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  • ross1948 18:31 on October 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BLM witch-hunters, Laurence Olivier Othello, Michigan University, Moors, Olivia Cook   

    Mental Health Day? Look At Ms Cook! 

    My apologies to my commenter to whom I promised a post on this sad episode, but I got distracted by the eerily similar witch-hunt in the UK.

    Freakos V Freedom? ‘Teachers’ Make Their Choice! 


    Stunned by the story of an ignorant upstart named Olivia Cook, a ‘freshman student’ at Michigan University…

    . …

    No photo of The Kook, alas!..

    …I was tempted to rage about the spineless college authorities who let a distinguished professor quit rather than expel the crackpot Cook.

    But that prof excludes himself from the scope of sensible people’s sympathy, by his grovelling apologies.



    So instead, let’s just listen to the bleating brat Cook, newly commencing higher education but clearly having already been long immersed in BLM BS.



    . …

    Inexplicably, she found it ‘strange’ that the star of the film that the class were given to watch, the ‘four-time Academy Award winner’ Laurence Olivier ‘was in blackface as he played the titular role as a Moorish king.”



    Sorry, Brain-Dead Bimbo, the Moors as a breed were rather dark.

    That’s fairly common knowledge, methinks.



    ‘I was stunned,’ Cook told Michigan Daily.

    ‘In such a school that preaches diversity and making sure that they understand the history of people of color in America, I was shocked Sheng would show something like this in something that’s supposed to be a safe space.’

    I guess she means coloured people.

    ‘A Safe Space?’

    Safe from cerebral activity?

    What shocked Cook even more was the fact students were simply shown the film without any warning or context as to why they were were to watch the work which some might deem offensive.


    If these were kindergarten kids about to be shown an episode of The Walking Dead, a warning would be in order..


    No, it’s not Pelosi!


    Nobody would actually show little children a zombie flick, of course, but equally, why would anyone issue a ‘warning’ before showing a completely harmless film to a roomful of grown-ups?

    True, if they are all pathetically immature ‘students’ like the Kook…




    …then they might cry and stamp their little feet, but who gives a tinker’s cuss if they do?

    With a bit of luck, they might be traumatised sufficiently to drop out of Michigan University, leaving vacancies for young people who, unlike Kooky, are not shrill tantrum snowflakes but mature and capable of watching a movie!

  • ross1948 21:36 on April 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , BLM witch-hunters, , Jury intimidation,   

    Hope Yet For Mr. Chauvin – Thanks To The Heinous Hag! 

    ‘Jury intimidation’ – that’s the phrase I was searching for, when I wrote about the heinous hag Mad Max Waters….

    Muzzle Mad Max – She’s A Dangerous, Deranged Ranter! 

    Maxine Waters dedicates legislation to sister dying of coronavirus

    BBC Makes No Mention Of The Heinous Hag’s Incitement! 

    …and I am grateful to the ever-useful Gatestone for helping me out.


    USA Supreme Court



    Witch-hunting police officers is a sport some scum will never weary of.

    A new outbreak of nonsense has begun over a stabbing incident.



    Sad how so many of them revel in mayhem. We saw that again within, what, 24 hours of the verdict in Minneapolis…


    Despite The Verdict, Minneapolis Scum Amok Again! 

    ….which the vengeful mobs had been howling for.

    If Derek Chauvin appeals and wins at the Supreme Court, he won’t be out of the woods by any means…

    Say A Prayer – Justice For Derek Chauvin! 

    ….but wouldn’t it be grand if his Get Out Of Jail Free card is delivered courtesy of that hateful old bitch?

    • Lorne M 21:56 on April 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Like a wicked witch.


    • Ben Baniek 11:59 on April 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Not just The Hag.
      All the Democrats in Congress followed Pelosi into defending Waters.


  • ross1948 15:28 on October 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , BLM witch-hunters, Ellie Harrison BBC countryside, English Rose Poison Ivy   

    BBC Country Girl – English Rose Or BLM Poison Ivy? 

    Countryfile presenter claims

    “In asking whether the countryside is racist, then yes it is; but asking if it’s more racist than anywhere else — maybe, maybe not.”

    ‘The British countryside is racist, and Britons need to face up to the “lingering, ambient racism” of our past, according to a BBC Countryfile presenter.’

    Or so we are told!



    Take a look at Ellie Harrison, and you’d say – at least I would – what an archetypal English Rose!

    Nothing mean or predatory about her, not at all vampirical…


    …like The Maitlis…

    …nor ugly like Barnett.


    But alas, fresh-faced Ellie is as full of BLM BS as any of The Newsnight Coven.

    The silly little girl may have started off her career as a normal person, but that was a decade or more ago, and now she spouts bollocks like this on ‘research’  that allegedly suggests Brits see the countryside as a ‘white environment’

    Why would anybody waste time doing research to learn that?

    Who the hell cares?



    Somebody should research how much time is wasted by nitwits doing pointless research!

    But never mind, let’s tune into the Thoughts of Comrade  Harrison –

    I spooled through the comments [to the research], which broadly came in three flavours: ‘I’m not racist so there is no racism in the countryside’; ‘I’m black and I’ve never experienced racism in the countryside’; and importantly, ‘I have experienced racism in the countryside’.



    So there’s work to do.

    “Even a single racist event means there is work to do.

    “In asking whether the countryside is racist, then yes it is; but asking if it’s more racist than anywhere else — maybe, maybe not.”

    Read that again, and be astonished at her fanatical witch-hunting mentality.

    “Even a single racist event means there is work to do.”




    If there’s even ONE incidence of whatever she defines as ‘racism’ in the green and pleasant land, and that could be anything from KKK cross-burning to saying ‘All Lives Matter, ‘ in the BLM hate-freak pantheon of evils, then she’s out to get it?

    She ought to be fired!

    That’s not her job!



    She is hired to report on country life, not prowl the fields witch-hunting real or imagined ‘racism!’

    These BBC sticky-beaks have swallowed the BLM hogwash about ‘silence=violence‘  – whereas normal Brits long for silence, an end to the endless whining and ranting and bullying of the ingrates who demand we all kneel. 

    Must do more’

    Harrison added that the Black Lives Matter protests this year convinced her of the need to do more to challenge racism.

    She must have been observing different BLM protests, not the ones her UK Pravda ‘news’ coven covered up…..the threats of violence…

    Foul-Mouths Menace 77-Year-Old, Screaming ‘F His Wife!’ 

    .the foul bullying and the hate-freaks…

    Black KNIVES Matter? Hideous Hate-Freak Helm Exposed! 

     Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”…..Do ANY Lives Matter…and the murder!


    “Until this point, I believed ignorantly that me being not racist was enough…I have watched Oprah every day since I was a youngster . . . it wasn’t my problem.“

    .Watched Oprah every day?

    Weird Winfrey – Deranged, Or Just Surfing BLM Hate-Wave? 

    Whinger Winfrey, Billionaire – A Chip on Each Shoulder! 

    The Irresponsible Ignorance of Oprah Winfrey 

    Oprah For President? Scarier Than ‘Orrible ‘Illary? 

    Ladies With Class V Oprah The Ass! .

    No wonder Ellie talks addled tripe!

    There is a big and crucial difference between being not racist and being anti-racist.  At times in the past I have given measured and polite replies to people — sometimes close to me — who had said racist things. But being anti-racist means being much clearer that it isn’t acceptable.”


    Another Beeb-Bint who forgets that…

    ….and who thinks she should never offer ‘measured and polite’ responses to what she disagrees with? Shout down whoever dissents?

    I bet she’ll still give ‘measured and polite’ responses to people who say cultural marxist things!


    “We are trained Marxists.”
    — BLM co-founder Neither Black Nor White Lives Matter To Marxists! 


    She also said that white people needed to be more assertive in learning about the past.

    That’s true.

    Instead of letting scum deface Churchill’s statue and haul down statues of Lincoln and Washington, decent patriots, white or black, should be learning about –  and erecting statues of – more recent heroes…



    …like PC Keith Blakelock, the London copper butchered by savages while doing his duty 40 years ago in Broadwater Farm!

    “It’s our individual work to wrap our heads around history,” she wrote. “The work also includes recognising the pain of the past and the lingering ambient racism we don’t get to feel.”


    ’Lingering ambient racism?’

    People who spew up such vacuous manure don’t belong in countryside journalism. 


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    Tags: ACLU BLM marxist, , BLM witch-hunters, , Police Chief Miskinis, Sheriff Beth,   

    Evil ACLU Witch-Hunt? C’mon, ALL! Solidarity With Keshona Cops! 

    Sheriff Beth was also criticized last year after calling for five people of color who had been arrested for shoplifting to be put into warehouses “where we put these people who have been deemed to be no longer an asset.” 
    1. David G. Beth

      Sheriff David G. Beth



    About time somebody said something like that!

    And here’s another outbreak of common-sense!

    During the Kenosha Police Department’s first press conference in response to the Blake shooting and subsequent murders committed at protests, Police Chief Daniel Miskinis blamed the unidentified victims in Tuesday night’s shooting for their own deaths, saying the violence was the result of the “persons” involved violating curfew. 


    miskinis cheif 2

    Dan Miskinis


    Good to hear that some senior officers in law enforcement can still be counted on to show a bit of sense.

     Interesting also to know – or rather to be reminded – that the far-left ACLU takes the wrong side just about everywhere, as now in Kenosha!


    Get this mindless yammering!

    “The ACLU strongly condemns Sheriff Beth and Police Chief Miskinis’ response to both the attempted murder of Jacob Blake and the protests demanding justice for him.

    Their actions uphold and defend white supremacy, while demonizing people who were murdered for exercising their First Amendment rights and speaking out against police violence,” said Chris Ott, Executive Director of the ACLU of Wisconsin.

    “The only way to rectify these actions is for both Sheriff Beth and Police Chief Daniel Miskinis to immediately tender their resignations.”



    NO WAY!

    The ACLU helpfully provides the phone numbers of the Kenosha Police and Fire Commission so good-for-nothings can ring up and demand Police Chief Miskinis’  removal…



    ….and also the leftwing Governor Evers’ number to demand the removal of Sheriff Beth.

    But I’m not asking readers all over the world to make costly calls!

    Send emails expressing solidarity!

    Don’t let these guys be witch-hunted by ACLU/BLM scumbags!

    Sheriff Department  Contact the Public Information Sergeant

    That’s the email contact for Kenosha County, where the sheriff works…


    Here’s the email address for KPFC, which supervises Police Chief Miskinis –


    Fight ACLU Witch-Hunting!


  • ross1948 17:34 on August 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , BLM witch-hunters, , Colin McMahon, Jews blm, John Kass,   

    Chicago Witch-Hunt – ADL Schmucks Smear Jews! 

    John Kass is a popular columnist in America – or was!


    John Kass

    John Kass


    He’s still popular with decent Americans, but his 23 year place on Page 2 of the Chicago Tribune has ended, after that newspaper’s cowardly editor-in-chief Colum McMahon caved in to strident leftists.


    Colin McMahon


    Or maybe McMahon’s behaviour is motivated not by cowardice but because he himself is a conscious agent of the Enemy Within.

    We don’t know, or at least I don’t, but we all know that McMahon threw John Kass to the wolves, complicit in a witch-hunt over a factual column which reminded Tribune readers of a cancer in American society.


    Kass will ‘lose his title of lead columnist’ and be shifted from his prominent spot, after that rabid pack of Sorosoid apologists, the so-called Anti-Defamation League, threw a tantrum over what Kass wrote on July 22.


    In his column, Kass simply re-asserted what most Soros-watchers have long known, viz. that it is “the big cities run by Democratic mayors, where murder and gang shootings are out of control and where once vibrant downtown areas are on their way to becoming ghost towns.

    But these Democratic cities are also where left-wing billionaire George Soros has spent millions of dollars to help elect liberal social justice warriors as prosecutors. He remakes the justice system in urban America, flying under the radar.’

    The Soros-funded prosecutors, not the mayors, are the ones who help release the violent on little or no bond.”

    Those are truths which need to be told and retold until enough Americans who care about their country get their act together and take the evil plutocrat down…



    ..ideally by stripping him of the US citizenship which he insanely was granted some years ago.

    There’s something pretty sick about that ADL, who stoke anti-Jewish sentiment by suggesting that, if anybody is hostile to a bad billionaire, who, as far as I know, is not even a practicing Jew, then that somehow makes it a racial conspiracy.



    Any gang of schmucks, whether it be the ADL or a tiny neo-nazi sect, which seeks to associate Sauron The Terrible…



    …in the public mind of the USA with Jews in general is stoking anti-semitism

    We have dealt with this irrational and insupportable smear strategy before….

    Yes, Soros Is A Jew! And Decent Jews Detest Him Just As We Do! 

    ….but it needs to be slapped down every time it raises its ugly head.

    Shame on the ADL running dogs, who are not stupid and must be fully aware of who really do hate Jews…

    Who Reviled Jews As ‘Pigs’ First? Ikhwan Or CNN’s Editor? 


    ….and against whom decent people in the USA should be fighting.

    Oh, and not just in the USA, either!

    Paris – BLM Racists Howl ‘Dirty Jews

    More Berlin Jew-Baiting – By Syrian Nazis And…? 

    ‘Our City Now!’ Alien Pigs Attack Jew, Run Off – And The Cops? 

    ‘Bullied For Months On End?’ So Kick The Primitives OUT! 



    • Lloyd W Nilson 19:16 on August 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The ADL pretends to be against defamation but likes to defame good people on Soris’s behalf.
      You sum up the danger of their dirty tricks very well, that just a few leftwing Jews in the ADL can rile up people against Jews in general
      There is a real need for the truth to be made known.
      When people hear that Israel”s Netanyahu family are hostile to Soros, the ADL
      Smear machine comes unstuck.
      Keep up the good work!


  • ross1948 09:44 on July 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Abilene Texas, , Ashleigh Brock, BLM witch-hunters, Hardin Simmons University   

    All Lives Matter – ‘Not Reflective Of Christian Values?’ 

    This is completely baffling, the story of Ashleigh Brock and Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas, and the college authorities MUST be forced to be a LOT more forthcoming…


    Ashleigh Brock HSUAshleigh Brock

    ….on the ‘disciplinary’ action which followed the young lady’s enunciation of clearly Christian values on social media.

    Unless HSU knows something we don’t, and tells us, they appear to have kow-towed to a racist witch-hunt against Ashleigh, who ‘reportedly questioned the validity of the Black Lives Matter movement.’



    If her ‘crime’ was her assertion that there is –

    “…more outrage when a white person kills a black person than when a black person kills a white person — or even when a black person kills a fellow black person…’.



    •  –

      – then she told the truth!

    • …..
    • She also said that “all lives matter” – which is a fundamental principle of basic Christian values!

    On the face of it, she has a much better grasp of her faith than the mealy-mouthed HSU President, Eric Bruntmyer –

    Tel. – 325-670-1850

    Email – eric.bruntmyer@hsutx.edu


    • ….whose video ‘explanation’ of why his cabal ‘disappeared’ Ashleigh from that Abilene ‘Christian’ college explains nothing!

    He spouts powerfully unconvincing clap-trap.

    I suggest concerned readers email ALL the staff listed on the contact link below and ask them why this girl has been condemned by a PC kangaroo court.


    • Al Bennson 12:46 on July 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You do the most useful thing, getting contact details for us to use for protests.
      It’s much more important than just preaching to the converted.


    • Diana 16:08 on July 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Outrageous. I am fed up of using the word but every day these BLM extremists or their supporters make me use it.
      Put them down!


    • Mel Henderson 17:28 on July 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for the information.
      That Bruntmyer should get flooded with protests until he tells the honest truth or does the honest thing, resign!


  • ross1948 22:12 on June 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , BLM witch-hunters, Bonneville International, , Grant Napear, KHTK Sports   

    Boycott Bonneville – Switch Off KHTK Sports – NO TO BLM WITCH-HUNTS! 

    Indeed, the NEW Inquisition has been rolled out for us to watch the victims being tormented and then repent.



    I have never heard of the ‘longtime Sacramento Kings TV broadcaster Grant Napear‘ who quit his job because he dared express respect for all human life rather than one particular part of humanity belonging to one specific racial category.


    • Grant Napear


    Mr. Napear had dared to tweet “ALL LIVES MATTER!

    That appears to be the new blasphemy, though it summarises the teachings of all Christian denominations.

    Not only that but the ‘60-year-old Napear also was fired by KHTK Sports 1140 in Sacramento,’ where he had been a regular host.’

    The intolerant swine who run that radio station need to be told what all decent Americans think of their jackboot management style.

    Toll Free: (800) 920-1140

    Sports 1140 - KHTK - AM 1140 - Sacramento, CA - Escuchar online

    Better still, not just Americans, but everyone, anywhere, who reads this, or hears about their Hitlerian approach to freedom of expression, should see to it that they are inundated with protests.

    Also any business that advertises on KHTK Sports should be told very clearly that decent people will boycott their products and/or services until the lousy leftists who run the station apologise to Napear and to every listener – AND reinstate the man!

    For fun? Write them a story!  https://khtk.com/email-story/


    The same goes in triplicate for ‘Bonneville International, the station’s parent company!

    Bonneville International –

    The arrogant ratbags there issued a diktat, no doubt meant as a warning to other staff who might dissent from BLM grovel-think.

    According to the Bonneville bullies, Mr.Napear’s “recent comments about the Black Lives Matter movement do not reflect the views or values of Bonneville International Corporation. The timing of Grant’s tweet was particularly insensitive.”



    The saddest part of the story is that poor Napear seems to have been beaten down by this shameful treatment

    In response to criticism from another Twitter user, Napear said he apologized if his comment came across as “dumb.”


    It was not ‘dumb!’ His words represented the values almost every American was brought up to respect.

    It’s money-grubbing toe-rags, who fear commercial consequences from the undesirable elements in society, who are dissing decent values, and violating freedom of speech…

    ….that need to be taught a lesson in economics.

    NB Bonneville don’t seem to have an easily accessible email address but here’s the mailing address and phone number –

    280 Commerce Circle Sacramento, CA 95815

    – and they do have a LOT of subsidiaries, viz. ( in Sacramento alone)

     MIX 96NOW 100.5New Country 105.1 KNCI

    Go after them too! ‘

    Bankrupt the lousy limousine leftists! 


    • C J Pattison 22:28 on June 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I hope Americans catch up with you fast, because I haven’t seen anything on any American site anywhere near as good as what you have written about the situation in Sacramento.
      Those rich leftists in big business have to feel heat they understand and a boycott is perfect.
      A demonstration outside their Head Office might be fun too!


    • F Jamesson 10:27 on June 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      From Bonneville.com
      Press contact: Candice Madsen, 801-325-3122, cmadsen@bonneville.com


      • ross1948 10:40 on June 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Very helpful.
        Thanks a lot.
        So much to write about, reader input is proving useful.


    • Harold Vincent 15:38 on June 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I am on your side and on Mr. Napear’s. We should deluge Bonneville with protests and that KHTK too.
      Talking to their advertisers is a good idea too.


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