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  • ross1948 00:01 on November 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Hypocritical Kaiserin Ursula! 

    After Mama Stasi Merkel’s protege was elevated to the lofty level of Kaiserin of the Brussels Empire…



    …it rapidly became obvious she was a spendthrift on a scale that rivalled Marie Antoinette…


    Ursula’s Wölfinsschanze? Room For A Few Fake-Refugees? 

    Berlaymont building 2015.jpg

    The Berlaymont – the EUSSR’s very own Kremlin


    …but at this direly boring moment in time…

    site map

    The Blue Zone


    Revealed: Ursula von der Leyen used private jet to travel just 31 miles


    What an arrant hypocrite she’s also shown to be!

  • ross1948 13:26 on May 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Le Muppet’s Rabid Europhilia Again On Show! 

    Whenever there’s another mess made by the Brussels Empire….



    …its lap-dogs, almost perversely, seek not to trim the vulture’s wings but to lengthen its talons.

    Thus we read how Le Muppet, having upset so many of his own people with his own response to the Chinese Virus…



    … Is calling for the EUSSR…



    ‘…to take more powers from national capitals…We’ve noted, oftentimes, that Europe wasn’t moving forward quickly enough, was lacking ambition..

    Macron: Pandemic showed need for more EU integration

    .  Macron when he won election, with EUSSR banners flying high


    Let’s not dwell on how Brussels blundered back and forth on the Chinese Virus crisis.

    We have watched, over the years, as Brussels grabbed more and more power, and we know they will always grasp for even more.

    If the people of any country resist, they are made to vote again and again…



    …until they vote as required, or, like the French ( and the Dutch) denied referenda by the elites…

    EUSSR Democracy? Ghastly Guy Exposes The Lie

    Wider still and wider, the vulture spreads its wings…


    …EEC, then European Community, then EU, each another sinister step towards fulfilment of what the ruling class calls its ‘European Project,’ forever undefined, deliberately…



    …to ensure mystification of its intended subjects..

    Yet we can discern the Grand Design laid down by the villainous Europhiliac prophet, Monnet…


    “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening.

    “This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”

    ….another sly cosmopolitan creep, much like Le Muppet.

    Any elected leader of any nation who relishes surrendering sovereignty is well past his sell-by date.

    For Macron, his date with destiny is due next year…



    …when France has a chance to elect a patriotic President.


    Macron: Pandemic showed need for more EU integratio

  • ross1948 17:26 on April 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Kaiserin Ursula Goes Into Hiding! 

    After the slimy Strasbourg Slugs’ display of irresponsibility and contempt for those whose taxes they leech off…


    …now we have a follow-up act, almost at once, that shows again what a shabby mockery of open government the Brussels Empire is all about.



    Ukraine’s president invited EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen to independence celebrations end of August. Citing a busy schedule, her subordinate said ‘no’, in an unsent letter. Asked what is on her agenda, the commission can’t say..

    . Read on »

    This arrogant bint is paid a vast amount to do whatever it is she does –

    …which so far has included getting a luxurious new apartment built into EUSSR HQ…Ursula’s Wölfinsschanze? Room For A Few Fake-Refugees? 


    – and she MUST be answerable to the public as to what she’s doing and where she’s going.

    How unlucky the lands still subject to the Fourth Reich!

    Lucky UK, to be out…


    …though unlucky Ulster, to be sold out!

  • ross1948 15:01 on June 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Brussels’ Borell – EUSSR Won’t Boycott Beijing Bullies! 

    For all the Brussels Empire’s frequent bleating about ‘rights,’ a concept they tend to define in terms of crimmigrant savages having rights to gate-crash and colonise civilised countries…

    Frans Timmermans, the Dutch vice-president of the European Commission, said that “diversity was the future of the world,” and that Eastern European nations would just have to “get used to that.”   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/hungary/11893375/


    …or of sexually aberrant activities of all imaginable kinds…

    Brussels Boosts Trans-Freak Agenda! 

    The European Commission is set to map out how EU states recognise genders as part of a wider effort to advance the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI)…


    Speaking at an event in Brussels on Tuesday (26 February), a senior commission official said the move will be presented at the end of March, in a report to the European Parliament.


    and don’t forget this!

    EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 


    …the truth is that if a lucrative trade deal is likely, then the Euro-Commissars don’t give a tinker’s cuss about even the most basic of democratic rights.

    : The European Union said on Friday (May 29) that China’s imposition of a security law on Hong Kong had damaged ties with Beijing, but that imposing sanctions would not solve the crisis.

    The EU expresses its grave concern at the steps taken by China on May 28, which are not in conformity with its international commitments,” EU top diplomat Josep Borrell said, on behalf of 27 member states.


    Adolf-The-Pooh will be peeing his pants!


    When the gangster regime in Beijing got to Borrell’s next sentence, they must have belly-laughed.

    “EU relations with China are based on mutual respect and trust.”

    Xi may respect strength, but as a lifelong communist he regards trust as utter folly.

    His views on trust as a principle of international relations were never clearer than at last month’s session of his puppet ‘parliament…’

    …when it obediently ( by over 1000 votes to 1 – what has since become of that sole dissenter?) ratified his security diktat which blows apart the solemn pledges agreed by Beijing on Hong Kong autonomy.

    Blithering Borrell knows this, understands that Red China is ruled by typical marxist liars and murderers.

    This decision further calls into question China’s will to uphold its international commitments,” he said, after talks with foreign ministers.

    But will Brussels lift a finger, or even waggle a limp wrist, to face down the Reds?

    “I don’t think that sanctions are the way to solve problems in China.”

    READ: Hong Kong government warns removing US special status is ‘double-edged sword’

    Abhorring, as is usual in the EUSSR, the idea of transparency, Borrell refused to say which of the member states ‘had raised the issue of possible sanctions,’ and blithely declared the ‘EU-China summit in Germany later this year’ was all systems go!


    ‘’I think that we will have to raise the issue in our continued dialogue with China.”


    Please, please, pretty please, Comrade Pooh, please don’t stomp Homg Kong….

    • Hong Kong?

    • ..
                Mam Stasi Merkel with Adolf-the-Pooh

    ….oh, oh, oh well, if you really really must, please note we wish you wouldn’t, but don’t worry, no sanctions, of course, nothing nastily meaningful…now… about that trade deal…”

  • ross1948 22:41 on April 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Belgium Put The Kibosh On The Commissars! 

    Not exactly true, but an opportunity to adapt that famous music-hall song…


    A Typical Music Hall Gallery. The photograph was taken at the "London" Music Hall, Shoreditch; the audience, who, at the time, were enjoying a chorus song, were not warned of the fact. - From 'The Playgoer' 1901 - Courtesy Iain Wotherspoon. - Click to Enlarge..

    ….from the First World War ( substitute ‘Kaiser’ for ‘Commissars!’) was too good to miss!

    To be precise it’s not Belgium but the frequently sensible Belgian region of Flanders which has upset the EUSSR’s  ‘Green Deal’ apple-cart.


    Hailed by EUObserver as a ‘a flagship project on CO2-neutrality,’ the GD has been sunk after the Flemish N-VA party climate minister Zuhal Demit, declared that she’d veto the plan.

    • ‘If the European Commission does not adjust its proposals, the Green Deal for Flanders will become a Mean Deal!’ – Zuhal Demir,



    • Ashley 23:43 on April 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      My gran used to sing that song, told me her gran used to sing it.
      I had forgotten all about it till you adapted it for this.


  • ross1948 23:19 on January 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Poles Break Brexit Ranks, Defy Brussels Backstop Bullies – Eire Quivers! 

    I’ve always liked Poland!

    I knew a few Poles in Britain, who had come over after we sold their country down the Vistula in 1945.

    I was also out in London with my Solidarnosc placard…

    Hasil gambar untuk solidarnosc

    …when they were fighting for freedom in 1981.

    And I have done my bloggy best for them, all the time their enemies in the Brussels Empire…


    Brussels Wants War? Send YOUR Solidarity To Poland Today! 

    …with the wannabe quisling Tusk, have waged political war on Warsaw on totally spurious grounds, seeking to make a brave people bend the knee to supranational rule, of which the Poles had plenty, thanks very much, during the long years when the Communist regime served the Soviets.


    Now I hope every Brit who reads this, and many more besides, will send an email to the Polish Government to say a huge thank-you for their courage…

    Image result for poland first to fight


    ….in being the first EUSSR member-state to break ranks and express a rational approach on the hated ‘backstop.’

    THE first cracks in the EU’s solidarity with Ireland on Brexit have emerged after Poland suggested the ‘backstop’ could have a five-year limit. In a development that will seriously worry officials in Dublin… 


    There should of course be no ‘backstop’ at all, no appeasement of those SOBs in Dublin!

    Image result for evil irish

    But is it not a thought to be savoured, that after all these months, through which the arrogant upstarts in Eire have done their malevolent worst to exploit the Brexit situation to further their aggressive expansionist ambitions, now – at last – somebody, not alas in London but in Warsaw, can ‘seriously worry’ the swine?

    Bravo, Poland!

    Here’s the email address!

    • Billy King 00:40 on January 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Hello again, twice in 24 hours you get a round of applause, Ross.
      I will send a greeting to the Poles and I hope some other leaders in Europe do what Poland has done.
      Dublin has been like a rat chewing away at the bonds betwen Ulster and the rest of the United Kingdom. Time to take a stick to the rat and drive it down whatever hole it can find.


    • Mack the Knife 14:02 on January 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The Poles are great. Britain should long ago have used its EU veto power to stop Brussels bullying of Poland over the media and court issues.
      While the UK is still a member, that power could still be used with great effect.
      But that’s how honest people show gratitude!
      Far too much to expect of a worm like Theresa May.


  • ross1948 17:06 on December 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Voluntary Evacuation?’ For God’s Sake, They’re Illegals! 

    So Muppet Macron’s declared that the Brussels Empire is going to “launch concrete military and policing action on the ground” to handle the crimmigrant hordes in Libya?

    Tough talk for a Muppet!

    But what then are we to make of the Guardian’s clear description of Macron’s scheme as ‘a plan for a voluntary evacuation of migrants ?’



    So Muppet’s myrmidons are to ask the illegal aliens ever so nicely if they’d kindly go back where they belong, or might they prefer to loiter indefinitely where they are…


    ….until another illicit incursion into Europe can be undertaken?

    Hey, Muppet!



    These people have absolutely no right to be in Libya.

    They paid dishonest smugglers to pave their dishonest way into a country they only seek to use as a stepping-stone…



    …to gain access to the golden trough of yummy tax-funded benefits in Italy, and then Germany, or Sweden or the UK, or indeed Macron’s own France!


    The plan, which could see up to 15,000 people flown out of Libya, requires the government to allow the UN’s evacuation planes to land, as well as for source countries to come to a holding centre in Tripoli and take back their citizens. Migrants without documentation would be held until their case is resolved.

    Voluntary evacuation planned for migrants as Libya battles slavery …

    So Macron’s heart bleeds for the horde…

    …but NOT for the innocent French people, his own citizens, forced to live in constant fear of harassment or worse, subject to the threat of lawless alien predators whom Macron is doing NOTHING to detain and deport, and where the police seem powerless to take effective action against the swine.

    Do French Cops Need Firearms Practice? 


    • Petra Malley 21:07 on December 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      But of course it makes no sense, to normal people.
      If we are talking about Macon and the rest of the elites then it makes perfect sense to rush to the rescue of aliens who entered Libya illegally and therefore put themselves in a position for misery to descend on them.
      They are undeserving of sympathy. but elites don’t see it that way.
      Big news all about their generosity.,
      With OUR money,
      Media are liberal so give it big licks, and don’t report how Macron and the rest of the elites spare not a thought for people like us or the poor Calais townspeople left to suffer at the hands of wild illegals.


      • Drew Steiler 17:23 on December 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Too true, Petra!
        Why’s all the wailing and gnashing of teeth for the illegals that would have no trouble from Libyans or whoever if they hadn’t illegally come to Libya/
        As for Calais, the police should be given a 007 license..


    • Ned Ansell 22:08 on December 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Makes no sense, does it?.
      Can’t hold them if it’s voluntary.
      Why is it voluntary anyway, if they are all illegal?


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