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    Little Napoleon and The Burning Bush… 

    That Le Muppet has delusions of Napoleonic grandeur is a view hardly unique to this blog.



    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticized the decision, after Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office did the same in Berlin.    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-g7-summit-mercosur/britain-joins-germany-in-criticizing-macrons-mercosur-threat-



    Leave Bojo out of it for now.



    When even Le Muppet’s pro-crimmigrant comrade Mama Stasi Merkel disavows Le Muppet’s latest and most abrasive petulant hissy-fit, a single-handed veto of a major trading deal between the Brussels Empire and Latin America, methinks the Elysee Eejit may have bitten off more than he can chew.

    I have nothing to say about the Mercosur pact, though who knows that I might some other day.

    But I do have to contemplate changing Macron’s blog nick-name from Le Muppet to Le Meddler.




    Again, the forest blazes in Brazil are a matter for another day, and more importantly a matter for Brazil!

    The Euro-Commissars have the same rights I have to make observations in their personal capacities on any issue…


    ….but they have no more right than I have, to dictate how another nation’s problems should be tackled.

    Threatening diplomatic or commercial sanctions against Brazil is plain proof of the EUSSR’s calculating and hypocritical double-standards.

    If the EUSSR can get uptight about a bunch of bush-fires on another continent…



    …then one has to wonder why no serious steps were ever taken in response to much more tragic burnings, in Tibet.

    After all, the forests are in Brazil.


    Tibet is under Red Chinese rule, but is a proud nation which should be afforded self-determination.

    The ‘European Union’ isn’t interested in that.

    Nor really in democracy at all. Commercial contracts with the Reds come first.

    That brings us back to Le Meddler.

    macron bankerUntitled-23A

    While Mama Stasi’s bad, she’s not stupid.

    Bringing social mayhem to Germany by her multicult open-door policy was no foolish error but was done deliberately.




    Bringing in South American produce, in contrast, is merely practical economics, daily business, which she sees no point in disrupting.

    Like most of the European elite, she will bleat a bit about Brazil, and she doubtless detests President Bolsonaro…


     Jair Bolsonaro 

    ….because he represents traditional values,  which elites abhor –  but that’s as far as it goes.

    Le Meddler, obsessed with his vision of himself as Master of Europe, driven by his inner flame of megalomanic wrath, has gone off the deep end.

    I’m sure millions of French patriots share my sincere hope that he sinks.

    Then France might get the leadership that France deserves…



    …a pro-French President.




    • Amanda A 18:44 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      This was a very good read, Ross. I like your blog best when you lash all kinds of targets at one go and you certainly do that with this.
      The Napoleonic complex is valid but you should also have taken note of Macron’s diminutive stature, another similarity.
      Poor France, to have that ngry little man in charge.
      I hope Le Pen wins next time. She is so much more impressive.


    • Jeanne 20:13 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The last Algerian president had a stroke. He no longer could function as a rational man but he was permitted for many months to continue as president.
      France has a problem. There is a man in the presidential palace who has become over-excited and even his allies see he has lost all judgement and proportion.
      In Algeria, the army saw the need to respond to the outcry of the people.
      Who will make the necessary move in France?


    • Fleur 20:26 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I am not French, despite my name, but I have been there many times and enjoyed both long and short stays in Paris and other cities, as recently as last spring.
      Macron was not a popular figure but after the conservative candidate was knocked out of the presidential race by scandal, it was between Macron and Le Pen.
      I have never seen such ferocious media hostility as there was against her. The nearest thing we have seen in Britain was Project Fear and that very nearly worked.
      Now they have had plenty of time to dwell on their choice and the new voters, the young people, are very pro-Marine.
      Macron will lose next time but how much damage can his egomania do before the next election?


    • Pim Healey 21:33 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      He came into politics from international banking.
      The banksters have always spawned subversion.


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    Brazil’s Perverts Are ‘Afraid?’ They Deserve To Be! 

     ‘We’re afraid’: the queer Brazilian sex artists targeted by Bolsonaro

    That’s the headline above a long screed in The Guardian ( where else?) by some weirdo named Oliver Basciano, an individual I know nothing about and really don’t wish to.

    He’s whining about Brazilian President Bolsonaro’s distaste for disgusting perverts, which, says the weirdo, is fanning the flames of wide-spread hostility.



    Jair Bolsonaro

    We’ve discussed this before, but thanks to Basciano we can be even clearer on the reasons for the hostility – which the queers blame entirely on Bolsonaro.

    Queer people have been afraid since the president was elected,” says one of them.. “He has been demonising us from the start – but this was different…” 


    But after reading Basciano’s graphic descriptions of what Brazil’s “queer people” get up to, it’s hard not to conclude that they themselves, not the President, are the authors of their own misfortunes.

    Imagine you’re enjoying an evening out on the town with your wife or girl-friend, or taking a stroll with your kids. Not necessarily in Brazil but in any country, in any community, anywhere in the world.

    Along come the queers!

    Walking through the crowds, they would intermittently stop to interact with each other, their gestures alternating between sensual dance and sexual acts. In the video,

    Castello twerks for the crowd with his finger in his anus. Urination features heavily in the rest of the work.


    Any group of degenerates who flaunt filthy, perverted behaviour of the sort described above should have no grounds for complaint if decent citizens kick them  off the street and into the gutter, where they belong.

     These people are sick scum.

    Last month, the group – some naked, some dressed as animals or in PVC – performed at Esponja, an arts space in central São Paulo before an audience of 70 people.

    A woman battered a naked man with a dildo strapped to her knee. Two other members of the collective tore off a man’s clothes with their teeth.

    Much of the event was broadcast live via a pornography website.  https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2019/jun/24/queer-art-in-age-of-bolsonaro-ediy-performance-porn-far-right

    This is not ‘art!’

    Such behaviour can only be seen as manifestations of serious mental illness…



    …and those described are in dire need of confinement until psychiatric treatment cures them of their ailments.

    Again, we are compelled to ask what motivates the Guardian to publish justifications for depraved and decadent conduct.

    We can understand why they detest any Latin American leader who has no sympathy for either queers and communists.

    But the Guardian’s detestation could surely be marshalled in ways that don’t inspire loathing and contempt in normal human beings.


    • Noreen Paterson 20:23 on June 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      To call these people dirty beasts would be a disservice to animals.
      No wonder Bolsonaro and I would hope most Brazilians detest them.
      I cannot see many respectable parents disagreeing with your comment that normal people would kick the perverts into the gutter if they staged filthy behaviour anywhere near children.
      In fact, children nearby or not, a good kicking is exactly what they need.


    • Fiona 21:47 on June 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The Guardian editors must be nearly as spiritually diseased as the filth in Brazil to whom they give such sympathetic publicity.
      Is public indecency not an arrestable offence in Brazil? Why were the perverts not taken into custody by the police?


    • Ned A 00:53 on June 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      If they came down our street acting like that, they’d get a hiding they would never forget.
      Slime like that should be poured down a drain.


    • Ruthven 14:15 on June 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Yes! I couldn’t agree more with what you say.
      If filthy unemployables parade their obscene and anti-social actions around town, as the Guardian writer describes, they can’t complain if there are violent responses from the normal part of Brazilian society.


    • Geraldine Somers 15:27 on June 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Those perverts are in no way typical of Brazil’s lovely friendly people and I have no hesitation in saying that Bolsonaro’s attitude reflects the majority of Brazilians.
      I would hope that the reaction of the majority of any nation would not be very different if they had to witness such disgusting things.


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    Bolsonaro, Swamp-Drainer, Offers Hope To Red-Ruled Venezuela! 

    Much talk in the USA about how Trump has yet to drain the swamp, but I had a chat with an American friend a while ago, and he told me that it was extraordinarily hard to root out even known marxists and perverts from the federal government payroll.


    Related image


    Something similar to the idiotic ‘tenure’ rule that prevents their counterparts in academia being cleared out from positions which they abuse by instilling toxic ideologies in young minds.

    However, the more he can root the rats out, and the faster, the more wholesome country the USA will be.

    Perhaps he could ring up another patriot-president, pick President Bolsonaro of Brazil’s brains, because the new leader down there has not been wasting time.


    Gambar terkait


    Last month he addressed the nation, to say he was keeping his word, that his country was being “liberated from socialism and political correctness.” 

    Now he’s living up to that promise, booting out contracted staff from government service, a small but useful step “to do away with the Socialist and Communist ideas that during 30 years have led us to the chaos in which we live,” as his chief of staff, Onyx Lorenzoni puts it.

    “It doesn’t make sense to have a government with a profile like ours to keep on people who support another way of thinking, another political system.”



    Related image


    Lorenzoni showed a commitment to fair play, however, adding that some of those dismissed might be rehired if they passed an “evaluation” of their ideological leanings…


    That’s from Merkel’s state-funded DW, so no surprise that they tag on the following gratuitous yap.

    Bolsonaro and his team have often described their rival parties, in particular the left-wing Workers Party that governed between 2003 and 2016, as “socialists” or “communists.”

    Why make out that the description is something attributable only to Bolsonaro?

    I imagine the ‘left-wing Workers Party’ would own up promptly enough to be ‘socialist…’

    Image result for manuela d'avila communist

    Manuela D’Avila, Communist wannabe VP


    ….and since their candidate ran in tandem with a notorious Brazilian Communist Party activist, Bolsonaro and his ‘team’ are spot on with their description!

    Good luck to the President, and his team. I hope they can clean out the garbage from academia too.   

    Brazil’s Reds Rage At Patriot Gal’s Anti-Brainwash Battle! 

    But this week we must turn up the applause volume once more, because Bolsonaro has taken a very honourable stand for freedom, pledging support to the ever more enslaved people of neighbouring Venezuela, whose plight we have discussed before.    

    July 26, Black Day For Cuba- Don’t Let Venezuela Go The Same Way! 

    Not content with tackling all the messes the Left has left in Brazil, the new President has declared solidarity with the Venezuelans suffering under marxist misrule.

    Not just idle talk, either – he’s hosted the new leader of the democratic resistance next door, Juan Guaido…



    ….the young head of Venezuela’s opposition-run national assembly.


    Guaido’s denounced Maduro as a “usurper” and “de facto ruler” whose re-election last May was a “farce.”


    Related image

    Nations now recognising Guaido as ‘Acting President’ of Venezuela


    In the absence of a legitimately elected president, Guaidó argued, it was his constitutional duty to occupy the position on an interim basis until free and fair elections could be held.

    Hasil gambar untuk venezuela libre

    He also called on the military – whose members are being offered amnesty by Venezuela’s opposition – to turn on Maduro.

    Good for Guaido – that’s an approach we urged a year or so ago.

    Venezuela’s Soldiers Should Use The Killian Barracks As Inspiration! 

    And on the news today, we saw some of those potential liberators had made their move, sadly unsuccessfully.   Clashes in Caracas as Venezuelan forces arrest rebelling soldiers

    But word’s getting out.

    It’s time to take out the tyrant.

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    • Chrissie Miles 18:47 on January 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      A good read. You cover a lot of ground with this.
      It saves me sifting through the bias in the MSM.
      I like your bias much better!


    • Vinnie Fiore 18:59 on January 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Very topical and timely, with those brave troops trying to start the revolution but now captured by Maduro’s thugs.
      I hope Vice-President Pence’s statement gives the resistance more momentum.


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    France24 V Brazilian People's Choice! 

    I tuned into France 24 at some vague part of last night, having made it home from the second day of revelry, and watched their coverage of the inauguration of Brazil’s Bolsonaro and it confirmed all we have said about them.



    Deputado Jair Bolsonaro durante entrevista coletiva após almoço com a Frente Parlamentar da Agricultura.Foto: Sérgio Lima/PODER 360

    Bolsonaro made a good patriotic speech and held up the Brazilian flag saying it would never be red, except if blood need be shed to keep it green and yellow.

    He also said he was going to clean out the PC brainwash…



    Brazil’s Reds Rage At Patriot Gal’s Anti-Brainwash Battle! 

    …which we have mentioned previously.
    France 24 as usual did nothing to offer us a balanced commentary, just their own correspondent, not Bug-Eye Doug but a balding ( but still more hair than Doug) bespectacled fool who said the new President’s speech would be seen as ‘sinister.…’


    Related image

    …but he never said by whom.

    Just to hammer home their left credentials, they had an extreme leftwing ‘sociologist’ – what else! – from an ‘NGO’ called The Other Brazil –  a yapper, named Glauber Sezerino, who looked like a 1960s student…


    Image result for glauber sezerino

    Glauber Sezerino, who actually looks like what he is!

    • …all beard and sweater, but not an old red, still callow.

    He even denied the infamous indoctrination known to be part of the education system –https://amgreatness.com/2018/09/22/brazils-bolsonaro-threatens-an-evil-system/


    https://panampost.com/mamela-fiallo/2019/01/01/brazil-bolsonaro-and-the-importance-of-cultural-change-for-political-victory/?cn-reloaded=1 .

    • Vanessa Reilly 01:19 on January 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The more I read about Bolsonaro, the more I wish we had somebody, anybody, like him in power in our country.
      Not only does he support the reintroduction of the death penalty but he wants to lower the age of criminal responsibility, so that violent young thugs pay for their crimes.
      If he gets even those reforms accomplished, what a much better place Brazil will be.


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    Congratulations, President Bolsonaro! 

    I knew it would be entertaining, France24’s report on Jair Bolsonaro’s inauguration on New Year’s Day.

    It began with a scruffy-looking geezer, whose family are refusing to pay for his health insurance because Scruffo was anti-Bolsonaro.

    And why not?


    Hangers-on like him should be told that if they want to support pinkos and reds they should go ask the pinkos and reds for hand-outs.

    Then a more rational-sounding academic ‘specialist,’ named Valladao, who told us that people didn’t vote for Bolsonaro because of what he stood for, because he didn’t stand for anything.

    No similar ‘specialist’ was to be seen who held any more positive opinions about the new president.

    Typical France24…

    Macron’s State Broadcaster Crucifies Kavanaugh 

    France 24 Host To Newt Gingrich: ‘Shame On You’ 

    Trump Must Tell Macron – Stop Subsidies To Paris Pravda!

    …specially when that odd F24 female Genie Godula inserted her own ‘unbiased’ view that Bolsonaro’s perfectly normal loathing of sexual perversion is ‘offensive.’

    Yeah, to her, maybe!



    Communists too will find him offensive!

    “The Cuban dictatorship,” he said, will no longer be allowed to keep three-quarters of what Brazil pays the doctors. And the doctors must be allowed to bring their families to Brazil with them.



    Jair Bolsonaro

    Cuba treats these doctors like “slave labor,” said Bolsonaro, adding he also wants the physicians to get Brazilian certification.


    The rotten red regime in Havana, which treats all Cubans as slave labour, is beside itself with fury.

    Just read the link to savour the Communist despotism’s rage.

    But don’t be gulled by the leftist hack Tim Padgett’s other comments.

    That there’s bias is clear by his absurd description of the far-left Workers’ Party as ‘liberal,’ a sick joke after the WP allied itself as closely as could be with the evil totalitarians of the Brazilian Communist Party.

    Big Day In Brazil – Bolsonaro OK! 

    But fact is, a lot of these exploited Cuban doctors may now take their chance to seek sanctuary, with the many exiled patriots in the USA.

    If only Trump would take up the cause which Kennedy let down.



    Had RFK’s brother not subverted the liberation struggle by denying that vital air support on the Bay of Pigs –Mendacious Michael Moore and the Heroic ‘Wimps’ He Slandered  – and subsequently denying needful help to the good side in the civil war that’s been all but erased form history books…

    Is Castro-Symp Sanders Wilfully Ignorant? 


    Arm and equip the exiled Cubans to liberate their imprisoned nation.


  • ross1948 20:28 on November 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Nice One Jair! No Bad Government Can Bind Its Successor! 

    Moreover, even if there’s little chance of the AfD being able to change German policy at present, since all the other parties more or less agree that man-made climate change is a reality, simply forcing any sort of discussion essentially moves the goalposts. 

    No, I have not gotten mixed-up over which country I’m on about today!

    That quote from an incredibly slanted Deutsche Welle report, reveals the fundamentally anti-democratic attitude of the Climate Panic people…




    …horrified that any person or party might ensure proper democratic debate on the issue.

    Enter the other aspect of the anti-democratic elites’s stance on this  – and other – matters.

    Brazil has abandoned plans to host crucial UN climate talks in 2019 amid growing signs of the anti-internationalism of the new government being formed by president-elect Jair Bolsonaro…


    The Guardian scribbler at once goes on to talk as if Bolsonaro is somehow guilty of bad faith, when in fact he is proving his honesty.



    Jair Bolsonaro

    The broken promise is in line with the anti-globalist rhetoric of the far-right former army captain, who was elected president in October and will take power in January.

    ‘Broken Promise?’

    So whose promise did Bolsonaro break?

    Obviously NOT his own, because his campaign was replete, as the same scribbler says, with anti-globalist rhetoric!

    You can only break your own promises. He never made any such promise,

    In fact, ’twas a pledge made by his defeated far-left opponents, the so-called Workers Party…




    …which openly campaigned in close alliance with the Brazilian Communist Party!

    No parliament, no presidency, no government, has the right to bind its successors.

    That’s the whole point of democracy, that people get to vote in elections, and can vote for candidates who offer change!


    Bolsonaro thrashed the Far Left.

    Why would we expect him to honour its deals?

    It’s the same illogical, anger-driven, offensive accusation launched against Donald Trump, for living up to his (real) promise, to revisit that Paris Climate Deal…


    Image result for Iran appeasement

    …or the Iran Appeasement Deal, both of which were dear to Obummer’s heart, and to Crooked Hillary.


    But THEY are now in the trash-can of American history, as are the Brazilian Far-Left.

    Whatever dirty deals they concocted can and should be undone by those to whom the democratic process gave the power to do so.


    • Mort 21:56 on November 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The liberal media hate this Brazilian even more than they hate Ttrump.
      That is probably because he has more chance of getting things moving in the right direction. not so many bad judges.


  • ross1948 22:46 on November 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Bolsonaro And The Cleansing Of The ‘Arts’ Sty 

    If you thought that clown Damien Hirst’s pickled cow-corpse, which I have mentioned previously –

    Arrogant Elites, Cameron, God And You Know Who! 

    – was as low a mockery of art as it could get, and as grotesque a waste of public resources as could be…

    Related image

    …you need to look at what was going on in Brazil under the reds.

    I honestly have no idea what a ‘funk-electroclash band’ might be, but a Brazilian who performs with one of those (it’s called ‘Bonde Do Role’) will surely be universally applauded for saying that  “Having children touching and being exposed to a naked strange man is wrong.”

    The statement concerns a vile creature named Wagner Schwarz, who has, since his disgusting act of indecent exposure, felt it wise to do a runner, scared stiff of decent people who were outraged by his exhibitionism.


    Related image


    I won’t show you the photo of the sicko lounging naked in Brazil’s Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo (MAM) where at least two little school-girls were encouraged to approach and even touch him – it makes me want to puke, and would likely have the same effect on most of you. 

    Strangely, the Guardian has no such inhibitions, and actually includes a worse photo – of another ‘artist,’ named Antonio Oba…’


    Related image


    …exposing his penis while covering himself with dust ground fromstatue of the Virgin Mary which he had previously destroyed.

    Blasphemy, and while I am not in favour of blasphemy law, I regard it as revolting that the sleazy creep might get public funds or a public venue to enact his deviant fantasies.

    That revolting picture is further down its story on how decent Brazilians have been emboldened by President Bolsonaro’s election campaign to clean out filth.




    Pinkos in Brazil are all fretty that Bolsonaro will go after something called the ‘Rouanet Law,’ which gives tax-breaks to businesses which spend money on ‘cultural projects.’

    Like, uh, what is remotely ‘cultural’ about exposing your penis, and/or inviting people to handle your naked body?

    Only dirty decadents would even contemplate behaving like that.

    One pinko is quoted thus –

    “The Rouanet Law will be an easy hit for him. People see it as artists taking advantage of public money. If he cuts it, cultural projects will become very difficult.

    And the good news is that Bolsonaro promised as much during his run.

    He has promised to dissolve the ministry of culture into the education department…



    Far better to tackle the lousy abuse of public resources this way than oblige good citizens to resort to actions outwith the law to root out degenerate garbage.

    Going back to the electro-funky fellow whose sensible words we quoted above – his name’s Pedro D’Eyrot, BTW – he ‘hopes Bolsonaro will keep his promises:

    “I expect his government to stop funding all the ideological apparatus created by the PT that lives and thrives on taxpayers’ money.”


    well said5493904_f520

    • Alfie Stanners 12:55 on November 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You were quite in order not to show us those pictures of dirty young men. The Guardian has them on show and I supposed it was important to check that you weren’t exaggerating.
      You weren’t.

      The electro-punk Pedro is a pleasant surprise.
      So many in the ‘entertainment’ industry are demented, but this young musician is wise beyond his years.
      He recognizes that tax payers in his country, just the same as in our country, should not have to pay for the arts if it’s not art at all but the effluent of warped minds.
      If Bolsonaro cuts them all off from public subsidies, he will be even more popular.
      We need more like him.


  • ross1948 07:02 on October 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo, Brazil! 

    Wonderful result in Brazil, where President-Elect Jair Bolsonaro can now continue the straight-talking…



    Jair Bolsonaro


    …that he famously refused to tone down to appease the far-left and the freakos whom he kept upsetting so splendidly both before and during the campaign.

    While the final figures are yet to be settled, it looks like he got a near 10% majority over his Communist-collaborating opponent Haddad.

    We look forward to big changes for the better in his huge country..

  • ross1948 23:01 on October 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Anti-Bolsonaro Propaganda – U.S. Tax-Dollars – Pinko P.R.I 

    The disgracefully partisan character of ‘public broadcasting’ in European countries is mirrored in the USA, where the parasitic PRI has just produced a shamelessly leftist ‘news’ report on tomorrow’s Brazilian election.

    Image result for radio PRI

    PRI, like NPR etc, comes under the aegis of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which swills gallons from the tax-trough. PRI appears to think it can show any bias it wants, which might be acceptable if it showed left, right, left, right, alternately.

    It doesn’t!


    We have noted PRI’s behaviour before now, but this week it focuses on Brazilian expats in Portugal.

    There are a lot of them, at least 85,000, and if we take this story  –  https://www.pri.org/stories/2018-10-05/presidential-elections-looming-brazilian-migrants-portugal-ramp-political – at face value, they are to a man ( or, it turns out, to a shrill woman!) hostile to the ‘populist’ candidate Bolsonaro.


    Gambar terkait


    We have a woman named Carvalho, an ‘immigration lawyer.’ Her leftism is played down by PRI, which claims that her 29th September demo in Lisbon ‘drew hundreds of people from across the political spectrum,’

    What ‘spectrum’ might that be? Red to Pink?

    Then there’s another shrill lefty bint, Natalia Rocha Santos, almost predictably pursuing a master’s in sociology at the University of Coimbra, who makes no effort to hide her far-left fanaticism.

    His discourse is filled with hate,” she yelps about the front-runner. 

    “I find his positions really frightening.”

    Even a propaganda puff-piece like PRI’s can be useful, in this case revealing the fact that these snarkies are hardly part of the ‘poverty-stricken masses’ – and that goes for much of the other expats from Brazil – ‘many of the Brazilians now flocking to Portugal are not economic migrants seeking improved prospects in Europe but rather wealthy people…‘  who look for fancy real estate ‘in the tony seaside enclave of Cascais

    Curiously, PRI doesn’t tell us, or never cared to ask, how Samara Azevedo, a 31-year-old from Rio state, earns her living, but she seems to have plenty of free time

    Because she’s ‘among the core participants in the Coletivo Andorinha, or Swallow Collective, an umbrella group of mostly left-leaning Brazilian activists in Portugal.


    Exactly how many ‘right-leaning activists’ are involved?

    Zero, I’ll bet.

    And although there must be, out of the 85,000 plus Brazilians in Portugal, thousands of Bolsonaro supporters, PRI has shown no interest in giving equivalent uncritical attention to their views, activities, or even existence.


    Image result for bolsonaro lisboa

    And they DO exist!


    Please read the PRI b/s for yourselves, and simply ask yourself, or ask them.

    The excuse they’ll no doubt offer, that it is a report on expat opposition, not presented as impartial coverage, can immediately be exposed as threadbare by asking the obvious question.

    When will we see their report on all those PRO-Bolsonaro expats in Portugal?

    Image result for defund public broadcasting

    If the Republicans retain control of Congress next month, they should do what Trump gave them a chance to do not long ago.

    The GOP legislators bottled out gutlessly then.

    It should not happen again.


    • Mort 23:41 on October 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Your energetic pursuit of the enemy continually astonishes, Ross.
      Do you have any readers in Brazil?
      Or Croatia, Macedonia, Morocco, or Kenya?
      Those are only some of the countries you have written about that I am immediately able to think of right now, but there are many more besides.
      I see there is interest in this for us Americans, the on-going scandal of public broadcasting.
      Even so, I am curious.
      Outside of the English-speaking world, and Indonesia, where do your readers come from?


      • ross1948 23:45 on October 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        In response to your question, my friend, I took a look at the stats for the past month or two and there are only a small number of countries where I seem to have no readers at all.
        Must write something about Paraguay soon!


    • Keith Milner 09:24 on October 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      But Ross, havent you seen in the Guardian, Cher and Madonna are actively against Bolsonaro?
      He must be a bad choice!


    • Vinne F 10:25 on October 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We do not need public broadcasting that takes the left side.
      We already have CNN, ABC, MSNBC and plenty more that do it without taking our tax dollars.
      Close PRI down or sell it to Soros.


  • ross1948 18:09 on September 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Bolsonaro, ,   

    Bolsonaro – A Fighter For Brazil, Now Fighting For His Life? 

    Attempted murder most foul in Brazil.

    I was just about to post some laudatory words about the candidacy of the man abused as ‘far-right’ by the rotten media around the world.
    Then I awoke this morning to the news that he was stabbed yesterday and is in critical condition.
    Get well soon, sir.
    And to give readers some back-ground on the kind of bitter animosities stirred up against the man, here’s what I had penned last month but had not yet published.

    We don’t pay enough attention to Brazil on this blog.

    I have written in support of the restoration of capital punishment there…Murderous Prison Riot – Brazil Needs To Get Real! …and we had a delightful post featuring yummy girls in a pulchritudinous posterior competition…


    Miss BumBum Is Back! Search For Brazil's Rear Of Year Returns As Voting Begins OnlineKontes Bokong2 Bagus Buaanget? Di Brazil, Dong! 

    But how about this story?

    “The media does not like Bolsonaro.”

    That’s what the head of the Institute for Social and Political Studies at at a Brazilian college tells us about the relationship between local hacks and the man who’s been called a Brazilian Trump, and that’s for sure.

    But when the academic adds that the media’s dislike exists because ‘they do not think he is trustworthy…”

Gambar terkait

…we are entitled to ask if that media is itself trustworthy, because they have been deliberately shrinking their coverage of the candidate even though he is now front runner for the Brazilian Presidency.

The duty of the media is to treat all candidates fairly. It sounds to me like the Brazilian media is just as creepy and dishonest in its own Lusitanian way as CNN or the BBC!

Bolsonaro apparently gets less coverage than an obscure geezer named Alckmin who polls in the high single digits.

…the rightwing hopeful’s aides say they do not trust traditional media to get their message across. “They try to disparage him in every story. He is always on the defensive,” said Congressman Major Olimpio, a campaign manager for Bolsonaro in Sao Paulo.

Instead of shedding crocodile tears, there must be quite a few hacks in Brazil, who should be asking if their hostile and biased reporting has in some part contributed to this criminal act.

  • Regardo 14:24 on September 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

    Thank you for writing this.
    Foreign media are so biased as our Brazil media.
    We need people in other countries to know how popular this candidate is.
    People like him because he says like they think and is not scared of upsetting the left-favored minorities.


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