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  • ross1948 12:07 on August 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'Oppressed' People, Al-Aqsa, Bradford, , Olive Grove Foundation   

    ‘Charities?’ OMG! What’s This ‘OGF?’. 

    When I have criticised ‘charities’ previously, I have usually focused on ‘big-name’ outfits…

    Tomorrow, Oxfam’s Engrained Leftism Exposed Exposed

    Hasil gambar untuk no to oxfam

    Hulk UpdateUNICEF Sticky-Beak Slams Age-Check Call

    Hasil gambar untuk hypocrisy united nations

    Your Majesty, Please Remove Royal Patronage From Infested NSPCC 

    ….and especially those who stick their snouts into the public purse.


    Not A Penny – Report These Charities, PLEASE! 

    But only now and then have I expressed concern about less well-known but equally vexing ones.

    UK Charity Commissioners? Slap Down This Brexit-Hating ‘Charity!’ 

    Old Bat’s Calais ‘Charity’ Under Microscope! 

    Hence a local news report from Yorkshire about the Charity Commission’s ‘inquiry’ into the affairs of the ‘Olive Grove Foundation’ –

    The concerns include, but are not limited to, poor governance, poor monitoring of charitable funds and the use of a personal bank account to transfer money overseas.

    – might have slipped past my eagle eye, until I saw what the OGF had to say about its activities.

    The charity said it was “premature” and claimed it was opened “as a result of the invaluable and necessary work we have been carrying out in Palestine and Syria and our support for Al-Aqsa and the oppressed people of Jerusalem”.



    I leave it to readers to look into this ‘charity’ and draw their own conclusions!

    • Ricky Hercomb 14:49 on August 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Is this ‘charity’ run by ‘British’ Pakistanis in England?
      If so –
      Does the ‘oppressed’ include religious minorities like the Ahmadiya and Christians in Pakistan?


  • ross1948 06:49 on March 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Bradford, , , , Pakistani predators,   

    The Bradford Beasts – Nine Swine Who Deserve Death – Or Deportation! 

    Will NOBODY demand that the death penalty be brought back to deliver justice for scum like these?


    From left top row: Zeeshan Ali, Kieran Harris, Fahim Iqbal, from left middle row: Mohammed Usman, Basharat Khaliq, Saeed Akhtar, from left bottom row: Naveed Akhtar, Parvaze Ahmed and Izar Hussain.

     From left top row: Zeeshan Ali, Kieran Harris, Fahim Iqbal, from left middle row: Mohammed Usman, Basharat Khaliq, Saeed Akhtar, from left bottom row: Naveed Akhtar, Parvaze Ahmed and Izar Hussain.


    Yet again we have to read of vermin whose sick mentality reeks of the predatory sexism that pervades the land whence they or their forebears emerged and which should no longer be allowed to blight Britain. While some of the scum got 20 years, we know from bitter experience of how the sentences of other vermin have been turned into a slap on the wrist…


    …that they’ll be out on the prowl again long before two decades have passed.

    And some members of the gang have received piddling little pat-on-the wrist ‘punishments’ which are basically a sick joke.

    The nine swine should not be permitted to live in the UK.

    Wiser, indeed, if they were not permitted to live at all.


    • David Persten 13:55 on March 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Why do the English allow their girls to be treated like this? They catch the animals then let them loose in five years?
      It’s as bad as Sweden.


    • Pat Ryder 14:45 on March 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Isnt it time we got rid of these judges who are so ‘compassionate’ to non-British sex criminals who do horrible things to young British people?
      Let’s start with that moron Judge Stead who has just made sure a Bangladeshi migrant in Bolton, who raped a young British teenager, a BOY, will be out raping more boys in just a few years.
      Judge Stead said he was “satisfied the effect on this child has been lasting and has been significant” — but only gave him an eight-year term.

      It is typical for criminals in the United Kingdom serving determinate sentences to be automatically released to serve them “on licence in the community” after serving just half, or in rare cases two-thirds, of their custodial term.

      That was in Breitbart this weekend but how many mainstream media gave it headlines or even mentioned it?

      Why not give the beast thirty or forty years? Personally, I would like to see the beast executed.
      Why not have the beast deported?
      If it was the judge’s son?
      The trouble is, these rich lawyer types don’t feel compassion for working class people who fall foul of these migrant monsters.


  • ross1948 00:13 on March 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Bradford, disabled people, , , , , , , , Wagtail Close   

    Sectarian Brutes Maltreat Disabled Brits – Fire the Swine! 

    Today I went into town. Jakarta, the sprawling capital of the largest Muslim-majority country in the world.

    I can assure readers that if I go shopping anywhere, for anything, the shop assistants are always happy to serve me. Many of the girls wear head-scarves, though many Muslim girls here don’t, but no matter!

    They don’t bat an eye-lid when I present my purchases of bacon or ham or pork chops.  Nor do waiters and waitresses behave discourteously, when I order pork dishes in restos.

    There’s no reason why they should, because –

    A  – the foodstuffs are for my consumption, not theirs


    B  – the great majority of Indonesians, Muslim or not, are polite and not consumed with the evil bigotry featured in this UK news story, about nasty sectarian bullies picking on helpless disabled folk.

    BACON BAN AT CARE HOME: Muslim staff REFUSED to serve patients bacon sandwiches


    Not a lot to smile about, if you’re a defenceless victim of sectarian cruelty!


    The callous  swine also refused to help their clients buy pork pies, the Care Quality Commission said following an inspection.

    Bradford Council was ordered to improve services at its Wagtail Close home for disabled people after inspectors said care workers restricted patients’ right of choice and denied their personal dietary preferences…

    No surprise this happened in Bradford – it’s long been colonised by Pakistanis, many of whom have shamefully refused to assimilate into civilised British ways, clinging to the backward intolerance we have covered fom tme to time.

    WIll USA/UK Seek UN Sanctions Against Pakistan? 


    Do The Wicked Go To Pakistan When They Die

     They could do with meeting good Muslims, like most of those here in Indonesia, who wouldn’t DREAM of maltreating the old or infirm and who would be horrified if they learned that Bradford’s bigot brutes were using their religion as an excuse for such disgraceful misconduct. That’s why I use ‘Islamists’ – drooling fanatics – and make sure I distinguish those from normal Muslims.

    Now we hear that the scum have been put in their place, maybe.

    “All Wagtail Close care staff have been reminded that their own lifestyles and cultural preferences should never influence the person-centred support they provide to service users.” 

    Muslim staff at Bradford care home refused patients pork products | UK

    That’s all very well, although to designate their vile prejudice as ‘cultural’ is a bit of a stretch!

    But firstly, who believes these foul fiends will readily forego the joy of  being cruel to helpless Brits. These sort of primitive ignoramuses are without conscience. They are just not teachable.

    And in any case, they should have been fired on the spot.


    out with them


    And black-listed.

    Their identities should be made known so no decent employer will even grant them an interview.

    Let them seek jobs in some cess-pool like Pakistan.

  • ross1948 00:06 on May 20, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Bradford, Corruotion, David Ward, , , Liberal Democrat, , , ,   

    Wow! A Liberal Democrat Glimpses Reality – ‘Pakistan Politics’ in Britain! 

    “Pakistan politics”

    What was that question I asked a few months ago?

    Do The Wicked Go To Pakistan When They Die? 


    David Ward, the former Liberal Democrat MP who lost his seat in the recent General Election, made a controversial claim that sharp practice imported from Pakistan was being allowed to flourish in areas of Bradford with high Asian populations.


    David Ward looking concerned as the recent election counts took place


    He said the problem was not limited to one particular party, and included intimidation, bullying, flyposting, inappropriate behaviour at polling stations and dirty politics.   http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/12955668.Ousted_MP_raises_concerns_over_fairness_of_elections_in_Bradford/

    Of course, we know this problem is not unique to Bradford!

     Tower Hamlets, in London, where shariah thug gangs operate, has also merited a headline here. 



    “Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!” 


    And to remind Brits who let the primitives into the UK!

  • ross1948 15:48 on April 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Bradford, Brewery, Galloway, , , , , ,   

    Sectarian Prohibition? Last Orders for British Beer?! 

    The intrinsic intolerance of too many of the aliens imported by the UK is reaching epic proportions.   It may be that ‘imported’ is the wrong word, since it was really a matter of negligence for many years, though Enoch Powell and others issued warnings.

    But we do know that Blair and Co. DID make it deliberate policy, to destroy the character of the British Isles.



    enoch-powell-was-right-national-front-union-jack1 Hero


    Gas-Bag Galloway with Bad-Ass Saddam


    And now the multiculters are savouring what a fine harvest they may reap in the years ahead.

    The latest garbage from George Galloway, a man who advances the Islamist agenda wherever and whenever he can but seems to be too timid to reveal his own religion, centres on the local brewery in Bradford, which he’s seeking to represent in Parliament.

    He’s issuing veiled threats to Bradford Brewery.


    • He’s a gas-bag and deserves contempt, but his rants resulted in an interesting article in Breitbart, which contains the following sentences.


    -the fate of the Brewery could be decided by a Muslim Councillor who finds the drinking of alcohol offensive. Although this would not mean they got an unfair hearing it would create the impression of a conflict of interest.\


    Now those words are not so much alarming as simply disingenuous, unusually for Breitbart!

    Of course it would be an unfair hearing. No decision on a pub’s license should be made by a panel including somebody who has objections not to the individual publican’s or pub’s fit and proper status but to the very purpose pubs are there to serve.

    Of course no prohibitionist should have any right at all to impose his or her sectarian antipathy towards drinking beer, an integral part of English culture in any English city.

    Nor is it tolerable that the town itself already has a number of Sharia Courts…


    out with them


    If aliens, of their own accord, migrate to another country and then fail to respect local customs and culture, that means they don’t belong there. Such people, I’d say, are welcome to come and learn from the experience, but not to stay and definitely not to vote!

    And if they dare to establish parallel courts, handing down ‘law’ based on alien codes, they place themselves beyond the pale. 

  • ross1948 17:57 on December 1, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Bradford, , , , , , , PC tyranny, , , Ray Honeyford,   

    ‘That’s Racist!’ PC Gestapo in Britain Exposed! 

    A reign of terror? Maybe that’s overstating the case, but when people are afraid to speak on a matter of national importance, it’s not THAT much of an exaggeration.

    How often do Brits these days preface their comments on some new affront to British values (I mean real British values, not Cameron’s sicko PC ideology that derives from Brussels’ cultural marxist agenda) with those pathetic words ‘I’m not racist, but…?’


    Thats Racist! Book Cover

    When  discussions of plain facts are hindered by fear of arrest or, at the least, police attention, the death of free speech has to be recorded in the national annals.

    Even if the cops don’t drag the victim to court, the very fact that open talk on an issue might result in a visit by the police, a talking-to, time wasted in explaining what you did or did not say to your family, friends or colleagues, never mind a letter to the editor or a Facebook post…




    ….THAT’S a war of attrition against individual liberty.

    And, incidentally, against humour. I’m sure that good old joke about why Jesus wasn’t born in Ireland (God unable to locate three wise men or a virgin!) would be actionable these days.


    • laughing
    • ===================
    • Some Indonesian guys nearly fell of their chairs recently when I told it – when we parted, they were already planning to adapt it, to poke fun at various of the many ethnicities who inhabit their huge archipelago!

    But I did advise them, to their bafflement, that such witty words would not be well-received in the PC West these days! Po-faced pukes now rule the roost there. 

    We saw it most recently when that old guy was seized by gestapoid buffoons at a UK airport after making a joke about being asked to take off his shoes at a security gate. Referring to the well-known practice of Muslims, removal of footwear on entering a mosque, he joked that ‘Im not Muslim.’

    And some nasty little clown on duty had him detained for ‘racism.’ Even though, as any Muslim will tell you, Muslims are NOT a race!

    • badcops
    • Sure, in the end, no charges were brought.
    • But his holiday was ruined, and undoubtedly considerable alarm engendered, by the authorities’ actions, which would be unsurprising if perpetrated by the East German Stasi…
    • voltaire
    • ….but in the country once sung of as ‘Mother of The Free?’
    • ———–
    • Nor should we forget those marxist social workers, who deny decent UKIP folk the right to foster kids because those folk are proud patriots, yet take no action to remove kids from evil parents who encourage their young to think beheading of ‘blasphemers’ and/or ‘apostates’ is acceptable.
    • Imagine, had that wise Bradford headmaster Ray Honeyford’s sensible educational prescriptions been adopted nationwide – he aimed to have his school turn out loads of little brown Britons…BUT….
    • ==================
    •   Ray Honeyford
    • How to be a Conservative, by Roger Scruton
      Times Higher Education19 Nov 2014
    • (BRILLIANTLY prophetic article, written by Honeyford almost THIRTY years ago!)
    • 000000000000000000000000000
    • …instead, thanks to multicult poison policies, we have jihadist ratbags lining up to war down the West, including the country to which they owe everything.
    • ——————————
    • Anyway, a book has been published, which I want for Christmas. Here’s an extract from, and the link to, the order form. 
    • …in recent years, playgrounds and classrooms have endured unprecedented interference in the form of official racist-incident reporting, training on the importance of racial etiquette, and the reinforcement of racial identities.
    • In workplaces and public institutions, self-styled ‘anti-racist’ campaigns seize on bad jokes, playground insults, and clumsy behaviours as evidence that racism is on the rise, and that more rules are needed to control people’s attitudes and behaviours.
    • In That’s Racist! Adrian Hart reflects on his experience of anti-racist campaigning in 1980s East London, and his later studies of allegedly racist behaviour among primary school children, to show how the language of anti-racism has been co-opted by a divisive new policy agenda…
    • As we try to navigate this new landscape, the first casualty is freedom of speech.  http://www.thatsracistbook.com/#book-overview
    • oooooo
    • aa-cultural-marxism-good-indoctrination-poster-300x288
    • ooooo
    • I hope to start reading it at Jakarta’s airport whilst waiting for my flight to Bali in the near future.
    • Sammy T 12:56 on December 2, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I read the article by Honeyford. He was SO true in his vision of the hell being created, which British people are only now beginning to fight back againt. Vote Ukip!


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