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  • ross1948 18:15 on April 30, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    A Belated Act Of Justice, But…. 

    Ever ready to give credit when credit is due, I acknowledge the passage of long-promised legislation…

    ….which restores the right to vote to Brits, many of them senior citizens, who live outside the UK.

    Not before time!

    But why not remedy both the wrongs our 2018 report referred to?

    The absurdity of allowing citizens of an alien and hostile republic to vote…


    Image result for evil irishman


    …to intrude directly on the British democratic process, is MORE than absurd.

    Eire has been Britain’s enemy for generations…

    Eire’s bigotedly anti-British Defence Minister branded Britain as the aggressor, a crude and ignorant jibe…Dublin’s entire foreign policy was based on imposing foreign rule on a British community…Falklands Pride, Yes, but Reflect on EU Back-Stabbing

    …and remains an enemy, as the monkey to the Fourth Reich organ-grinder.

    In 2016, those aliens could easily have subverted the Brexit decison…



    Dublin’s Fifth Column Vote Could Sink Brexit

    …when real British people chose freedom.

    Thank God the patriot mobilisation was sufficient to outweigh the Enemy Within.

    But those aliens still get to vote in every general election.

    Ending that abhorrent anomaly ought to be a national priority.



  • ross1948 15:47 on September 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Tories Can Hardly Deride Labour’s Foreign Voters Folly 

    Labour will let 3.6 million EU citizens vote in a second Brexit referendum…

    Insanity, right?

    Little short of treason, to give foreign nationals the whip-hand in any decision affecting the future of the nation-state.

     Yet we read that hardly a single Labour patriot could be found to oppose the madness.

    Labour members overwhelmingly backed the motion…which would mean anyone with residency rights in the UK would be able to vote in a General Election, as well as any future Brexit referendum.

    The spiked.com who called this rubbish a ‘bad idea’ certainly wins the week’s prize for understatement.   https://www.spiked-online.com/2019/09/27/why-giving-foreign-nationals-the-vote-is-a-bad-idea/

    But are the Tories going to make a big issue of this?


    How can they?

    For years they have allowed hundreds of thousands of aliens, not from friendly countries like Poland or the Czech Republic or France ( I mean the French people, not Muppet Macron!) but citizens of a hostile republic with an atavistic grudge against Britain and expansionist ambitions to boot…

    Stop Dual Citizenship – Eire Is The Enemy!

    Related image

    Dublin’s Fifth Column Vote Could Sink Brexit


    …to vote in every general election, AND in the 2016 referendum!

    We have complained about this before…

    Who Gets To Vote? Eire Aliens, But NOT Expat Brits! 

    …but needless to say Euro-Crawlers like Cameron and May were never going to act.

    If Bojo takes up the cause, great, but my bet is he won’t.

    Over to the Brexit Party!



    • Billy King 18:07 on September 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Well said.
      The DUP should have made the Tories fix that as a condition of support


    • Edward Lamont 18:59 on September 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I am trying hard to trust Johnson but it’s far from easy to do so.


  • ross1948 16:08 on September 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Big Fat Posh Guy Meets Chick With More Money Than Sense!! 

    Had an arvo nap yesterday, while a brave soul tackled my mountain of ironing.

    Woke up, around 4pm, and was handed a cup of coffee, which I consumed whilst checking out what nonsense BBC might have to offer.

    A hugely over-fed geezer named Gordon, looking very pleased with himself, who talks with as many marbles in his mouth as Bojo, was looking to buy works of art.


    Image result for the extraordinary collector

    ’The Extraordinary Collector!’

    That’s what the show was called, and I honestly wasn’t much interested, until Fat Gordon visited some strange old chick named Anita.

    Married to a millionaire, we were told, and he’d need to be, because the daft biddy confessed – live on tv – that she had bought a pair of trainers  – for TWO THOUSAND dollars!


    Image result for raggedy old trainers

    Not Anita’s, nor mine, though similar to the latter!

    Not to wear, though it would be super-daft to spend more than thirty bucks even on a pair of running shoes you want to run in, surely, but  – wait for it…

    ..as a ‘work of art!’

    What planet do these people live on?

    On second thoughts, if I do have to go back to play my part in a second referendum…

    …, there’s a pair of battered trainers out there on my shoe-rack.

    If Anita’s husband has not stopped her pocket-money, maybe I could drop by and flog the noisome footwear?

    Two thousand would just about cover my air-fare!


    • JazPen 18:26 on September 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Go for it, Ross.
      You could also take that old red sleeveless jacket you wore every day for years down Jalan Jaksa.
      If the woman is how you say she is, you could get enough cash to spend a week in the Ritz!


      • ross1948 22:23 on September 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I still have it, JazPen, but I only wear it around the house now.
        If I wore it on the buses, people would only give me their small change.
        Jakartans are much smarter than Western millionaire’s wives!


  • ross1948 18:52 on March 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Time To Badger Big-Nose Brok? 

    Remember this arrogant sticky-beak?

    “The specter [of a hard Brexit] could be ended now with a new referendum on Brexit itself,”says Elmar Brok.


    ‘Brexit coordinator for the European People’s Party in the European Parliament’ 

    Look Into The Arrogant Eyes Of Merkel’s Meddler!

    No surprise to note that Brok’s previous job was in journalism, since the German media must be one of the worst in Europe.

     ‘Reporter Of The Year?’ – A Dirty Lying Fraud!

    Image result for drunk rats

    Hintergrundgespräch – Free Beer For The Shirkers? 

    Now he’s once more ventured, arrogantly repeated, his intrusions into British internal affairs…Senior MEP says independent Scotland could ‘easily’ enter the EU…clearly encouraging the SNP separatists.

    But aside from being offensive to British people, Brok has offended a LOT of German people, after recent reports showed off another side of this Strasbourg Slug’s character!


    It truly makes one sick to read about such rotten behaviour, but then he is hardly atypical of his comrades in the ‘European Parliament.’




    • Maggie Shaw 20:38 on March 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I used that link and read all about his shenanigans, all those poor innocent people who he welcomed to his expensive office.
      More British media should have covered his unacceptable conduct.
      Thank you for letting us know that side of his character.


    • Kim Barr 21:14 on March 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You say he is not ‘atypical’ of MEPs.
      I believe you, because that would explain why they all voted to protect him when a German prosecutor wanted Brok’s Strasbourg immunity lifted a few years ago.
      Then there are the allegations made by the Femen group, about Brok and Ukrainian women? You can all read all about that here.

      Brexit Britons should all be doing what you do and blog about Brok. I would never have known about the above if you hadn’t made me think to check on him.
      It ought to be open season on our enemies across the Channel


      • John Black 21:40 on March 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Kim, that is very useful research. Many thanks.
        The more we can let people know the true nature of those in power in Brussels and Strasbourg, the better.
        Brok’s record should be much more widely known.
        What makes it all the worse is how those MEPs cover up for each other when threatened with exposure to the law.
        We must be informed to keep fighting them. Ross is always a good read but he could do with diligent researchers like you.
        Please continue your good work and post more comments like this.


  • ross1948 14:47 on March 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Warsaw! War Hero’s Daughter Speaks Up – Might Noble Poles Rescue Britons? 

    Just as help was sought and sent in World War II to resistance movements fighting the Third Reich, so too, in 2019, are patriotic Brits, resisting the Fourth Reich…



    …asking for succour in the struggle for deliverance.


    Story image for farage salvini from EURACTIV

    While Nigel Farage is not likely to get help from Italy, because the government there is a coalition in which patriot leader Matteo Salvini’s League party is only one part, it may be that the visit to Warsaw by some of the minority of Conservative MPs who favour freedom may have had an impact of sorts.

    God knows the Poles’ national memory must be not un-affected by the post-WW2 betrayal by Britain at Yalta, when Churchill went along with the dirty deal that saw brave Poland consigned to decades of marxist quisling tyranny.


    Related image


    Yet there is an instinctive attachment to the principle of self-determination among those Poles, and of course an on-going, active involvement in fighting the intrusive oppression that the EUSSR imposes on nations that think for themselves..


    Brussels Wants War? Send YOUR Solidarity ToPoland Today! 

    Having got rid of Moscow, why would any Pole, except deplorables like Turncoat Tusk, welcome Brussels as substitute alien master?

    I quote from a near hysterical article by a Europhiliac bigot in the Guardian who is clearly consumed by fears that the Law and Justice Party government may forgive Yalta..




    …and be the first constituent state of the Brussels Empire to extend a helping hand to British freedom-fighters. Interestingly, and not necessarily irrelevantly, the Polish minister quoted happens to be the daughter of the late General Wladislaw Anders, who served in the forces that fought the World War II enemy.


    Related image

    After receiving her friends, Anna Maria Anders, the Polish minister for international dialogue, opined that she was “definitely against deferment and another referendum….”.

    One swallow does not make a summer, although she is the second that I know of…

    Poles Break Brexit Ranks, Defy Brussels Backstop Bullies – Eire Quivers! 

    …but to hear that voice, from far away Warsaw, dismissing the demand that the British be made to keep voting till they return a result acceptable to the Euro-Commissars and their UK running-dogs, is refreshing, this sunny morning in a suburb of Jakarta.

    • Petra Malley 20:01 on March 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The Poles don’t owe us a lot, because of Yalta, as you say.
      Even so, in the present day they are up against it due to Brussels acting like the Soviets did for all those years, preventing them running their country in accordance with the Polish people’s wishes.
      They are a brave nation, so who knows, Ms. Anders may get her government to help us out.
      In the end, though, it is for the British people to stand up to our enemies in Brussels, even though our MPs will not, as we’ve seen.
      We can only hope, but I have started to wonder if the spirit that saw us through the war passed away along with the wartime generation.


  • ross1948 18:47 on August 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Brexit referendum, British Jews, , Nazi Germany, Salaifism   

    How Can British Jews POSSIBLY Choose The Fourth Reich? 

    I read about this weeks ago and decided to write about it, but as often happens, got side-tracked. Jakarta partying has a habit of distracting one from serious pursuits.

    But the question has to be asked…



    …why are some British Jews prepared to abandon the country that gave their families a safe haven during the Hitler years…

    Brexit forces British Jews to seek German citizenship – Brexit: UK EU …

    …and ‘return’ to a Germany, the heart of the Fourth Reich, in which the number of card-carrying adherents of old Adolf’s animosity…



    …may have waned but where bitter hostility to Israel is on the rise, among segments of actual German society, notably in Berlin.

    We’re not the first to recognise Mama Stasi Merkeland for what it is…

    The Fourth Reich is here – without a shot being fired

    …but the rotten reality must be becoming clear to everyone.

    Just read this!

    ‘Writer Philipp Peyman Engel accused the city’s government of remaining largely silent on the issue, a stance that he argued was symptomatic of a weak approach to anti-Semitism in the capital…

    Engel praised the city’s culture minister for describing the boycott as “disgusting”, while bemoaning the fact that the city mayor, Michael Müller, remained silent on the issue.’

    Berlin is ‘hypocritical and dishonest’ on anti-Semitism, Jewish newspaper claims…

    ..and is becoming more widespread because of Mama Stasi Merkel’s deliberate unvetted importation of ignorant Islamist savages.

    ‘Berlin – An AJC survey of Berlin public school teachers reveals the growing infiltration of Salafism, and a corresponding increase in anti-Semitism in classroomsAJC Study Reveals Danger of Salafism in Berlin Schools  

    Yet some Brits of German-Jewish ancestry are seriously contemplating going ‘back,’ because they resent the democratic decision taken by their fellow-Britons to declare independence from supranational control by an entity that was declared by fans of those they fled in the 1930s?  


    If you want some real history, watch this!




    The banner

    Brussels’ Nazi Antecedents Exposed

    Well, I won’t say good luck to them, because they don’t deserve it.

    Good riddance is more appropriate and good on the good British Jews who prefer to stick with their fellow-citizens in the UK!


    • Aaron 12:25 on August 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I cannot understand why these Jews in England want to move to a Germany where the government is deliberately bringing in thousands of Arabs who were taught to hate Jews from birth.

      They must know how migrants are already killing and raping Germans so do they not think that they will be getting special attention from jihad monsters like the Salafists we read about. .

      Even here in America we have so much anti-Jewish hate now because of Obama and all those Democrats who never vetted the ‘refugees’ from the Middle East and Somalia.


    • David 16:18 on August 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I think these runaways’ grandparents who fled Germany before the Second World War must be turning in their graves at their turncoat descendants.
      Imagine deserting Britain after Britain gave them sanctuary.


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