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  • ross1948 14:30 on May 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Zeinab Welcomes Red Cop-Killer’s Fan 

    Zeinab Badawi’s had her little forum again..

    ..her opening remarks a tad discouraging…

    How far have we come in the struggle for racial justice?

    …to those hoping for an objective approach.

    Her clear implication was that ‘racial justice’ (whatever that means!) does not already exist…



    …and that ‘we’ – including her BBC self – are, or ought to be, part of the ‘struggle.’

    But we have long known UK Pravda is a pliant tool in the hands of the UK’s Enemy Within

    BBC’s Embley – ‘There Seems To Be A Lot Of White Privilege In The Response!’ 

    Why Does UK Pravda Welcome Race-Obsessed Freakos

    Zeinab introduced her guests, starting with Opal Tometi, whom she described as a ‘founder member of BLM.’

    Zeinab failed to remind viewers that another of those founders had admitted they were ‘trained marxists.’

    Tometi has a large, gaping mouth which she kept fixed in a vacuous grin most of the time.


    Zeinab further told us that Tometi was a ‘social justice activist,’ and soon Tometi was bleating –

    ‘I certainly believe in All Lives Matter.. . . ‘

    But cops’ lives?


    A rabid leftist, who has praised Venezuela’s Maduro and can be seen in this video praising Joanne Chesimard, also known as Assata Shakur—a communist convicted cop-killer who is now a fugitive in Cuba—and chanting the communist slogan, “We have nothing to lose but our chains.” 


    Maybe not so much?

    The other guest, Duwayne Brooks, OBE, a British Conservative black man, seemed rather insipid, to start with.

    But he warmed up, with a good point about how BLM was out to make money from people’s misfortunes.

    Comrade Opal Tometi denied this…

    This is a human rights movement that benefits everyone.’

    ..but when asked for examples of such benefits, she was stumped and resorted to calling Brooks a liar –

    ‘..you know what we’ve done. I know there are people like you around…’

    By which, presumably, she meant honest black people.

    Brooks asked again for proof, to no avail.

    One of the global panellists, a young man in China, asked a question about protests. .

    Brooks condemned violence and looting. But Zeinab was biased as hell when Brooks challenged the BLM bitch if she condoned the violence.

    No answer.

    Zeinab helped the cop-killer fan by moving the show on, so Tometi was let off the hook.

    Brooks got into it.

    Through the media we only get one side of the story. 

    So a fair debate?

    Zeinab failed to do the research one expects.

    She didn’t know of, or would reveal, the BLM founders’ self-confessed marxism.



    Nor were we told that Tomati idolises a red sow who murdered a cop.

    Still, at least she had a real critic on the show, even if she wouldn’t let him get an answer to that key question.


    Oh, and for an update on the BLM cancer that is devouring America..


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    Zeinab Shows Better Balance Than The Maitlis Coven 

    Whilst as soon as I see the UK Pravda Coven regulars…

    Don’t Gag My Black Voice! Stacy Calls Out BBC’s Mannerless Maitlis

    …The Maitlis, or Ugly Barnett, or Dodgy Derbyshire, or Lefty Lucy, I feel indigestion coming on…

    ….I somehow don’t have that gut-reaction of loathing when Zeinab Badawi comes on screen.

    She’s often enough shown poor judgement in choosing her Global Questions guests….

    Unbalanced BBC – Update On Zeinab’s Global Minds! 

    ‘Museum Of Horrors?’ BBC’s ‘Global Question’ Gunk.

    Zeinab Badawi on the Royal African Society - YouTube

    Zeinab Badawi

    ‘BBC Global Questions?’ AKA ‘Zeinab Comperes Pinko Piffle!’ 

    BBC Bias – Two Guests – Lancet Left Doc, Plus Labour MP’s Wife! 

    ..but I still harbour a hunch she is a cut above the rest of the rats-nest.

    On Saturday, this weekend, she had recruited on the basis of genuine balance…

    …a well-matched duo!

    Long time since I heard of that left-fanatic Billy Bragg but he’s just as shrill as ever.

    To be fair, he did admit people had the ‘right to express their opinion.’

    But the poor old paranoid seems to think Cancel Culture is some sort of a conspiracy by the ‘right.’


    That’s me! 

    ‘Words have consequences,‘ he squealed, a catch-phrase often heard from the Left when they wish to suppress criticism of undesirable ‘asylum’ aliens or perverts. 

    Bragg was no match for Sarah Haider, who talked sense throughout. 

    She impressed me sufficiently so that I had a look at her background, and it’s VERY impressive. ..

    Sarah Haider -Aus Skeptics convention 2017.jpg
    Sarah Haider 

    Pakistani-American writer, public speaker, and political activist, she created the advocacy group Ex-Muslims of North America, which seeks to normalize religious dissent and to help former Muslims leave the religion by linking them to support networks… 



    That’s from Wikipedia and thus she’s a courageous woman, who laid it on the line, in response to very peculiar black American girl, Dakota Jennifer, who had been ranting about ‘holding people accountable…’

    …as if exercising one’s right to say what one thinks is an actionable offence. 

    Cancel Culture claims to be about justice but does not achieve that, it appeals to the part of human nature that enjoys burning witches.

    Ms. Haider reminded us of the morons who dismissed a cook found guilty of culinary appropriation.

    It’s the powerful who survive CC, the common folk are pushed out of jobs.

    Yet Bragg sounded disturbingly accurate when he averred that the ‘younger generation think accountability is more important than free speech.’



    Many of them are.

    Don’t Dare Suggest All Lives Matter, Say Bully Termagants! 

    NOT UK’s Finest Hour! Scandalous School Brats Cancel Churchill! 

    If the many are in fact already a majority, we’re in for a new Dark Age when such degenerates run the world.


    Or are they doing so already? 


  • ross1948 18:43 on January 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Zeinab’s Two Trumpophobes ‘Debate’ Big Tech Censorship! 

    Alas, poor Zeinab Badawi!



    Despite everything, I can’t dislike her, as she is simply not visibly malevolent like The Maitlis…


    Don’t Gag My Black Voice! Stacy Calls Out BBC’s Mannerless Maitlis


    BBC On First-Name Terms With Jihadist Vermin! 

    ….and not at all ugly, like Barnett.

    But all too often, her Global Questions show has featured two pinkos, bleating as one…

    Unbalanced BBC – Update On Zeinab’s Global Minds! 

    ‘Museum Of Horrors?’ BBC’s ‘Global Question’ Gunk! 

    ‘BBC Global Questions?’ AKA ‘Zeinab Comperes Pinko Piffle!’ 

    BBC Bias – Two Guests – Lancet Left Doc, Plus Labour MP’s Wife! 


    …and when I looked in on her, for the first time this year…


    BBC Global Questions

    …and checked out the background of the two women gathered to answer questions from young, or youngish, people from around the world…..

    …I was unsurprised.

    The issue was policing the internet, and some of the choicest gems of wisdom cast before viewers was one from a French UN ‘rapporteur’ –

    I’ve looked at these sticky-beaks before…

    Rapp Off, ‘Rapporteur’ Rat-Bags – US Should Pull The UN Plug! 

    ….but had not hitherto come across Agnes Callabard, who told us that the problem with regulating so-called ‘hate-speech…



    ….was that so far, there is no international law on hate speech.

    I briefly thought of Indonesia’s ex-President SBY call for worldwide censorship…


    …and shuddered anew at the thought of global speech police, but let’s skip SBY’s infamous outburst!

    Actually, international law is Agnes’ specialty, I learned, because when America’s last really American president ordered that successful strike against a demonic disciple of that old devil Khomeini…


    Agnes Callamard, the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, called the US strike an “arbitrary killing” that threatens to undermine norms of military conflict between countries...https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2020/07/un-expert-agnes-callamard-soleimani-iran-trump-killing-iraq.html

    ….a welcome cleansing of the Iran landscape, which good people everywhere cheered…

    ….Agnes branded it ‘CRIMINAL!’

    Just to add to our distaste for her outlook on the world, she is overtly pro-crimmigrant. When the admirable defenders of Greece’s maritime frontiers drove off an attempted alien incursion, she lost it completely.

    I am profoundly angered, disgusted with these repeated violations of international law…,” Agnes Callamard wrote on Twitter, after reposting a video of a migrant boat being shot at by the Greek Coast Guard.


    AND Zeinab said, Agnes is due for a new job with a grotesquely high salary in March – Secretary General of Amnesty International.

    Since she says she like free speech, one hopes she’ll promptly expel that gang’s anti-free-speech faction…


    Amnesty? Shamnesty! Making War On Free Speech

    ….which we wrote about a few months ago!

    Whatever, clearly this woman has a standing invitation to any andevery BBC natter-show!

    But as it turned out, she wittered so much that she paled into insignificance compared to the hard-faced lesbian far-left ‘journalist’ named Karen Swisher, who was soon into her stride.

    Kara Swisher

    She is very much part of the New York Times hate-machine, and while she didn’t match the spittle-flecked venom of some of the garbage she puts into that rag….


    …she soon made clear her Trumpophobia, rasping her approval of how the best president in years has been censored by leftist Big Tech.

    She is entitled to her opinion, as is Agnes.

    My only question, to Zeinab, is this –

    Why not try balance for a change?

    The show is due on again today, Sunday.

    Check it out and see what you think.

    • Edward Lamont 21:11 on January 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      This is very readable and there’s no getting away from the fact that Zeinab Badawi hardly ever has any balance when it comes to her guests.
      Although I have only seen it once or twice, the examples you give make that clear.
      However, as to your remark rhat she is much more likeable than Maitlis or Bernett, so would a rattlesnake be.
      Might that not make her all the more of a worry, as an antagonist?


  • ross1948 09:40 on August 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Unbalanced BBC – Update On Zeinab’s Global Minds! 

    Who the Hell is James Graham?

    He was one of the two panellists on Zeinab Badawi’s witter-fest…

    ‘Museum Of Horrors?’ BBC’s ‘Global Question’ Gunk! 

    ‘BBC Global Questions?’ AKA ‘Zeinab Comperes Pinko Piffle!’ 

    BBC Bias – Two Guests – Lancet Left Doc, Plus Labour MP’s Wife! 


    BBC Global Questions

    …which we have examined often enough!

    So who is James Graham?


    James Graham

    James Graham


    He writes plays.

    Why is he qualified to discuss international affairs?

    Because he writes leftwing plays!?

    Who is Lysa John?

    The other panellist, not much different in her opinions from Graham!



    Lysa John, Secretary-General of CIVICUS


    She runs something called Civicus?

    What the Hell is Civicus?

    A globalist ‘NGO’ based in South Africa, that gets Dutch and Swedish tax-payers money – as well as European Commission funding!

    Both of Zeinab’s guests were left and/or liberal!

    Graham dislikes borders, border walls and Trump. He doesn’t like Bojo much either. 

    LJ rabbits on about ‘human rights defenders.’ She quotes UN ‘rapporteurs’ and is hostile to ‘the narrow interests of individual countries.’

    Zeinab Badawi presents HARDtalk and Global Questions on BBC World News. Henry Iddon / BBC


    Why can’t Zeinab Badawi ensure just a bit of BALANCE in her choice of panellists!

    It did happen, ONCE…

    ….but it ought to happen every week!

    • Mel Henderson 10:24 on August 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      She is not as obnoxious as Barnett, nor as sinister-looking as The Maitlis, but Zeinab wouldn’t keep her job long if she risked more than occasional balance.
      There’s no cure for the BBC bias-cancer.
      It’s time to put the BBC down.
      Scrap the public funding, end the licence system, and let the rich left pay for their propaganda.
      Sell it to Soros?


  • ross1948 09:08 on July 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Zeinab Presents Balance – Fat Rude Moe V A Polite Republican 

    After much criticism here…

    Museum Of Horrors?’ BBC’s ‘Global Question’ Gunk!

    ‘BBC Global Questions?’ AKA ‘Zeinab Comperes Pinko Piffle!’ 

    BBC Bias – Two Guests – Lancet Left Doc, Plus Labour MP’s Wife! 


    BBC Global Questions

    …Zeinab Badawi’s Global Questions today surprised me by giving us spokesmen for both sides on American politics

    Good for her!

    But I have to wonder if her leftist bosses at BBC will have been pleased with her choice for their leftist side’s spokesman.

    The Democrat was a fat rude loudmouth, named Moe, with no small opinion of himself, wallowing in self-importance, boasting in detail of his job under Obummer…



    ..Loudmouth Moe Vela

    ….who repeatedly interrupted the other man, a podcaster named Matt, who gave a measured input, prepared to acknowledge short-comings he perceived in the White House,

    If the young international panel drew any lessons from the discussion, they would hold the Democrats or at least the obese Moe Vela, in contempt.

    Own goal for the Trumpophobe BBC ideologists!?!

    • Jim Ex Jakarta 10:41 on July 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Oh, him? Moe the Schmoe!
      He’s a joke!
      You got him summed up very neatly, a rude fat loudmouth?
      That’s him!


      • Lorne Marzio 19:10 on July 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        He is, Jim.’
        Biden will be a fool to use him.


  • ross1948 20:40 on June 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Museum Of Horrors?’ BBC’s ‘Global Question’ Gunk! 

    Well, let’s ask yet another of Zeinab Badawi’s Global Questions, of which we’ve already sampled several!

    ‘BBC Global Questions?’ AKA ‘Zeinab Comperes Pinko Piffle!’ 

    BBC Bias – Two Guests – Lancet Left Doc, Plus Labour MP’s Wife! 


    BBC Global Questions

    Her enquiry this week was something along the lines of ‘is the global system racist?’

    Or was it ‘is systemic racism global?’

    And if you want to fix the answer, you fix the panel, so that, sure enough, by the end of the show, Ms. Badawi could predictably conclude –

    I think we have a consensus, so, what do we do about it?

    Let’s not blame the kids, from all over the orld, most of whom asked insipid questions, clearly as daft as each other..


    …leftish nonsense imbibed throughout their young years.

    So maybe we should blame the two ‘guests’ Zeinab had selected from the BBC’s secret short-list of seriously left fanatics…




    …and they don’t come much more seriously left than a “Swedish MEP,” Alice Bah Kuhnke, by name.

    As our examination of her background revealed, she apparently once worked on tv, SVT’s Disney Club, but advanced till she had her own talk-show.

    She was even then a Europhiliac, perhaps foreseeing her future glory as a fully-fledged member of the Strasbourg Slug Club.

    After the Disney Club, no surprise she became Minister of Culture…



    …and oh, did I neglect to mention, she is with the Green Party?

    Swedish by nationality, she has kin in Gambia, who, on hearing of the mayhem in the USA, interpreted those frightful scenes as ‘freedom is coming!’

    Alice makes no pretence of moderation – we must ‘make sure we have legislation, laws that will be used by force…



    ….I think we need pressure on every level…

    She is obsessed with race.

    We have 5 MEPs..representing the people..”

    What, five Greens?

    Or five Swedes?

    No, five Blacks!

    What a pathetic bigot she is!

    So, naturally, given Alice is a rabid fanatic, Zeinab had ensured her other ‘guest’ would provide a measure of balance, right?


    Meet Mr. Baratunde Thurston, who ‘advised the Obama White House…he is part of the resistance.’  So says his own linked-in entry.



    He is also, allegedly, a comedian.

    Nothing remotely funny about this creep, who delighted at this opportunity to run down his country.

    The USA was founded on racism    every American’s infected with the disease of racism…”

    This far-left sicko thinks statues he dislikes should be preserved in a ‘museum of horrors!’

    And those poor brain-washed kids?

    Even had their outlook not been carefully screened to make certain they’d not contradict Zeinab Badawi’s fervently desired – pre-ordained?- outcome, the frothing of the freako leftist ‘guests’ would undoubtedly have intimidated them into going along with the authorised BBC line.



    oz chink girl. lefty

    Fla boy. police brutality

    Kashmir why anerica become hub of racism

    exploitation, mantpeople dont trust police

    Sri lanka boy   -floyd impact on racial minorities…is there any possible way to do things peacefully..

    Nigerian oxford uni girl…africa has no perm member


    zein why white priv rule the world



    • Mel Henderson 21:11 on June 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Is it not stressful, watching BBC waging their propaganda war so often?
      I couldn’t be bothered, but I applaud your determination to expose them for what they are.


    • Vicki 21:45 on June 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      We have to shut down the BBC.
      They are using our money for this outrageous one-sided ‘horror show!’


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