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  • ross1948 1:56 pm on October 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Who’s Obama To Condemn’Whining?’ 



    Just heard the leftist BBC 1.30 pm news – with some clown telling us  – impartially of course  – that The Racist In The White House had ‘slapped down‘ Donald Trump.

    • obamaworship-220x220
    • Criticise, disagree with, contradict, challenge, each of those words would be a reasonably objective verb, but objective reporting is not something the BBC understands…..NO, it has to be

    …. a slap-down….

    …as if TRITWH is some kind of God-King handling an upstart peasant.

    • trump
    • But then the BBC, like the equally corrupt media in the USA, looks upon Trump in exactly that way, a peasant, leading a peasants’ revolt, against the great and good aka the sick, decadent establishment that runs America to suit itself.

    I do wonder if Obama has a sense of humour.

    That word he used to describe Trump’s legitimate protest against media bias,, “whinin’ ” as TRITWH pronounced it, is SO much more applicable to all the braying, bleating and yes, WHINING agitprop outfits he has incited over the past eight years, echoing their self-righteous entitlement whines in his own speeches.


    .Hasil gambar untuk blm whining


    I mean, who whines louder than the racist BLM.


  • ross1948 8:59 pm on October 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Fight Racism! Boycott Ben & Jerry’s! 

    A load of hogwash from the two little lefty creeps who run that Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream company, replete with all the cliches that pinkos spew whenever they get the chance, gunk about –  ‘the systemic racism built into the fabric of our institutions at every level, disadvantaging and discriminating against people of color...’ http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2016/10/07/ben-jerrys-face-boycott-endorsing-black-lives-matter/



    Systemic racism? Who’s been racialising American society for the past eight years?


    So the mincing pair have endorsed the racist rabble of Black Lives Matter. 

    Yeah, that’s the same lowlifes who went into a spittle-flecked tantrum when that poor Democrat dared tell them that ALL lives matter. 

    Booed By Racist Mob For Saying “White Lives Matter,” Democrat U-Turns ASAP 

    I know it can be irksome to engage in a boycott.

    But a boycott of this despicable duo has been under way for quite some time, although it was only when I went looking for a good image to insert in this post that I realised how despicable they are.

    • Hasil gambar untuk boycott ben and jerry's


    The boycott has been on-going since 2009!

    Stop buying Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream

    Ben and Jerry’s is evil. In 1981 a man named Wesley Clark shot and killed Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in the back, then several times in the face. He did this in front of several witnesses, including his own brother. He was arrested while still holding the murder weapon in his hand and taken to the hospital to have a bullet, fired from Officer Faulkner’s weapon, removed from his body. The entire story including very specific details can be found on this link:

    Read on and shudder at who’s in the killer’s fan club!

    In this particular case, a boycott is hot only an eminently worthy cause, but easy, because there are so many other varieties of ice-cream out there

    If you drop by any Superindo branch here in Jakarta, you’ll very probably find some tasty discounted stuff.


  • ross1948 10:30 pm on July 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Baton Rouge – A ‘Justice-Involved’ Savage Kills More Cops! 

    Breaking news from Baton Rouge, three more police officers murdered?

    And by tomorrow, we’ll have Obama exploiting the deaths, as he did with the cops killed in Dallas.

    And much of the American mainstream media will again ignore how he and his abysmal Attorney General have tried again and again to white-wash savage crims with sicko euphemisms…

    Beyond The Twilight Zone – Obama’s Flunkeys, Freaks and Felons! 

    …. that moron minion of Lynch telling us that we can’t call felons ‘felons,’ or convicts ‘convicts…’

    And recall, Lynch herself referring to disgusting criminal street-scum as ‘justice-involved’ youth.


    Crooked Hillary Clinton once had enough grit to call a spade a spade, when she spoke of Super Predators, but she actually recanted, to placate pro-hoodlum advocacy groups.

    All this cr#p, appeasing the ululating BLM rabble, should cease forthwith. The El Paso Police Chief has it right.

     Police Chief Calls BLM a ‘Radical Hate Group’

    • Eric Fresner 9:30 am on July 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      The people of El Paso came onto the streets to support their Police Chief and we should all support him. I think it’s terrible that Obama invites the BLM for talks so he can sit there like an umpire between the police and the radicals who hate the police.
      I heard them chanting about killing cops when they did the demo in Baton Rouge just a week ago and so I have signed that petition to declare BLM a terrorist organization.


    • Herb Gravitz 10:27 am on July 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      So now these thugs who rob and steal and hurt people on our city streets are not criminals but just “justice-involved?’
      Like Trayvon Martin and that fat thug in Ferguson Missouri and the one in Baltimore and the one a couple of weeks ago that was shot in Baton Rouge, all justice-involved,.like the Tunisian in Nice..
      Obama, Lynch, these people are SO irresponsible, and SO obviously on the side of the criminal classes against the rest of us.


  • ross1948 10:30 pm on July 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Black Beauty? Hardly! Ugly Words? Absolutely! 

    Encouraging to read that decent black Americans are speaking up about the true character of the BLM hate-group.  Black Vanderbilt professor says Black Lives Matter movement is ‘pure Marxism’

    But not all we heard this week is decent.

    How vile can a vixen get?

    I refer to Kalyn Chapman James, the creature who inexplicably won the title of Miss Alabama in 1993…



    …and who has now declared that she ‘didn’t feel sad for the officers that lost their lives’ in Dallas.

    She also found time to hail the demented savage that killed those officers as ‘a martyr.’

    Having since become, naturally, an object of loathing and contempt, she has ‘apologised,’ an apology the sincerity of which can be measured by her refusal to take down the video.

    God only knows how such an obnoxious Un-American bitch could get so close ( top ten finalists 1994!) to being Miss America!

    • Hasil gambar untuk ugly words
    • Happily she has been suspended from her job in the media, though no doubt Obama will hire her, given his propensity for employing undesirables.

    But one hopes she will be run out of town if she dwells among decent citizens.

     First black Miss Alabama calls Dallas cop killer a ‘martyr’


  • ross1948 12:05 am on July 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Americans! A Petition To Designate BLM As TERRORIST! 

    And bang on midnight here in Jakarta, somebody sends me news of a petition – only for America readers, alas – to demand Obama designate the racist Black Lives Matter outfit as TERRORIST.

    At the time of publication, the petition — which was created the day before the attack — had earned more than 12,000 signatures, but still has far to go before reaching its goal of 100,000 by the August 5 deadline.

    “Terrorism is defined as the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims,” it reads. “This definition is the same definition used to declare ISIS and other groups, as terrorist organizations.”


    White House Petition To ‘Formally Recognize BLM As A Terrorist Organization’ Picks Up Steam

    I frankly doubt that Obama. given his own racist anti-cop rhetoric, will do any such thing…


    Booed By Racist Mob For Saying “White Lives Matter,” Democrat U-Turns ASAP 

    ….. but it’s important to show support for common sense, so here’s the link for you to do just that!

    Sign the petition HERE.

    • Goldie 2:00 am on July 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Signed it, and thanks for letting us know.


    • Otto N 12:44 pm on July 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I will sign it but I wish we could recognise Obama as a terrorist organization!


  • ross1948 1:43 pm on July 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Blue Lives Matter – Hunt Down And Put Down The Dallas Cop-Killers! 

    Last week we heard more racist drivel from a hate-fuelled bint who insulted every American’s intelligence, and exposed her own evil bigotry, by saying that anyone suggesting ‘All Lives Matter’ is somehow displaying racism!




    That drivel emerged from the gang calling themselves ‘Black Lives Matter,’ a rat-pack so deranged that even the ultra-liberal Globe and Mail in Canada has published an expose ( using a very different perspective from mine!) of their bigotry.  The bullies of Black Lives Matter

    I had thought about posting on that recent example of how Obama’s overt racialising of the USA’s (and apparently now Canada’s!) problems was poisoning so many aspects of life, but I didn’t get round to it.

    Today, however, the news from Dallas is impossible to ignore.

    This is no random shooter on the loose…

    …it’s politically-motivated mass-murder.

    If it had happened in New York, there’d be no chance of justice, but because Texas wisely retains capital punishment, the perpetrators can, and most certainly should, be put to death.

    • Freemont 3:08 pm on July 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Not political just racist.
      And he was doing exactly what those Black Lives Matter DEMONstrators with their Kill Cops placards had demanded.
      Today we had some more of them show up at the tributes to the slain officers and start with their BLM trash slogans. Yes, Obama’s incitement is at the roots of all this trouble after eight years of his anti-police innuendo and worse, America is edging to a race war.


  • ross1948 9:02 pm on March 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    American Red Nazis Amok- As Anti-Trump Thugs Exculpated By Kasich and Cruz! 

    Anyone who went to a British university in the sixties and/or seventies will be familiar with the red nazi phenomenon, ‘No Platform,’ they called it then, whereby marxist gangs, SWP, WRP etc, having found themselves intellectually inadequate to debate rightwingers, openly resorted to hoodlum tactics to silence their opponents.


    • The foul phenomenon never went away, and gangster groups like UAF and ‘antifa’ have been active against patriot parties like UKIP in recent years.

    We now see the same intolerance in America, hordes of hooligan leftists pouring into a Trump rally NOT to engage in intelligent heckling but PURELY to shut it down.

    Black Lives Matter Activists Take Online Victory Lap

     I just watched an obnoxious bigot on tv boasting of their success in stopping normal political activity, and on more than one news-site we read that louts and loutesses wearing “Black Lives Matter” shirts were prominent among the rabble, so not just reds but racists too.  – 



    What is more offensive than the hooligan mob, however, is the way some politicians who ought to know better are now blaming the mayhem not on those who caused it but on Trump’s ‘rhetoric.’

    The contemptible Kasich spouted typical liberal double-talk.




    Ohio Governor John Kasich, also battling Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, said the protests occurred because “the seeds of division that Donald Trump has been sowing this whole campaign finally bore fruit.” Rivals say Trump’s rhetoric partly to blame for protests

    Sadly, Ted Cruz made similar mealy-mouthed comments, which I hope he will reconsider.


    I must – for the first time ever – congratulate Rubio, who observed that protests in Chicago had become “an industry” and some of the people involved were “probably being paid to do this.”

    Only retards respond to words with thuggery.

    One might wish it were still 1968 and the Chicago cops had emulated their predecessors’ handling of the Communist sympathisers who tried to storm the Democratic Convention back then. Most Americans saw through the media’s slurring of the police and applauded the then Mayor and his police. 

    Daley shared he had received 135,000 letters supporting his actions and only 5000 condemning them. Public opinion polls demonstrated that the majority of Americans supported the Mayor’s tactics.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1968_Democratic_National_Convention

    Has America changed irreversibly?

    • Lonnie 2:54 pm on May 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      So, Ross, you have shown a slight tilt towards Cruz in the past, but he’s dropped out, and I can’t see you supporting a pro-‘gay rights’ candidate like Kasich.
      Are you going to declare for The Donald, despite his stand on the bathroom bills?


      • ross1948 9:56 pm on May 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Sorry for delayed response, Lonnie. I will come back on this, but am waiting to see who his VP may be. If it’s some mealy-nouthed hypocrite like Kasich, I’d have problems.
        But if he chooses a good man like Ben Carson, why not?


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