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  • ross1948 3:01 pm on April 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BLM racists, Mark England, , protest ban, Team GB   

    GB Should Get Rid Of England! 

    Please do not imagine I have suddenly gone separatist.

    My headline is a call for that insufferable Mark England to be excised from any connection with Team GB!


    Oooops – I put ‘sport’ into my pictorial index and got passport!


    All the millions of normal people in countries around the world who welcomed the news that there’d be no protest nonsense at the next  Olympics, assuming the events do happen… 



    …no kneeling creeps out to score political points for the racist BLM gang or anyone else… 


    ….must have been flabbergasted at the offensive defiance heard from Mr. England, the Team GB ‘chef de mission. ‘


     Mark England


    Who the Hell does he think he is, with his arrogant scheme for ‘dialogue with British athletes to ensure those who wish to protest in Tokyo will be able to do so.

    No need for dialogue.

    If any ‘British’ athletes can’t handle the no-protest’ rule, the uppity gits should be told to stay home…


    …and kneel in their own back gardens.

    Mark England should be stripped of his fancy-pants title and replaced with somebody who understands that politics need to be kept out of sport.

    Maybe Piers Morgan?

    He’s between jobs at the moment!


    • Edward Lamont 4:27 pm on April 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Excellent choice of illustration, so many ‘sportsmen,’ and women, behaving like stupid aheep as they kneel in support of BLM racism.
      It’s disappointing that Mr. England wants to encourage them in their foolishness, instead of backing up the ban on politicisong the Games.


    • Fiona 8:39 pm on April 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      It’s baffling this man wants to flout what is a completely reasonable rule laid down for the Olympics.
      Sportsmen and sportswomen take part in the Olympic Games to represent their countries, not to exploit their participation to further political, racial or sectarian agendas.
      In fact, since the whole point of the Olympics is to bring people together, divisive campaigns like BLM have no place in any arena.
      I think any athlete who stages a protest should be sent home and banned from any part in any sport for life.
      They are an embarrassment to whatever country they claim to represent.


  • ross1948 9:50 pm on December 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , BLM racists, , , Patriot football fans,   

    Once It Was Churchill – Now It’s Millwall Fans! 

    Who speaks for Britain?

    While the next generation of British children may not learn a lot in school history lessons about Sir Winston Churchill…



    …most adult Brits know that he was the greatest PM the UK ever had.

    Alas, he is now anathematised…


    Winston Churchill Statue Vandalised in London During George Floyd Death Protests and Black Lives Matter Movement (Watch Video)

    Churchill Statue defaced by BLM vermin

    ….by the racist BLM scum to whom Churchill’s current ‘Tory’ successor panders shamelessly…

    Johnson To Waste Millions On Whiner Commission

    …a commission on race and ethnic disparities would look at “all aspects of inequality – in employment, in health outcomes, in academic and all other walks of life…”

    ….and ‘Winnie’ could thus be erased in due course from whatever PC travesty of history may soon be taught in British classrooms.

    However, it’s going to be hard for even such an august authority as the Football Association…


    Football Association – artist’s impression!

    ….completely to eradicate the nation’s sense of what once made it great.

    That’s said after reading a UK media report…



    ….which tells how the turncoat slime who run the FA  – yes, that klutz crew again – Petition To Football Association – Scrap The BLM Cr-p! – have denounced patriotic Millwall FC fans…

    Millwall fans boo as players take the knee in support of Black Lives Matter movement
    The FA says it “strongly condemns” fans who “actively voice their opposition….”

    ….after large numbers of decent supporters loudly booed the chicken-sh-t players for pulling a ‘kneel-creep’ stunt…



    …reminiscent of those craven cops we can’t condemn too often.

    What a strange world we live in, when Britannia’s true heartbeat is heard no longer in Downing Street…

    ….but on the terraces of Millwall!

    • Robert Mclean 10:32 pm on December 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      To say one throughly enjoys, figuratively speaking that is, a giant size breath of fresh air of common sense coming to me via this laddie, would be putting it mildly. Mind you, in this ever increasing PC/ woke/ feminist world we live in, he could very well be taken away by the police, or be put on anger management courses!


    • Tam Birnie 2:04 am on December 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply



  • ross1948 9:26 am on November 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , BLM racists, , Nahlia Webber, , Targetting White Children   

    In Rotten Big Apple, A Hate-Freak Targets Kids! 

    A media lady of the Fox News variety is moving from New York for the sake of her children.

    So would you if you had children subjected to the rabid racist indoctrination outlined below.

    The story in The Blaze…


    ….says the filthy rant ‘appears to have been written by Nahliah Webber, executive director of Orleans Public Education Network in June….’

    So I quickly dug in and checked, and it is there for all to see – here –


    The Webber woman is clearly consumed with hate and while there’s plenty of that to be found in any movement as profoundly racist as BLM, of course….

    BLM – Racist AND Sectarian? Asian Church Burned! BBC Silent


    Young mother shot in head for saying ‘All LivesMatter

    ‘This killing was reported so quietly that barely anyone even noticed’

    Major Party Candidate Exposed As Racist Hate-Beast – BBC Silent! 

     Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”


    …it is almost frightening to see such venom directed at little children.



    The woman’s a fanatical freak and ought not to be allowed within a country mile of any school.


    Nahliah Webber, Executive Director of Orleans Public Education Network

    Listen to the rabid vixen howl!

    There is a killer cop sitting in every school where white children learn….

    They happily believe their all-white spaces exist as a matter of personal effort and willingly use violence against black bodies to keep those spaces white.” 

    Hard to see how she can escalate the hate-level, but she manages to do so.

    As black bodies drop like flies around us by violence at white hands, how can we in any of our minds conclude that whites are all right?” the article added.

    Drop like flies?’


    Even the anti-conservative USA Today stated that ‘police fatally shot 13 unarmed black men in 2019, not eight.’


    That was in response to a claim by a conservative that the total was eight.

    While if any of these dead men were not criminals, their demise is sad indeed, neither 13 nor 8 is a number that can in any way justify the racist ranter’s ‘drop like flies’ rhetoric.



    On goes the rant….

    “White children are left unchecked and unbothered in their schools, homes, and communities to join, advance, and protect systems that take away black life.



    I am tired of white people reveling in their state-sanctioned depravity, snuffing out black life with no consequences.”

    What an imbecilic tirade!

    And how long before those children are no longer ‘left unbothered?’

    I have to say my sympathy for the Fox woman, Megyn Kelly, who is fleeing the rotten Big Apple….


    ….is tempered by her admission that she observed the left bigotry in NY schools for a long time and has done nothing that we know of to fight it?

    She is wealthy, can afford to move wherever she wants, but what about all the parents of  modest means who can’t up and vamoose?



    Their children should not be abandoned to the hate-fate envisaged by that wicked Webber.

    With dark forces seemingly triumphant in the USA, there’s not a lot anyone can do from afar.

    But the next time you hear of racist nonsense in YOUR local school, be it ‘Black Studies’ or ‘Black History Month…’

    BBC’s Oily Amroliwala Lets BLM Bias Run Riot! 

    …. get organised!




    Demand that schools operate a unifying curriculum.

    British History. Canadian History. Australian History.


  • ross1948 3:47 pm on November 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , BLM racists   

    The True BLM That BBC Won’t Cover! 

    After our previous coverage of the revolt against civilisation today…

    ….here’s another bit of news that the Beelzebub Bias Coven will not be offering up for your inspection…



    …more proof of the rabid race-hate that motivates the BLM scum in America.

    Watch: BLM Protesters Attack D.C. Cops: ‘F*ck You, You F**cking Uncle Tom’


    • Lennie Goural 4:43 pm on November 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Sorry, no words that fit these animals would be acceptable for public comment.
      My apologiies to all animals for calling the subhumans “animals.”


  • ross1948 12:45 pm on November 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , BLM racists, BLM thuggery,   

    Was It A BLM Hate-Freak Or An Antifa Red Nazi? 

    Blog stats way down today, because so many readers are following the results.

    On my TV, there are various news channels – but only one based in the USA, so I’ve been watching that, as it logically should provide more detailed information.

    Alas, it’s CNN…

    …so I have been suffering their slanted left commentary in order to learn the ups and downs of the election.

    It’s been like a thirsty traveller…

    ….having to drink camel-p**s in order to survive the trek.

    But in the streets of some American cities, decent people are facing far worse than that, according to the news.

    Far-left thugs are out in force, making their racism clear!


    .”…the outlet also reported a man was hit with a bat after he shouted “all lives matter….” 

    So anyone who declares publicly his or her adherence to civilised values is at risk.



    The USA desperately needs a Trump victory.



    • Mel Henderson 1:10 pm on November 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      It is very tiring, staying awake late, rising early, to watch all this dramatic bartling. I am sympathetic to how tired you must be feeling but I laughed when you compared watching CNN to drinking canel pee?
      A very fair comparison!


  • ross1948 1:16 pm on October 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BLM racists, Sacrborough Maine,   

    Only Some Lives Matter? A School District Grovels! 

    Since we are already on the topic of pro-undesirable media today…

    BBC Dredges The Depths To Find Pro-Crimmigrant Spoker! 

    ….let’s see some of CNN’s news, from the U.S. state of Maine, where smarmy pinko students demanded and got an apology from Scarborough Public Schools District, after ‘officials sent an email to staff on Monday reminding them not to wear clothing or display items with political or controversial phrases in the week leading up to Election Day.

    Why on earth would anyone object…


    …to a rare but welcome example of keeping propaganda out of schools?


    The ‘ban’ was entirely even-handed, viz.

     It listed campaign slogans from the Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris campaigns as examples, as well as the messages “White Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Matter.”

    Fair enough.

    Aaah…but some lives matter more than others…

    And now?

    Here’s the outcome of a protest by pinko creeps, not just callow brats, BTW, but, of course, ‘teachers!’

    Scarborough Superintendent Sanford J. Prince IV apologized in a public statement on Tuesday, saying the district needs “to better educate and equip ourselves to have these conversations.”

    How low can Sanford J Prince IV bend over to appease the far-left?



    “As I now reflect on a communication that was shared by our curriculum director to staff yesterday, I understand that the reference to the phrase “Black Lives Matter” was offensive to many people who read the memo…”
     “Please know that inclusion of that phrase was not at all intended to be a statement to make any member of the community feel less valued in any way and we are deeply apologetic for that.


    So although BLM propaganda, and we know BLM is a hate-group….

    Again, BBC Hides Truth That BLM Are Foul-Mouthed Bullies!

    …has no place in any educational establishment…


    ….it is now apparently welcome on this school’s premises, but anyone who dares suggest that ‘White Lives Matter’ is still going to get into trouble?

    If that’s the case…

    …RACIST S.O.B.s are running the show in Scarborough!


    • Vinnie F 7:45 am on October 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      They are not educators. They are sell-outs.
      BLM should not be legitimized.


  • ross1948 4:15 am on October 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , BLM racists, , , Warner Bros TV Group   

    New Warner Bros Star? BLM’s Trained Marxist! 

    Remember Patrisse Cullors? 



    You’re certainly to be forgiven if you don’t, because she is not somebody you’d want on your mind, any more than you wake from a nightmare and dwell on the horror of it all.

    However, these are not normal times.

    She is a key figure in the revolt against civilisation, and has openly boasted how she’s a ‘trained marxist…’

    Patrisse Cullors.jpg
    Comrade Cullors 

    ….which is to say – she adheres to one of the two worst, most murderous ideologies ever to confront mankind.



    In short, this ‘American’ lesbian red is quintessentially evil, just as evil as her ‘Canadian’ lesbian red comrade, who blurted out the actual BLM racist agenda then deleted the tweet.


     Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

    Yes, that sicko sow in Toronto is just as evil as Patrisse Cullors


    “We are trained Marxists.”
    — BLM co-founder

    ….whom we quoted in a previous post, viz.

    Neither Black Nor White Lives Matter To Marxists! 

    …a self-confessed communist, who should therefore be treated as a leper by decent folks everywhere.

    But not, it seems in the eyes of Warner Bros TV Group.

    Warner Bros is a name we all grew up appreciating, for the movies we all enjoyed.

    Now every time I see that name, I will think..



    God Damn You SOBs!

    Warner Bros Television Group just signed a deal with the evil communist bitch, which…


    ….will see Cullors develop and produce original programming across all platforms, including broadcast, cable and streaming.Cullors’ agreement encompasses scripted and unscripted series, longform series, animated….

    AND please pay attention….

    ….close attention, to these next words

    ….and kids programming…

    Together, WBTVG and Cullors will look to amplify the work of the Black Lives Matter, which Cullors started alongside Alicia Garza and  Opal Tometi back in 2013…


    Suggestions, please, how decent people, not just in the USA, can, by non-violent means (and legal means, of course!) destroy Warner Bros TV Group?


    • Uncle Oz 8:19 am on October 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      It’s like being kicked in the teeth by an old friend.
      Hooray for Hollywood? Never again.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 4:00 pm on October 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Who owns this WBTV company? There are plenty of real charity projects they could work with so what made them join hands with this marxist?


  • ross1948 11:28 am on October 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , BLM racists, , , Election NZ, , Judith Collins   

    NZ’s Collins Admires Both Iron Lady And Crooked H? 

    I don’t pay as much attention as I should to New Zealand’s politics but since there’s an election imminent, I have had a look at one party leader there already…

    NZ’s Pinko Princess, Cowering From Cannabis Candour? 

    ….and now a quick glance at her rival, Judith Collins.

    Judith Collins MP.jpg

    Judith Collins


    At first sight, she seems infinitely preferable to Pinko Princess Arden, though it says more about the media in-crowd than its does about Ms. Collins that ‘furore erupted when she told an interviewer that obesity was a matter of “personal responsibility.” ‘

    Health freaks much prefer state sticky-beaking to telling it like it is.

    There no doubt are some fat people whose genetic or other conditions are outside their control, but there are a lot more who are just ill-disciplined hogs.



    And how about this?

    The opposition leader has asked reporters if there was “something wrong” with her being white…

    I’m sure some at least of those reporters, and all the BLM racists in the world, would say yes, of course there’s something wrong with being white. 

    Their war-cry, after all, is rabidly racist, with its clear exclusion of ‘White Lives’ from those that ‘Matter!’

    And not just white people’s lives but those of non-blacks in general.

    Young mother shot in head for saying ‘All LivesMatter

    ‘This killing was reported so quietly that barely anyone even noticed’

    But that’s obvious…

    Major Party Candidate Exposed As Racist Hate-Beast – BBC Silent! 

     Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

    ….from what the BLM rabble say and do.

    Judith Collins is also to be commended for the fact that she last week decried what she calls ‘the Woke Brigade..’

    When Even Obummer Wearies Of Woke-Weasels? .



    Woke’ Is A Past Tense Verb, Not An Adjective – Please Use ‘Red Nazi!’ 

    A welcome denunciation, not least in terms of preservation of the English language!

    And she is most certainly secure from any accusations of racism!

    She’s happily married to a man whose ethnicity is Samoan and Chinese..


    …when asked which public figures she holds in high regard, she names Maggie Thatcher, of course, whom we all admire…


    …..but – wait for it…


    ..Crooked Hillary Clinton.


    Has Judith Collins never watched the educational documentary?




    …which lifts the lid off the deplorable duo?


    PS Just adding this link, sent to me by a reader in NZ, so you can watch the debate between the two party leaders. Apparently it’s starting ‘soon.’


  • ross1948 11:12 am on July 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BLM racists, , Monica Cannon-Grant, ,   

    Seriously! Don’t Read If A Racist Sow’s Obscenities May Upset You! 

    Perhaps almost needless to say, the obscene sow is a BLM far-leftist…


    The sow – BLM racist Monica Cannon-Grant

    ….and its victim is a black Republican candidate, who gets disgusting abuse for being the wife of a white man!

    Quintessential BLM racism!

    Read if you can stomach it!


    • Keith Milner 11:28 am on July 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I read it.
      The ‘sow’ can barely write in English. No education at all.
      Small wonder she has to fall back on ‘sow-language.’


    • Amanda Adams 7:26 pm on July 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You do sows a disservice.
      The BLM bitch, no that isnt fair to female dogs, she is the sickest racist imaginsble.
      Padded cell might be the abswer.


    • Edward Lamont 8:36 pm on July 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I did read it all and wish I hadn’t.
      That racist Democrat woman is mentally disturbed, to say the least!
      It certainly reveals the true BLM mentality.


  • ross1948 5:09 pm on July 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , BLM racists, , woman murdered Indiana   

    All Lives Matter, But Not To Rotten Media? A Young Woman Dies! 

    If the media in the USA are not reporting it, damn sure the BBC won’t spill the beans on who killed this young woman!

    So while this is getting past the Lugenpresse cover-up in America, you Brits and my other readers around the world..




    Get This!

    Young mother shot in head for saying ‘All Lives Matter’

    ‘This killing was reported so quietly that barely anyone even noticed’

    Jessica Doty Whitaker


    Police in Indianapolis are investigating the murder of a young mother who was allegedly killed for telling Black Lives Matter activists that “All Lives Matter.”

    24-year-old Jessica Doty Whitaker was shot in the head and killed last Sunday after a Fourth of July weekend celebration….


    We won’t know all the details till the killers are caught, tried and convicted….




    ….but we DO know BLM is permeated with race-hate!

    • Noreen Paterson 5:20 pm on July 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      We have to ask, on the scales of evil, are the media who have suppressed news of this horrifying crime any less sickening than the BLM criminals who committed it?


    • Penny 7:03 pm on July 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I have given up watching the BBC except now and then for the weather reports and I’m not even sure I trust them on that.
      So I have no idea if they even gave 5 seconds to that BLM murder.
      However, since it’s not a death that can be blamed by any stretch of the imagination on the police, I am prepared to hazard a guess.
      Maitlis and Emblay and the others won’t mention it, nor even care about it.


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