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  • ross1948 7:44 am on September 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Q-Anon – BBC Brings On SPLC Hate-Group! 

    Up very early, hard to sleep in the heat of the Jakarta night, so turned on the Beelzebub Broadcasting Corporation aka UK Pravda…



    ….just to see what tripe The Embley Monster was spouting today.

    But he passed us on to one of the BBC’s far-away flunkeys, a correspondent in the USA, who ‘specialises’ in attacking alternative sources of news, stuff the in-crowd dislike.


    Marianna Spring
    Specialist Disinformation and Social Media Reporter at BBC News
    London, United Kingdom


    She went on, an on, and on, railing at Q-Anon!

    I only recently got to know much abut Q Anon, when I reported on BBC collaboration with a dodgy ‘NGO.’ 

    BBC, With Soros-Funded ‘NGO,’ Takes On Q.Anon! 

    The Beebling, whose name is Marianna Spring, drew some satisfaction from how ‘social media’ were working tirelessly to prevent people deciding for themselves what the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are all about.

    Truth or Untruth?

    Given the New York Times’ latest tissue of lies, on their ‘1619’ propaganda project…

     1619 Projects Fires off New Lies to Cover Up Old Lies https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2020/09/21/nolte-1619-projects-fires-off-new-lies-to-cover-up-old-lies/

    See the source image


    …you’d think Miss Spring might better spend her time in The Big Apple, focusing on a fount of mendacity that reaches FAR more people than Q-Anon ever does.

    But that’s another matter, which you can read about on that link beside the rotten apple.

    What was most jarring about the report was that, ostensibly to advance her ( the BBC’s) case against ‘unproven’ or is today’s buzz-word ‘unfounded,’ opinions…

    ….The Beebling turned to a notorious far-left hate-group, the SPLC, which constantly indulges in indefensible smear tactics.

    67 Nonprofit Leaders Urge Media to Drop ‘Anti-Christian and Morally Bankrupt’ SPLC

    The SPLC spokesman obligingly provided several minutes rant.

    It is inconceivable that, even if Beebling Spring is unaware of the SPLC’s dangerous and dishonest record…

    …her senior editors in Broadcasting House MUST know what kind of a rat’s-nest the organisation is.

    You can refresh your memory here…

    Exposing The SPLC Hate-Gang! 

    …or here.

    Big Biz Banksters Funding Hate Group – Tell ‘Em Off!  

    Why is BBC giving respectability to a hate-group?.

    • Ken Kasic 8:11 am on September 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      As far as I can tell, a lot of what Qanon says is not convincing.
      So how come this BBC woman is using an extreme leftwing organization like SPLC to keep us from hearing what they have to say?


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 9:02 am on September 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for telling us, Ross.
      I just tuned into BBC and saw her interview three anti-qanon, nobody on to defend it.
      I dont find much of the QAnon theory credible but I know for a fact the New York Times is full of lies.
      Anybody who reads that link you give us can see how dishonest the NYT is.
      So is this Marianna Spring going to investigate their dishonesty.


    • Mel Henderson 11:21 am on September 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I saw that BBC ‘ report’ so it must have been repeated all day and that says something about how BBC excludes real news and wastes time on hit jobs like Marianna Spring’s. She makes no effort to give any QAnon believer a chance to explain or defend the claims made by the believers.
      Who knows? A conspiracy of pedophiles?
      Whose friend was it that died in a dodgy prison ‘suicide? ‘ Yes, HRH’s but also the Clintons!


    • Ray Messner 11:57 am on September 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      So why shouldn’t QANON be free to offer their strange stories to the public on social media? Nothing they say that I have read is urging people to commit crimes.
      Their message not to trust the political class and that means they are preaching to the converted.


    • Joseph Fox 12:29 pm on September 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Q-Anon is a false-flag operation.


  • ross1948 9:47 pm on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC’s Death Threat To British Glory Should Be Its Death Warrant! 

    A great suggestion: Let’s get Land of Hope and Glory to No.1 in the charts and make the BBC play it.



    And good for all those who went out and bought it.

    Any doubts about Brits’ readiness to resist the treason coven that runs the BBC must now be dispelled by the news that ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ is topping UK charts.



    But what are we to conclude from this wet, weakling in-put from Boris Johnson?



    After news Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia! were potentially facing the axe surfaced, Downing Street waded in on the controversy, with a spokesperson for Number 10 releasing a statement.

    It read: ‘This is a decision and a matter for the organisers of the Proms and the BBC.

    Sod off, Bojo!

    I don’t know who has statutory legal responsibility for the Proms, but the BBC belongs to the British people, millions of whom are bullied by Johnson’s government into paying its parasites’ extravagant salaries…



    ….even though those coerced may never once watch the tax-payer funded propaganda channel.

    ‘But the PM previously has set out his position on like issues and has been clear that, while he understands the strong emotions involved in these discussions, we need to tackle the substance of problems, not the symbols.’


    Get stuffed, you gutless git!

    The ‘substance of problems’ at the BBC is how they get away with their non-stop Enemy Within subversion, both of fair play, and honest journalistic practice and their hatred of the British heritage.

    Johnson has a majority at Westminster.

    Emergency legislation to dethrone the degenerates in Broadcasting House, defund the rogue channel…



    …or better still sell it off in bits and pieces, could be passed in days.

    If the Lords obstruct, dethrone them too.

    A National Revolution is required, peaceful and parliamentary if possible…

    ….or if not…



    ..storm their lair and drag them out!


    A mere harmless rhetorical flourish, that.

    No lawlessness intended!

    We must of course all be as law-abiding as the Bristol Police ensured the BLM scum were, when they hauled down that statue.

    • Ali Thorpe 10:28 pm on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      All the way with this.
      Johnson is pathetic Rumour has it he may resign and if so, nobody will be very upset.
      If British people want to save their country, sacking the BBC would be a god start and I mean sacking in the sense that the Turks sacked Constabtinople.


    • Noreen Paterson 1:22 am on August 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Throwing them bodily into the gutter!
      What s delicious thought!


  • ross1948 3:50 pm on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Far-Left Claims, Without Evidence, That Parasites Are Children! 

    Let’s all emulate the BBC Trumpophobes’ tactics and add ‘without evidence’ to any statement we don’t like.


    She claimed, without evidence, that it was a rainy day!.


    It’s not just the tax-funded leftist liars of UK Pravda, of course.


    The Reuters Rotters do it too…

    Trump set the tone early in the day…and claimed without evidence that Democrats were trying to steal the election.




    …and many another part of the putrescent mass media too!

    But when hard facts confront the Enemy Within, irrefutable evidence, OMG, don’t the cornered rats squeal for that evidence to be discounted!



    I refer you today to an honest report, which gives a clear and very non-rightwing source for the TRUTH that at least one….

    …quarter of migrants and refugees who claim to be children after crossing the English Channel in small boats to reach Britain are in fact judged to be aged 18 or older, it can be revealed…

    Admittedly, I’d suspect that proportion is a grave UNDERestimate of how many Channel crimmigrants are lying about their age.



    Virtually all those undesirable arrivals are liars anyway, since it’s absurd to say they’re fleeing – from what?

    All the millions of Brits who take weekend breaks in France know very well it’s a civilised and democratic land, and safe…

    How Many Evil ‘Aid Workers’ Covered Up Calais Rape

    Female Afghan interpreter ‘raped by armed migrants’ at CalaisJungle

    Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’ 

    ….safe, unless one is unlucky enough to find oneself in the proximity of the savage ‘migrants’ who prowl Calais and other such cities.

    Yet read the whole story and similar reports and you’ll see that, with no exceptions that I can find, all those pro-crimmigrant agitprop ‘charities’ at once proclaim, WITHOUT EVIDENCE, that the lying young louts are ‘children.’

    In my view, if the scum are old enough to rape, they’re not children in any sense.

    But even by the stupid supranationalist definition…?


    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 


    Have these ‘children’ passed the age of puberty

    We know that the slimy Amber Rudd refused to safeguard Brits and let a bunch of hefty bludgers swagger in, not using reliable checks that were easily available but excluded due to partisan pro-crimmigrant political pressure.

    It’s not a problem unique to the UK, as we have noticed for quite a few years…



    …..  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/12/09/lying-parasites-aged-asylum-kids-allotted-homes-as-aussies-wait-in-line/

    ‘80% were grown-ups’: Swedish dentist fired for exposing migrant ‘kids’ as adults talks to RT


    Priti Patel Minister.jpg

    Priti Patel


    Has Priti Patel got more spine than rotten Rudd?

    Let her declare that dental and other verifiable age-checks be made compulsory!


  • ross1948 9:25 am on August 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Kasihan Bali – And Kasihan All You Foreigners Who Can’t Visit! 

    Just getting set to go into downtown Jakarta and have seen on the BBC World News that the Isle of the Gods…



    …will remain closed to man, and more importantly women –  or at least the foreign variety of mankind – until the end of the year.

    Bad but not unsurprising news indeed, although surprising in that the British Bias Cabal didn’t manage to include in their Bali report any of their usual booster propaganda…



    ….their daily dose of BS designed to promote the marxist BLM cause.

    Although The Embley Monster is back on now, snarling his infantile Trumpophobia…

    Lawyers’ Committee?” BBC’s Leftist Embley Strikes Again!  

    More BBC Breakfast Bias, Starring Anti-Trump Embley Again!  

    …..while interviewing yet another anti-police podcaster!

    One leading leftist question after another!

    And suddenly that nasty old charlatan Al Sharpton is on again –

    16 Facts About Al Sharpton the Media Won’t Tell You

    – has the BBC no shame?





    ….kasihan Bali, how sad for the island paradise!

    The decision will be seen as devastating by the Balinese, whose entire economy is based on tourism.

    I’ve been there at least a dozen times, probably more, since I came to live and work in Indonesia. I like the island and its people, though much of it has become ever more commercialised.

    And I could go there tomorrow, if I wished, as resident foreigners are not excluded.

    But I doubt I will.

    My main delight in such trips is to meet up with those who matter to me, who come from The Land of Oz.

    And they must wait till 2021.

    Hence so will I.


    • Kezia 12:22 pm on August 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Many people trusted BBC in past time but now we read so much that is bad about them.
      I will try other channels.


  • ross1948 3:03 pm on August 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Has BBC Begun To Realise Brits Are Not Mugs? 

    At 11.30am yesterday, Jakarta time, we had yet another BBC guest, ranting against Trump.

    Michael Gordon, of whom I’d never heard, is another very wealthy left-liberal American!


    Michael Gordon Headshot

    Michael Gordon


    But when Gordon ran out of Trump-dissing gas, the BBC’s David Eades…

    David Eades - David Eades Photos - SportAccord 2018 - Day 5 - Zimbio

    ( yes, him again!  So NOBODY Objects To Toppling Robert E Lee? BBC Censorship! )


    …suddenly added that the man worked for the Clinton Administration and was therefore ‘offering very much Democrat views’

    This is very unusual.

    The BBC generally has Trumpophobes on as ‘guests’ but tries to have us believe they are not politically motivated but merely ‘experts’ or other plain folks with no axe to gring!

    Lawyers’ Committee?” BBC’s Leftist Embley Strikes Again!  

    Linda Tirado -BBC Says ‘Journalist’ – She Is A Far-Left Activist 

    BBC Gives Platform To BLM Ranter Abdullah! 

    Calling Out Yale’s ‘Systemic Racism?’ Not On BBC! 

    BBC’s Tuesday Tax-Funded Trumpophobia! 

    Again, BBC Serves Up A Hate-Trump Breakfast! 

    More BBC Breakfast Bias, Starring Anti-Trump Embley Again!  

    ‘Quite Frighteningly, He’s Getting Good!’ BBC ‘Expert’ On Trump 

    The Briefing – Biased BBC’s ‘Me Too, Pinko’ Show! 

    A Leftist Lesbian Love Affair – ‘Auntie’ And ‘Mother Jones?’ 


    Unless, like me, you investigate, you can easily be fooled into the erroneous belief that these people are objective sources of comment and/or information.

    Some of them give themselves away instantly, but rarely does the BBC have enough honesty to say their guests are leftwingers.

    So yesterday, methinks, may have been a ‘first!’

    Not that a modicum of truth redeems UK Pravda – they will still invite far more lefts than rights.


    But Eades’s open admission, albeit at the end of the interview,  suggests they know and are concerned, that more and more Brits are onto them!

    • Emily NOT Maitlis 10:08 pm on August 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I am impresssd, not by Eades inching towards transparency, although it might as you hope be a sign that they know the people have cottoned on to their dissimulative practices.

      What I am very impressed with is the sheer dedication you have shown with all those exposes of their deceitful strategy.

      i would like to think they are going to go back to their charter rules, honest reporting but that is impossible while they have a totally committed leftwing clique in charge.

      Johnson is a windbag who will never face up to the challenge.
      Britain deserves better.
      Farage, do you think?


  • ross1948 10:27 am on August 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo, Wu’er Kaixi! Xi’s S.O.B.s Are Much The Same As Hitler’s! 

    BBC’s Sackur was bad today.


    Or was Hard Talk on last night in The Old Country?

    No matter.

    Wu’er Kaixi hammered home the truth about those evil SOBs in Beijing..

    Wu'erkaixi from VOA (1).jpg

    Wu’er Kaixi

    …which is that they are at least as bad, if not worse, than Nazi Germany.

    Yet Sackur seemed at least slightly vexed at the comparison.




    Clearly the number of innocent Chinese murdered by the Communists easily exceeded those innocents who died in Hitler’s camps.



    How come Sackur thought comparisons were going too far?

    Even as the dissident, of whom I hadn’t heard, and with whose other opinions I am not familiar, tore down every nonsense argument propounded by the Reds and their apologists…



    ….even as he rounded off a splendid performance, Sackur moaned that his guest was making too much of the very obvious similarities between the world’s most infamous despotisms.





    Please watch it for yourselves!


    • Noreen P 4:21 pm on August 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Sackur seemed quite annoyed about Wu’ers allusion to the Holocaust, but as you say, Communists have much more blood on their hands than the Nazis.
      The Chinese Communists all by themselves shot, starved or tortured to death more victims than Hitler ever did.
      I share your bafflement.


  • ross1948 11:19 pm on August 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    How To Cut Violent Crime Stats? Legalise Mugging! 

    And it was the same old song, this week, just about every day, megaphoned by UK Pravda…



    ….and the Guardian…

    Experts offer other options as UK government seeks to reduce numbers crossing in boats  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/aug/11/safe-asylum-routes-proposed-to-cut-channel-crossings

    ….and The Independent, the entire pro-crimmigrant chorus line…



    …an orchestrated agitation on behalf of the moronic logic operating behind enemy lines nowadays, and while we’ve heard it before, the latest loony-tune played in the Guardian is perhaps the most arrogant yet.

    …humanitarian groups and refugee and asylum experts argue the way to reduce the number of attempted crossings is to offer alternative “safe and legal” routes to the UK to claim asylum.


    The rotten media have their own stable of nags whom they try to pass off as ‘experts’ –


    –  and of course they rarely if ever give us a chance to hear experts like Andrew Green of Migration Watch, who are on the British side…

    Sir Andrew Green: The sorry story of the BBC and immigration

    ….not dedicated to the crimmigrant cause.

    The far-left fanatics keep telling us that if we want to stop lawless migrant incursions, we need to play nice with the lawless migrants, by changing the law!


    If we change the laws which they insolently break, then they won’t be law-breakers any longer…

    ….and British tax-payers can all run down to the beaches with garlands of flowers and goodie-bags to welcome the arrogant moochers….



    …as they do their 2020 action-replay of the Norman Conquest!

    Maybe these ‘expert’ vermin have a point.

    Garlands and goodie-bags would cost the tax-payers a lot less than the multi-million hotel bills they’re currently being made to pay, just so the undesirable aliens can live a lot more comfortably than senior cits or many homeless veterans.


    Of course I’m kidding.

    They would still hog into every expensive form of largesse currently on offer, with the disadvantage to Brits being that, having made such sponger legal, there’d be even less chance that Priti and Bojo might DO something to…

  • ross1948 5:12 pm on August 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Bullies – Should Brits Dox Beebstapo License Goons? 

    Exactly how best to counter the Beebstapo tactics adopted by UK Pravda?



    BBC hires 800 licence fee agents to go after the over 75s! (4k) – YouTube


    Somebody  ( not the YouTuber above!) has suggested that these 800 goons should be shamed out of their bully-boy roles by doxing them.

    If that involves ascertaining and publishing their names and residential addresses, then I have to say NO!

    Apart from the obvious risk of disturbing innocent family members, who cannot be held responsible for the goons’ amoral choice of employment…



    …good people should NOT resort to besieging homes in the way we’ve seen disgusting BLM louts and Red Nazi Antifa thugs attempt to do elsewhere.

    Home Invasion Thwarted! Good Neighbours Stop Seattle Savages! 

    But identifying those who have freely chosen service in the pay of a foul,Un-British organisation?




    Taking photos of any BBC lackeys caught in the act of hounding decent old Brits who refuse to be coerced into subsidising Enemy Within propaganda?


    All OAPs urged to cancel BBC licence fee direct debits as over-75s sent letter today demanding £157.50



    Why the HELL not?

    The Beebstapo goons should be shamed!

    When they go out in public, they should be the objects of public loathing and contempt!

    Read more…

    Reports that BBC hires 800 new licence fee agents as cancellations of fee EXPLODE!


    • Barclay Kane 5:49 pm on August 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Good people can’t always play nice when what they are up against is a powerful enemy that Is known to be ruthless in pursuit of its objectivea and cannot be counted on to behave honourably.


    • Vanessa Reilly 8:59 pm on August 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Not bad but it lacks the impact of that geekstapo word you created for Zuckwit’s censors.
      We do need to use everything we can use to beat up the BBC over this anti-senior citizen protection racket.
      They are making themselves very unpopular with many more people than our side can usually mobilise.


  • ross1948 9:40 am on August 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC Bias, , Civicus EU-funded NGO, James graham leftist playwright, Lyas John civicus,   

    Unbalanced BBC – Update On Zeinab’s Global Minds! 

    Who the Hell is James Graham?

    He was one of the two panellists on Zeinab Badawi’s witter-fest…

    ‘Museum Of Horrors?’ BBC’s ‘Global Question’ Gunk! 

    ‘BBC Global Questions?’ AKA ‘Zeinab Comperes Pinko Piffle!’ 

    BBC Bias – Two Guests – Lancet Left Doc, Plus Labour MP’s Wife! 


    BBC Global Questions

    …which we have examined often enough!

    So who is James Graham?


    James Graham

    James Graham


    He writes plays.

    Why is he qualified to discuss international affairs?

    Because he writes leftwing plays!?

    Who is Lysa John?

    The other panellist, not much different in her opinions from Graham!



    Lysa John, Secretary-General of CIVICUS


    She runs something called Civicus?

    What the Hell is Civicus?

    A globalist ‘NGO’ based in South Africa, that gets Dutch and Swedish tax-payers money – as well as European Commission funding!

    Both of Zeinab’s guests were left and/or liberal!

    Graham dislikes borders, border walls and Trump. He doesn’t like Bojo much either. 

    LJ rabbits on about ‘human rights defenders.’ She quotes UN ‘rapporteurs’ and is hostile to ‘the narrow interests of individual countries.’

    Zeinab Badawi presents HARDtalk and Global Questions on BBC World News. Henry Iddon / BBC


    Why can’t Zeinab Badawi ensure just a bit of BALANCE in her choice of panellists!

    It did happen, ONCE…

    ….but it ought to happen every week!

    • Mel Henderson 10:24 am on August 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      She is not as obnoxious as Barnett, nor as sinister-looking as The Maitlis, but Zeinab wouldn’t keep her job long if she risked more than occasional balance.
      There’s no cure for the BBC bias-cancer.
      It’s time to put the BBC down.
      Scrap the public funding, end the licence system, and let the rich left pay for their propaganda.
      Sell it to Soros?


  • ross1948 9:32 pm on July 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Nasty Naga Sees Her Uptight BBC Rants As ‘Very Good Value!’ 

    That uptight leftist Naga Munchetty seems to get altogether too much media attention since her infamous abuse of her BBC ‘Breakfast’ tv job, when she had a near meltdown about ‘race.’

    Now it seems freaky Munchetty last week told the Radio Times that –

    But at Breakfast, we’re not ratings-driven, we’re not there to garner attention on social media. We’re there to provide a service and make sure people are informed, educated and entertained.”




    Does she really believe such gunk?

    Flaunting her own uptight hang-ups was certainly not educational, nor entertaining, nor informative, except insofar as it informed us of how big a chip she carries on her shoulder…

    BBC Flunkeys Getting Above Themselves? Fire Them! 

    …a chip not significantly diminished even by her rescue from condemnation by the leftist lord who was then Director General.

    BBC Defines ‘Racism’ – With Dazzling Clarity…NOT! 

    Her arrogance was probably enhanced by subsequent events!

    Poor Uptight Naga, Darling Of The Twitter Mob! 

    She is entitled to her obsessive attitude to race, and should be free to express her views, however offensive to normal British people…



    Naga Munchetty has received the full backing of the BBC after she was accused of ‘endorsing criminal behaviour’ during a report on the Black Lives Matter movement


    ….and will no doubt continue to do so so, having once again been given the green light by an institution steeped in bias…


    BUT…it should be at her own expense, not yours!

    I address that ‘yours’ to every UK tax-payer coerced into paying for the BBC.

    But Nasty Naga doesn’t see any reason why she should be expected to self-fund the promotion of her personal Trumpophobia or of BLM propaganda

    “I think a licence is worth that,” the BBC presenter added.

    This rich bitch presumably gets the same gigantic salary as her studio partner Dan Walker, who gets by somehow on a measly 238,000 (pounds sterling, not euros!)



    Meanwhile, senior citizen Brits, who until this week were exempted from paying for the license to watch BBC ( extorted from all other tv-owning Brits whether they watch UK Pravda or not!) are now losing that exemption, though no simultaneous trimming of fat-cat propagandists’ salaries has yet been announced!

    • Penny 11:37 pm on July 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      She is a stuck up opinionated cow but there’s no sign of her being fired. All her bosses are as stuck up and opinionated as she is.
      I want to add the Daily Express doesn’t help, with a story about some stupid trivial thing she’s said or done every other day!
      It just makes her a household name, like Ena Sharples used to be.
      People now accept her eccentricities as part of the routine.


    • Fiona F 12:18 am on July 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That munchkin needs taken down a peg or two.
      She hgas such a high opinon of herself which would be bearable if it were in any way justified.


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