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    BBC, Aiding & Abetting Crimmigrants, Again! 

    Anna Foster, a BBC hackette,  was on our BBC World News at 11.20am (Jakarta time) today….

    BBC’ Foster

    …interviewing the wife of a man intent on using people smugglers to gate-crash Europe, probably Italy.

    No rebuke, no criticism, on Foster’s part…

    BBC Now BOASTs of Aiding and Abetting Illegals! 

    Boo-Hoo! BBC Snivels for Illegals ALMOST Corralled by Turks! 

    Again, BBC Fails To Warn Police of Criminality On Turkish Shore! 

    …nor much surprise on ours

    If Foster had staged a similar stunt with the wife of a man hoping to rob a bank, or any other illegal activity….

    ….there’d be uproar ( one hopes)

    Yet the BBC won’t sack the leftist journaless, nor even scold her…



    …because the BBC has long been leaning towards the wrong side of the law…


    …parading its crimmigrant sympathies quite brazenly –


    – gross abuse of the public purse its dirty snout guzzles from.


    PS Anna loves to globe-trot.

    Here’s a critical comment made by somebody who read of another of her gallivants, not in Tunisia this time, but in Korea.

    I’m not too sure what the point of this blog is and how the BBC can justify flying Anna Foster and her colleagues to South Korea to report on the situation while there are other BBC journalists already based in the country who could easily provide a report/blog of similar quality. It’s just all a little pointless.

    Presumably she carries a passport and complies with each country’s immigration rules, so she must have been aware today she was discussing a flagrantly illegal undertaking.

  • ross1948 17:29 on August 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Adina Campbell BBC, BBC pro-crimmigrant bias, Holly Stow 'immigration lawyer', Jamaican deportees,   

    BBC Weepy Over Deported Undesirables 

    According to the BBC’s Adina Campbell, “concern is growing…”

    Adina Campbell - BBC News Correspondent (1)

    Adina Campbell is Community Affairs Correspondent at the BBC

    About what, we ask, agog at UK Pravda’s endless compassion, which, we quickly learn, must now encompass those poor souls ‘deported’ to the countries they belong in…

    Deportation flights from the UK to Jamaica are among the most controversial carried out by the Home Office. Since 2019, a majority of people listed to be removed have been taken off after last-minute legal reprieves and pressure from campaigners during protests….. 




    …explaining why they have wasted thousands of pounds of tv license money on a super sunny trip for a hackette, camera team, etc 

    The BBC’s Community Affairs correspondent, Adina Campbell, has been to Jamaica to meet some of the men – and their families – who fear for their safety on an island where they say they don’t

    …deported never without good reason, please note!

    Aaah, but these anti-social good-for-nothings lived in the UK for years,model citizens…

    ….ooops, NOT model citizens…

    …but hell, a few crimes here and there, no big deal –  we shouldn’t be mean to them.

    Adina interviewed some folks, including the step-father of one whose criminal record included 55 convictions.

    ..’oh, he’s a sick boy..’  then his mummy in UK  ‘..he was very good at football...’

    How did they get him on a plane?’ asked Adina, as the criminal is apparently a hulking brute, after a suggestion he had to be drugged to get him aboard.

    As if anyone gives a monkey’s…


    Official portrait of Janet Daby MP crop 2.jpg

    Janet Daby MP

    Except maybe Janet Daby Labour MP, who ranted about how deportees are ‘demonised.’


    And ‘immigration lawyers,’ like Holly Stow, of Wilson Solicitors…

    …direct line: 020 8275 4389 email: h.stow@wilsonllp.co.uk

    Wilson Solicitors LLP 697 High Road, Tottenham, London N17 8AD | t: 020 8808 7535

    …who claims his ‘human rights have been breached.’

    Like, big deal.

    And Adina then spoke to ‘Rowan,’  no real identification, and ‘Rudolph,’ no real identification,  and Tafara ‘Taffy’ Creary.

    Deportees all.

    All whining.

    And Adina met Duane Williams, ‘deported after serving a life sentence for murder’ – but now free, in Jamaica, where, he moaned, ‘there’s no support!’

    You Brits have to be understanding

    They don’t like their country.

    They prefer YOURS!

    So the BBC devotes a whole weepy half-hour to the deportees’ plight  – a show funded by decent, non-deported UK tax-payers.

    That woman Adina Campbell should be ashamed of herself.



    The cast of her propaganda pantomime was 90% on one side, her side, the whiners’ side, as was clear even from her facial expressions.

    UK politicians, Jamaican politicians, criminals’ kin, all blabbering how deporting Jamaican scumbags to Jamaica was not a good idea.

    The BBC should be defunded.


    Please note, the Tory government has, incredibly, been cancelling deportations.

    If you have a Tory MP, tell them that the government should deport MORE, not fewer.

    • JazPen 18:22 on August 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      My God.
      So the BBC don’t care that these people are criminals.
      Maybe they see them as potential licence payers if they get back?


  • ross1948 17:12 on July 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC pro-crimmigrant bias, razor wire fence re.oval,   

    BBC Celebrates Slovenia Sell-Out! 

    We’ll report on why Slovemia is taking down the razor-wire fence on it’s border with Croatia.’

    BBC World News 8.15am Jakarta time

    After the Dotard update this morning…We’ll Never Know How Forceful He Was.. “ …I settled down for my second mug of kopi hitam..



    …until I heard the BBC World News boy, Gareth Barlow, telling us what was coming after the break.


    Slovenes Show Europe the Way - Referendum in Defence of Decency!

    And sure enough, we soon heard that the removal of that fence, erected to defend Europe’s borders against illegal alien gate-crashers…


    ..or, in UK Pravda-Speak.

    ….’designed to keep out refugees and migrants….’

    ….was a…wait for it!

    ‘…historic day...”

    Then we had another UK Pravda flunkey, were told how the clearly very effective frontier fence “had forced hundreds of thousands…to detour…. in their journey…to start a new life..’

    Or as normal people, in Slovenia…


    Bravo, Ilirska Bistrica! Democracy Against The Migrant Menace! 

    …and all over the Continent – and across the Channel too –  might say..

    …to get their snouts in the tax-trough…

    Then we got some blonde named Tatjiana Bobnar gabbling about how the naughty barrier had done ‘nothing to stop’ the crimmigrant horde, and had ‘caused many tragedies..’ because the arrogant intruders had tried to by-pass their legal duty to present themselves for vetting by navigating the nearby river.

    So the fence didn’t cause the ‘tragedies’ ( that’s what leftists call them!)  but rather the lawless aliens were the authors of their own misfortunes…

    Mustn’t Hurt The Savages! Latest Left Campaign! 

    ….self-inflicted, to be precise!

    Alarmingly, the gas-bag blonde bint…


    .  is Slovenia’s Interior Minister, which bodes ill for the future.

    But BBC’s famous balanced reporting? Their correspondent admitted there was dissent, apparently in view of the ‘war in Ukraine…’

    AND that ‘Hungarian officials are absolutely furious…’

    But that’s about all the backgroind we got from UK Pravda…



    …so we went to a Hungarian site –  which was, in contrast, informative.

    ..Well, that is how it goes: In Slovenia, the left has come to power, and it follows that the border fence that protects the country against migration pressure for almost 200 kilometers is being dismantled,” Csaba Dömötör, the Minister of State of the Prime Minister’s Office wrote on Facebook on Saturday.


    The Slovenian army will start dismantling the fence along the border with Croatia from the second half of next week, Slovenian Interior Minister Tatjana Bobnar announced on Friday at a press conference following a government meeting.

    Slovenia’s new approach to migration

    Migration is a part of modern societies, so the most effective migration policy is to ensure safe and legal migration,” Tatjana Bobnar said.

    One of the priorities of the new left-wing government led by Robert Golob is to dismantle the fence.

    Hungary Reacts to Slovenia’s Dismantling of Border Fence

    But let’s never say BBC can’t be diigent.

    Shortly after their morning news bulletins, about 9.30am, the scum-channel re-broadcast its latest hit-piece agsinst Britain’s brave SAS…

    BBC Saves Tax-Payers Millions! 

    …including an ever so gallant ‘senior officer’ who wouldn’t show his face or give his name – and he wasn’t the only such informer.

    But no more on that. We have covered it already.

    • JazPen 21:24 on July 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      After their smears on the SAS, I have had it with BBC so I try not to watch it.
      But there’s a kind of fatal attraction, about it, especially the news.
      So if you warn us at 8 in the morning, I try to watch the next hourly news, to compare what you say.
      So far, your reportage has been right.


  • ross1948 18:45 on July 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC pro-crimmigrant bias, moshiri   

    BBC Bint’s Unsubstantiated Crimmigrant Claim! 

    It was 5.20 pm when I heard the ‘news’ according to UK Pravda, some BBC bint prattling about crimmigrants….



    …and she had the brass neck to say the swine who pay hefty sums to smugglers ‘come to the UK from countries….to seek a better life   ‘

    ‘From other countries?’

    Yeah, France!

    A ‘better life?’



    Yeah, gotta be better, alien snouts gouging the publc purse.

    Or other motives involved?

    How does the BBC bint, whose name was…

    Maryam Moshiri Maryam Moshiri Biography ImagesThis Moshiri?


    …Moshiri, know why they come?

    She must know the lying scum often ditch their documents.

    Doing so indicates they are up to no good.


    , .


  • ross1948 19:40 on June 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC pro-crimmigrant bias, , Norway citizenship vetting, Oslo terrorism   

    Oslo Terror – Another BBC ‘Migrant’ Cover-Up! 


    After posting my factual account as below, I still has BBC on an hour later, when the previously omitted key facts were added.

    Why UK Pravda switched to a more honest report, I don’t know.

    Of course it’s to be welcomed, but were they shamed into it by many small blogs etc getting the relevant news out to a wide audience?


    Just watched BBC World News, 7.15pm Jakarta time…



    …and what a deceitful duet, UK Pravda and their Norwegian NRK comrade…


    …providing a reasonable summary of the shooting in Oslo, confirming it’s ‘terrorism…’



    …but carefully concealing the fact that the ‘Norwegian citizen’ in custody turns out to be an ‘Iraqi migrant!’


    Why omit info highly relevant to the crime, and to migration policy, citizenship vetting  etc?


    Kasia Madera was the BBC ‘news’ presenter.

    Kasia Madera KASIA MADERA BBC NEWS Newsday 31May2012 YouTube

    Best add her name to the long list of UK Pravda personnel to keep an eye on.


    BBC Gives Platform To Pro-Crimmigrant Pole 

    A Role-Model For Youth?’ BBC’s Rico Fawns On Swede Brat! 

    – she’s been noted before by our bias scrutineers!

    • Keith Milner 12:53 on June 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Mental health again!
      It’s the mental health of the officials who let him become a citizen that needs examined.


  • ross1948 15:11 on June 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC pro-crimmigrant bias, , , , , , , , Uppity Illegal   

    ECHR, Delighting Legalice And Uppities! 

    I took a needful break from UK Pravda today and tried its Antipodean counterpart….

    ….which was little different, though it did feature a clip from Westminster, an admirable intervention from Sir Mike Penning MP, whom we’ve written about previously…

    Poor Penning Thinks He Can Cleanse Conservatism? 

    Exclusive: ‘Essex boy’ Sir Mike Penning – the MP put in charge of Tory candidate selection – wants to rid the party of ‘closet Lib Dems’

    …a decent man but out of place in Jellyfish Johnson’s woke milieu.

    He was asking what millons of Brits are asking –  most Brits, according to the poll quoted on BBC….


    Anne Soy, BBC Africa Editor
    their Africa Editor dishonestly declaring at 1.25pm that the flights plan was…‘…quite unpopular in the UK.”

    Bojo’s Last Chance? Seek ‘Stop Soros Asylumers’ Mandate!

    …which had its Africa Editor instantly and shamelessly turn the poll figures upside down.

    Why is the Sorosoid ECHR…




    …allowed to over-rule parliament and UK courts to the delight of left legalice and anti-British back-stab ‘charities?’

    The answer is that successive Tory governments have promised action…


    Image result for ISIS theresa leaveeu


      she had previously said she would back leaving the ECHR, and replace the 1998 Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights…=…but she stabbed her country in the back. Theresa ‘I Won’t Deliver Brits From Europe’s Robed Rogues.’ 


    They cowered from the simple act of repudiating that ECHR, and its bastardised ‘convention.’

    But just as rivetting was the ABC interview with an arrogant uppity from a Dunkirk camp, brazenly proclaiming his continuing readiness to attempt illegal incursions.

    Odd, yeah?

    If ABC  or BBC, interviewed a man planning robbery or rape, there’d be an outcry were police not to swoop.



    The swine should be arrested for criminal intent, like all the coastal crimmigrant scum.

    Alas, another malevolent court, the ECJ…

    Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..

    ..banned French police from taking action against undesirable aliens some years ago.

    When will Britain, and France, for that matter, show backbone and tell these alien jurists…


    …to get lost.

    But alas, self-evidently, Jellyfish don’t have back-bones.


    Nor do Muppets.


  • ross1948 00:15 on June 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC pro-crimmigrant bias, , media pro-illegal bias,   

    BBC And Selective Grenfell ‘Hand-Cuffs…’ 

    Wednesday morning, Jakarta time, the ineffable BBC, unusually, focused on demands for law enforcement..

    ‘I’ve never yet heard the click of a pair of handcuffs.’



    So said one participant.

    Tom Simons, of BBC NewsDay, quoted another participant –



    This not over till justice is done..’

    So what was it all about?

    ‘Twas a crowd, graced by the presence of William and Kate, observing the anniversary of the Grenfell Fire, and various angry voices raised about the absence of prosecutions in respect of allegedly dangerous materials used.

    Fair enough.

    If evidence of wrong-doing is found, let the law take its course.

    Yet a glaring lack of law enforcement, a long-standing affront to British justice, was not mentioned.

    The outrageous selective amnesty, for just one category of serious crime, seemingly remains in force, thanks to the dreadful Prime Minister at the time…

    Theresa May did not tell robbers, embezzlers, or wife-beaters resident in the Grenfell flats that they’d get off scot-free…


    …but illegal immigrants?

    May Cops Out –A Grenfell Crimmigrant Amnesty! 

    Hasil gambar untuk get out of jail free card


    …and the collabo media have done their best to bury that scandalous policy ever since, a few years ago like this…

    Guardian Garbage – Grenfell’s About How UK ‘Fails Migrants!’ 

    And yesterday, that BBC report, all mention of the crimmigrant amnesty omitted.


    With tacit royal assent?

  • ross1948 17:30 on June 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC pro-crimmigrant bias, Bishop of manchester, , ,   

    Bojo’s Last Chance? Seek ‘Stop Soros Asylumers’ Mandate! 

    Last night, around midnight, Jakarta time, I watched BBC’s Oily, a familiar figure to RRA readers….

    ‘Shocking’ BBC Bias On Haitian Rabble!

    …that’s Oily Amrolliwolli, Bias Berk Extraordinaire….

    Why Does UK Pravda Welcome Race-Obsessed Freakos? 

    Image result for matthew amroliwala bbc

    ‘White Supremacism On Display,’ Says BBC’s Oily To BLM Red? Where? 

    ….interviewing two people, one of whom, Michael Portillo, a defender of Jellyfish Johnson, Oily openly treated with animosity, frankly rude and barracking…

    ..while the other was fed a smarmy diet of leading questions, Oily utterly sycophantic towards the leftist Bishop of Manchester.

    Today 7am, also Jakarta time,  I woke to the news that the Sorosoid ECHR….



    ….had ordered Jellyfish Johnson to stop the departure of that plane, and…


    ..the UK PM had crawled to their diktat.


    Again at 8am, we had to listen to an un-elected leftist shrew named Karen Doyle, of the agitprop ‘Movement for Justice,’ as she ranted, unchallenged by another namby-pamby Beeby-Boy.

    Her far-left politics were undisguised.

    Pure political theatre for a failing government…’

    Later the BBC let an unidentified crimmigrant moan at us.

    Incidentally, UK Pravda reported a poll, 44% of Brits for the Rwanda policy, 40% against.

    I’d say a lot more in favour than that, but even so,  the BBC is knowingly opposed to the majority view..


    Anne Soy, BBC Africa Editor

    ..their Africa Editor dishonestly declaring at 1.25pm that the flights plan was…

    ‘…quite unpopular in the UK.”



    Hey, Comrade Soy, when even your own bias channel makes it 44% to 40%, why not tell rhe truth and say ‘Quite Popular?’

    Sure, we heard Truss today, but BBC has been allowing one un-elected diatriber after another to soil their channel, not just the above shrew but also a pro-crimmigrant QC named Jessica Parker and, as I enjoyed a sweet-tasting orange or two at lunch-time…


    …UK Pravda thrust the sour face of Gillian Trigg into my living-room – a leftist sticky beak last heard shrilling in Australia…

    Gambar terkait

    Triggs remains opaque about her politics  I’ll bet she does…

    The Real ‘Shock?’ Brandis Offered Trigg ANY OTHER Job! 

      .and now wallowing in a cushy job with the UNHCR.

    Sod off, ya old leftist bat!

    It’s gone on all day…

    We have warned of the ECHR over and over again.

    It is aggressively hostile to any patriotic views and voices.

    So I offer advice to Johnson.

    Go to the country!

    Redeem your honour..

    Fight an election – on this crimmigrant issue!

    Yes, I know, we can’t trust him.

    But he likes to win and a campaign on a platform of securing borders, push-backs…



    ..and mass deportations would, I predict, be a winner.

    Yeah, dream on  but…


  • ross1948 17:03 on April 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC pro-crimmigrant bias, Germans in Paraguay, , Mar Pincel BBC   

    BBC Exposes Illegal Immigrants! Yes, Really! 

    So who the heck is Mar Pichel?

    I got home on Saturday around lunchtime and tuned my poor long-suffering tv to UK Pravda….


    Profile picture
    Mar Pichel Montes  – Multimedia journalist en BBC News Universidad

    …and lo, it was a ‘documentary’ filmed in Paraguay, starring a woman named Mar Pichel.

    I’d never heard of her, but if she was the star in a BBC production, my immediate guess was that she was a Paraguayan pinko.

    But I did a back-ground check!

    It turns out that Ms. Pincel happens to be ex-CNN, which is hardly reassuring, though not everyone on CNN is a left-bigot…



    ….and was educated in Spain and Mexico, so what kind of passport does she carry?

    No idea, but she showed much concern about people getting across borders illegally!

    That was such a startling contrast to how the BBC has traditionally looked at  crimmigrants…


    ….in the recent past, that I sat down, prepared to be enthralled by her ‘investigation. ‘

    The German towns in Paraguay with a surge in European immigrants – BBC News


    Basically, the story goes, a lot of Germans are moving to Paraguay.

    On the face of it, hardly surprising.

    Since Mama Stasi stabbed her country in the back….


    ……it’s become a lot less agreeable place for civilised folks to live in.
    But initially, Comrade Pincel’s attention was focused on the fact that some of them were anti-vax.

    And they were avoiding regular border crossings!

    Good Grief!
    Didn’t use to be a prob!

    BBC Now BOASTs of Aiding and Abetting Illegals! 

    ….oh, and these Germans, some of them, allegedly, have been bribing Paraguayan bureaucrats to get their resident status regularised!

    A very nice German couple were interviewed, no illegalities alleged against them, but Ms. Pinko, sorry, Pincel quickly raised another issue that makes decent Germans unhappy in their homeland.

    The husband even suggested the camera be turned off – such is the risk these days attached to free speech on certain  matters, and not just in Germany….

    Police-State UK? Don’t Dare Say It’s OK To Be White

    ….where millions question the sanity of importing aliens into his country who adhere to backward beliefs.

    Another ‘Kill Un-Believers’ Plot? Why Don’t Germans Expel Salafists

    Imported Evil – Anti-German Hate Rising – in BERLIN


    He specifically named shariah law.

    Comrade Pincel was soon chatting to another German lady, who chose not to give her real name but who spoke frankly, saying young German women were subject to harassment and worse.

    Pincel then  – perhaps ingenuously? – asked if the lady had ‘evidence!’

    Not personally, said her interviewee, but she had heard about such problems from her friends.

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    As, indeed, have millions of Germans, despite dishonest German media…


    Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize


    Frankly, I was astonished Pincel had not done her homework. Instead of confirming the facts of migrant molestation…

    They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So!

    ….the BBC’s ‘investigator’ continued, asking if ‘some people’ would consider such assertions ‘racist!’

    I guess BBC hacks will grasp at any straw….



    …to divert viewers from reality.


    • Edward Lamont 20:06 on April 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      It could not be more obvious.
      BBC has no time, no concern certainly no sympathy, for white people who are on the move for genuinely good reason., unlike the Channel lot.


  • ross1948 00:03 on December 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BBC pro-crimmigrant bias, Greek Tragedy   

    Pro-Crimmigrant BBC’s Irony Short-Fall 

    What a Greek tragedy teaches us about modern migration

    That’s the thing about bigots  – and there can be few mind-sets more bigoted than the BBC’s pro-crimmigrance…

    ….they just lack, totally, any sense of irony.

    Only UK Pravda’s Coven could try to use ‘Antigone,’ an Ancient Greek tragedy, (by Sophocles) to push their anti-border-defence propaganda, viz.

    ...Ismail Einashe attends a classic drama seeking to overturn prejudices on the Italian island of Sicily, now home to many African migrants… 


    Yeah, right! ….

    Italy’s ‘Poor Desperate Migrants’ Inflict Torture, Sexual Assault!e

    Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’  

    Truth Told – Threatening, Thieving…Migrant Molestation! 

    Rome – Somali Pig Sexually Assaults Woman Giving Birth! 

    …aka . illegals who gate-crashed Italian territorial waters.

    about such defiance, about standing up to attitudes in a society sometimes frightened by the recent influx migrants.

    God forbid people in any civilised society should be ‘sometimes frightened’ by irruptions of primitives.

    But to headline this junk ‘Greek Tragedy’ after all that has befallen Greece, a lovely country in which I’ve spent many a good time…


    Illegal immigrants defying coronavirus lockdown on Lesvos cough on Greek police (VIDEO)

    Kurds attacked in Greek camp, accused of not fasting on Ramadan

    Vile Ingrates Again Show Contempt For Greek Hosts! 

    Teenagers arrested over alleged gang-rape of a boy in a Greek migrant camp.

    Another Alien Ingrate Riot! Did You Even Hear About It

    …and which continues to be the scene of not just attacks and outrages against individuals but massive, brazen aggression against Greece’s border defences…

    Invasion 2020- Not An Invasion, Say ‘NGO’ Liars! 

    Turkey says it will react if Greece builds a border fence and references Cyprus invasion (VIDEO) 2

    Invasion 2020 – Once You Pay The Danegeld… 

    …that BBC headline is so utterly indifferent to the real tragedy which has befallen Greece… that one almost wonders.

    Is whichever BBC drip who crafted the headline mocking the plight of the many Greeks who have suffered at the hands of unwelcome aliens?

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