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  • ross1948 15:34 on January 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Refugee’ Terror Arrests -Another Triumph for Obama! 

    The Manchurian was beside himself over his bargain when he unleashed a pack of satanic jihadists in exchange for one mangy toad.



    • And we’ve noted before the cavalier manner with which the Rat in the White House sends Islamist swine out of Gitmo to reinforce terror gangs galore.



    Now we have fresh insights into the rationale behind his open-arms policy towards ‘refugees.’ 
    Most media have reported the arrest in Texas of an Iraqi refugee as part of a federal investigation into connections with the Islamic State terrorist organization…
    Hasil gambar untuk isis
    One In Eight Syrian ‘Refugees’ Are ISIS Rape-Gang Fans
    Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, 24, a Palestinian born in Iraq,
    has been charged with attempting to “provide material support
    to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a designated
    foreign terrorist organization.”
     Alleged terror threat busted in Houston – Houston Chronicle
    This was hardly a one-off.
    Another so-called ‘refugee,’ apparently originating from the same general direction, was charged Thursday in Sacramento, Calif., with making a false statement involving international terrorism.


    Obama doesn’t give a damn about the safety of decent Americans, real Americans …Illegal Aliens Account for More than 30% of Murder Convictions in Several States  – his priorities have, from the get-go, been illegal aliens and, these days, phoney ‘refugees.’
    Time to step up the fightback!
  • ross1948 09:30 on December 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Rattling The Washington Appeasement Monkey’s Cage! 


    Waking up is hard to do.

    Another party last night, but made it home without mishap, and now busily consuming Kopi Jawa.

    • Hasil gambar untuk morning coffee zombie
    • Need to tidy up the house before today’ visitor arrives.





    …failing to hold Iran accountable for these violations would encourage the Iranian regime to further violate its obligations, including the provisions of the nuclear deal..


    Nice to see that even some Democrats are urging Obama to do his duty, but I suspect their calls will be in vain.




    He’s too busy providing recruits to America’s enemies.



    Gitmo Detainee Now an Al Qaeda Leader in Yemen

    And not for the first time, by a long chalk.



    The Bowe Bergdahl Case: Where Treason Won Out

  • ross1948 10:09 on July 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Chattanooga – Obama Administration’s Devaluation of Words 

    Just thinking about my visit to the American South, about twenty years ago, a nice visit, when we took in the railroad museum with the famous Chattanooga Choo-Choo. Until yesterday, that’s what most people would name if asked about the Tennessee city.

    No more, alas.

    Obama has just described the latest victims of terrorist savagery as ‘these individuals who have served our country with great valor…’  http://www.politico.com/story/2015/07/obama-briefed-on-chattanooga-shootings-120254.html

    From anyone outside the Obama Administration, we’d accept these words at face value, a fitting tribute to martyrs who have died in the service of their country.


    •  ‘For pity’s sakes, don’t you ever again say what you really think!’


    But knowing they emanate from the Oval Office casbah, we know what value to place on such lofty words.

    National Security Advisor Susan Rice said during an interview with ABC News that Bergdahl served with honor and distinction.

    • gitmo_bergdahl
    • Enoch Powell’s insight into the UK’s corridors of power comes to mind.


    • Gitmo-terrorists-released
    • A nest of traitors and a den of vipers. 


  • ross1948 23:00 on March 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Will Obama’s Flunkey Be Character Witness in Bergdahl Case?? 

    Bergdahl_fam How come the flea-bag beard – always an unhealthy sign!


    National Security Advisor Susan Rice said during an interview with ABC News that Bergdahl served with honor and distinction.




    The toe-rag Bergdahl was a handy excuse for Obama to unleash more jihadist vermin on the world.

    Last year President Obama held a ceremony in the Rose Garden with Bergdahl’s parents and touted the swap of Bergdahl as an important moment in U.S. history, arguing no American should be left behind on the battlefield.


    That’s AMERICANS, you Manchurian moron.

    Not Bergdahls. Your bimbo minion ain’t got the message?


    -‘Yeah, lies, babe. Like my college records, like Ayers’ spomsorship, like where the hell I was born –  easy!


    National Security Advisor Susan Rice said during an interview with ABC News that Bergdahl served with honor and distinction.

    What a moronic bint!

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    Bergdahl – Will Obama Show His Usual Contempt for U.S. Law? 

    I see Jordan and Japan face an agonising decision over the ISIS hostage situation -a horrid dilemma some of us foresaw months ago. 

    Turkey’s ISIS Deal – Truth Will Out! And If One Air-Strike Pilot Is Downed? 

    Before we criticise whatever conclusions they reach, a deal with sectarian savages, or no deal and the death of another innocent, let’s not forget how the old principled basis of no bargaining with terrorists has been flouted by Obama.


    “Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl served his country with “honor and distinction.” – Obama’s flunkey Susan Rice

    • I’m not talking about his repeated release of enemy captives  (NOT P.O.W.s, please -they were not in uniform when taken) but about his bizarre decision to trade a clutch of evil Islamists in exchange for Bergdahl.
    • ——————————–
    • gitmo_bergdahl Fair swop?
    • —————————-
    • Bergdahl_fam
    • ————————————-
    • That may be for a court martial to decide in due course. But will Obama allow justice to be done?

    He has shown no reluctance about interfering in the legal process before -re-defining terrorism as work-place violence at Fort Hood, and witness his racist intervention in the Trayvon Martin case – at least he can’t tell us that Bergdahl looks like the son he never had!


    • Obama-son-of-Satan
    • ———————
    • I await developments but with considerable trepidation.

    This ‘President’ clearly despises America and all it stands for. He wouldn’t hesitate to subvert fair play in this latest episode.

    Does he have the power to abort desertion – or treason – charges, regardless of their justification? Perhaps American readers can clarify this question.

    • Joey Mattig 17:39 on January 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      He doesnt care if he has the legal power or constitutional power to do whatevers he likes.
      He will do whatever it takes to hurt the USA and keep bad people out of trouble and put good people in harms way. We see it at the worst in the way he’s by-passing the constitution and laws to let in all those illegals.
      It’s time for a Second American Revolution.


  • ross1948 08:51 on November 1, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    American Marine Vet Freed By Mexico – But Bergdahl Report Held Back! 



    An American Marine, Abandoned in Mexico! 

    We posted on the case of Andrew Tahmooressi quite some time ago, and so it’s good to hear he has at long last been set free.




    Obama’s stick-insect immobility on the issue caused much comment, and has been harshly contrasted with the readiness with which the White House sprang a clutch of enemy aliens from Gitmo to get back Bergdahl, a man whose comrades in arms have proclaimed a deserter.

    So good to know an innocent man is out of that awful Mexican jail, but what about Bergdahl?

    The official report on THAT man is being deliberately delayed until after next week’s US mid-term elections, an example of playing politics that should shock us but doesn’t, because nothing Obama does can really shock people any longer.

    But maybe Obama thinks the report WILL shock voters, so they are to be denied access to its contents till it’s deemed safe to spill the beans.


    • censorship
    • ==================
    • The Government Accountability Office’s nonpartisan legal analysts have already determined that the prisoner swap was illegal. Now there’s the possibility that Gen. Dahl concluded that Sgt. Bergdahl should be court-martialed, and this would further shine a bright light on President Obama’s incompetence and the ineptitude of his administration.

    Other Guantanamo detainees released into the wild wasted little time getting back into their terrorist ways. As many as 30 former Guantanamo prisoners are thought to be fighting under the black flag of ISIS…


    It ain’t just Turkey’s Erdogan whose conduct we need to put under the microscope. 

    Who Killed U.S Journo Serena? Nobody’s Business But The Turks? 

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