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    Is Belgium Just One Large Loony-Bin? 

    I noticed this story because it involved Ostend, between which and Dover, many years ago, the Channel ferries sailed.


    My teen autostop treks around Europe began with such voyages, though not on the above vessel – it’s apparently a 1901 ferry!

    The service was discontinued several decades ago, but it used, before my time, to be very posh.

    One amusing memory is of a very posh old bat, promenading past us harmless backpack lads, lamenting how ‘these boats have become nothing other than a doss-house for hitch-hikers!’

    She will by now have long since promenaded through the Pearly Gates, spared, one hopes, the need to observe that her entire country has been rendered a doss-house for fake ‘refugees!’




    The descent into masochistic madness of most Western countries is not a novel theme but it has sprouted more bizarrely in Belgium than in many others.

    Belgium Needs Francken Sense More Than

    Bad News Belgium, Where Even Cops Can Be Enemies Within! 

    Belgian Illegals Policy ‘Under Scrutiny?’ For ALL The Wrong Reasons! 


    No, not those former follies already recorded here! And I’m not referring even to the fact that the Belgians allowed what the Guardian report describes as an “intermediary” report by a UN working group..




    … to descend on their little country last month and with the crass, rude arrogance that is the hall-mark of un-elected, over-paid supranational apparatchiks, to lecture their hosts about how the country’s institutions remain racist and the state needs to apologise for the sins of its past.



    The Belgians were daft to let the sticky-beaks in, and dafter yet not to tell the impudent UN flunkeys to get stuffed, once they’d insulted their Belgian hosts..

    Sticky-Beak UN Bint Insults Brits! 

    But no dafter than Britain, or France!

    Haste Ye Back, Speedy, And Take Fake ‘Refugees’ With You! 

    Tell the United Nations to BUTT OUT!

    ….or Australia.

    UN Apparatchiks Champion ‘Asylum’ Bludgers 

    What the report was actually focused on was an act of leftist vandalism committed in 2004 by a gang of louts calling themselves Stoeten Ostendenoare – not just vandals but thieves.


    The pinko yobs sawed a hand off a piece of bronze statuary in Ostend, a sculpture celebrating the long-gone Belgian colonial era, then ‘announced’ it was being kept as some sort of trophy/hostage in reprisal for the imperial era!

    Arrogant thieving scumbags,yeah?

    But suddenly, this year, while the Minister of Culture, a geezer named Gatz, was on stage in the nearby city of Ghent talking about African affairs, guess what?

    ’A self-styled spokesman’ for the criminal gang, identified as Piet Wittevrongel, stepped right up  -in a public forum, remember, with a government minister and doubtless, these days, police and other security personnel present.

    The brazen SOB declared –

    “We are willing to give back the hand but then we want a guarantee that there will be apologies from the royal house for the misdeeds in the former colony…”


    Wittevrongel rambled on with a string of pinko demands…

    …and as you read this you may wonder why he was not instantly arrested and put in prison, pending prosecution for vandalism and theft.

    But then, it could have been all talk, a blowhard, a publicity-seeking ranter, claiming the discredit for dirty work done by others years back.

    NOT SO!

    The insolent swine had the stolen bronze hand in his possession, in full view of law enforcement.



    ….he was NOT cuffed and collared.

    And the more you read, the more disgusted you become with the effete authorities, because the creep’s scoff-law antics, confronting the minister, holding the bronze hand, was a development that had been trailed in the media.

    Being an arrogant toe-rag is probably not a criminal offence in Belgium, but being in possession of stolen goods surely is.

    What kind of country lets undesirable law-breakers parade their anti-social lawlessness like this?

    • Edward Lamont 9:11 am on February 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Belgium is an artificial state anyway, but I used to think the Flemish north was more sensible than the French-speaking south.
      The sensible parties against multicultural immigration prosper in the Flemish areas.
      On the other hand that awful Guy Verhofstadt is Flemish, and so was that odd little gnomish man, whom you used to call Rompuystilskin, the Eurocommissar-in-chief.
      The unacceptable faces of Flanders.
      That Wittevrongel is another.
      I was flabbergasted to read that he wasnt taken off to the cells right away. Did the dud police not even seize the stolen bronze he was carrying?
      Belgium is what my American friends call ‘nut country,’ indisputably.

      • Diana 3:04 pm on February 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Crazed country, that Belgium.
        Not much different from Britain, or Germany, or France, unfortunately.

    • Iain M 9:34 am on February 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Is this a joke?
      Some lefty appears in public with something known to have been stolen, and nobody does anything about it? I would have accused you of satire but I checked and it is true, all of it.
      Belgian government ideas on law enforcement are offensive, probably to a lot of Belgians as well as everyone everywhere else who is law-abiding.

    • Mack the Knife 11:28 am on February 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I am not in the least surprised.
      Belgium turned a blind eye to the way all those enemy aliens in Molenbeek covered for the Islamic terrorists.
      Why should it be a shock that they knowingly let a left extremist tell the media that he was going to flourish a stolen artifact before a government minister and then let him walk away, stolen artifact and all.
      You couldn’t make it up!

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    Bad News – Blasphemous Beast Not Fatally Wounded 


    A man wielding a knife has stabbed an officer outside a police station in central Brussels, officials confirmed. The attacker reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the attack…

    Police officer stabbed by a knife-wielding man reportedly shouting …


    The cop knifed by the scumbag was fortunate, in that a fellow-officer was nearby, who shot and wounded the savage, otherwise the officer under attack might have been killed.

    Regrettably, the savage was not killed – the shot was not fatal.

    No doubt the savage will go on trial and, knowing the pitifully weak-kneed Belgian judiciary’s reputation, which hands down laughable sentences of 3 to 5 years to returning ISIS vermin…How Belgium deals with returning jihadist fighters….I’ll not expect anything like a serious sentence if the fanatic fiend is convicted.


    And BTW, apart from the violent assault, anyone who invokes God’s Name whilst committing attempted murder is surely guilty of blasphemy, which the European Court  –


    -has now reintroduced as a criminal offence across the Continent.

    Yet the guilt for this, and other sectarian atrocities in Belgium, goes way beyond the lack of conscience found among the creeps who have oozed into the country from primitive lands where backward beliefs prevail.

    A Moroccan, ‘Known To Police?’ Why Was He In Belgium?

    The true blame falls fair and square on the politicians of all the main parties which let them colonise the capital, create ethnic enclaves like Molenbeek…


    Molenbeek  -“the whole neighborhood” knew where Abdeslam was ever since the Paris attacks. Nobody tipped off authorities. So Belgian Media Is Rotten Too? 

    …where decent Belgians, even police, tread warily after dark, and have even allowed the aliens to form their own political organisations…

    “No question, Sharia4Belgium is a terrorist group,” the chief judge said… 

    ….to promote sexist sectarian agendas that have no place in any European city or country.


    • Dex Hamiltion 5:04 pm on November 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Short but sweet and very neat, placing blame where it belongs, the treason elite.

    • Noreen Paterson 5:28 pm on November 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Calling on God, by any name, while doing diabolic deeds, is very much a form of blasphemy, but I do not expect to see thousands marching the streets anywhere to demand this one’s beheading!

    • Killian Limar 8:06 pm on November 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It is a shame the knife-man was not shot dead.
      In our strange soft era, the only way terrorists get fittingly punished is ‘death by cop.’

    • Will Galton 8:51 pm on November 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Belgium is a mess but so is Britain.
      That Anjem Choudary was just let out of prison even when our own government admitted he is still a danger to society.
      If a mad dog was let loose to run around the streets, somebody would be given orders to shoot it.
      What’s the difference between mad dogs and jihadists?

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    Just What Britain Needs?More Cop-Stabbers? 

    Just what Britain needs!





    How many British police officers have been stabbed by filthy savages?

    After a Belgian cop was stabbed this week, by a ‘homeless’ savage in Brussels – “a Belgian national…of Egyptian origin..” various questions arise…


    What kind of cretinous system allows a worthless alien to get Belgian nationality?

    How many other worthless aliens have already been awarded Belgian nationality?

    What benefits to Belgium were seen as accruing to Belgium by such awards?

    What is the total sum of welfare benefits handed to such wasters?



    WHY is Belgium allowing parasitic illegals to remain in the country when it is well known, as the Arab New report helpfully tells us, that the neighbourhood of the savage’s attack on the cop is ‘known as a gathering point for mainly North African immigrants hoping to head on to Britain…’


    If any of that rabble were in any sense real ‘refugees,’ or were seriously interested in ‘asylum,’ they’d not be sitting on their idle backsides in Brussels, plotting the next stage in their country-shopping spree, no doubt their hopes buoyedup by  the news this month…

    Fake ‘Child Refugees!’ May Lets ‘Em Stay!

    out with them

    …that Theresa May now readily disregards the findings of her own officials and allows those with NO right to ‘asylum’ to remain in the United Kingdom.

    Round em up, kick ‘em out!


    Sent from my iPad attacker was
    • Gerald Woolds 7:53 pm on September 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      If they really were refugees, like you say, they would apply for asylum where they are, in Belgium. It’s fairly democratic and quite prosperous and safe, or was safe till the ‘refugees’ arrived.

      But they know May’s Britain is a soft touch where any wild animal that gets its paw in the door is petted and pampered.

    • Petra Malley 8:06 pm on September 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Belgium is not much of a democracy. You reported yourself that they banned a big Flemish party for being against multicult. To make it worse, and again I think it was here I read about it, they allow a pro-sharia party to spread its sexist propaganda.
      What you say though is true. Those reportedly hanging about in Brussels cannot be refugees because they are already in a safe country where they are free to go through with asylum processes but they are not interested.
      So they have no right to stay there and there’s no reason for the Belgians not to repatriate them to their own countries.

    • Stanis 8:32 pm on September 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We have had officers stabbed to death in England, so have the French and now there is this Belgian cop knifed. There are others too.
      While all our countries are under the European Court our hands are tied. It was the ECHR that announced that illegals cannot be detained for illegality.
      Of course we should let no more illegals in and May has betrayed us, but ‘Europe’ is the problem. Nothing will be fixed until we are all free nations again.

    • David 11:46 pm on September 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      we have the vilest most useless, spineless politicians on the planet. they only support anyone not white indigenous. Insult, abuse the indigenous.

      Don’t worry, we loathe them!
      It will break soon, as Brits have had enough of the their treachery!

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    Belgium Needs Francken Sense More Than Footie Gold! 

    Being here in Jakarta, it was not practical to stay up hyper-late to watch the World Cup Semi-Final.


    Hasil gambar untuk world cup 2018


    Hard luck, Belgium!

    No matter the result, it’s nice to see that country in the news for something wholesome, after the detention of a pair ‘of Iranian origin’ on suspicion of planning a terror attack in Paris, the police having taken possession of what the report scarily calls ‘500g of ‘Mother of Satan’ explosives!’ 

    The case will proceed, probably at far too leisurely a pace, but if they are convicted, will ‘Amir S., born 1980, and his wife Nasimeh N., born 1984,’be stripped of the Belgian citizenship they currently enjoy?

    Obviously that should happen.

    But will it?

    Belgium seems to be outstandingly flaccid when it comes to standing up to undesirable aliens.

    Bad News Belgium, Where Even Cops Can Be Enemies Within! 

    Belgian Illegals Policy ‘Under Scrutiny?’ For ALL The Wrong Reasons! 

    But there are exceptions!

    We’ve noticed this guy before, one of the few bright sparks on the Belgian political scene.

    His name’s Theo Francken,


    lGambar kisah untuk francken migrants dari POLITICO.eu

    …and here he is again!

    “Aren’t there any safe ports in North Africa? Those who come to Europe should lose their right to asylum!”

    Europe, he added, should only accept refugees who ask for asylum via U.N. camps in conflict zones and send back those who arrive on its shores by boat.


    “This illegal migration must stop…”

    Interestingly, Politico tells us that Francken consistently polls as the most popular politician in Flanders

    Belgian minister: Europe needs Australian approach to migration

    Flanders is of course only just over half of Belgium, the Flemish-speaking part, and the French-speaking part, Wallonia, is less sound.

    As for the capital, it is doubly infested, with alien areas like Molenbeek…

    Calling All Katie Hopkins Fans! Help A Lady In Distress! 

    …and the unpleasant horde of self-serving EUSSR bureaucrats who have colonised much of the city.


    Just random thoughts, this pre-dawn, but it does make me wonder if the Euro-Commissars’ resolute determination to have no truck with those rebellious Catalans might be due to a risky precedent being set.

    Flemish nationalism has long been a feature of Belgian politics.

    Imagine if a Francken-led Flanders broke away, a sensible state with a sturdy leader, strategically situated between France and Germany, showing by example how to handle ‘migrant’ problems.


    What a nightmare that’d be for the Open Borders Alliance!

    • John Loen 8:44 am on July 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Nice headline.

    • Jacko 8:50 pm on July 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      He is popular in Belgium?
      If your quotes are true, of course he is.
      So why do we outside Belgium never hear much of anything about him.
      Every time I see a Belgian politician on tv it is the same self-important w-nker, that Guy guy.

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    Calling All Katie Hopkins Fans! Help A Lady In Distress! 

    Only last week I suggested Katie Hopkins should be given a peerage.



    Hasil gambar untuk katie hopkins

    Katie Hopkins!


    And why not? She’s a patriotic lady!

    It was something of a shock therefore on Sunday to receive the following appeal for help.


    Last week I went to Molenbeek, a Muslim no-go zone in Brussels, Belgium.

    It’s the most terrorist-infested neighbourhood in all of Europe. 

    Even its mayor, Francoise Schepmans, describes Molenbeek as a “breeding ground for violence.”

    Countless terrorist attacks around the world have been plotted from there.

    Including the horrific attack on Paris in November, 2015, that killed 130 people and wounded more than 400.

    And after the Paris attacks, the orchestrator of the slaughter went back to Molenbeek to hide.

    In fact, it wasn’t until four months later that one of the Paris terrorists, Salah Abdeslam, was finally captured. The people of Molenbeek kept him hidden from police for that long.

    Here’s the thing: when I was in Molenbeek, I literally bumped into Mayor Schepmans in the street. She approached me and told me not to sit on the benches because they were filthy. 

    So I asked her a simple question: why didn’t you do anything?

    After all, she knew.

    A month before the Paris attack, Mayor Schepmans was given a list of jihadists plotting in Molenbeek.

    And Salah Abdeslam’s name was on the list.

    I asked her why she didn’t have police arrest him.

    And she told me: it wasn’t her job.

    She actually said that. And she said it again and again. Here, watch the interview for yourself:

    Well, that video went viral. And so did my other videos from Molenbeek — including when I made a list of all 22 mosques in town; and when I put on a burka, to “fit in” with the submissive women there.

    If you haven’t watched my videos yet, you can see them all, here.

    Well, Mayor Schepmans watched my videos.

    And she has decided to finally do something about the problem of the jihadis in her town.

    She’s launching a public prosecution.

    But she’s not prosecuting any terrorists. That’s not her job, remember.

    No: she’s suing me.

    For my reports — including for my interview with her!

    To her, my journalism is a bigger threat than terrorists using her town as a base camp.

    Here’s a story about her lawsuit in a Belgian newspaper. Mayor Schepmans says she is going to sue me on behalf of all of Molenbeek, claiming I have “defamed” their reputation.

    Really? Because If you are known as The Jihadi Capital of Europe I think it’s impossible for your reputation to sink any lower than it is. They did that all by themselves — and because of a mayor who says it’s just not her job to arrest terrorists.

    I need your help.

    Mayor Schepmans has all of the resources of the city government at her disposal. She has government lawyers, and a multi-million dollar budget. I’m an independent journalist, working with The Rebel media. We’re 100% viewer-supported.

    Can you please help me level the playing field? Can you help fill up my legal war chest, so I can keep standing on guard for our western values of freedom of speech, and the separation of mosque and state?

    If you can help me with my legal bills, I promise I’ll keep fighting. 

    I know we can win this case. My journalism was fair and accurate. She’s abusing the courts. 

    Mayor Schepmans admitted she had a list with Salah Abdeslam’s name on it. It was her own statement that was embarrassing — not mine. Any judge would throw the case out.

    But that’s not the point of the lawsuit — it’s designed to harass me, to waste my time and money, and to warn other journalists not to ask embarrassing questions about Islam, open borders or terrorism.

    It’s designed to install a sense of fear into the public discussion, to create “libel chill”.

    If you think it’s important to be able to talk freely about terrorism, please help me and The Rebel cover my legal bills. You can click here to make a secure, online donation. Whether it’s $10, $100 or even $500, it all adds up.

    Let’s show this mayor we’re as passionate about freedom as she is about censorship.

    Yours gratefully,

    Katie Hopkins

    P.S. Please help me level the playing field against this Belgian bully, by making a secure online contribution to my legal defence fund, here. If you prefer to make a contribution by regular mail, click hereThank you.

    P.P.S. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to your friends and family who care about freedom too — and make http://www.SaveHopkins.com your Facebook status!

    • Jacko 9:36 pm on May 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      On it, mate.
      I love Katie!

    • Petra Malley 9:48 pm on May 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      There’s no doubt in my mind at all that any legal action in relation to this ought to be taken against the Mayor of Molenbeek.
      Legal eviction notices served on a large number of the undesirables living there might also be considered, eviction not only from the neighbourhood but from Belgium, and from Europe.
      Thank you for letting us know about this.
      I shall pass the appeal along to as many people as possible..

    • Mort 10:11 pm on May 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I’ve only just gotten an email containing your appeal ten minutes ago but I am responding right away.
      We don’t have to be British to appreciate Ms. Hopkins.
      She is famous among Americans too.
      When she speaks out against the jihadists, then the cause she champions is ours too.

    • Edward Lamont 10:55 pm on May 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      By pure coincidence, I was reading that the Mail has let us all down and taken the side of Theresa the Appeaser.
      The Mail used to be a patriotic paper but dumped Katie Hopkins because she was too much in tune with public opinion..
      Katie is about the only true British journalist who tells the truth.
      Of course I’ll help her.

    • Marty Nagel 11:59 pm on May 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      She writes for The Rebel?
      She must be OK.
      Why can that mayor not be taken to court instead of Katie?

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    Dutch Girls Raped, Attackers Hunted, BUT…No Descriptions? 

    The authorities in Antwerp are investigating a gang-rape involving five men raping two young Dutch women. Three suspects were arrested so far, AD reports.


    The report gives plenty of information about the circumstances of this sex crime, including the fact that some of the alleged rapists have been detained.


    As so often, we have to guess what they look like!


    But is it not odd that, with others not yet arrested, NO description of the assailants has been issued, or at least not included in the report?

    STOP PRESS!  I was about to publish this just as it is set out above, but…

    In the nick of time, THIS was sent to me…read on!

    The NOS describes them as “men”, while Nieuwsblad is more specific: they are twenty-something, “of African descent, from Antwerp and Temse.

    Belgium: Two Dutch women raped by five men … – The Old Continent

    • Petra Malley 8:33 pm on March 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Well spotted. Or at least suspected.
      We all need to be suspicious of the media.
      It’s not a question of fake news but censored news.

      This isn’t the first time the media have deliberately left out highly relevant information about suspects. Criminal aliens are running amok in many countries and in many countries the media are covering up for them.

    • Nick Miller 9:23 pm on March 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It is a disgraceful cover-up but nowhere near as bad as what’s been going on in Germany, where the police are under orders to hide the truth about crimes committed by Merkel’s guests.


      It’s a long article but a must-read for anybody anywhere in Europe who cares about their country.

      • Marty Nagel 1:12 pm on March 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Cripes, Nick, I just started reading it and I could not believe how bad the German cops are.
        They may be ordered to cover up the crime rates among so-called ‘refugees’ but the concentration camp guards have been prosecuted for obeying immoral orders, yes?
        So German police should do the right thing and tell the tax-payers (who they get paid by) exactly what the savages are doing to Germans.

      • Gaby Herlino 10:12 pm on March 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Don’t forget Sweden. The police there hide the facts too.

    • Diana 11:57 pm on March 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Dreadful dishonest media -or was it the police?.

  • ross1948 6:14 pm on January 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Belgian Illegals Policy ‘Under Scrutiny?’ For ALL The Wrong Reasons! 

     I don’t pay enough attention to Belgium, although it needs to be looked at as an example of what’s wrong with Europe, as Gatestone has done recently.


    That’s a brilliant read, covering the almost knee-jerk appeasement of undesirables which we too have touched…

    Bloody Belgians! But Did UK Also Back ShariahSexist Saudis? 

    “No question, Sharia4Belgium is a terrorist group,” the chief judge said… 

    …on as a feature of Belgian life in general and politics/media in particular.

    Reading the headline below, you might think that Belgians have woken up to their Enemy Within.

    Belgian government faces backlash over migration policy

    But you’d be wrong!

    Instead of plans to introduce saturation policing and house-to-house raids in areas like Molenbeek, infested with disloyal aliens, we read instead that more than 2,000 people gather to protest planned raids by federal police.

    True, two thousand out of Brussels’ population of more than two million is no big deal.

    Yet it’s typical that subversives turn out to take the other side while there seems to have been no counter-protest by patriots.


    But as you read on, it gets worse.

    Local police in the communes of Schaerbeek and Bruxelles-Capitale, in the city center, refused to participate in the federal police operation Sunday night.

    Belgian government faces backlash over migration policy

    Time to fire that pack of renegades and recruit a fresh crop of cops who put their country first!

    What’s disturbing is that disloyalty and/or irresponsibility among Belgian police has been no secret for some time.

    Bad News Belgium, Where Even Cops Can Be Enemies Within! 

    as we reported, on another aspect thereof, a year ago!


    At least there’s some sense of responsibility in the corridors of power.

    “There is no way to execute a warrant to leave Belgian territory if an illegal migrant is in a private home. Whether it is his residence or the residence of a third party, there is no legislation that allows further access and thus allows us to execute the deportation warrant.”


    It IS a disgrace that Enemy Within scunners can harbour illegal aliens with impunity.

    Of course the situation should be sorted.

    But WHY has it taken so long!?!

    • Lex 8:03 pm on January 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Those two local police forces should be disbanded.
      No way should police be allowed to get away with refusing to help brother officers carrying out legitimate duties

    • Darryl 9:24 pm on January 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I wish I could say don’t understand how police can refuse to enforce the law but in the USA we have the same kind if problem, in cities like LA, where the police chief is soft on illegals.
      President Trump is doing what he can but the problem is the federal system.
      Is Belgium’s as bad?

    • Charlie 10:09 pm on January 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Feel sorry for the people who have to live there, with all those enemy aliens in places like Molenbeek, but Belgium is hardly a country.
      They should divide it up between Holland and France, but fence off Molenbeek for a gigantic detention centre till all the Islamists inside have been taken out (and interpret the words ‘taken out’ any way you like) .

  • ross1948 4:30 pm on September 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Sexist Saudis! BTW, Did Boris Vote To Affront Women’s Rights? 

    Saudi Arabia has invited women to a sports stadium for the first time to attend annual national day celebrations with their families, state media said Wednesday, opening up a previously male-only venue.

    WOW! Real progress, huh?



    Should normal people around the world, unafflicted with the rancid sexism that characterises the kingdom, rejoice.


    Those happy families will be seated separately from single men!

    What kind of yard-stick are we expected to use when measuring the rights of half the population?

    Sure, it marks a shift from previous celebrations in the kingdom where women are effectively barred from sports arenas by strict rules on segregation of the sexes in public.

    But the proper place to judge Saudi Arabia, which, the report notes, has some of the world’s tightest restrictions on women…




    …and is the only country where they are not allowed to drive and where a male family member – normally the father, husband or brother — must grant permission for a woman’s study, travel and other activities…


    …. is surely the UN Commission on Women’s Rights

    But guess which country sits on that august body?

    Saudi Arabia!

    Bloody Belgians! But Did UK Also Back Shariah Sexist Saudis? 

    And guess who put them there?

    Well, you’ll have to guess!

    Because I’ve seen no updates on the question we asked back in April, when it was reported that at least five EU states must have voted for the Saudis to serve a four-year term on the commission in the secret ballot.



    This is an issue that should not be allowed to go away, the way the despicable Eire Government  –  I use them because thanks to some Eire politicians with a conscience, the issue was (unsuccessfully) pursued there -which weaselled out of telling the truth about how it voted – tried to make it go away.


    Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan. Photo: PA

    Their foreign minister, a man called Charlie Flanagan (above) arrogantly declared that it would be “very damaging to Ireland’s ability to conduct international relations” if he revealed the Government’s voting preference.”


    The Irish Independent offered the answer the gutless government wouldn’t give.

    .It is very likely that Ireland backed its candidature. Dublin officials insist it is not linked to a current campaign by Ireland to secure a temporary seat on the UN’s controlling security council.


    How many of our readers in the UK emailed their MPs to see if they had asked Theresa May and/or Boris Johnson how Britain had voted?


    Gambar terkait


    Did nobody put that pair on the spot?

    Same goes for citizens of France, Germany Holland, Italy etc.

    It’s NOT too late!

    Shame them into owning up – or get a denial of guilt and thank them.

    An email only takes five minutes.

    A miniscule investment of time and energy if the dividend paid out is truth.


    • Noreen Paterson 7:47 pm on September 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      So much for the Dublin Government’s commitment to women’s rights.
      I would like to criticise but I would not be very surprised if Britain too voted for those Saudis.
      I don’t trust Theresa May who was praising sharia law a few months ago or Boris Johnson who turns in the wind like a shirt on a washing line.

    • Penny 7:50 pm on September 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Theresa May is a big supporter of sharia, she said so herself. I will put money on it she gave them Britain’svote.

    • Pamela 9:45 pm on September 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Theresa the Shariah Queen?

  • ross1948 2:39 am on August 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Belgium, , , , ,   

    Another Savage Shot Dead – In Brussels! 

    Bad news that two soldiers were injured, but good news that, as in Spain a week ago…



    …an effective response has circumvented the EU elite’s determination to prevent terrorists getting what they deserve.

    Machete-wielding man ‘shot dead after attacking soldiers in Brussels

    • Keith Milner 11:44 am on August 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Now revealed as ‘a Belgian national of Somali origin’ who yelled ‘Allahu Akbar.’
      I’m probably not the only person who wishes that his victims could have been somebody other than those two innocent soldiers.
      Isn’t the EU head office in Brussels?

      It is a shame that the soldiers were hurt but taking satisfaction in the death of that rat is not enough.
      The Belgian Government is to blame, for the fact that a wild animal was at large in their capital because he had got Belgian nationality.
      Who approved this and why are all those other animals in Molenbeek still there and not being deported?

    • Jeanne 4:08 pm on August 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Belgium is much to blame. The terror gang who attacked Paris had roots in there.
      France too has its dens and so do Germany and England.
      Better all of them must be gone from Europe.

  • ross1948 8:24 am on June 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Belgium, , Maurice Wren, Refugee Council,   

    Starbucks, Rapists And ‘Beneficial Migrants.’ 

    Starbucks coffee may appeal to some people but I would never spend a wooden nickel on their products.

     Jangan Ke Starbucks Lagi! Tolak ‘Gay’ Marriage! (Bahasa Inggris/Bahasa Indonesia) 



    And that was before they announced that, in a Europe where young Brits, French, Germans and Italians face unemployment, Starbucks plans to offer 2500 jobs to ”refugees.’

    The Refugee Council, which works for refugee rights in Britain, welcomed the partnership, saying it could “make a positive difference to the lives of refugees.”

    The council’s head, Maurice Wren, said that “refugees bring an incredible wealth of skills, knowledge and experience which are hugely beneficial to society.”


    Perhaps Wren, who seems to have a thing for undesirable aliens…

    Gambar terkait

    formerly Director of Asylum Aid where he led Asylum Aid’s advocacy work on improving access to legal representation for asylum seekers…co-founder the Independent Asylum Commission from 2006-2008, and Detention Forum, a coalition of charities working on immigration detention…


    ….could explain to a certain Hungarian woman what exactly are those benefits to ‘society?’

    She’d had a nice day out in Muhlhausen, Germany, when she was on her way home from the town fair?

    Woman, 28, is ‘raped nine times by three migrants who filmed brutal attacks on HER phone after hunting her down at a German fair’   https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3843130/hungarian-woman-raped-9-times-by-three-migrants-germany-town-fair/



    Or would Wren care to explain to the Belgian girl, who took a walk with her boy-friend on Prom Night, and was raped by three scumbags on Ostend beach this week…

    Belgium: Three men “of foreign origin” rape girl (18) on beach while making her male friend watch


    …exactly in what way the pigs who violated then are benefiting Europe.

    • Keith Milner 3:33 pm on June 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Europeans have to boycott this Starbucks company and so should we wherever we are..
      Spreading the word may bring them down but maybe more is needed. .
      What else is there people can do?
      Some people may decide to take a leaf out of the leftist textbook. What happened in that high-class British burger chain last year?


    • Malcolm Hallander 7:59 pm on June 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      My first time reading your blog and it won’t be the last.

      Migration only gives advantages to us if the migrants have real skills to contribute that we are lacking.
      I don’t see how washing dishes at a coffee-shop comes under that heading. Boycotting Starbucks is a good idea, and I will keep doing that

    • Antithesis 7:44 am on April 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You must be overjoyed that those black militants and leftwing Democrats in America have joined in your campaign to boycott Starbucks.
      I quote from one of your own extreme rightside’s media, the Daily Caller.
      Women’s March co-president Tamika Mallory on Tuesday called for a boycott of Starbucks over the coffee company’s partnership with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a mainstream Jewish civil rights group.

      The ADL previously criticized Mallory’s support of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious racist and anti-Semite. Mallory accused the ADL of “attacking black and brown people” on Tuesday and demanded Starbucks end its partnership with the group.

    • Jock Tamson 7:49 pm on April 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I think there is an old English phrase works with this.
      Starbucks is ‘hoist by their own petard.
      They are now paying out millions to train their staff not to chuck out people who come into their coffee shops and buy no coffee, just use the toilets and sit around taking up space that paying customers could use.
      Daft isn’t a strong enough word.
      Starbucks deserve all they get, or lose.

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