine feel free to impose their bias, funded as they are by coercive taxation, flaunting the fact that there are no democratic controls.


    Aaah, say the arrogant mandarins, we have no need of democratic oversight – we are self-policing!


    There’s a ‘BBC Executive Complaints Unit!

    And it’s just ruled that a BBC report on Brexit…

    broke impartiaity rules!

    So who got fired?

    Who got suspended,

    Who got disciplined in any way?

    Nobody’s saying!


    The finding was reported to the management of BBC Scotland and discussed with the programme-makers concerned.”


    And that’s all you poor mugs in the UK are going to get told by the BBC stuck-ups!


    Just keep the cash flowing and don’t dare expect transparency’


  • ross1948 15:30 on August 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Night-Hag Maitlis, On Who ‘Deserves’ Fair Play! 

    Reflecting on her time at the BBC, Maitlis said the corporation often slipped into a “both-sides-ism” approach to impartiality that gave a platform to individuals that did not deserve airtime.….

    Night-Hag Maitlis without her make-up. Not only far left, but a far from pretty sight


    And who’s this leftist hackette to decide who deserves a fair hearing?

    Ask a sensible black lady…

    Don’t Gag My Black Voice! Stacy Calls Out BBC’s Mannerless Maitlis!

    …subjected to the bitch’s hectoring…or recall how the bitch’s bias provoked another guest…

    Chicago Man Puts Maitlis In Her Place! 

    We need to read this latest report…


    – and we will get back to it tomorrow!

    But let’s face it  she’s a damned ingrate…


    Maitlis was twice accused of showing bias against Boris Johnson’s government..’..the broadcaster received more than 20,000 complaints and ruled Maitlis breached impartiality rules

    …who led a charmed life.

    Scandalously her BBC bosses openly recognised her repeat biases but irresponsibly refused to dismiss, suspend or punish her –  no penalty at all!

    NewsNight’s Night-Hag, Unpunished Again!

    Talk about brass neck!


    She recalled how during the 2016 EU referendum the BBC would create a false equivalence by putting one pro-Brexit economist on air to debate with one anti-Brexit economist, even though the overwhelming majority of economists felt Brexit was a bad idea https://www.theguardian.com/media/2022/aug/24/emilily-maitlis-says-active-tory-party-agent-shaping-bbc-news-output

    Rest assured, The Maitlis shares the BBC in-crowd’s notorious Europhilia…



    …as she no doubt shares their Climate Panic prejudice…

    BBC Bitesize has removed references to the “benefits” of climate change on its website, following complaints online.

    …which has long since put paid to any pretence of balance on that issue.


  • ross1948 17:45 on June 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Bias Breakfast – Today's Menu! 

    Watching that BBC berk after my arvo sunbathe, I heard him snarl approvingly about the latest Red China move against Australia…

    ‘China Does Play A Big Role In UNESCO!’

    …how it ‘does shine a particularly harsh light’ on Canberra’s ‘action..’or lack thereof.’



    What a typically “BBC-impartial’ take!

    But actually, no Beeb-Berk, it doesn’t do what you suggest it does!


    It ‘shines a light’ on Beijing’s UNESCO collabos.

    But that UK Pravda interlude, at 3pm Jakarta time, reminded me to use the notes I took during my unpleasant, self-imposed duty this morning, on my return fron the tukang sayur ( veggie vendor) with fish for the cats..

    . ..

    . ..

    …whose response to my arrival back resembled that of the Parisian crowds who welcomed De Gaulle in 1945.

    Unwilling to endure too much of UK Pravda, I focused this morn on what BBC regards as important enough to feature in their text news that runs along the bottom of the screen…



    …and speaking of bottoms, the texted news included a rivetting revelation – an American sportsperson has owned up to being queer.

    However, much more interesting was this, about the prospect of Britain joining that Pacific trade pact, which, says the BBC text…

    …may add as little as 0.1% to the size of the UK economy


    Those words just kept running across my screen, along with the American poofter ‘news’ and other stuff…



    …and it made me think of that ‘subliminal advertising’ we used to hear about, messages flashed super-fast on screens, so people didn’t even realise what they were absorbing.

    But that trade pact line?

    May Add As Little As..?’

    That line about seeing your glass half-full or half-empty?

    BBC was and is rabidly anti-Brexit.



    If that were not so, the tax-funded propaganda channel might have worded its text like this –

    May Add As Much As…’

    But that wording is nowhere to be found in the linked BBC report  because it just would not suit UK Pravda’s anti-British essence, would it?

  • ross1948 11:18 on June 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Brits Dream Of Defunding The TFPC! Americans Can! 

    Last week I began referring to the BBC as the TPFC…


    ….the Tax-Funded Propaganda Channel!

    The constant leftwing drone from Broadcasting House has become a deafening din since the UK’s state ‘news’ provider appointed itself the public relations wing of the BLM.

    Even as I type this, there’s more of it – Black Lives Matter, A Sporting Perspective,’ and, as always, a series of leftist faces and voices spreading lies about ‘systemic racism,’ a non-existent phenomenon, one ranting chick admitting there’s a ‘world-wide uprising!’


    Not one single dissenter allowed on!


    The British Government has done NOTHING to make the BBC comply with its charter duty of impartiality.



    Many of you will be aware that there is now an official, openly-acknowledged partnership between BBC and PBS, its equally biased USA equivalent.

    But in America, public outrage against the PBS is being given a legislative voice!

    Read On!

    American Family Association

    Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) has introduced legislation that would stop federal tax dollars from going to Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). According to congressional appropriation records, the federally subsidized Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) receives over $400 million per year, and it sends about $60 million to PBS to promote an ideology of sexual deviancy and to attack religious liberty.

    Take action now. Urge your member of Congress to support Rep. Lamborn’s bill to defund public broadcasting.

    PBS has been airing a TV and an online series called Prideland to advance and normalize unbiblical sexuality. In the most recent PBS episode, Championing LGBTQ+ Healthcare in Mississippi, healthcare workers’ religious liberty and freedom of conscience are attacked. Healthcare personnel in many states have religious liberty rights and freedom of conscience rights to protect them from the sexual deviancy agenda. PBS is airing LGBTQ+ propaganda to undermine state laws designed to protect healthcare workers’ rights.

    In particular, PBS has made it clear that it’s fighting against state laws like Mississippi’s H.B. 1523, which states:

    The state government shall not take any discriminatory action against a person wholly or partially on the basis that the person declines to participate in the provision of treatments, counseling, or surgeries related to sex reassignment or gender identity transitioning or declines to participate in the provision of psychological, counseling, or fertility services based upon a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction. …

    This law prevents the government from forcing healthcare workers and counselors to provide services that would violate their “sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction.” If providing gender identity transition care violates a healthcare worker’s religious belief or conviction, then the state government cannot force the worker to provide that service.

    It is clear that PBS is using taxpayer funding to lobby the court of public opinion to subvert state laws that protect religious liberty and rights of conscience for healthcare personnel. This is not just a Mississippi issue as the PBS Prideland series makes it clear that its sexual deviancy agenda is nationwide.

    Send your member of Congress an email now. Urge your representative to sign on as a co-sponsor of Rep. Lamborn’s bill that will stop taxpayer funds from going to PBS by defunding Corporation for Public Broadcasting.




    Tim Wildmon, President
    American Family Association


    If our mission resonates with you, please consider supporting our work financially with a tax-deductible donation.

  • ross1948 12:38 on February 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Bigoted Bias – Tell Boris Johnson – Scrap That Coercive Tax! 


    No need for comment from me!


  • ross1948 17:40 on November 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    And Still SDLP Eagerly Collaborates! 

    IRA Army Council still oversees Sinn Fein strategy – PSNI says 2015 assessment unchanged

    …so for all the talk of ‘peace,’ which in terrorist terms means keeping deadly weaponry where it can be handy for when the murder gang resumes its longstanding ethnic cleansing mission…




    …it turns out that the smirking scum of the green nazi party, Sinn Fein, remain ( what an apt word!) absolutely in league with their IRA ‘alter ego’ comrades.

    As if we didn’t know.

    As if the SDLP didn’t know.

    All these aspects of real life are no secret to everyone with eyes and ears in British Ulster.

    But it does confirm how base and contemptible are those who stand ready to work in harness with Sinn Fein…

    True Colours- SDLP Give Murder-Gang’s Political Wing A Free Run! 

    ..and let us not forget mainland scum who have hailed the murder gang’s ‘political wing’ as potential anti-Brexit saviours, low-lifes like Polly Toynbee, darling of The Guardian


    Hasil gambar untuk polly toynbee

    A Guardian Hag And Her Sinn Fein ‘Saviours!’

    …and, of course, of the BBC!


    • Billy King 18:22 on November 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Never a truer word!


    • Pamela 18:36 on November 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It is so immoral that Sinn Fein us treated like a normal political party and not as what it us, a front fot a terrorist gang.
      Polly Toynbee is a mad old woman and holds no influence but the Labour Party is full of Sinn Fein sympathisers.
      The Tories have forgotten what they once were, ‘the Conservative and Unionist Party.’
      Edward Heath destroyed the link and it will not be restored while Johnson is Tory leader. I would have once said that Rees Mogg might be the man to rebuild the old alliance but now he has swallowed Johnson’s bait, high office, I have lost faith in his character.


  • ross1948 21:14 on April 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Un-British Broadcasters Welcome Pinko Priya – AGAIN! 

    BBC’s News Briefing had a rabid Europhiliac bint on again, Tuesday 2nd April, given free rein to sympathise with the latest Tory defector, the homo Nick Boles MP.

    Of course the BBC already knew of the woman’s bias before they invited her.


    Hasil gambar untuk priya century tech

    Priya Lakhani, an establishment pin-up who got an OBE during the Cameron years 


    No other guest was brought on to challenge her anti-Brexit whining, and when the hostess feebly suggested a clean-break Brexit ‘could’ be less terrifying than it’s made out to be, the pinko’s lip almost curled as she sniffed at the idea.

    Well, it’s the BBC, again!

    The last time this leftist was on…

    The Briefing – Biased BBC’s ‘Me Too, Pinko’ Show! 

    …she was railing against Trump, so that must have ensured her return to the Un-British BBC’s studios.

    I offered sensible solutions then –

    A – ask another guest with a different view to counter the glib bint…


    B –  challenge Pinko Priya’s opinion, with the arguments that a critic might put forward.

    (as noted, the hostess today feebly broached an alternative view, an improvement on the previous appearance when that dork David Eades murmured his agreement with the guest’s anti-Trump yelp…

    Gambar terkait

    Mmm, LUDICROUS…,” Eades readily agreed.

    ….but today’s hostess quickly piped down when the Lakhani Lip showed signs of curling! No inclination to challenge Pinko Priya’s prejudice vigorously)

    Needless to say, the BBC, tho’ well aware of Pinko Priya’s politics… ( http://isthebbcbiased.blogspot.co.id/2017/10/opinions-on-austrian-election.html – read this -it’s good!)

    …had NOT invited any other guest who might dissent.

    That’s normal BBC practice – avoid having people on the air who are not in step with BBC bias!

    ‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 



    The Enemy Within doesn’t do anything to clean up its act, and in fact, according to this readable article in the Telegraph last month –https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/03/31/woke-snobs-now-reign-class-bound-modern-britain/


    bbc propag

    • ====

    • …it is actually getting worse!

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