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  • ross1948 3:41 pm on June 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Re-Heats Biased Old Bakewell Tart! 

    Spiked.com can be annoying at times, but, like RT, at other times quite admirable.

    On occasion, it simply gives us useful information, as this past week was the case with an interview, an old bat who sits on the Labour benches in the House of Lords, whom younger readers won’t likely have heard of.


    Gambar terkait


    Her name’s Joan Bakewell and as a young guy in the Sixties, I remember her as a typical smug BBC leftist.

    She was a bit prettier than the run-of-the-mill red slags who trudged about on CND marches…


    Gambar terkait


    …but in that halcyon era, when micro-mini-skirts were still an entrancing new development in female fashions…


    Hasil gambar untuk miniskirts sixties


    …we none of us normal ( i.e. non-BBC!) young gentlemen would ever have given Bolshie Bakewell a second – or even a third – glance.

    Then some comedian  – I believe it was Frank Muir – rather famously described her as ‘’the thinking man’s crumpet.”


    Hasil gambar untuk joan bakewell


    In other words, unlike the intellectual in-crowd Muir hung out with, those of us, indubitably the majority of men, who thought Marianne Faithfull was a MUCH tastier confectionary, were unthinking?


    Gambar terkait

    What do you think?


    We discussed that insult and were even more strongly confirmed in our adamant indifference to Joanie’s superficial charms.


    However, the sad thing is that despite the passage of half a century, she seems not to have matured.Inevitably, the BBC is bringing back her bias, via a brand-new show to be called “Vive La Revolution.”

    Watch it if you like  – pinko pap, I’ll predict..



    Thing is, she was caught out fifty years ago, when the Broadcasting House bosses had some slight acquaintance with their charter’s duty to be an impartial outfit.

    Bakewell: What had been happening for some 13 years by 1968 was the Vietnam War, which we covered on Line-Up.
    Because of our sympathies, we interviewed a lot of draft dodgers.
    We got into trouble with the BBC establishment who noticed we weren’t interviewing the people fighting the war.
    And they felt that was to the discredit of the BBC.
    Hasil gambar untuk draft dodger
    American vermin

    Heavens above!

    Somebody at the BBC had a grasp of the concept of fairness? Somebody thought that honourable young Americans fighting for their country might merit a hearing?

    Changed days. Now bias at the BBC is a way of life.



    No wonder they want the old bat back. They’ll have made sure, no doubt, that she even now is completely unabashed about her “sympathies” with the cowards and traitors of the Bill Clinton breed.

    So expect little in the way of fairness in whatever the Old Bakewell Tart cooks up on her programme.

    • Vanessa 5:03 pm on June 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      She was so condescending!
      There were always those Oxbridge airs and graces on display ( which college did she attend, may I ask?) and she reeked of political prejudice, as if only the left had any claim to righteousness.
      I used to wonder if she went down the East End of an evening to drink in working class pubs as a kind of research project.
      It would be the only way her hoity-toity brand of socialist would ever get to meet the proles in whose name her (Vive La) Revolution was to be carried through.

      • Chrissie Miles 10:03 pm on June 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Vanessa, she went to Newnham, and that was a ladies-only college then, maybe no longer, but I don’t know.
        Might that explain her problems?

      • Seth Grierson 12:26 am on June 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        She went to an elite women’s college

    • Pamela 6:21 pm on June 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Oh good, Ross, it’s so nice to read somebody rip into this woman. She was bad enough in the 1960s and 70s but got worse and worse in later years.
      Was it her getting worse or was it the BBC taking down more and more barriers to let her show off a dirty mouth that a ton of carbolic could not have kept clean?
      I’d offer chapter and verse to explain what I mean but her descent into obscenity is chronicled in her wikipedia entry.

    • Ewan Langston 7:34 pm on June 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Anyone who was a teenaged male in those days will tell you how all the girls looked fantastic in their minis. Your photographs back me up in that.
      So it wasn’t only ‘Mars Bar’ Faithfull that would have overshadowed the young Bakewell Tart. She was nothing special, wouldn’t have turned a single male head in Oxford Street and even fewer in Broadcasting House where male heads tended, as often as not, then as now, to rest on each others shoulders!

      I know you like to use the word “pinko” to describe leftists so I will borrow it if I may, and say Bakewell was not “the thinking man’s crumpet” but something more like the “pinko man’s strumpet, “ and if you read the lines and between the lines in that spiked interview, to do her justice, she isn’t shy about it.

      She put her heart and soul in tthe role of anti-public-morality warrior because she had given up her own personal morality long since.

    • Nev 4:06 am on June 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Just goes to show, if you are left enough, you are never too old to get work with the BBC

  • ross1948 5:22 pm on May 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Covers For Crimmigrant Smugglers – Fire Them! 

    Waking up is hard to do, all the more so on a Sunday morning this week, but if one’s house-guest has to hit the trail early, needs must!



    So I opted to get the washing done, in hopes ‘twould be as hot and sunny as Saturday.

    So far so good, but then I turned on the TV and had to watch the BBC’s Nawal Al-Maghafi, ‘a Yemeni/ British journalist and filmmaker,‘ openly aiding and abetting a people smuggler, some erstwhile hooker bint in Turkey.


    Hasil gambar untuk Nawal Al-Maghafi



    Ostensibly about a welcome development  – ‘refugees’ in Europe going home to where they belong, the show had the Beeb Bint travelling to and fro with the smuggler –https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b57zxv –  who made no bones about her gleeful involvement in facilitating border violations, both ‘migrants’ heading out of Turkey and INTO Europe.



    Maghafi could at any time have alerted the authorities to clearly illegal activities but instead showed NO inclination to report the Arab female, who appeared to relish conducting crimmigrants towards their goal.

    That goal, of course, is the violation of the borders of Britain’s NATO ally, Greece.



    Like so many others among the alien horde, naturally, those are hardly ‘refugees’ – their objective is not safe shores of a democratic country, not seeking sanctuary…



    …but rather the rich and yummy troughs of Northern Europe.

    Crimmigrants deserve to be nabbed and locked up for deportation, but what does Maghafi merit for her failure to do what any honest citizen has a duty to do…


    Gambar terkait


    ….report known criminal intent to the police!

    This ain’t a first offence on the part of the rotten rats in Broadcasting House.

    Boo-Hoo! BBC Snivels for Illegals ALMOST Corralled by Turks! 

    Again, BBC Fails To Warn Police of Criminality On Turkish Shore! 

    The British Government should demand her dismissal.

    And that of Ben Allen who, as her editor, must be held equally responsible.

    • Benny Palmer 6:17 pm on May 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Again and again, covering for illegal activity instead of reporting it.
      Again and again, propagandising for a cause when their charter forbids them being partisan.

    • Trevor Nash 7:17 pm on May 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You are relentless in your attention to these repeat bias offences and I like it.
      So many people are so used to the BBC and their fawning over these criminals that it goes unremarked and inevitably the BBC is made more nakedly biased.
      Please keep doing this.
      Somebody has to care.

    • Mack the Knife 9:16 pm on May 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Even Thatcher did’t clean up the BBC. It’s incurable so privatisation is the alternative.
      Sell it to Soros for one billion. A miilstone off our necks.
      Its employees do his work anyway and we could use some of that billion to do something useful like deport all the fake refugees and other undesirable aliens.

  • ross1948 11:50 pm on April 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC (Brussels Big Cheer-Leader) Buckles Under Pressure! 

    A small victory, perhaps, but one that would never have been achieved without constant patriot agitation.

    Not that May or any of her Ministers, pro or con Brexit, would ever have the guts to do to the BBC what that Austrian MP has threatened to do to their state-funded broadcaster.

    Bias! A Patriot MP Enrages State-Media Hacks! 

    But while the BBC’s Europhiliac mandarins are twisters  for the most part, they are none of them stupid.



    They will push their propaganda as far as they can but if they sense they risk an effective backlash, they draw back.

    The BBC has scrapped a planned documentary about the campaign to block Brexit amid concerns that it could be seen to breach impartiality guidelines.


    Hasil gambar untuk anna soubry stand again broxtowe

    The programme was to have focused on Remain leaders, including Lord Adonis, the Labour peer, and Anna Soubry, the Conservative MP

    BBC drops documentary on anti-Brexit campaign

    Of course, one swallow does not make a summer.

    We cannot let up on the creeps, just because of one little bit of good news. Every time we blog against them, or pen a good article in any media, like John Redwood’s neat little look, this very week, at the shallow sell-out tactics which they practise on almost a daily basis….



    …the Today programme had the good idea of going to Germany to find out what they are thinking about the EU and Brexit. A few patsy interviews later we were little the wiser.


    ..the sly swine get ever slyer.

    As we have often demonstrated, they usually manage to avoid making overtly biased noises themselves. Instead they choose their ‘guests’ with the sort of gay abandon you’d expect of their sort.

    A Leftist Lesbian Love Affair – ‘Auntie’ And ‘Mother Jones?’ 

    We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC  –

    The aim should be to destroy the BBC, which is irredeemable.

    And the best way to do that is simple.

    MPs should be made to understand that privatisation ought to be the goal.

    If propaganda is the BBC priority, make them pay for it themselves.

  • ross1948 2:23 pm on February 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Sunday! Skip The TV, Relax With Brexit Videos! 

    We offered you the Axe the TV Tax video last weekend, so in keeping with our wish to let you relax…



    ….after you get home from Sunday lunch at the pub ( hopefully Wetherspoons!) here’s more!

    A lot of TV here in Jakarta is just rubbish…

    …made more so by the misery-guts censors…Gambar terkait

    Dimana Bokong2nya? – Where Are Our Buttocks

    …but as to what’s worth watching in the UK these days, I really don’t know.


    I suspect BBC is abominable- we covered just how low those pinko rats could crawl a year or two ago in terms of Sunday programming.


    • BBC-bias-alert

    BBC defends Songs of Praise in Calais


    So why not try these two videos from the Freedom Association.-

     Better Off Out


    Customs Union freedom 


    PS  I hear from Leave.EU that Jacob Rees-Mogg MP is on LBC today.

    He has previously appeared as a guest call-in host on LBC (click here to watch). As Parliament reconvenes in the run-up to the withdrawal agreement being finalised there could scarcely be a better week to witness such a well-informed patriot swatting away the naysayers and encouraging the Leavers.
    So tune into LBC (97.3FM DAB) at 10am on Sunday, or alternatively listen online
    • Allan Hay 4:04 pm on February 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for this, Ross.
      I like to laze around in front of the telly of a Sunday but these are much more useful viewing. Let’s have more video tips every Sunday. I could look for them myself but like I say.
      Lazy Sunday Afternoons!

  • ross1948 6:16 pm on January 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC? Dirty Rotten Rats, Leeching Off The British Public! 

    Read the latest on BBC subversion via the link below.

    Then ask yourself HOW stinking traitors got and maintained their grip on the UK state media?

     How BBC kept Leavers off the air for a decade: Analysis finds that just 3.2% of guests talking about the EU on the Today Programme over ten-year period were pro-Brexit

    Then reaffirm your determination to get the rat’s nest called Broadcasting House cleansed of evil. 

    • Drew Schener 11:58 pm on January 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      And no action by goverment or parliament to bring these propagandists under control?
      I wish we had a government like Poland’s where they have already cleaned out the anti-Polish mob that ran the Polish state media!

  • ross1948 9:45 am on January 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC Bias, Czech election, , Jiri Pehe,   

    Congratulations, Mr. Zeman – And BOO to BBC! 

    Prior to the election which the anti-crimmigrant Milos Zeman has just won, we wrote about the snobbery on which much of the Europhiliac elite’s animosity towards the patriot president was based..


    Gambar terkait

    Prague, Europe’s loveliest capital, Hradcany Palace towering above


    Happily, Zeman was not brought down by their supercilious, sneering arrogance. He is back in the Hradcany Palace for another four years.

    Today the BBC had no choice but to report his victory, but who did they invite to offer ‘informed’ comment on the result?

    “Zeman is vulgar and low – it’s unfortunate but also true!”

    Hasil gambar untuk Jiri Pehe, New York University in Prague.

    Jiri Pehe – What a friggin snob!


    ‘Vulgar?’ Will Czechs Elect A Man Loathed By Pinko Snobs? 

    The very ivory-tower ‘intellectual’ from Prague’s “New York University” whose stuck-up condescension we described in our previous piece!

    This habit of bringing in ‘guests’ with an axe to grind without clearly identifying them as partisan hacks is nothing new for the tax-funded ratbags of Broadcasting House…

    ……but needs constantly to be exposed.



    m we spotlightlah. a piec

    • Jiri 1:03 pm on January 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I have the same first name as Pehe but no more in common with him.
      We have this MidAtlantic elite here like the ‘European Values’ you identify as Sorosoid and they are more faithful to Brussels than to our country.
      They use their foreign money against us. .
      President Zeman is a man we trust against the EU plan to force migrants onto us. .

  • ross1948 7:57 pm on January 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC Bias, , Lower Saxony, , , North African crimmigrants   

    Crimmigrants – BBC (No Doubt Sadly) Reports The Truth! 

    Germany: Migrants ‘may have fuelled violent crime rise’


    You don’t say!

     We’ve known that, from the very outset of Mama Stasi Merkel’s malign decision to let a horde of savages pour into her country.



    We’ve published the above collage, too, which is entirely justified by the report from Lower Saxony.

    Until we make our way past its indisputable facts and come to the imbecilic conclusions -viz.

    The researchers said that the best chance of reducing violent crime among migrants was to offer more help with integration through language courses, sport and apprenticeships.



    What absolute rot!

    How about good old-fashioned horse-whippings, then immediate expulsion from the country whose hospitality they foully affront?

    And what a gift the conclusion-drawers have for stating the obvious!

    … it said that many male migrants fell into the 14-30 age category, the most likely to commit violent crime.

    We know that.

    It’s been known far and wide and for long enough. Merkel certainly knew that but still she failed to put these dangerous intruders in detention until they could at least be properly vetted.

    The conclusion gets even more profound, wittering about how “the lack of women and families among the migrants also meant that those young men were deprived of a “violence-preventing, civilising force.”

    Well, plenty of the rabid pack quickly found ways of compensating for the lack of women of their own sort.

    If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 


    Continuing to state the obvious – and by doing so to show what a total shambles was the German Government’s handling of the invasion – we are next advised that migrants with little hope of being giving asylum in Germany were much more likely to commit violent crime…


    How come those ‘with little hope‘ were not held and confined in guarded centres on the basis of that self-evident truth.

    How come the NAFRI – known to have little chance of achieving legal status in Germany- were not taken into preventive detention?

    Had they been, then a lot of crimes would not have been committed, a lot of women unmolested.



    The statistics show that, in Lower Saxony, no less than 17% of crimes attributed to migrants were suspected of being committed by North Africans, despite the fact that they make up less than 1% of the state’s migrant population…

    We are led back to the paramount importance of the question so many have already asked.


    Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 

    Was Mama Stasi’s opening of the flood-gates prompted by treason or stupidity?

    • Louis Nixon 9:31 pm on January 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      ‘Language courses, sports and apprenticeships’ – must be joking.
      Decent immigrants can put those things to good use. If they come in legally, wait their turn, then I would see nothing wrong with helping them.
      But these fakers, illegal, queue-jumpers, no way ‘refugees’ -give them nothing but a kick on the ass as they board the plane back to where they came fro, in chains if they wont go peacefully.

      • Jerry Jerman 3:41 pm on January 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Germans needed no report to k now what the crimmigrants do but we blame Merkel more than the criminals she introduced to Germany.,

    • Hannelor 4:44 pm on January 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      When they must admit the reality they still look for excuses for the monsters.
      Extraordinary, I think. And the solutions they offer are like a joke.
      Apprenticeships? they already have complete skills as parasites and predators.

  • ross1948 5:57 pm on January 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , BBC Bias, Henry Bonsu, Samantha Simmonds   

    Horrid Henry Spews Left Vitriol – BBC ‘News’ At it Again! 

    Once more, BBC World News did its thing, brought on a man named Henry Bonsu, identified only as ‘broadcaster,’ as guest of the day.


    Gambar terkait


    In fact, he’s director and presenter on Colourful Radio, the new speech-based digital station aimed at Europe’s African and Caribbean communities.

    He insulted President Trump again and again, ‘in way over his head’ ‘…absolutely insane…’..he’s making himself a figure of fun’…’he will reap the whirlwind..



    …but was never challenged by his BBC hostess, a grinning, nodding  grimnasty named Samantha Simmonds…


    Gambar terkait



    When I checked her out, she turns out once upon a time to have said that  –

    ‘…the view wherever I’ve worked is that as long as it’s coming in equal measure from both sides, you’re probably getting it about right…’

    A Jewish presenter or a presenter who’s Jewish? | 

    A nice neat misleading use of the phrase ‘as long as,’ since that condition is not met almost on principle by the mandarins who run Broadcasting House.

    BBC’s Bitter Bias – A Megaphone For Left-Bigot Smears! 

    Not only the infamous line from the BBC Dateline anchorman, who claimed they did try to play fair and get balance on their pinko panel…

    ‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 

    …a bare-faced lie as there are plenty of conservative journalists about…



    …but also the proven practice of inviting leftists on as guests and neither identifying them as leftists …

    A Leftist Lesbian Love Affair – ‘Auntie’ And ‘Mother Jones?’ 

    …nor putting sturdy pro-Trump protagonists to balance them.

    Privatise the parasites!

    • Neal Hannen 11:27 pm on January 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I hate the BBC and their dirty tricks.
      They really do despise us people whose money they grab without any sense of their obligations to be fair, objective, impartial..
      They have no shred of principle.

  • ross1948 10:47 am on November 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    UK? US? EU? YOUR Taxes Fund Attack-Dog Propaganda! 

    Big shock-horror story in the Guardian, about a rival part of the media, RT, formerly Russia Today, classed by the US government last week as a Kremlin propaganda vehicle.

    Propaganda vehicle?

    And how, pray, do those omniscient US Government attack-dogs think of CNN…

    …which is almost unwatchable by now, so much of its time spent on venting fury at the (as yet unidentified) heroes who gave American voters the info they needed about Democrat emails,dirty tricks perpetrated by the Clinton Cash clique?


    Hasil gambar untuk dirty tricks

    Trump? Putin? The Villains Are The Democrats! 

    Or take a look at the British Biased Corporation!

    Katty Kay – One Bare-Faced BBC Liar! 

    BBC’s Biased Bryant Fawns On Trump-Hater Baldwin! 

    Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British? 

    The fact is, the Russian media are fairer than the BBC, as one UK MP makes clear…



     “The News Thing has given me a fair chance to explain my opinions on Brexit immigration and transgender issues, for which I am grateful,” Davies said.


    Gambar terkait

    David Davies MP


    “Sadly, I have not received the same courtesy from the British Broadcasting Corporation. Instead, on several occasions, its highly paid presenters have criticised me by name without giving me a right of response.”  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/nov/18/mps-kremlin-propaganda-channel-rt,

    He’s one of the few real conservatives in T-May’s party!

    However it’s impossible even for Guardian hacks to claim that RT is less than even-handed, for we read on, and learn that far-left George Galloway…

    Ex-MP Galloway – addressing ‘British’ fans?


    …and Red Ken Livingstone and the leftist former SNP separatist leader Alec Salmond have been given lots of chances to make themselves heard.

    What is curious is the absence of any Guardian indignation as it reveals how the EUSSR and the UK and US governments are eager pay-masters of a sleazy propaganda outfit styling itself  ‘European Values!’


    ‘European Values’ – dirty snouts in the tax-trough!


    Do American, British and EU subject nations’ tax-payers (the Czech Government chips in too!) even KNOW their money is being pumped into this left-liberal sewer?



    Although the Guardian tells us a bit about EV, it does not mention that  its biggest single donor is George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, which covers almost 10 percent of its funding.

    For that tidbit, you need a proper analysis of the EV, And I have been lucky enough to find that, here.


    But back to the Guardian, which confirms how EV splurged a bunch of YOUR money on a ‘report’ witch-hunting more than 2,000 US and European politicians who have appeared on RT.

    Monika Richter, the report’s author, said RT’s purpose was “to fundamentally pollute the information space.”

    Hasil gambar untuk Monika Richter European values

    Subsidised by YOU, without YOUR knowledge or consent


    Not so much a writer ( read that Duran link!) as an attack-dog, this little leftist Sorosoid bint needs to be exposed as a parasite, leeching off the public purse to push her bigoted internationalist agenda…


    …pollution on the tax-payers’ tab!

    • Rudy Marlan 11:40 am on November 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I never knew a thing about this money of ours going to the EV for its media-wars.
      Our American media is much more polluted with bias than the Russian tv channel..
      Who do we complain to?
      President Trump should do something.

    • Eric jonston 1:16 pm on November 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Using our tax dollars for propaganda is not acceptable!

    • Petra Malley 2:46 pm on November 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You put a lot of effort to expose these ”European Values” ( values? what -like multicult and gaystapo power?); enemies of ours, Ross and I salute you.
      Why is Britain collaborating with America’s Deep Staters and Britain’s enemies in Brussels, chucking money around like a drunken sailor to help those who have no values at all except cultural marxist ones? Hungary and Poland have European values.
      I’ll bet EV and Comrade Monika have been blasting away at them too.

    • Ben Baniek 10:08 pm on November 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      So is CNN gonna go nuts about US government meddling in another country’s affairs?

    • Penny 10:16 pm on November 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I expect that pig Soros to finance them but I burn up when I read they have their hands in my pockets, courtesy of Theresa May.
      Never trust a Tory!

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