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  • ross1948 10:20 on October 18, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Belfast – No Terror-Vermin Pix In City Hall, Please! 

    Who could disagree with Ron McDowell, of TUV North Belfast?

    “The inclusion of convicted IRA terrorist Bobby Sands in a portrait of former Sinn Fein mayor Danny Baker is a gross insult to the many victims of Republican terrorism not just in Belfast but across Northern Ireland. Sands has no electoral connection to Belfast having, sadly, been elected in Fermanagh and South Tyrone in a result which poisoned community relations for generations.
    “Sands’s only contribution to life in Belfast was to bomb a furniture company.”
    We have noticed this phenomenon before, people desperate to promote the terrorist brute as some kind of ‘hero,’ or even worse, ‘martyr…’

    .Not only was  the ‘hunger-striker’ Bobby Sands, who defied his own church’s doctrines by suiciding in the 1980s, glorified (on the ”teacher’s” coffee cup) but also offensive IRA cards from “Free Derry.”

    Scottish ‘Treason Teacher’ Cover-Up! Expose The Cur! 

    I don’t know what came of that, but this sickening campaign continues, clearly, in Belfast City Hall! 


    “The contempt for those who suffered is nauseating, compounded by the fact that hard-pressed ratepayers have had to fit the bill.
    “The portrait is unfit for display in City Hall where the job of the Lord Mayor is to represent all. It should be removed from display and the bill for painting it should be paid by Sinn Fein…”.
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    Feile An Phobail? Scum Flaunting IRA Fealty! Defund! 

    You may have read about the Belfast Scum-Fest aka ‘Feile An Phobail,’ where a mob of low-lifes were led in pro-terrorist chants by a variety of vermin on the stage.


    The Wolfe Tones once again led a huge crowd in pro-IRA chanting during their climactic set at the West Belfast Festival last night.



    Obviously, the police should have made mass-arrests, but we’re talking about the PSNI, not the RUC…

    Gunfire In Ulster – Terrorists Not Yet Arrested? Answers, Please, PSNI… 

    ….though IMHO, the good old B Specials would be perfect for that kind of work.

    However, in the absence of any serious interest by the UK Government in hammering terrorist undesirables, we –

    …. yes, you and I, dear readers…

     – can do our bit..



    …by demanding that the Scum-Fest be defunded.

    Read an extract from the ‘Statement by TUV North Belfast’s Ron McDowell:’
    “. Far from there being an apology for the gross offence caused by the pro-terrorist and racist chanting at the event, organisers have doubled down defending the Wolfe Tones because they are popular and making no comment on the fact that a group which headlined another concert at the festival unveiled a mural depicting an attack on a PSNI Land Rover.
    “On Monday TUV wrote to the Arts Council, the Lottery and Belfast Council asking:
    i) what funding Feile An Phobail revived;
    ii) the conditions under which the funding was released;
    iii) the purpose for which the funding was awarded;
    iv) if there will be an attempt to recover any of the funding;
    v) what assurances were sought and received that there would be no repeat of the celebration of terrorism which has marked this event in previous years prior to funding being released and
    vi) what has been the total amount of funding awarded to Feile An Phobail in each of the past five years.
    “We also wrote to the Charity Commission yesterday….

    NB…all of you who live in The Old Country, should email that Charity Commission

    …demanding defunding!

    … pointing out that trustees of the Festival are required to “take immediate steps to dissociate the charity from any activity that may give, or appear to give, support to terrorism or terrorist activity”.
    Today’s statement clearly fails to do that. The status of Feile An Phobail as a charity must, therefore, now be in question.
    “Nothing that happened should have come as a surprise given behaviour over a number of years.
    “Funders, both private and public, need to withdraw from this event as do political and media figures who give the f
    estival a veneer of respectability

    Don’t forget this lot either, urging an end to all cooperation with the Scum-Fest!

    No Support For IRA Terror!


    An email to each takes only minutes of your time!

    Tourism NI  https://www.tourismni.com/contact-us/



    Arts Council of Northern Ireland

    http://artscouncil-ni.org › news › contactus
    • Billy King 21:34 on August 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      All this Sinn Fein lying propaganda about peace and togetherness is shown up when they get together and we see them for what they are. The war never ended and we all know it.


  • ross1948 21:30 on May 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Belfast “Students” Fail Both Logic And Moral Phil! 

    When I was pursuing my university studies, my goal being an MA in Politics and Modern History –


    ( which I achieved after an enjoyable five years of anti-marxist activity in the field of student politics)


    – we undergrads were obliged to take additional subjects to ‘round out’ our courses.

    I chose Logic and Moral Philosophy, which were interesting.

    I passed both, BTW.

    Whether the disgusting official spokespersons of Belfast’s Queen’s University students, the Student Council, would pass any such tests must be deemed doubtful, after they voted – 23 to 16, with five abstentions – NOT to condemn terrorism.


    Criticism: Kenny Donaldson


    No wonder Kenny Donaldson, of Innocent Victims United, expessed disgust and dismay.

    The result is an insult to victims and survivors of ‘Troubles related violence’ from across our community who have suffered so grievously before most of these students came into this world….



    We are told that attitudes within our younger generation, those born post the Belfast Agreement, were changing, that they were becoming more progressive,” he said. “This result makes a lie out of that theory.”

    Nor was Mr. Donaldson the only public figure in Ulster publicly to abhor the moral vacuity of the QUB slugs.



    TUV leader Jim Allister weighed in with his analysis of the cop-out – a “telling indication of where that body currently is…”

    So readers are clear about what these ‘students’ failed, and there’s no excuse for their failure – to get about the very recent history of their own country…

    ….here is the wording of the resolution as reported.

    The motion, debated during an online meeting on Wednesday, asked members to “unreservedly condemn” all those who use terrorist acts of violence rather than peaceful means to advance their cause.


    It asked members to condemn the glorification of anyone involved in acts of violence or murder and that there should be a zero tolerance approach for violations of this policy.


    No way would that get through, if the ‘student council’ included vermin similar to those who were out celebrating Martin ‘Murder McGuiness’s birthday last weekend!

    In Ulster Today, Vermin Celebrate, Victims Remember! 

    Here’s what the QUB dog-turds had to say.

     “Councillors debated proposals on a range of issues, with general agreement on many proposals. However, in some cases the council could not agree a consensus on specific wording contained within some motions.

    “Notwithstanding any specific debate at our student council meetings, Queen’s Students’ Union remains committed to representing students, fostering an environment of inclusivity, creating a space where students can form communities, and have their voices heard.”

    Evidently, some students have formed ‘communities’ of terrorist sympathisers.


    Sinn Féin ‘Brits Out’ poster investigated by Queen’s University

    A stall featuring posters, one with the slogan, 'Brits Out'
    The poster was at a fresher’s fair for Queen’s University students

    Queen’s University have launched an investigation after criticism of an “offensive” poster displayed at a Sinn Féin fresher’s fair stall.



    But we knew that already!

    • Billy King 21:45 on May 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for using that wee bit of news that I sent, Ross.
      You don’t miss much but you write about so many things I wasnt sure you would have noticed what those idiots did.
      They have a cheek enrolling in a university named after Her Majesty The Queen.
      Personally, I believe that if they are republicans, Sinn Fein or some other brand, then they should be told to go and study in their republic down south.


  • ross1948 13:57 on May 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    This Piece Of Pig-Sh-t Should Be 6 Feet Under! 

    Or maybe we should make that NINE feet, for the 9 life sentences it received when it was convicted of the 1993 IRA bombing of a Shankill Road fish shop in which nine civilians died.


    Sean Kelly

    So any new allegations made against it are surely a matter of public interest?

    Yet although most media, for example,the BBC, have told us that the pig was ‘interviewed….about an incident at a shopping centre..in north Belfast at the weekend,’ none of those media have given us any information about that ‘incident!’

    Obviously it would be pleasing were criminal proceedings brought and imprisonment resulted, although no serious justice will ever be done, thanks to Tony Blair, under whose vile Bad Friday Deal…



    …the evil pig was unleashed, in July 2000, thus free last year to go out campaigning for Sinn Fein.

    It should have been put to death 20 or more years ago.

    But as we well know…


    However, the BBC does tell us that a ‘report will be prepared for the Public Prosecution Service.’

    Rather than have me devote time to poring over Google Search to seek details, can any readers advise us exactly what the HELL is going on?

    • Lindsay Hawkins 14:47 on May 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Ross, you’re so busy producing grand stuff like this that you’re not looking hard enough for extra information.
      Our Ulster newspapers have a lot on the pig making a scene but there’s a very good statement from the families of the pig’s innocent victims who died in that Shankill bombing.
      “It has been almost 27 years since Sean Kelly and the Provisional IRA murdered our loved ones on the Shankill Road in October 1993.

      Twenty-seven years on, and we see Mr Kelly clearly intent on inflicting injury to another member of the public.
      “We therefore call upon the Secretary of State to revoke Mr Kelly’s licence and return him to prison.”

      I agree with you. The pig should have been hanged.
      He won’t be this time either, but we’ll need to wait and see what happens next.


    • Billy King 16:10 on May 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I see you got the information you wanted Ross so I will only say that the pig, rat, Sinn Feiner ( all three mean much the same) is just looking for trouble if it goes anywhere near decent human beings.
      Its wisest course, permanent self-isolation.
      Six feet under would work, you have it right,


    • Mack the Knife 19:34 on May 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I saw something about that incident and hoped that somebody took a swing at the pig.
      It would have been even better if it had swung for its crimes instead of just a few years behind bars courtesy of Blair.


    • Glenn Gibbs 21:59 on May 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      All those IRA pigs should be six feet under.


    • Alun Wardley 23:37 on May 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Everyone thinks it. You say it.
      Well said!


  • ross1948 19:24 on January 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Disloyals Warn – ‘We Don’t Want Soldier F’s Supporters At Trial!’ 

    That sounds like a key part of the message coming out of the latest kerfuffle in Londonderry,  where fans of the witch-hunt…

    ….being mounted against ‘Soldier F,’ one of those servicemen ( long since retired) dragged into a legal mire over his part in so-called ‘Bloody Sunday,’ the long-ago incident when 13 participants in an illegal parade were shot dead.



    It took two reports to get the politically correct result, the second report, in 2010, contradicting the first, which did not smear the soldiery.

    Witch-Hunt Ban Depends On Talks With Terror Fans? 

    We have commented on this before, but now a proposal to move the proceedings from Londonderry to Belfast has the whiners up in arms again,

    Today the families are worried once more that they having to endure more  pressure and travel to see justice done for their loved ones.

    I have made the trip often enough.

    It was an undemanding bus ride.

    But then we get to what is perhaps the underlying issue for those playing, not so much the boring, jaded ( and typically republican) victim card, but a sectarian blame-game!

    The same republican reveals the continuing spectre of disloyal violence by acknowledging that Soldier F’s supporters face a real risk of if they show up in the vicinity of the court…


    ….because that neighbourhood’s Enemy Within are either so numerous or so rabid, or both, that protesting the soldier’s  innocence  could endanger Ulster Brit patriots engaged in protest!

    As for security concerns raised today I would say there is more security problems for the police in Belfast because if the trial was heard there then supporters of Soldier F would feel safe enough to turn up and protest against the trial, and this could lead to counter protests against the Para’s supporters,” https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/17/bloody-sunday-families-irate-soldier-fs-trial-may-move-to-belfast

    In other words, on the streets of Londonderry…


    Image result for evil irishman


    …supporters of Soldier F would NOT feel safe enough to turn up and protest against the trial..

    There’s little doubt that most decent British people, both on the UK mainland, but also in Ulster…

    A Soldier Support Banner on the Lisburn Road in Belfast.
    A Soldier Support Banner on Lisburn Road in Belfast.  Damned right!

    ….want to let the old soldier go home and enjoy his well-earned retirement.

    Fans of the witch-hunt claim they resent the prospect of having to undertake an easy journey to the scene of the hearing.

    But when asked to elaborate on this trivial objection, the mask slips and threats to the safety of critics of the witch-hunt loom suddenly large!

  • ross1948 23:23 on May 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Freedom On Trial, As Belfast ‘Cake Case’ Continues… 

    Even the Guardian headline has it right…

    Gay marriage cake bakers ‘forced to act against their beliefs’

    ..though the rest of their report may be outlandish.



    As those brave young bakers in Belfast make a last stand against the gaystapo in the UK’s Supreme Court, we must await the outcome of a case we’ve covered before….


    Gaystapo Wins in Ulster – A Dark Day for Freedom, Decency and Logic! 

    …from which we shall surely learn if decency is dead and gone, or, if the fine folks in the photo below are vindicated…


    Gambar terkait

    Defendants, Daniel And Amy McArthur, of Ashers Bakery


    …if there is still justice in the realm.

    The court is in session today.





    • Chrissie Miles 23:52 on May 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Good night and God bless! you, and that young couple in Belfast..


  • ross1948 11:21 on March 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    For Ulster, For Every Brit – 4th and 5th March – Turn OUT! 

    Waking Up In The Old Country?

    Here’s some good breakfast news!



    As what should be Britannia’s Independence Day approaches, we continue to publicise events for freedom fighters – sometimes we only get short notice, like these below. 

    But here in Jakarta we are quite a few hours ahead of the UK, so no problem posting for today and tomorrow!


    Hasil gambar untuk get britain out


    So first of all, tonight!

    There’s a Grassroots Out rally in Belfast, tonight, Friday 4th March 2016,  7.00pm -9.00pm. Speakers include Jim Allister, Nigel Farage, Kate Hoey. 

    For anyone in Belfast, or indeed any Ulsterfolk who can attend,  please note, there’s arguably even more good reason to turn out than for your fellow-citizens in the rest of the British Isles!


    Mural, Shankill Parade, off Shankill Road.


    In Dublin, the expansionist forces who wish to bring Ulster’s Brits under the Eire Tricolour are openly agitated at the potential for disruption of supranational interference which a NO vote would mean. The June 23rd referendum is, after all, an exercise in self-determination, which is a corner-stone of Ulster’s case.


    The Murder Gang party have made their position clear. 


    Sinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty says his ‘party would support and work towards the retention of Britain in the EU.’  Nor is Sinn Fein/IRA alone in their collaborationst pro-Brussels stance. Government are ‘unashamed supporters’ of Britain staying in the EU

    ..You know your enemy!

    Free tickets online here https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/grassrootsout

    And tomorrow, Saturday, across the United Kingdom,  Leave.EU, together with Grassroots Out, will be holding the biggest action day in the history of UK.

    You can see which towns in your area will be hosting our street stalls here:

    Join the Resistance!


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