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    Whose ‘History Month’ Is It Today? 

    I’m told that we’re in the midst of that divisive nonsense…

    BBC ‘Black History’ Band Plays On! 

    …we have discussed before, more than once..

    Black History All Year Round?’ 

    ….called ‘Black History Month,’ as if it wasn’t bad enough to keep hearing about ‘Pride Month… ‘







    ….two divisive months which may or may not overlap.

    Are there any more ‘months going on that we don’t know about?

    Certainly, if I were black, I’d object strongly to sharing part of my racial self-absorption month with that designated as special for demonstrative deviants.


    However, I saw a video which readers may find diverting..


    …and since I have various non-bloggy things to do at the moment, I offer that, plus a link to an article in which some sense is talked

    Learn more about RevenueStripe...
    The left wants to shape black history according to political lines, but let’s focus on truth for now – it is upsetting enoughMORE
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    Coming Soon – Left-Handed History Month! 

    At last!


    18 Crazy Cool Things Every Left-Handed Kiddo Should Know

    Famous left-handed Brits (maybe even me?!?) are to be celebrated In November’s Left-Handed History Month in an exhibition organised by the Left-Handed Lawyers Group...

    Yes, of course that’s all hogwash.


    As should be the nonsense event this Black History Month, an ‘exhibition…accompanied by the histories of some of the lawyers from the Black Lawyers Group, who brought the show together… https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2022/oct/24/across-generations-a-black-history-month-exhibition-in-pictures

    It’s absurd to imagine a ‘Left-Handed Lawyers Group,’ but also a ‘White Lawyers Group…’

    …but dare to say the truth, that a Black Lawyers Group is a disgusting example of racialising what should surely be a colour-blind profession..


    …dare say so, and, in the words of the Good Book, ‘men shall revile ye, and persecute ye, and say all manner of evil against ye.. ‘

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    BBC ‘Black History’ Band Plays On! 

    ‘Who Does This Blackman Think She Is?’


    That was my initial idea for a headline, but Malorie Blackman is merely another member of the BBC’s chorus line…



    …another ranter calling for ‘year-round black history’ in British schools.

    As arrogant as that uppity Nana from Gambia, currently located in Milton Keynes….

    ‘Black History All Year Round?’ 

    Blackman acknowledges ‘progress’ in the racialisation of the curriculum, ‘but there remained room for improvement.’

    Blackman’s a veteran in the war for multicultification…

    ….or, as UK Pravda puts it, ‘has played a significant role in diversifying children’s literature over the past 30 years, exploring race and identity issues.’

    Patriotic people might think that patriotic should do less ‘diversifying‘ and more unifying, to ensure little black children in British schools identify as little British children…



    …proud of the British imperial heritage, an achievement without which…



    ….their parents or grandparents would likely not have ended up in Britain!


    While it’s not always fair to judge people by the company they keep, we need also note that Blackman’s ‘new memoir has been published through the rapper Stormzy’s brand…’


    Or rather, ugh!

    BBC Affronts Tax-Payers AGAIN – Exalts Leftist Grime Gremlin! 

    Oh Well, That’s It, Then! Gotta Be Labour

    …yes, that ‘Stormzy,’ whose previously mentioned video – ‘tackling the troubled times we live in!’ – was about…

    ‘…people banding together to fight an oppressive regime….set in London, in the near future.’

    Ugh…and ugh again – read this.. https://inews.co.uk/news/uk/stormzy-boris-johnson-primary-school-children-piers-morgan-1345188

    But ignoring that bad man, back to Blackman.

    We still need more books from the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, working-class authors and books from and about neuro-divergent children,” she said.  https://www.bbc.com/news/education-63291527

    Skip neuro-divergence.
    I’m sure all of us just can’t wait…

    “Travellers’ Culture?” How Dare They?


    Tonnes of rubbish dumped next to a children’s playground 

    A similar incident happened in Tooting Common last month when several tonnes of rubbish were left behind. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/10726911.PICTURES__Travellers_leave_behind_poo_on_children_s_slide

    ….for books about disrespecting and trashing public and private property.

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    ‘Black History All Year Round?’ 

    Nana Oguntola, of Milton Keynes, arrived in the UK from Gambia a while back and is quite determined that “we should have black history all year round…


     ..which I absolutely agree with.”

    But do most MK people?

    “…however we’re not there yet..”

    And of course EVERYONE in Milton Keynes, perhaps prudently, given our previous reports from that municipality…

    Or so you’d think from the creepy BBC bias channel!



    With exquisite lack of diversity (of opinion) the tax-funded broadcasters don’t give ANY dissenters to this racialising of British history ANY voice at all.


    So much for ‘inclusion!’

    UK Pravda reports Nana’s race-obsessed view that “we’ve been given a platform that is Black History Month..”


    And doesn’t say by whom.  Presumably by dollops of dough from the public purse?

    Last word to Nana.

    If we lose Black History Month we’ve got nothing.”

    Hell, no, last word to the blogger!

    Interesting, that use of  ‘we,’ indicating that she sees herself through the prism of ethnicity, though what would BBC make of Milton Keynes folks who might dare to speak up for a ‘White History Month?’

    Probably UK Pravda would be as indulgent towards those as that obnoxious top cop in Avon.

    See the source image

    Avon and Somerset Police    Police-State UK? Don’t Dare Say It’s OK To Be White

    Well  ‘we’ might have good old British history taught in British schools.

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    Fire Alison Bateman, Richmond's Woko 'Educator!' 

    It’s bad enough that the name of Winston Churchill is deemed unfitting in a British primary school..



    ..and near as bad that JK Rowling, an exceedingly successful author of children’s books, is similarly dissed.

    Churchill’s sin is that he was an heroic leader in time of war and always wanted Britain to remain a world power.

    Rowling’s, presumably, may be…


    …that she declines to regard maladjusted men in make-up as ‘women!’

    Bad enough, if the authoress of this purge, a ‘progressive’ head ‘teacher…’.

    – who ‘ timed the announcement of the changes to coincide with Black History Month in October!’

    – boasted of her woke-work.

    But the creepy leftist, Alison Bateman, who runs Holy Trinity school in Richmond, London, somehow managed not to consult parents….




    Now she’s weaseling out of responsibility for this latest left-lice outrage!



    Alison Bateman, unashamed of her woke-work!


    Get a load of Comrade Bateman’s smarmy, self-exculpatory claim.


    ‘The change was entirely driven and led by our pupils and they feel proud of having effected this change and knowing their views were heard…

    The woko is blaming it on the kiddies ( aged 3 – 11, for pity’s sakes! ) that she’s meant to be in charge of!



    Read the whole sick story here.



    And don’t stop reading.. 

    Parents should be organising to get this woman dismissed 

    Show Solidarity!

    Here’s the school’s contact info.

    Holy Trinity CE Primary and Nursery School

    Carrington Rd

    TW10 5AA

    020 8940 2730

    Give the sly pinko HELL!

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    Home Office Subversion – Who Invited The Far-Left Prof? 

    A rather coarse middle-aged leftist named Priyamvada Gopal…

    Priyamvada Gopal is University Reader in Anglophone and Related Literatures in the Faculty of English and Fellow, Churchill College, University of Cambridge

    …is getting her pinko knickers in a twist because she was invited then disinvited to address a Home Office get-together.

    The disinvitation should be unsurprising…



    …after her racially-charged slur on the Home Secretary, which I quote in full.

    Priti Patel is also a reminder that many Asians in British Africa had ferociously anti-black attitudes and were used by colonial administrations to keep black populations in their place. An attitude she brings to government.

    Gopal is described, without evidence, by the Guardian hack, as a ‘respected author.’

    I don’t respect her!

    Do you? Have you even heard of her!

    Respected authors‘ publish books that thousands of people buy!

    Well Said Freddy! Forsyth V ‘Intellectual’ Jackals 

    Like Mr. Forsyth, for example!

    It’s hard to respect somebody who has somehow managed to get a university professorship and then demeans its reputation by her coarse language.

    I liked some of my profs, others not so much, but they could all express themselves without using words like ‘arse!’

    Gopal’s more like a fish-wife than an academic!

    But the BIG issue should not be the DISinvitation, but rather…


    WHO invited this nasty hag in the first place?

    She’s free to rant and rave about race on Cambridge’s lovely college greens…


    …but to befoul the Home Office, to summon a far-left fanatic to harangue supposedly non-political civil servants?


    And has he ( or she) been booted out, told to go and find a job with BLM?

    We will not get an answer, methinks, even if some MP with cojones asks at Prime Minister’s Question Time at Westminster.



    Bojo, like Priti, lacks the guts to come clean, never mind cleanse the Home Office sty.

    Far from it.

    Jellyfish Johnson and Priti Useless are up to their necks in BLM collabo cr-p!

    Get this!

    A government spokesman said last night:

    ‘The civil service is a diverse employer and it is vitally important we celebrate Black History Month to ensure our civil service is representative of the communities we serve…. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10094351/Academic-attacked-Priti-Patel-gets-cancelled-Home-Office.html


    .. …

    That’s frankly disgusting!

    I once spent a while as a civil servant, ages ago.

    There was no Ulster-Scots History Month, nor Scots, nor Welsh, and certainly no British History Month…

    ….which ALL civil servants of all ethnicities could – or should- be happy to celebrate!

    In fact, of course…

    ….civil servants should be getting on with doing the jobs they’re paid to do.

    I hear there’s an ‘asylum’ back-log!

    Is that not more ‘vitally important‘ than a race-based celebration?

    • Amanda Adams 16:05 on October 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      There is something rotten in the Home Office.
      Why has Priti Patel not got rid of the left activists who organised this Black History nonsense?
      For the same reason she has not got rid of all those illegals her patrol boats bring in from France.
      She is Priti Useless, as you say!


    • Joe Woods 17:21 on October 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Of course these Home Office dooleys would rather attend Black History capers than work, and how much salaried time was spent organising it?
      And that statement from the HO telling us how ‘vitally important’ it was to celebrate BHM? Why hasn’t the ‘Conservative Government cancelled all this ‘diversity’ rubbish?


  • ross1948 00:05 on October 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Johnson Sits On His Hands While Royal Mail Panders 

    Getting mail sent from the UK to Indonesia has long been a problem here in Indonesia, and in view of what we see emblazoned on envelopes sent from there at the moment, I am going to stop lamenting that situation.


    No photo description available.


    On whose authority is the Royal Mail using private correspondence sent from one Brit to another as a means of propaganda for ‘Black History Month?’

    Has the British Government given this nonsense its stamp of approval?


    Has the PM commented on this?

    Has it been raised in Parliament?

    I leave it to my loyal readers in The Old Country to pursue answers to these questions.

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