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  • ross1948 04:33 on May 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Turnsteer Moos Approvingly At Turquoise ‘Independents!’ 

    Of course the pinko creeps of the BBC would invite Australia’s most notorious pinko creep, Malcolm Turnsteer, whom we had been happy to forget…

    Turnsteer Bleats At Oz Free Speech! 

    Grubbing for Sectarian Votes – Labor Vies With Mufti’s Mate Malcolm! 

    …despite his nauseating appeasement policies, back before his MPs ousted him.

    Turnsteer’s purpose on UK Pravda last night, 8pm Jakarta time, was to say how the loss of seats to those ‘Teals…’

    ( it’s actually turquoise!)

    …meant the Oz Liberal Party needs to stop being ‘rightwing.’

    So Australian voters would then have four non-right parties, Teals, Libs, Labor and the Greens, to choose from – leaving the Nationals and One Nation to speak for traditional values.

    Actually, Morrison alienated many ‘rightwing’ voters, not least with his shilly-shallying approach to the tranny lobby.

    And Turnsteer’s analysis was in any case simplistic, his yelp that people who had ‘voted Liberal all their lives’ had switched to those ghastly pinko tealers.

    I’m no expert but from my pre- and post-pandemic trips to Oz, and from listening to much of the election chatter…

    …even on lefty ABC…

    …much of the electorate in Liberal seats stayed Liberal, while the big swings we noticed were the result of people moving from trendy lefty metropolitan areas and bringing their total absence of values with them.

    I welcome Aussie readers’ viewpoints on this.

    • Uncle Oz 08:39 on May 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      That’s my gut feeling and not just mine.
      I quote Senator Canavan.
      “We adopted a Liberal moderate platform on energy, on climate, on the culture issues, and that platform has failed.”


    • Keith Milner 09:16 on May 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I held my nose and supported Morrison as lesser of two evils, but a lot of people didnt.


    • Kemangeroo 09:45 on May 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I think you are correct about city slickers moving out to rural areas but hanging onto their urban ways of thought.It must have been a factor in the swings.


  • ross1948 17:20 on May 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Why Does BBC Cover For Nameless Fourth Reich Flunkeys? 

    After the BBC World News hack David Eades…..

    .BBC’s Awful Eades Has Another ‘Expert’ Guest! 

    David ‘Some’ Eades – BBC Bigot! 

    …at 9.10am 11/5, Jakarta time, failed to challenge the hogwash of a shrill American guest who called Elon Musk ‘ignorant’ then let her own ignorance gush forth, her Big Lie that Twitter is ‘not leftwing…’


    Didn’t Twitter suppress the Hunter Biden laptop revelation?

    Oh, and don’t forget that Project Veritas scandal…..

    Did Dorsey’s ‘ChinaDoll’ Veto Veritas?

    …and hasn’t Twitter been waging a woke war on people who refuse to kow-tow to pronoun pukes?

    Truth and Twitter are words that don’t go well together.


    • =

    Twitter claimed that the tweet about Levine, a biological man who claims to be a woman, violates its policy against “hateful conduct.” READ


    So I had a look at the BBC news website, and lo, UK Pravda is into cover-up mode again….


    …a report on Brussels V Britain, quoting unidentified Fourth Reich flunkeys, ‘EU diplomats,’no less.

    But why should we be expected to believe anything said by those quoted, if they lack the guts, the integrity, to put their names to their anti-British rants.

    More to the point, how do we know they even exist!

    But UK Pravda nevertheless gaily spotlights their anti-British snarling.


    From all her meetings with the EU and member states she knows exactly that this is a no-go for all of them,” said one EU diplomat. 

    “So this can only be about catering to a domestic audience.” 

    Another senior diplomat warned that such a move by the UK would only serve to “delight” Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

    “Contemplating to break international law and undermining Western unity at a time when Western democracies have come together to defend international law against Russia would be an utterly irresponsible move,” they said.



    Rabid rot, or not?

    If Kaiserin Ursula ranted like that, or Le Muppet, we should not be surprised. 
    They are mere politicians, still furious that Britannia extricated herself from the EUSSR.


    It’s their job to spout bombastic bilge.

    But the flunkeys?
    They are no more entitled to fume and foam about Britain’s ‘utterly irresponsible’ efforts to prevent intrusion by partisan ECJ judges into UK affairs than social security clerks in Ipswich are entitled to rant to claimants.
    They can hold any views they like, but if they go sneaking off to media sympathisers…


    Dismissal looms, surely?

    Oh, and BTW, note those quotes!

    ‘One EU diplomat’ said one thing, then ‘another senior diplomat‘ said something else.

    Clear enough, but for the final, most bilious, part of the rant, that cr-p about Putin? Suddenly it’s ‘they said!’

    Did the two flunkeys stand side by side, reading aloud from a shared Euro-Commissar song-sheet?

    Or, scarily, are we dealing with one of those deluded pronoun pukes?



    • Mack the Knife 21:31 on May 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The BBC has always been hostile to Brexit.
      But even if they were pro-Brexit, there is no justification for them using unsubstantiable unprovable sources.
      So unless they have the honesty to tell us who these nameless flunkeys really are, they should not use them.
      But well-spotted, Ross, that give-away ‘they’ that suggests something very staged.
      Who is manipulating who?


  • ross1948 19:45 on May 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Dotard’s ‘1984’ Plan – A Gift To Putin! 

    We have, temporarily, all-channel access here…



    …a special Ramadhan treat from the internet provider.

    This includes mostly agreeable Fox News material, but also RT…

     OK – Some Reasons Why May’s Jackboot Is Misplaced!

    =Gambar terkait

    Hands Off RT! Somebody Should Start A Petition! 

    … the Moscow-based broadcaster…

    ….which you in the Free West are currently denied, because RT has ‘bias,’ unlike the dispassionate coverage…

    Witch and the Cauldron | Etsy

    VD On BBC – Putin Is ‘Vicious, Evil!’ 

    …we get from the BBC coven.

    Today, RT was brimming with anti-Ukraine propaganda, largely unconvincing, like how Poland is planning to seize and annex parts of the victim country…



    …as well as a long, distorted look at WW2, when, unsurprisingly, after Stalin’s genocidal Holodomor…


    Time To Honour Holodomor Victims! Think Again, AfD! 

    …. many Ukrainians welcomed German forces as liberators.

    They welcomed any opportunity of being rescued from Communist evil.

    Saying that, RT gave plenty of time to trenchant criticism of Russia and Putin from Charles Kupchan…


    …of the CFR, which is not an outfit I have much time for…

    MultiCult or Else!” – Bilderberger Spurs EUSSR to Erase National Identities 

    …but he gave as good as he got, debating with an RT fan of Putin.

    But what was most striking was how RT was, quite fairly and accurately, able to report on The Dotard’s Big Brother scheme…


    …the 1984-style ‘disinformation’ cabal, aka ‘Ministry of Truth,” which makes it SO awkward for critics of Putin’s crack-down on dissent.

    • JazPen 21:01 on May 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      This is not your usual style, Ross, but none the worse for that.
      It is very unwise and very condescending that many of us are not allowed to watch RT.
      The governments that have banned it must think we are all simpletons.
      The new Ministry of Truth being established in DC is Biden’s worst move so far and putting that leftwing tiktokker in charge only adds insult to injury.


    • Cam Corcoran 22:19 on May 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      It is wrong that RT has been banned so many places.
      It’s not that I trust any broadcaster to be unbiased but the ban makes it look like they can’t trust us to make up our own minds.

      That feeling gets even stronger now that Biden’s started up his Big Brother censor board.


  • ross1948 19:50 on April 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Will New Judge Be As ‘Fair & Balanced’ As BBC? 

    This is a really joyous day!’

    Thus UK Pravda’s guest about 8am ( Jakarta time) today.

    Sonia Gipson Rankin of the University of New Mexico, who gushed extensively for several minutes about how wonderful that abominable leftist…

    Dotard’s Judge? A Soft Spot For Evil? 

    Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson arrives for her confirmation hearing on March 21.
    Ketanji Brown Jackson chose leniency even in baby sex torture cases

    …truly is – oh, and Sonia is an ex-president of the New Mexico Black Lawyers’ Association!

    Needless to say, there was no spokesperson from the New Mexico White Lawyers’ Association..

    A  – because White lawyers would not dare form such an association – racialised groupings are a privilege only afforded to some, not others!


    B – because NO contrary voice at all was heard, nobody invited to dispute Gushing Sonia’s nauseating eulogy.



    Now, if only a tiny percentage of Americans had opposed The Dotard’s nominee, perhaps the BBC could argue they had no obligation, under their charter duty to be fair and balanced…

    …..to give a miniscule minority equal time.

    But how was the Senate split?

    99-1?   90-10?   80-20?  70- 30?  60-40?

    Er, NO.  None of the above.

    Actually, it was 53-47….



    ….and only because three RINO rats deserted their colleagues to vote for the far-left woman.

    So BBC World News betrayed their responsibility to let both sides be heard on a key issue.

    Predictable, if you know about BBC guest-choices.

    Guest-Expert” Impartial? Hee-Ha

    Linda Tirado –BBC Says ‘Journalist’ – She Is A Far-Left Activist 

    ‘Quite Frighteningly, He’s Getting Good!’ BBC ‘Expert’ On Trump

    Zeinab Welcomes Red Cop-Killer’s Fan



    Later in the day, we got a couple of brief shots of Ted Cruz and another Republican asking her pre-confirmation questions, but that was more than outweighed by a camera dwelling on an absurd Democrat popinjay, Cory Booker, being so sycophantic towards Jackson that I thought he was about to ask her for a date.

    But nothing after the confirmation vote EXCEPT Gusher’s glorification.

    Not even one of the 43 loyal Republicans




    • Mel Henderson 20:46 on April 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Will she?


    • Amanda Adams 22:53 on April 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, isn’t it funny how there’s a Black Lawyers Association but not a chance there’s a White Lawyers Association.
      Racism just like here there’s BLM but God help anyone shouts about WLM.
      Even ALL lives Matter gets the racists upset.
      How many English people are bored of being second class citizens.


  • ross1948 15:27 on March 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC’s Bitter Bias – Anti-Bojo Or Anti-Brexit? 

    Fake News Warning! 


    Ukraine war: Boris Johnson wins applause after comparison to Brexit

    Actually, although there’s no doubt much of his audience DID applaud (Tory conferences always applaud a Tory PM!) the far-left UK Pravda hacks chose to ignore that reality..


    ..and grubbed about for the likes of Lord Bramwell ( wtf’s he?)  and Turncoat Tusk….

    Cancel Brexit?’ Arrogant, Ignorant Turn-Coat Tusk! 

    Biden with EUSSR notables, including the Polish Turn-Coat Tusk – Two of a Kind?


    …to justify a headline in line with their ideological agenda.

    What else do you expect from UK Pravda hacks who sponge on coerced British tv license money?


    Ukraine war: Boris Johnson sparks fury after comparison to Brexit



    Personally, I have no time for Jellyfish Johnson.

    He’s no conservative, nor has he fulfilled the Brexit promises.

    But the brazen way the BBC creates biased headlines is intolerable.

    Defund the Curs!



    • Scott Douglas 22:22 on March 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The Ukrainians are putting up a marvellous fight.
      Eire will find that we Ulster people will be no less determined to make their forces pay a heavy price if any ‘united ireland’ moves are made.


  • ross1948 16:52 on March 18, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    OfCom Stomps RT? Better Outlaw OfCom! 

    Of course OfCom has banned RT  – breaking news on UK Pravda just an hour ago…


    …but if RT is not a ‘fit and proper’ broadcaster, why not ban UK Pravda too?

    We have considered RT, have criticised some of its programmes and praised others.

    Yet by any reckoning, the BBC is infinitely worse.

    OfCom may have occasionally offered mild criticism of the BBC but has more often given their left bigotry a green light.


    Reminder – Why OfCom Needs Gutted!

    And we weren’t the only ones to think so.


    Nadine Dorries plans to target Ofcom over ‘bias towards the BBC’ as officials raise concerns that 10 out of 14 of regulator’s content board members used to work at the broadcaster

    OfCom Sty-Purge Or Another Nadine Non-Event? 

    And I just heard Amal Rajan, the BBC’s ‘media editor,’ explaining how the difference between ‘state broadcasters’ and ‘public broadcasters’ was that the latter didn’t bring ‘ideological baggage’ into their jobs.

    So by that definition BBC is NOT a public broadcaster…

    HAR HAR HAR…’ A BBC Spokesman Said…’ 

    …as you and I have noticed.

    We have criticised Putin’s adventurism sufficiently but we are not afraid to read or watch stuff that’s published by his fans.

    We credit most Brits with enough sense to do the same without being gulled.

    So we see no reason why a pack of ex-BBC hacks….

      ( as many an OfCommissar is, with consequently predictable outcomes –

    OfCom, As Un-Elected As Judges, Move Against Farage 

     – in their deliberations  )

    ….should insult Brits’ intelligence by denying them the chance to hear both sides of the story.


    • Vicki 18:30 on March 18, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I always found RT a lot more balanced than BBC.


  • ross1948 15:41 on March 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Told You So! Spectacular Nadine U-Turn! 


    In a screeching U-turn, longtime Auntie-basher Nadine Dorries is reduced to tears by the BBC


    Which is exactly what we predicted six months ago!

    ‘That woman who’s forever mouthing off about cleansing the sty has, we’ve noticed, a habit of talking lots but doing…ZILCH!’

    Except, of course, U-Turn,

    Another Patelian U-Turner? Don’t Trust Dorries


    Nadine Dorries MP


    I tried repeatedly to give her the benefit of the doubt…

    OfCom Sty-Purge Or Another Nadine Non-Event? 

    …but enough is enough.

    The BBC hates Putin, true – as this impartial input ( and the BBC says RT offer biased broadcasting!) from their leftist hag Victoria Derbyshire made clear…

    VD On BBC – Putin Is ‘Vicious, Evil!’ 

    ….but they hate him for lots of reasons, not because there are any more patriotic impulses at BBC HQ now than there was during the Falklands War.

    BBC At War…No Longer Neutral? 

    There isn’t.

  • ross1948 15:33 on February 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC At War…No Longer Neutral? 

    One’s natural instinct, when a mighty power targets a smaller country.. .


    Poland’s treatment by the Third and Fourth Reichs, for example….

    …is to sympathise with the bully’s victim.

    Just been listening to UK Pravda’s Steve Rosenberg in Moscow, assuring us that ‘this is not a war the Russian public wants.’

    Very possibly true, but who knows?

    How many of Russia’s millions of people has Mr. Rosenberg spoken with?

    Overall, it’s fair to say the BBC has been overtly anti-Putin, its numerous ‘guests’ differing in approach but united in hostility to Moscow.

    WHAT A DIFFERENCE from the Falklands War…

    …when the BBC was NOT exactly pro-British…

    “…it is not the BBC’s role to boost British troops ‘ morale..”


    “…the widow in Portsmouth is no different from the widow of Buenos Aires.. “   https://www.bbc.co.uk/historyofthebbc/research/editorial-independence/falklands-conflict

    Just saying!

    • Petra Malley 20:21 on February 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      We all remember the shameful (or should I say shameless? ) role of the BBC during the Falklands War but we all prefer to forget Maggie’s failure to follow through
      After defeating Argentina, she had a chance and the popular support, to take on the ‘enemy at home, ‘ the BBC.
      We are still suffering today because she did not.


  • ross1948 10:14 on February 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Exalts Greenham Grots – Deliberate Timing? 

    Remember the Greenham Grots, those ghastly pinko creepesses whose disorderly attempts at mayhem around air force facilities in England, back in Maggie’s Era?


    See the source image

    Hags Galore


    Revolting creatures – but why has BBC inexplicably broadcast a sycophantic review of the leftist vixens today? (10am, 11/2 Jakarta time)

    They seem to do so from time to time –

    BBC World Service – Witness History, The Greenham Common  21/10/2021 ·

    BBC Radio 4 – The Reunion, Greenham Common

    • —————–

      But now?

      Could it just possibly a bid to resurrect the sort of CND mentality, that Communist, Neutralist, Defeatist swamp-think…



      …that poisoned many a young mind in the 60s and 70s, as Western countries sort out their attitudes towards Ukraine?

    Don’t know – but it sure is some odd timing.

  • ross1948 14:28 on February 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Evil Adams – BBC’s Blood-Beast Black-Out! 

    MP accuses BBC of creating a ‘news blackout’ by failing to report it is being sued by Gerry Adams for defamation… 

    There is no doubt that Blood-Beast Adams is an evil man with no conscience about what Sinn Fein/IRA has done over the years.


    But let’s not ignore the sins of the UK tax-funded propaganda gang.



    … whose reluctance to provide all the millions of Brits coerced into paying that license tax with important information about the disloyals in Ulster..

    Dirty BBC? Lazy BBC? Disloyal BBC? UK Pravda Hides Truth About Sean Napier! 

    …has been noticed previously.



    Even media in Eire have been more up-front than UK Pravda!

    Irish papers first reported the case in February 2020, and covered the pre-trial hearing in December, in which the BBC sought materials from Mr Adams which it claims are relevant to its defence.


    No wonder representatives of Ulster’s loyal citizens are indignant at the possibility of a dirty deal!

    It would be shameful if they were to settle the case and licence-fee money were to exchange hands to Gerry Adams.’

    So what can we do about this BBC cover-up?

    The news report tells us that BBC has also received complaints from a member of the public over its lack of coverage of proceedings.



    • Billy King 21:30 on February 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      None of us trust the BBC. It’s not that they love Dublin.
      They just don’t like people who like the red white and blue, they don’t understand people who are loyal to Queen and Countrry.


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