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  • ross1948 8:23 pm on November 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Today’s BBC Guest, Max Kutner… 

    I wonder when, if ever, the slimy bias channel that soaks up public funds in the UK will invite an American journalist from the Washington Times or the Daily Caller or ANY right-of-centre media to discuss Trump.

    Today’s guest was Max Kutner.


    ….His political scoops about the Trump administration have received coverage from outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Vanity Fair, Politico, and MSNBC, and his feature writing has received acclaim.

    Here we go again.

    The Briefing – Biased BBC’s ‘Me Too, Pinko’ Show! 

    …and then there’s this…

    …and this…

    A Leftist Lesbian Love Affair – ‘Auntie’ And ‘Mother Jones?’ 

    …and so very many more examples!

    As Marlene Dietrich famously sang..

    ‘When will they ever learn?’

    Marlene Dietrich


    • Mort 8:42 pm on November 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Max Kutner is a well-known critic of Trump.
      He should be introduced as such.
      Viewers should be warned whose side guests are on, or else they think it’s just facts, not bias, that they’re getting.


  • ross1948 6:54 pm on November 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Jihad Jack – Even BBC Lefty Sackur Chokes On Parental BS! 

    Did any of you watch TV last month…


    The photograph of Jack Letts in Raqqa that accompanied the first news stories about him.

    …when Jihadi Jack’s parents were Stephen Sackur’s guests?

    I wrote a while ago about how the sectarian scumbag’s father –

    …who admits having brought him up to ‘question imperialism and oppression,’ and no doubt a lot of other leftist hogwash too, has to resolve for himself how far down the demonic road to Raqqa he may have propelled his satanic son. Will Johnson Or Hunt Corral ISIS Scum That May Let Back In? 

    – but to see that father, and Letts’ mother too ( who have done pretty damned nicely out of the UK tax-payers  Jihadi Jack’s parents receive £122k in legal aid – while victims …)  bare-facedly stone-walling Sackur’s questions about their offspring’s commitment to the evil ISIS cause?

    Any sympathy one might normally feel, for parents who find they have begat a beast, simply evaporated.

    It was SO bad that even Lefty Sackur seemed to choke on it, and pressed them again and again on their slimy son.

    I don’t always have time to watch Hard Talk, the BBC show in which  Sackur ‘grills’ guests…




    …with hard talk or soft soap, depending on how much they share the BBC’s own ideological agenda.

    A month ago we saw a Brazilian government minister – one of President Bolsonaro’s cabinet – given a hard, harsh, actually, talking to.

    A week before, there was some young American woman, moaning about black life in the USA, though she herself has had a pretty pleasant life, which, to her credit, she admitted.

    /Image result for sackur


    Sackur damn near rolled over like a puppy, to have his belly scratched by the guest.

    He swallowed all her BLM- type stuff, never challenging her by pointing out the essentially extremist…

    Black KNIVES Matter? Hideous Hate-Freak Helm Exposed! 

     Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

    …racist character of many of its protagonists, never suggesting she might like to disown hate-pedlars like those in our posts above.

    Then last week he had Stuart Wheeler, one of the few very wealthy people these days who is unequivocally patriotic.

    You can probably watch it via the BBC’s various links.

    The old guy stood up very well to Sackur’s Europhiliac rabbiting.

    I had never heard Mr. Wheeler speak before but he showed civility and geniality throughout.

    Yet what got me, what made me watch, was the pre-show intro, Sackur’s babbling (Beebling?) voice rabbiting about a rich man using his money to influence the country’s future!

    Why the HELL shouldn’t he?

    He’s British!

    And why the HELL don’t the BBC’s chorus of sonorous subversives raise a cacaphony of concern about a NON-Brit..

    Image result for soros brexit money

    Soros – Persona Non Grata Of The Year 2019? 

    …sticking his malevolent nose into British affairs and spending TONS of his dirty money, to influence the country’s future

  • ross1948 1:09 pm on October 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC Bias, , , Manipulation,   

    Exposed – How An Addled Swede Brat Was Manipulated! 

    A quick cheer for some unusually good reporting by the Daily Mail. –


    • on how that addled brat, who, judging from her tantrum face…


    Image result for greta thunberg

    That addled brat 

    ..could well be dangerous to provoke.

    Certainly, the bulk of the media, including the ‘impartial’ ( hee-haw ) BBC…

    Sickening BBC Bias, As The Spoilt Brat


    …is far from likely to provoke her, instead feeding the mentally ill creature’s delusions of significance, which, eventually, must be her undoing.

    Please read the whole story, but especially the details about her parents, who seem to prefer to lurk in low-profile manner as their wretched child shrills her way around the world.



  • ross1948 7:04 pm on September 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , BBC Bias, Bojo, , defunding state broadcasters, Emily Maitlis, Naga Murchetty, uptight whiners   

    Sneer-Minx Maitlis – No Charm School Grad, She! 

    That snotty sneer-minx Emily Maitlis, having just been slapped down herself a week or so ago, for her own crass lack of professionalism…

    .Image result for maitlis

    …has some nerve to coming rushing to the defence of her BBC comrade Naga Munchetty.

    We have noticed this phenomenon before, in connection with BBC bigots urging as ban on free speech on televised discussions.


    BBC Flunkeys Getting Above Themselves? Fire Them! 


    The insolent vixen ( Maitlis, not Munchetty, though they are both arrogant upstarts!) is now all a-whine about how the BBC is “massively out of touch with the real world.”



    The BBC is certainly out of touch with millions of British people…


    bbc propag


    …as viewers can see for themselves every day.

    But Maitlis thinks her employers – the broadcasting mandarins, not the tax-payers from whom both these women get their huge salaries…




    …are out of touch because the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit (ECU) told Munchetty to stop mouthing off, after an ugly, uptight rant against President Donald Trump.

    Well, Maitlin would take Munchetty’s side, after all, one uppity lefty backing up another.

    And that Complaints Unit is certainly open to criticism.

    Neither of the bleating Beebettes was suspended, nor even lost a day’s pay, nor even got a final warning.


    Image result for slap on the wrist


    Instead a feeble reproof, despite no sign of any serious apology from either offender against the principle of impartial state broadcasting.

    The two shrews ought to be tamed.




    Better still fired!

    I know any call to discipline these delinquent dames will fall on deaf ears at Broadcasting House.

    But we need to make BBC bias an election issue.

    If Bojo won’t batter the broadcasters into doing their job in accordance with the rules of objectivity, one hopes the Brexit Party will.

    • Petra Malley 8:03 pm on September 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      None of your readers will disagree with you about those abysmally biased BBC women, and there are as many abysmally biased men there too.
      Notwithstanding that, I seriously doubt the Brexit Party is coherent enough about anything, except Brexit, to achieve real reforms, in the BBC or the courts or whatever.
      Farage wanted a broad range of candidates, but when he recruited apologists for republican terrorism, he crossed a line for many of us.
      I am still trying to make up my mind what to do for the best.


      • Fiona F 8:55 pm on September 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Petra, in the absence of any other party that is wholly committed to a clean break, I can’t see how we have much choice.
        i still find it hard to trust Boris Johnson.


    • Penny 8:08 pm on September 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We have been sitting around discussing this and we all think the ideal solution would be a firing….
      Think about it!


    • Vanessa Reilly 9:19 pm on September 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Who do they think they are?
      They are our paid servants, paid to report what’s going on, paid to interview people without sneering at them offensively, paid to be impartial and objective and to keep their mouths shut whenever they feel like spraying us with their own opinions.
      They get paid more than I have ever been paid in any of my jobs since I left school.
      If they don’t like the work, they can quit, the sooner the better in my view.


    • Noreen Paterson 11:08 pm on September 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The Anti-British Broadcasting Collaborators.
      The BBC is left through and through and it never misses a chance to use the tell-tale tag ‘despite Brexit’ when anything hopeful is reported.
      These two women are symptoms only.
      The disease must be eradicated by abolition or privatisation.
      Who suggested selling it to Soros? It does his propaganda work already so he should pay their salaries, not UK tax-payers.


  • ross1948 7:08 pm on September 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , BBC Bias, pro-homo BBC   

    BBC Flunkeys Getting Above Themselves? Fire Them! 

    It’s thanks to one of my commenters that I came across this latest example of uppity flunkeys who don’t seem to know their place.

    bbc propag


    We’ve often used that illustration, above, to indicate the BBC’s cultural marxist bias but the Guardian report confirms that the words ‘that fits our agenda’ do indeed reflect the bigoted mentality that pervades Broadcasting House.

    Fanatic staff, mere employees, with no conceivable right to dictate, or even to influence, what’s said, seen and/or done on TV channels funded by the British people, are now actually seeking to suppress dissenting voices on issues of great moment.


    Image result for naga munchetty

    Naga ‘Bias’ Munchetty


    The article starts with a yelp about the BBC’s limp-wristed admonition of an uptight bint named Naga Munchetty – the Trumophobic vixen should have been fired, as my commenter suggests.

    Apparently (according to the Guardian, the state broadcaster’s ideological soul-mate, which ought to know!) this has sparked something of an uprising among the flunkeys, NOT because of the slap-on-the-wrist scolding but because they think she should have been allowed to get off Scot-free.

    These insolent toe-rags evidently don’t understand that they’re hired to work, not wield editorial power.

    Editorial staff, indeed, are obviously unsatisfactory, but that’s because they are serious unprofessional, often unable to recognise how bigoted their own attitudes are.



    A recent article by a recently retired BBC man confirms this.


    However, what ALL BBC employees should know, and if they can’t grasp it, out they should go, is that a fundamental principle for a state-funded broadcasting operation is fair debate, equal time for both sides of any issue.

    We saw that cast aside last week, when the horrid brat was lionised (or should that be lionessed?) and unbelievably excessive attention given to climate-panic merchants.

    Yet it could get even worse – worse even than all the slanted news, and the non-level playing fields, it’s a fact that the BBC is infested by  a significant number of rabidly intolerant leftists who are ABSOLUTELY against free and fair debate on a major controversy raging in Britain today.



    At the same time the BBC management is increasingly facing internal clashes with its own journalists who are publicly calling out the corporation when they feel it is falling short on issues relating to diversity – both internally and on-screen.

    This then causes clashes over which topics are legitimate topics of discussion for the corporation’s television and radio shows ….


    Wait for it!

    …and which are not up for debate.

    Since when are free-born Brits told which issues they may speak freely on.

    Yes, I know, since the degenerates at Westminster started passing gag laws on race, religion and perversion, the bias on the last issue obviously motivated by self-interest..



    Earlier this year, the BBC reminded staff not to tweet their personal views, after employees publicly objected to BBC programmes hosting discussions that debated the rights and wrongs of teaching children about tolerance for LGBT people.


    …that it should make it all the easier for a responsible government to  clean them out and hire people, left or right or centre, who believe in free speech and not in censoring the voices of millions of British people who are NOT prepared to buckle and bow down to the gaystapo agenda. 

    • Amanda Adams 10:07 pm on September 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      These little BBC nazis are now telling the people who pay their salaries what we can and can’t debate?
      It’s true what you say, many of them are queer, so they hate it when people say they should not be free to brainwash children into their life style.
      All the more reason why we should be supporting those Muslim and Christian parents in Birmingham.


  • ross1948 1:48 pm on September 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC Bias, , Gurpal Singh Gill, , , ,   

    Dirty, Dishonest BBC, Hiding Facts About Illegal Alien Rapist! 

    Gurpal Singh Gill


    Gurpal Singh Gill raped a 20-year-old Englishwoman three times, after grabbing her while she was walking her dog in May this year.

    The above information comes from the local newspaper, the Leicester Mercury.

    If you turn to the BBC report…


    …you will find some of that information…

    EXCEPT that the leftists who control the tax-funded state broadcaster very carefully suppress key details – the facts reported in the honest local Leicester Mercury -that he’s an ILLEGAL ALIEN, WANTED FOR SEX CRIMES IN GERMANY!



    How DARE these swine hide the truth from Brits?

    Please note that I ask ‘how dare they?’ –

    – but not ‘WHY?’


    bbc propag


    Because we already know why!


    He pleaded guilty to rape, and Judge Brown sentenced him to 11 years and three months, with an additional six years on licence, saying: “You are a danger to the public.”  



    If they won’t hang the pig, they should at least castrate him!

    • Marty N 2:11 pm on September 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I just woke up, must have a built-in blog alarm!
      Your BBC is a lot like our CBC that mostly keeps quiet about bad things done by fake ‘refugees’ to Canadians but a lot of newspapers still do honest reporting.
      I rembered you covered a Canadian story many moons ago, about how a man named Mohamed Huque got mad because some media told the truth.
      I just went back and found what he said and here it is.

      Huque told us that ‘journalists had a duty to keep those details out of their coverage.’

      The only reason anyone would say that, is if the amount of crimes these people get arrested for is so big that Canadians will wake up to what Justin Turdo has done by letting so many in.

      We have to get rid of him.
      I mean Turdo but it would not be a bad idea to get rid of Huque too back to wherever he comes from.


    • Judd Foller 3:32 pm on September 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It is a true disservice to the people when media hide illegals’s crimes like this.
      When the media concerned gets its money from the people via a special tax like in England, it’s more than a disservice, it’s an outrage.


  • ross1948 4:47 pm on August 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC Bias, , pro-pervert Songs of Praise   

    Again, BBC Perverts ‘Songs Of Praise’ To Boost Their Bigot Bias! 

    I see no strong need to comment on this, from CfM. But I have to observe that the BBC is a disgraceful institution, a stranger to impartiality…


    bbc propag


    ….and venomously hostile to traditional values.

    Same-sex marriage remains a highly contentious issue, especially for Christians and those of other faiths. Around 1 in 200 places of worship in England and Wales is registered to hold same-sex weddings. So that’s 99.5% that aren’t.

    When it deals with controversial subjects, the BBC is supposed to “ensure a wide range of significant views and perspectives are given due weight and prominence”.

    Yesterday’s Songs of Praise focused on faith and marriage, and celebrated same-sex marriage. Though the presenter briefly mentioned that some people disagree, air time was only given to those who endorse it.

    Viewers were even told by one of the gay couples that those who don’t support same-sex marriage “just need to think about it, and they’ll get there one day”.

    Will the BBC now allow the alternative view to be aired “in output of a similar type and weight and in an appropriate timeframe”? No, I don’t think so either.

    Too bloody true, mate.

    And this perversion of the purpose of what should be a Sunday worship show is nothing new for what we used to refer to as the Bum Boys Club.



    After all, they could also be described as the Bludger-Boat-Cheerleaders!

  • ross1948 3:05 pm on July 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , BBC Bias,   

    Any Brits Who Hate BBC Bias Should Chip In A Quid Or Ten! 

    David Keighley is a former news and current affairs publicity officer for BBC and ITV. He is a media consultant and has monitored BBC news output since 1999 through his organisation News-watch.co.uk.

    Refreshingly, he is supporting an appeal for cash…

    …to take a case to the UK courts…

    And here’s how he begins!

    Have you ever stopped and questioned whether the output of BBC news and current affairs is as balanced as it could be…?

    Well, you know my response to that!



    My view can be summed up by the illustrations above and below!


    Please read all about it, help if you can, and, if not, spread the appeal, whenever and wherever you can.

    • Mark Boreham 5:07 pm on July 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I normally spend a tenner on my Friday bar outing after work.
      After reading all about this, I will spend my tenner on their legal fund, go home early and probably feel much brighter than usual tomorrow.


    • Vicki 8:05 pm on July 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      If we all chip in a little, and they win their case, it would be a very worthwhile investment.


    • Diana 10:28 pm on July 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      This is a good cause!
      It’s a pity it hasn’t been well publicised.
      Thanks to you, more Englishmen and women will be aware of the case and if we all forward this to everybody we can, with a bit of luck some more donations will be made.


  • ross1948 1:15 am on July 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC Bias, , , , One News   

    Fed Up With Slanted ‘News’ – Here’s ONE Alternative! 

    Everyone knows how the ‘mainstream’ media slant the news…



    …and load the dice against patriots by selecting their studio guests with a level of bias so exacting that it boggles the mind.

    The BBC is probably the worst for such partisanship…

    More Bare-Faced BBC Bias – Disgraceful Dateline 

    ….all the more objectionable because its leftist and liberal propagandists are funded from coerced tax-payers!

    For people who want to get news impartially reported, here’s a good idea.


    OAN Newsroom
    A conservative group called ‘American Majority’ has revealed a video of U.K. prime minister candidate Boris Johnson attacking President Trump.

    One America’s Jack Posobiec sat down with the leader of that group and has more from Washington


    Sent from


    It’s a US site so much more American news than anything else, but objective reporting on anything is so rare in most American media, why not?


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