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  • ross1948 15:30 on November 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Red-Head Rats Out UK Unity? 


    Unionist politicians have criticised the shadow Northern Ireland secretary after she said Labour should be neutral if there was an Irish unity referendum.

    Louise Haigh deserves to be dubbed Lady Haw Haw for her disloyalty to Queen and Country….


    …her base assertion that if Britain’s ancestral enemy, Eire, were cheer-leading their Fifth Column in Ulster, the Haigh-Hag would sit back and refuse “to be a persuader for the union”.


    Louise Haigh
    Contact details  63-65 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield S8 0RL  louise.haigh.mp@parliament.uk

    Now we wait, best not with bated breath (!) for Starmer to stomp the treacherous vixen.

    It was, after all, Starmer who ‘said he would campaign to keep Northern Ireland in the UK in the event of a border poll.’

    Okay, as far as that goes, but British leaders of ALL parties need to go further!

    They should make it clear that any border poll should be organised in such as way as to delineate ‘fifth-column” areas and ‘good-citizen’ areas, with a view to post-poll partition.

    NO loyal citizens should be obliged to have anything to do with the absurd and unhistorical notion of a ‘United Ireland!’

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    UUP Puts Alliance On The Spot! Watch ‘Em Wriggle! 

    Alliance needs to say whether it backs united Ireland or the Union: Aiken.  

    Steve Aiken (2020).png

    Ulster Unionist leader calls on Naomi Long to ‘get off fence’ on constitutional question



    The UUP’s Steve Aiken is asking a question that should have been put forcefully to the APNI years ago, but good on him for asking it, even if belatedly.

    However, methinks the answer, though never voiced out loud by Alliance, is crystal clear. In the past, when it was a puny power in the land, perhaps it didn’t matter.

    Nowadays, however, it has notable, and noisy, members in both the Stormont Assembly and at Westminster, with that Naomi Long MP the best known.


    Naomi Long cropped and brightned from UK Interfaith Leaders (8738792158).jpg

    Naomi Long


    And it’s her I refer to when I aver that Alliance has made its disloyalty plain.

    We first got the message when APNI voted for restriction of the flying of their country’s flag at Belfast City Hall.

    That was in 2012, and then,  just a year or so ago, we took careful note when James Brokenshire, then Northern Ireland Secretary, ruled out joint authority over Northern Ireland between the British and Irish governments if the parties fail to reach a deal after elections that now appear inevitable.

    As I commented at the time, “Brokenshire’s readiness to talk sense in the face of shrilling from Eire’s Fifth Column has flushed out the disloyalty of another phoney ‘moderate’ clique, the Alliance Party.”  Ulster Votes – Wisely


    Northern Ireland secretary James Brokenshire.
     James Brokenshirel..

    Brokenshire’s criticism of the Public Prosecution Service’s pursuit of former British army soldiers involved in Troubles-related killings means he can no longer be regarded as an objective figure in the talks that will follow Stormont assembly elections on 2 March, Naomi Long told the Guardian.

    Again, I repeat what I said about that!

    “The HELL with being ‘objective’ if that means splitting the difference between those loyal to HM The Queen and those who long to live under the alien Eire tricolour.”


    sod that


    This woman thinks patriots and traitors are of equal worth?

    If that’s the case, her disregard for the basic principle of allegiance indicates that she and her APNI comrades would be just as at ease in the Dail as in Stormont.


    Mind you, one sometimes has the impression that certain ‘unionists’ would be prepared to accept absorption of Ulster into Eire if a ‘border poll’ went the wrong way.

    No nation – large or small – should be prepared thus to go quietly into the night.

    If Ulster Brits ever do get out-voted, no way should they accept oblivion.

    RE-PARTITION would be the honourable, and entirely legitimate, response, preserving a homeland for the Ulster nation.

  • ross1948 19:38 on December 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ‘Ireland’ = geographical expression, Blood and Iron, border poll, , Fianna Fail, re-partition, Senator Mark Daly, , , War of Independence   

    ‘Re-Unification?’ Don’t Hold Yer Breath, Senator Daly! 

    If you have read The Times this week, you will be aware that a prominent member of one of Eire’s major political parties has told the expansionist element in his country that “Ireland should heed the lessons of Brexit and prepare for reunification before any referendum…”



    By ‘Ireland,’ one assumes, he is referring to Eire, because ‘Ireland’ is a mere geographical expression, an island on which dwell two distinct nations, neither of whom has any right to aspire to absorb the other by any kind of annexation, by paramilitary coercion…

    …or by ‘border poll.’

    I know I have said this all before, but there are still too many mainland Brits insufficiently acquainted with the historical and/or ethnic realities, who may be susceptible to mystification by constant misuse of the name ‘Ireland…’



    …into thinking that the proximity of the two peoples, each with a right to self-determination, allows for absorption of the smaller by the larger into a republic repugnant to that smaller nation’s sense of national identity.

    ‘Re-unification?’ The island was only united politically under rule from London! Bet that’s not what’s being discussed in Dublin!

    Clearly, Fianna Fail Senator Mark Daly has forgotten the lines of one of his nation’s songs, about fighting so that ‘small nations might be free!’


    Image result for senator mark daly

    Mark Daly

    His warning to Varadkar that ‘ministers were acting recklessly by failing to hold risk assessments’ may sound like practical advice but in fact it’s just offensive to the British people of Ulster.



    The real ‘risk’ which Daly, and Varadkar, and their Sinn Fein fellow-travellers, will face if they think a border poll plurality, or indeed majority, for the extension of Dublin sovereignty over the Ulster-Brits, is easily and quickly assessed.

    It’s called WAR, and while no Ulsterman or woman wants a war, equally, none of them will sit back and see their country go quietly into the nightmare of alien rule.

    Image result for bismarck counting majorities


    Any such expansionist antics by Eire would be met with what Bismarck called ‘Blood and Iron.’

    A righteous fight would see to it that Dublin, Cork, Limerick and the rest of Eire’s urban communities would get a taste of what Dublin’s cat’s-paws dished out…



    ….to Belfast and Londonderry and the rest of Ulster over those harsh years.

    Though unlike the savages of Sinn Fein/IRA…



    …the Ulster resistance fighters would not prey on the innocent.

    So let’s send Mark Daly a message, His facile conclusion, that ‘a vote on uniting Ireland should only happen “at the end of a very long process”  ‘ is over-optimistic.



    If the Enemy Within wins in a border poll, there must needs be immediate moves towards Re-Partition of the British Isles, namely the removal of alien-infested areas like Crossmaglen.

    Once the disloyal dregs are subtracted…

  • ross1948 16:35 on December 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Election Post-Mortem 3. Alliance Party Of Eire? 

    ’The Alliance Party of Northern Ireland?’



    Only till it no longer suits their political convenience!

    We heard that awkward admission last night, when their new MP, Steve Ferry, did his mealy-mouth mumbling best to avoid a question on the treason option, the prospect of another ‘border poll’ going the wrong way.

    Stephen Farry MLA  Stephen Ferry, MP

    …but finally responded to a BBC reporter.

    If there’s a border poll, we’ll have to see…”

    So much for those two words, ‘Northern Ireland,’ carefully designed when that party was formed, to gull patriots into believing the Alliance Party were not into deals with treason…



    ….not out to deny British Ulsterfolk their self-evident right to self-determination.

    It goes without saying that if, by over-breeding and ethnic cleansing, the Enemy Within were to gain a plurality of votes in any such poll, a re-delineation of the border would become necessary, along with population transfers…



    …republicans in Belfast removed en masse to the damnable republic they say they are true to.

    And if that solution were not adopted, if it were said by either government, London and/or Dublin, that Ulster in its entirety were up for annexation y our ancestral enemies…

    …then armed resistance would be justified, and it would be the right and the duty of British patriots on the mainland and elsewhere to assist loyalist resistance, from each according to his or her ability or means.

    Anybody whose response to that scenario is to say “we’ll need to see” is a knave – or in good old-fashioned Ulster talk, a Lundy.

    Unlike much of the rest of the UK, elections in Ulster have always, admirably, been fought on issues of principle –


     – ‘we are who we are, and what we have, we hold.’ –

    Encouragingly, this past election on the mainland, and the standard of debate in the months beforehand, was to some extent a welcome improvement. One hopes that will continue to improve!


    Nobody with any sense of national identity should allow themselves to be distracted by diversionary rhetoric about socio-economic matters.


    Some in Ulster seem to want to encourage such an unwholesome development, the APNI being an obvious culprit.

    No loyal citizen should give them the time of day.


    • Gavin Baird 17:39 on December 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Too many people in Ulster have been led astray by propaganda in their schools and even more in their colleges, because their teachers are liberals.
      Liberals undermine the students’ British loyalties with a lot of malarkey and inaccurate history.
      Those young people come out of education thinking there are more important things than preserving our country.


  • ross1948 18:07 on August 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: border poll, , Lord Empey, Peter Robinson DUP, ,   

    No Surrender, Peter Robinson! Ulster WILL Fight! 

    By any standard, the shameful outburst from Peter Robinson,  the former leader of Ulster’s Democratic Unionist Party, is an affront.

    Speaking about a ‘United Ireland‘ – a quaint phenomenon, known only during unifying British rule… –

    Mr Robinson said that he believed Northern Ireland should prepare for the possibility, though he does not think Northern Ireland will want to leave.  https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/anger-as-peter-robinson-says-northern-ireland-should-prepare-for-a-united-ireland-37163297.html


    Let’s get one thing straight.

    The British people who live in Ulster are a nation, just as the Scots and Welsh who live on the mainland are nations. Even Theresa the Appeaser has had to acknowledge that truth.

    As a nation, Ulster has the right to choose its own destiny.

    If a disloyal minority, a fifth column of a hostile, expansionist neighbour, out-breeds the Ulsterfolk,,,




    ….to the extent that they can outvote the Ulsterfolk, then there should be no nonsense about accepting such a vote as the death-knell of national identity.

    Hence our indignant response, ‘No Surrender,’ to the outlandish assertion by Robinson that he would let Ulster go quietly into the night were a border poll to result in a win by the Enemy Within.

    Even old Lord Empey of the UUP, who’s a mild-mannered man, was moved to rebuke Robinson, saying that the DUP founding member’s comments would be “music to the ears of Irish republicans” and the Irish Government.

    But Robinson’s rant was worse than the words you read at the top of our page.

    Mr Robinson said that he believed unionists would accept the results of a border poll that led to a united Ireland.

    “As soon as that decision is taken every democrat will have to accept that decision.” 

    Under NO circumstances should any patriotic Ulsterman or Ulsterwoman ‘accept’ such a baneful result.



    Ulster should, and in my opinion would, FIGHT. And Ulster would be right.

    It would certainly be sensible to do what should have been done in 1925…

    …and re-draw the border, to reduce the numbers of the aggressive neighbouring republic’s Fifth Column.

    It would be better still to arrange for the removal of large numbers of such undesirables from Belfast and other non-border areas.

    Such people make it abundantly clear that they wish to live under Eire’s Tricolour.

    Let them, via a removal truck.

    When Robinson warned his audience to ‘prepare’ for the prospect of a ‘United Ireland,’ what he meant was that Ulster should submit.

    But there are other steps required to prepare for such a disastrous eventuality.

    Just as those Americans, in the news this past weekend, are fighting a nightmare wildfire, rather than just allowing it to consume them…



    ….so too should our brave kin in Ulster prepare against any such menace to their heritage of freedom.

    That means getting organised, and getting ahold of whatever they can lay hands on, to equip themselves with the means of resistance…

    Hasil gambar untuk automatic weapons

    …so that, in the event of a border poll going the wrong way, and in the event that London turned its back on the most loyal subjects of HM The Queen, those abandoned could defend their right to self-determination, by taking out any enemy personnel sent from Eire…


    Hasil gambar untuk ulster flags


    ….with the malign intention of replacing Ulster’s proud bright colours with the hateful flag that flies over Dail Eireann.

    • Billy King 19:04 on August 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Ross, there are thousands of people, men and women, all over Ulster, who will cheer your words to the rooftops.
      That Robinson will live to regret his betrayal
      As if any of us are prepared to submit to rule by foreigners who hate us.
      Ulster is our country and we will fight for it.


    • Petra Malley 19:33 on August 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It is self-evidently true that if a government says to any part of its citizens that it will no longer protect them from foreign or domestic enemies, then the people abandoned have an undeniable right to make arrangements for their own survival.
      Unlike you, I have no ties of blood with Ulster but I understand your loyalty and your logic.
      When one of Downing Street’s previous rodents said the British Government had ‘no selfish reason’ to stand by Ulster in the face of another country’s territorial ambitions, that moment was when the British nation in Northern Ireland should have known that their survival was up to them.
      Now the end-game is beginning to play out.


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