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  • ross1948 14:06 on June 3, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    CMA To Outlaw BLM Hate-Flags Too? 

    When I lived in The Old Country, I took pleasure in attending the Country & Western music festival at Wembley….


    ..a place I liked a lot, having seen both Tina Turner and the Stones there on other occasions.

    I attended other venues too, to appreciate Johnny Cash, Don Williams, Tammy Wynette….


    ..great stars  great songs.

    I also once went to Nashville’s Grand Old Opry

    Gambar terkait

    Not much of that genre here in Indonesia…



    …though dangdut is not dissimilar- I call it Country and Eastern!

    But sad to read that, in the USA, the Country Music Association has joined the censorious witch-hunt called ‘cancel culture…’



    …declaring their decision to ‘enact a ban on Confederate flag imagery‘ at this year’s Country Fest.


    I like this imagery!


    Their justification for this childish ban is ridiculous…

    ‘….protecting the personal safety of fans and preventing discrimination….’

    Since when is a flag dangerous.

    And get this guff!

    .”We have always had policies in place that protect the safety of our fans and ban discrimination, but we felt it was important to further refine our language to explicitly outline what will and will not be tolerated.”


    But there’s nothing in rhe report about proscribing offensive racist gear like that donned by a BLM bint…

    So YMCA Endorses Racist BLM? 

    ….whim we wrote about last year.

    Or maybe rhe CMA’s ‘explicit’ prohibition was balanced, and did include such blatantly discrminatory stuff?

    No chance!

    The whining, ranting and shrilling would be deafening…

    ….if such even-handed action were even contemplated.

    PS. I checked.Of course the left-wokos running the show have singled out ONLY Confederate items as forbidden.

    So BLM, Red Nazi Antifa, Black Panthers regalia? No problem?

    CMA Fest Box Office

    Email them and ask why.

  • ross1948 10:55 on June 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BTS, BLM, BBC…So Much BS! 

    I am not into K-Pop, but since the BBC chose to highlight that BTS band today, I heard not their music but their denunciations of  ‘anti-Asian hate-crimes.’

    Under the watchful eye of The Dotard’s press spokes-lesbian, they were careful to use the White House’s key words ‘diversity’ and inclusion!’

    Since I have spent over two decades in an Asian country …

    ….where I’m perfectly happy, I can’t imagine why anyone would hate Asians.

    Hating people because of their race is idiotic.

    All Lives Matter!

    Yet as we watched BTS, the BBC text news told us that the band had donated $1000000 to BLM…..

    BLM – Racist AND Sectarian? Asian Church Burned! BBC Silent

    Was that church-burning accidental, or racist, or sectarian…what do you think – read the link.


    We are trained marxists!!

    BLM co-founder https://nypost.com/2020/06/25/blm-co-founder-describes-herself-as-trainedmarxist 

    ….whose racist sloganeering is a provocative affront to millions.

    Why would Koreans throw money at marxists, when half their country is misruled by a marxist tyranny?

    And of course no sooner had the musicians moved off our tv screens  than some Asian chick named Michelle Tran was brought in by the BBC’s Awful Eades, whose ‘guests’ rarely disappoint the BBC agenda…

    BBC’s Awful Eades Has Another ‘Expert’ Guest! 

    … to blame who else but….  ‘Trump,’ ( not ‘President Trump’) for his accurate identification of China…



    …as the source of the Chinese Virus.

    Struth! .

    Surely that naughty man ought to have known it came from the Wuhan lab, which is of course located in…Monaco?

    Or was it The Azores?

    Or Kazakhstan?


    It came from Red China, which is no excuse for abusing Chinese people in America, or indeed in Red China, where the people get NO say in what the evil regime does.


    • Mel Henderson 20:41 on June 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I thought Koreans of all people would understand the danger of allying with marxist groups like BLM but I was wrong.
      Or, my hope, BTS are not typical


  • ross1948 17:47 on February 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Duey Slipped Away Last Night! 

    Since many of you took a sympathetic interest in my sick little black kitten, Duey…


    Cats’ Lives Matter! Tini’s ‘Systemic Racism?’ Blame Trump?

    …I’m just letting everybody know that, despite my best efforts, he (or was it she) died last night, between 8 and 9pm Jakarta time.

    Duey was less than a week old and had been struggling since birth, so although it’s sad, it was hardly unexpected.

    A small creature who never did any harm, Duey’s passing is surely a much greater loss than a lot of the ‘human’ garbage celebrated by undesirable mobs…


    Staples man charged with arson in Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct fire

    …around the world.



    • Mel Henderson 18:25 on February 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Sorry about the little cat.
      As you say, its uneventful, very short life, did more for the world than George Floyd and and the rest of the beatified BLM criminals ever did in all their misbegotten years.


  • ross1948 18:12 on January 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Broken News – BBC’s Biased Barbie Rants About Whirlwinds! 

    I don’t know if UK Pravda’s Barbara Plett Usher drinks or not but she often looks as if she has a hang-over.


    From BJ to foreign correspondent: advice from a journalism alumna | School  of Journalism and Communication

    Be that as it may, her voice was not slurred today, as she showed off her ability to match The Maitlis or Ugly Barnett in her level of bias.

    Speaking from the USA, she was pretending to be oblivious to the impact of either the Chinese Virus or the savagery of the BLM racist riots.

    She also forbore to mention the supine cowardice of numerous judges, including those on the Supreme Court…

    …but lashed out with a purely partisan rant, that ‘the country is reaping the whirlwind of Donald Trump’s Presidency.’

    Plett is trying to blame Trump.

    She knows what that phrase means..



    She is slanting her report, breaching her duty of objective reporting.

    What’s happened, and is still happening, is not the USA reaping a Trump whirlwind…



    …but is due to far-left incitement of mobs, agitators exploiting the deaths of undesirables, and of course years of insidious indoctrination of the young, turning them into cannon-fodder for the cultural marxists and racists of BLM.

    It’s amazing no patriot people’s resistance occurred before last week!

    Plett’s another leftist bigot who needs to be purged

  • ross1948 13:15 on December 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Let Granny Die At Xmas! ‘Experts’ Obsessed With Race! 

    “Older populations are whiter…


    Image result for knitting grandma


    “Society is structured in a way that enables them to live longer. Instead of giving additional health benefits to those who already had more of them, we can start to level the playing field a bit.”

    Expert tells NY Times: Elderly white people shouldn’t get coronavirus vaccine priority in order to ‘level playing field’ with minorities – TheBlaze

    Read the whole linked story – there’s an array of similar scurvy ‘expert’ sentiments that will make you want to vomit. 

    And to whose benefit is the “playing field” to be “levelled?”

    The ever-whining ‘minorities,’ of course, though please note I refer not to the many citizens who are designated ‘minorities’ who do not whine, but live decent lives and do honest work, unlike those…

    Major Party Candidate Exposed As Racist Hate-Beast – BBC Silent! 

     Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”



    ….who wallow in hate, namely BLM’s racist belly-achers. 

    However, leaving ‘race’ aside, the ‘minority’ who deserve loudest rebuke are the shrill ‘experts,’ from whom we have heard enough…


    Xi Jinping (left), Tedros Adhanom (right). (Allan Rios illustration)

    ….during this miserable year which will soon happily be over. 


  • ross1948 19:10 on September 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Hard Talk? Hard To Stomach! BBC’s Sackur Softballs BLM Nasty 

    Hard Talk?

    Hard to stomach, when Stephen Sackur is as sycophantic as a mediaeval courtier, and it’s a pity, because he can be hard  as nails when he wants to be.

    Stephen Sackur, Journalist & Presenter (17167554681) (cropped).jpg


    BBC’s Sackur Loses It – Magyar Man Easy Winner! 

    But the man gets paid by UK Pravda…



    …and taking a tough line with a BLM bint like Alfre Woodard was just NOT going to happen.

    Sackur was totally insipid, never challenged the mouthy bint as she spouted BLM BS, not even when he could have scored high points in basic logic by pointing out that the number of ‘black men incarcerated…’



    …is only ‘disproportionate‘ to their percentage of the American population because they are disproportionately criminal.

    The woman ranted about that famous fake-history date ‘1619…’

    the 1619 Project, an initiative from The New York Times that reframes American history around the date of August 1619 when the first slave ship arrived on America’s shores.  Tom Cotton Takes On Toxic Teaching – This Guy Is Good! 

    ….and said she wasn’t  going to ‘waste her time talking to people who don’t believe the sun rises in the east.’


    Alfre Woodard – formerly a member of Obummer’s arts committee!


    That’s every American, millions of normal folks, who don’t share this prosperous, movie-making, mover-and-shaker minx’s uptight victimhood mentality!

    Chillingly, she said her crowd would ‘fight‘ – not just figuratively, btw, because she added there ‘would probably be blood!’

    After that savage shot the two LA cops, and BLM scum beseiged them in hospital, hate-howling for them to die..

    …you’d have thought Sackur might have pulled up the fanatic female in mid-rant, put her on the spot – but no, he just nodded along. 

    ‘We have the street, ‘ she shrilled.

    Oh yeah?

    Major Party Candidate Exposed As Racist Hate-Beast

    Foul-Mouths Menace 77-Year-Old, Screaming ‘F His Wife!’ 

    Yes, dear, we’ve noticed!

    Pathetically, Sackur did not even correct her idiotic assertion that a properly reached verdict in a court of law resulting in a death sentence was ‘murder‘  – which is defined in any dictionary as unlawful killing.

    Pure BLM BS, and Sackur rolled over for it.

    • Mack the Knife 20:42 on September 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      It’s even more annoying when you know he could take her apart with reasoned debate.
      Is he scared for his job or a willing BLM collaborator like Embley and that ugly Barnett cow?


    • Ray Messner 02:12 on September 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      She is a menace, very well-known in the USA but probably not in England.


  • ross1948 06:34 on September 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: BLM, , Los Angeles   

    BLM Savages – BBC, Typically, Buries Aftermath Of LA Ambush! 

    It’s inconceivable that the BBC doesn’t know about this horrific news, because the UK tax-funded propaganda channel did report -briefly – on the ambush of the two cops in LA.

    But this awful aftermath?

    It’s entirely believable that the BBC will do all in its power to conceal the essential evil of the BLM mob from its viewers in the UK and abroad.



    After two Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies sustained multiple gunshot wounds upon being ambushed while sitting in their patrol vehicle on Saturday, alleged Black Lives Matters protesters stormed the hospital where the officers were transported to..

    ‘Y’all gonna die one by one’: BLM activists storm hospital where ambushed officers taken, block exits

    Read more

    • Keith Milner 10:31 on September 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Savages is the correct word for those BLM b-stards.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 16:17 on September 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I have had the BBC on all day because somebody in the house wanted to watch a fashion programme.
      Nothing at all on the news about the BLM gang at the hospital.
      Exactly how do they decide what’s news?


  • ross1948 23:35 on June 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Defend Aunt Jemima Against Pinko Plutocrats! 

    The completely inoffensive Aunt Jemima brand image is being suppressed by its big business pinko owners, grovelling in comradely fashion to BLM bigots…


    …who apparently think a smiling, pleasant black lady is just intolerable.

    I’d say she offers a much more presentable persona than the fat-assed looters we saw on the news this month!

    Read the story at this link, which gives you a chance to vote on the change in a poll.

    Jemima is winning, 80% at present want to save the lady from the rabble.

    That says something about how normal people feel on all this BLM hogwash.

  • ross1948 11:01 on June 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Vote! ‘Amen’ To PC Censorship?’ Embley’s BBC Bias! 

    A repulsive ranting black lesbian ( that’s not racist – I say a lot worse about horrid white sexually maladjusted women) named Gina Yashire…







    ….was on BBC with Commissar Embley at 10.15am Thursday, Jakarta time, tantrum-jabbering about the latest cultural marxist censorship of good old TV series…

    Why Little Britain and Come Fly With Me were removed from streaming services. Pictures: BBC

    Both series – which star David Walliams and Matt Lucas – have come under fire recently because of the use of blackface in some sketches…

    Come under fire?

    And from whom?

    Only from uptight leftists, like Yashere, and Embley, who not only did NOT invite anyone onto the propaganda show to disagree with Uppity’s dictatorial demand that whatever her BLM crowd doesn’t like…



    …regardless of its immensely humorous quality, should be denied to normal people…

    …but concluded his ‘interview’ with the ranter with these words.

    Amen To That!’



    On whose behalf is Embley purporting to ‘amen’ her frantic, frothing, fanatic intolerance?

    Fortunately, unlike the BBC, one local newspaper in the UK is offering YOU a chance to speak.



    Use the poll, now, in case it too is banned!

    • JazPen 11:54 on June 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I saw that. That lesbian woman is not quite right in the head.
      Those were funny tv shows, not at all offensive.
      I am about to follow that link and vote.


    • Charlie Platten 12:37 on June 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks, Ross.
      I just voted and it’s 90% for comedy against 10% for BBC censorship. In one town, but until proven otherwise, assume the same for the rest of the country, except for odd-ball areas like Islington and maybe some university cities full of brain-washed undergraduates.

      You should have used more from that Swindon newspaper, like how the crumb who used to star in the show made a ‘tearful apology for portraying black celebrities..’

      What did you call Bojo? Oh yes..

      Jellyfish everywhere these days!

      What does the BBC say –

      Times have changed since Little Britain first aired, so it is not currently available on BBC iPlayer.”
      Pure ideological censorship.

      Those shows were pretty funny.

      In Come Fly With Me – Lucas wore dark make-up to play Jamaican woman Precious and ground crew employee Taaj, who was of Pakistani descent.’
      The twit has since said ‘he has regrets about Little Britain, describing the comedy as “cruel”.’

      What’s cruel about making us laugh?

      It isn’t only the race hsng-ups, either.

      He told The Big Issue: “If I could go back and do Little Britain again, I wouldn’t make those jokes about transvestites…’

      What else can we do about transvestites?


  • ross1948 16:49 on June 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , BLM, , Lewis Hamilton, Racism the only disease, Raheem Sterling   

    Today’s BBC ‘News’ Included A VERY Offensive Lie!! 

    BBC’s awful propagandist Mike Embley…

    Again, BBC Serves Up A Hate-Trump Breakfast! 


    More BBC Breakfast Bias, Starring Anti-Trump Embley Again!  


    …whom I today am choosing largely to ignore, took us on a tour of Europe this morning, including the French city of Nantes, where we got just what we needed with our morning coffee, a quick rant from a French BLM agitator.

    No patriotic French person given any opportunity to rebut the whiner.


    But let’s NOT ignore the little text news at the bottom of the BBC screen, which told us that loud-mouth Lewis Hamilton wants all statues he doesn’t like cast down –

     ’…remove all racist symbols…’



    Concerned UK viewers probably ran out to ask the workers on the local garbage collection truck what they thought.



    Their thinking, like yours and mine, surely, must be at least as significant as Hamilton’s, whose driving skills in no way qualify him to be quoted by the BBC on political issues.

    Hamilton, however, did not make such a complete fool of himself as the English soccer player Raheem ‘The Ranter’ Sterling, who appears to be unaware of the worldwide health crisis..

    China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

    …a real pandemic, courtesy of Red China.

    Utterly indifferent to the feelings of thousands of people suffering bereavement, in the UK and across the world, the stupid klutz was repeatedly quoted, spouting an offensive lie…



    “..the only disease right now is the racism that we are fighting…”


    The ONLY disease?

    The fool should be forced into a public retraction and apology!

    Apparently the blathering big-mouth was honoured with a full-length interview, with the Bias Bitch no less,  on the BBC’s left-propaganda vehicle, Newsnight.

    Raheem Ranter Sterling, with BBC’s Maitlis, The Bias Bitch!

    I am so pleased I missed that.




    • Mack the Knife 17:11 on June 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t know how you can bear it, watching that leftwing BBC rubbish day after day.
      About five minutes is as much as I can take of the current affairs’ cr-p.
      There is no reason at all for football players to be asked opinions on the non-sport news, so the BBC sets up Maitlis to do a ‘race in sport’ special so she can work with her guest hand-in-hand to lead viewers up the BLM garden path.
      Question time?
      So much terrible discrimination?
      How much does Raheem the Ranter earn in a year?
      More than you and me and most BBC viewers and that’s a racing certainty for Loudmouth Lewis Hamilton too.


    • Penny 20:08 on June 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      It’s a bare-faced lie and if he wasn’t carrying such a big chip on his shoulder, he would apologise..
      He and Maitlis must have had a great time grumbling about a problem that doesn’t exist but I never watch BBC now so I can only imagine.


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