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  • ross1948 00:40 on June 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Amin The Ass Likens Boris To Adolf? Tories Should Expel The Clown! 

    • I see that Mohamed Amin, of the ‘Conservative Muslim Forum,’ has sworn to leave the Tory Party if Boris Johnson is elected its leader.

    If the Tories had any sort of self-respect, they’d preempt the arrogant clown’s ‘threat’ and expel him.

    He’s no asset, obviously incapable of grasping that his tv tantrum will probably increase Bojo’s popularity among British voters.


    Image result for muslim forum boris



    Comparing Johnson to Hitler is plain stupid.

    How Amin ever got elevated to chair anything other than a coffee-morning is baffling. For him to be in a position where he can purport to speak for Muslims is weird.

    His childish vexation at Johnson’s perfectly reasonable ‘letter-box’ comments about backward burka bints is disturbing. It’s been made very clear that not even head-scarfing is  compulsory for Muslim women – it’s no more than a mere sectarian affectation.

    An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

    It’s on the BBCBag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 

    … never mind dressing up to look like a bunch of bin-bags waiting for collection.


    =burka family


    Muslims or Buddhists or Hindus, as much as Catholics or Protestants, in any democratic party in the UK, should be united in calling for the removal of those unsightly shrouds voluntarily, if possible, or, and this is where Bojo was wrong…



    …by law. Burkas are offensive. They have no place in a civilised country.



    Boris Johnson: Senior Muslim Conservative makes comparison with Adolf Hitler

    • Penny 01:42 on June 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      This fool has definitely done Johnson a good turn. Most English people hate the sight of the burka creatures.
      It’s not because of their religion, There is no dislike against Muslims who dress like British people and fit in to British society. It’s the backward ones who think they still live in Pakistan or Yemen.
      They should have stayed there.


    • Jacko 03:50 on June 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Exactly what I thought.
      Nobody likes seeing burkas coming down their street. They scare the children.
      A lot more people will be all for Boris now because what he said about burkas.
      Not me though, he apologised for saying it and he never wanted them banned either.


      • Ned A 23:14 on June 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Good point, Jacko.
        Johnson is already sounding slippery on Brexit.


    • Keith Milner 09:50 on June 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Got a neck on him, that one, as if Johnson is anywhere like Hitler.
      If Amin wants to go on tv and shoot his mouth off he should broadcast an appeal to all burka wearers to ‘take it off, baby!’


    • Jill Duqesne 13:11 on June 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      What I worry about is not that Johnson is like Hitler, because he is nothing like Hitler, but that he will welch on his promise to get Britain out, he’e u-turned on so much,


  • ross1948 20:53 on June 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Mama Stasi’s Minister Backs Backward Burkinis 

    Burkinis are now okay as far as Mama Stasi’s Minister Franziska Giffey is concerned.

    We know her SPD party is not noted for tolerance…

    ‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 

    Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ 

    …but this Socialist extremist’s readiness to tolerate an affront to the very principle of integration suggests she must be desperate to lose her party the next election.


    Gambar terkait

    The Burkini-Fan Ministrix


    Or not.

    She’s been busily back-tracking after one really big row broke out, when ‘she justified wearing’   https://www.rt.com/news/430974-germany-minister-burkini-school/ the bizarre outfit favoured by fanatics when girls attend school swimming lessons.

    Muslims are not obliged to dress as if they live in the 15th century. Just come down to Bali, here, in Indonesia, and see all the Jakarta gals who delight in dressing like normal women on the beach.



    When women migrate to Germany, they must shuck off benighted ‘cultural’ cr-p and when they wish to swim, should agreeably resemble the delights depicted in the AfD election poster.


    Gambar terkait


    Of course there are primitives who would force all women into de-feminised, horrid gear, like this below, which we have shown you before…

    ‘Fathers, Husbands…

    …Their Private Parts Are Your Responsibility.’

    …not just primitive but downright offensive, ordering the men in the family to dictate dress-codes.

    But incredibly, there are voices raised in the Minister of Appeasement’s support, like this –

    “Giffey is actually right. Burkinis are justifiable. All children learn to swim and there is no reason to ban [girls] wearing burkinis from that,” said one of creepy-crawl Giffey’s fans on social media, who is either very stupid or just very determined to misrepresent the issue…



    …because the girls are not being banned, simply told to act like normal German girls and change out of those ridiculous things and enjoy the swimming lessons with their class-mates.

    If these poor kids’ parents are the problem, then they should be told to sod off home to wherever they came from and where they may find schools with rules that suit their shallow prejudices.

    • Ken Kasic 21:13 on June 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I was just commenting on your Mad Cow Maxine post when this popped up so I might as well stay here at my desk and applaud you again.
      If people want to live in a Western country, they have to accept that backward customs have to be left back home.

      None of that “I divorce you” repeated three times and the wife lands in the trash can. No three or four wives for the over-sexed man but women making do with one no-good husband.
      No burkas. No burkinis.
      Like you, I’ve spent time in Muslim majority countries and I know that most Muslim women are not into these hideous things that make them look like stranded seals.
      It’s time these women grew out of their bad habits and it’s past time they stopped inflicting their bad habits on their daughters.


    • Fiona 21:49 on June 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      These things should be discouraged in any pool. They are unsightly and just a way for these foreign prudes to parade how stubborn they are about not integrating in the country they have chosen to live in.
      It’s even more important that they be banned in public schools because schools are for education but also are meant to promote social cohesion.
      German schools should be producing normal well-balanced German girls, not catering to alien misfits.


  • ross1948 13:47 on July 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    So Saudi Women CAN Look Like Women!?! 

    I guess we always suspected that the female population of Saudi Arabia included a lot of yummy chicks.



    It stands to reason that, beneath those repulsive shrouds they’re forced to wear, many are attractive.

    But proof positive at last!

    And it’s causing an uproar.

    Threats to prosecute the slender young gal in the photo below, named Khulood, it seems, for wearing an ‘indecent’ mini-skirt?!?!

    What Dark Age do these people live in?


    View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

    The Saudi writer Ibrahim al-Munayif told his 41,000 Twitter followers that if everyone disregarded the law in this way there would be chaos.  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jul/18/saudi-arabia-video-of-indecently-dressed-woman-at-heritage-site-prompts-investigation

    No, daftoid, there would be a glimmer of hope that your benighted country is at last becoming civilised!

    But then he makes a very interesting statement!


    “Just like we call on people to respect the laws of countries they travel to, people must also respect the laws of this country,” he wrote.


    So what is Mr. al-Munayif telling ‘migrants’ from the Middle East, Pakistan, etc. who choose to settle in civilised Western countries?

    That they must repudiate the iniquitous shariah laws which treat women as second-class human beings?

    That Londoners, New Yorkers, normal folks in Toronto and Paris and Sydney, should no longer have their street scenes blighted by burka-clad bints wandering along, about three or four subjugated paces behind their men?

    If so, he’d be doing more than that lousy appeasement artist, Theresa May.


    Theresa May hails ‘benefits’ of Sharia as inquiry set up

    But I doubt the sectarian sexists who oppress Saudi women really would encourage alien immigrants in the UK to accept civilised standards of behaviour.

    Even here in Indonesia….


    Miss Indonesia contestants, 2013.


    ….where many of its lovely women do behave like and look (very much!) like women, we have shariah fanatic outfits who wish to see women coerced by men.

    “Fathers and Husbands, their ‘aurat’ is your responsibility!”


    I imagine that kill-joy Welya woman from the MUI, the Indonesian ‘Scholars’ Council, has not changed her dismay at seeing lovely ladies unashamed to display their God-given femininity! 


    …the Aceh model is a good example…most importantly, wearing the hijab must meet three conditions. That it’s Shariah compliant, conceals the genitals and shows no curves

    ‘Scholars’ on Scarfs – ‘Must Be Shariah-Compliant, Hide Genitals, Show No Curves!’ 

    Of course she’s not actually talking about ‘genitals.’

    That’s the dumbo Google Translate interpretation of ‘aurat’ – a catch-all word for ‘private parts,’ which, to the backward brigade, includes thighs, belly-buttons, hair (of course) but even shoulders!


    But at least here in Jakarta, there’s no shariah gestapo harassing women whose delightful appearance might provoke primitive passions.

    Not yet.



    ‘Immoral Activities – Sitting in Coffee Shops Laughing and Talking…’ 

    I wish I could say the same for all of Indonesia’s provinces!

  • ross1948 10:52 on May 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Little Mermaids OK, Backward Bag-Heads, No Way! 

    …one of the models was forced to appear on Iranian TV…warning other Iranian women that they “can be certain that no man would want to marry a model whose fame has come by losing her honor.”


    ‘An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

    It’s on the BBC! Bag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 



    The school concerned is called VUC Lyngby and they state their case with admirable clarity.
     “Free and unhindered communication requires that we can see each other’s faces.
    Therefore it is not allowed to cover the eyes, nose or month while participating in lessons.” http://www.thelocal.dk/20160504/danish-school-rejects-muslim-students-over-niqab
    And it’s also clear that most Danes applaud the move. 
     Opinion polls on both Metroxpress and Ekstra Bladet showed that an overwhelming majority of readers backed the school.
    Ruling party Venstre and support parties the Conservatives and the Danish People’s Party also expressed support for VUC Lyngby, with the latter using the incident to repeat its demands for a national ban on burqas and niqabs.
    Right on! 


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    Valentine Wars Back Again – But Not Just in Indonesia! 

    Every time we hit February here in Indonesia, we have to make space for stories on the imbecilic rantings of Islamist kill-joys against young people ( and I suppose older folks too!) who send cards and in other ways celebrate Valentine’s Day.

    If you’re a new RRA reader, here are a few of our previous posts to enjoy!


    Sumatra Goon-Squad ‘Monitors’ Valentine Vice! 

     satpolbekasi  Valentine_Menurut_Islam

    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).

    IslamoNazi Thugs Threaten Hotel Over Valentine Ad! 


    But the first news this year of Valentinophobia comes NOT from Indonesia, but from Minnesota, where a pinko jackass who runs an elementary school in St. Paul has decided to ban all Valentine fun.

    And not just Valentine fun!

    Christmas, Hallowe’en and the all-American Thanksgiving are also condemned to the trash-can, a wholesale destruction of American tradition.




    Denounced as “dominant holidays,” those happy days are now erased from Bruce Vento Elementary School’s calendar by order of Principal Scott Masini , “until we can come to a better understanding of how the dominant view will suppress someone else’s view.”


    Comrade Masini issued his fatwa in consultation with his staff because he’s concerned about threatening the culture of tolerance and respect for all.”

    What a pity he doesn’t seem concerned about American culture!

    Because, in a school teeming, we’re told, with kids who don’t even have English as their first language, some deep immersion in what the USA is all about would seem to be a dashed fine idea. Both Christmas and Thanksgiving are, after all, official national USA holidays.

    The report mentions parental reactions.

    “Very sad. All the fun is gone!”

    “Totally ridiculous!”

    “Tired of the PC!”

    Masini sounds like a total twat, viz. his bizarre behaviour in a teacher training session, when he had those present sit in silence and reflect on a photograph of a Ku Klux Klan hood.


      kkkflying   burqa


    One might wish his concept of cultural diversity back then would have put the unpleasant KKK baghead gear side-by-side with a picture of the equally unpleasant burka!

    But of course to cultural marxists, diversity training is a one-way street – diss the ‘dominant’ culture and exalt the backward!

    Meanwhile I’ll scan local media to see if the Islamist killjoys of Indonesia can match Masini’s mean-spiritedness.

  • ross1948 11:36 on November 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Who’s A Pretty Boy Then? As Sectarian Evil Surges, Turdo Surrenders 

    Two news  items from Canada have torn my attention away from stricken Paris today.

    As France steps up the war against the terrorist rape-gang in ISIS-Land, Turdo Junior offers simpering sympathies but reassures the Islamist enemy that indeed, they’ll have no more to fear from the RCAF.


    • JustinTrudeau
    • —————–
    • And on the home front, his ‘Justice’ Minister has announced that the appeal against the bag-head court ruling is also to be dropped.


    Pandering to primitives, again.

    It’s called pay-back, Turdo got the votes of the most bigoted sectarians, undoubtedly.

    But let’s be fair – he’s not done all this just to reward his supporters, nor simply to appease those at war with the West.


    • castro-trudeau-neanderthal Pierre Turdo
    • ————
    • Like his evil father, he’s a cultural marxist, implacably on the other side.

    Decent Canadians, Christian and Muslim…


    • justinjihadist
    • ————
    • …did not get the message across strongly enough.

    Canada has allowed this monster to take power. I fear by the time he’s finished, he’ll have covered the country with shame.

    But hell, he’s legalising pot, so everybody can just get stoned and forget about it.

    • Arnold 11:51 on November 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, Ross, some of us in Canada already feel embarrased but we didn’t vote for Turdo. Keep using that name for him please, it’s very appropriate.
      Even the Swede and German governments are back-tracking as the real situation shows itself, but not our Prime Minister.
      He is totally committed to not opposng the jihad cause.


  • ross1948 09:18 on October 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    PC Burka-Grovel Condemned a Girl to Rape Nightmare! 

    Hard to credit that any law-enforcement officer in any civilised country would behave in such a supine manner.

    This story, about Elizabeth Smart, the young girl beaten and raped for months by a psycho in the USA, comes from Taki’s Magazine.


    • Silhouette weeping
    • =======================
    • I reprint some of it, because with Canada due to vote next week, it is most timely to remind everyone there that the burka/niqab/vile veil, call it what you will, is intolerable.

    Not just because those women who skulk behind it are either engaging in deliberate self-abasement or coerced thereto, tainting that fundamental acceptance of women as full citizens which should be part of Canada…


    • burka family
    • ============

    A Detective Richey was suspicious when he saw a bearded man with a face-shrouded female in a public place. But when he wanted to check it out, the man refused to let him.

    Instead of doing his duty, the cop backed off, because he was concerned about violating Mitchell’s “civil rights” and offending his “religious beliefs…”

    He retreated from the library, giving in to Mitchell’s claim that the niqab was sacred and that lifting it would be a gross civil rights violation… Smart testified that as Detective Richey abandoned her, “I felt like hope was walking out the door…. I felt terrible that the detective could just walk away.”


    • devil destroyed
    • ===============
    • She had to endure seven more months of bestial abuse because of Richey’s spineless conduct, yet at the trial, Richey had the nerve to say  “There’s nothing I would have done differently.” 

    Taki’s article explains why Richey may have felt he had to put Burka-Grovel before responsibility.

    • political-correctness_submission
    • A ridiculous PC state law had somehow got through Utah’s legislature just a month before the encounter occurred. Under HB 101 officers would risk disciplinary action if their discretionary stops demonstrated “bias” or “racial profiling.”

    Knowing that any complaint against him would be put into the HB 101 database, Detective Richey chose to walk away. (side note: Utah Republicans made sure HB 101 was not renewed when it expired in 2007)

    It turns out the media suppressed this part of the scandal, with one exception, The Salt Lake Tribune

    In her closing argument to the jury, Assistant U.S. Attorney Diana Hagen blasted Mitchell: “In the Salt Lake City Library, he played the Muslim card for all that it was worth.”  Niqab Nightmare – Taki’s Magazine

    The monster was not Muslim, BTW, and decent Muslims will no doubt be as appalled as I am by the sordid sell-out story, but as Taki says,

    It’s a damning quote, and the media ignored it completely.

    This head-shroud should be outlawed everywhere. In my home city, Jakarta, 90% Muslim, almost nobody wears it. 

    I read somewhere that even Chad, in the Sahara Desert, has done so. 

    Why not Canada?

    • Juwita 11:54 on October 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      It is so like you say, no Indonesian woman will wear that thing like mask, we are proud of our hair and face and smiling.
      Only Arab expat likes to have his woman wear it, and some crazy kampung men who think like Arab.
      Who knows what his woman thinks, she is like dog trail after him.
      I pity the woman like that.


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    What Hijab Debate? Canada’s Tameera, Nadia and Alysha Mohamed Lead Topless March! 

    Heck, and here’s me idling about in the Jakarta sunshine yesterday, when, had I but known, a fast flight Friday might have borne me to Ontario in time for this intriguing event.

    kasier bill His Imperial Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm II

    I doubt the Kitchener Waterloo area has seen such excitement since my cousin, with many other loyalists, chucked the Kaiser’s bust into the river in 1914!

    But the bust is still the issue, or rather lots of them, of arguable quality, judging from the photo in the report. 



    Bare With Us" demonstrators gather at the Waterloo Town Square in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 1 August, 2015.
    ‘Hundreds of topless women joined the march,’ says the BBC, but who are the lucky men in the parade?


    Hundreds of Canadian woman joined a topless protest march after three sisters were allegedly stopped by police for cycling without shirts. Saturday’s “Bare with us” march took place in Waterloo, Ontario.

    I’ll bet my old buddy who worked in Jakarta for years before returning to the Dominion will have found an excuse to visit rels in the vicinity.

    But the childish issue about which these show-off gals are demonstrating is much less interesting than the names of the three chief protagonists of their cause. 

    “They are boobs not bombs, chill out” and “Nudity isn’t sexual.”

    Ayisha – an admirable antidote to Islamophobia!


    The three sisters, Tameera, Nadia and Alysha Mohamed, say that they took their shirts off because it was a hot summer day.

    Now, far be it from me to jump to conclusions. That is to risk pinko squeals of ‘Islamophobia,’ after all, the penultimate sin in modern Canada (the ultimate being the equally absurd ‘homophobia!’)

    • islamophobia-21
    • But do their names indicate these up-front agitators are Muslim?

    If so, I applaud them, not because I think it is especially commendable to stride about with waggling mammaries, but because it will upset the uptight imams who get into a lather at even a glimpse of glossy locks or even – shock/horror – thigh!

    And if bras are to be cast aside, the shariah head-shrouds known in the West as hijabs will not be far behind, en route to the trash-can of Canadian history…



    Apparently free-swinging public bonzers have been legal since 1991, when a  court ruled there was “nothing degrading or dehumanising” about such a display.

    • burka family
    • If being unclad, or by logical deduction, clad, in a manner that’s degrading or dehumanising” is the litmus test for permissiblity, then how come burkas have not long since been outlawed?

    Just asking!

    • arnold 10:29 on August 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Got to agree with you, Ross, the burqa is dehumanising and degrading and should be banned everywhere.


    • Laura 09:32 on August 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Your best and funniest this year. Bonzers?
      It’s a serious point, though. We need girls like these sisters to assert their womanhood.


    • Janet Porteous 14:31 on August 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You may think, or want us to think, that you are on the side of women’s rights, but not for one minute are you, if you use chauvinist language that rubbishes women’s bodies.
      A word like ‘bonzers’ has no place in any serious discussion and as far as I’m concerned, it’s very clear you are mocking the bare-breasted women in Waterloo. You have not advanced much further than that 1914 cousin you talk about.
      Getting rid of hijabs and burqas is a worthy cause and I support it. but not if that brings me into association with sexist dinosaurs.


      • ross1948 21:57 on August 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Good evenng, Janet.
        Your use of the word ‘dinosaurs’ to describe me and others like me is surely no better than my use of the word ‘bonzers.’ There are ruder words but I eschew coarseness. Nor am I offended by the dinosaur appelation. All good fun.
        Frankly, I do find it funny, in both senses of the word, (haha and peculiar) that a bunch of females would parade their ‘bonzers’ for all the world to see.
        If I am to be likened to anyone, why not my bygone kin in 1914, who were all, so far as I know, good guys, loyal subjects of the King-Emperor.
        I do wonder what they’d say to a gaggle of bonzers waggling around Waterloo?


    • Bristol 03:36 on August 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Janet, bonzer doesn’t just mean breast, it’s a term of praise for an outstanding breast,
      So Ross was being complimentary to whichever ones he was talking about. .


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    Awas, Ahok – Ada Resiko ‘Kontanimasi’ Bikini! More Jakarta Pool Parties? 

    MP Aquatica go hard or go home

    CLASOUNDSATION & Luxurious Production Proudly Present :
    AQUATICA “Go Hard or Go Home” It’s a POOL PARTY!!!
    Date :
    Saturday, 2 May 2015
    Place : The Media Hotel & Towers, Jakarta


    But before you decide to spend part of your weekend splashing happily, I’d recommend you ring and check  – it may well have been cancelled!


    In the normal run of events, I’d just have posted the above as a typical public service free ad – I like to let readers know what’s going on in this interesting city.

    But this event – scheduled for tomorrow – is a POOL PARTY, a concept familiar to millions of people around the world,  lots of fun, people fooling around in the water on a hot day, emerging every now and then to have a bite to eat and a cold drink.

    Music playing – dancing too, if you have the energy.


    • ahok
    • ———————
    • However, in view of Governor Ahok’s recent- and uncharacteristically irrational –  outburst —


    I wonder if those planning to attend this, or any similar party, in our fine city will be required to leap into the pool fully dressed!  


    ”Outrageous” Activity in Jakarta Pools? OMG – BIKINIS! 

    Unfortunately, Pak Gubernor is not the only one here who is afflicted with uptight attitudes about lightly-clad young ladies cavorting poolside. Here’s a view from a sociologist, Musni Umar – 

     “Yes, this is a phenomenon of today’s youth, who are already contaminated by Western culture.http://www.merdeka.com/peristiwa/masih-sma-sudah-ikut-pesta-bikini-besarnya-mau-jadi-apa.html

    • I am sure I’m not the only one who awaits with interest Ahok’s proposed dress-code for pool parties.

    One-piece bathing suits?

    T-shirts (wet, of course!) with shorts?

    Batik on Fridays?

    Plastic tuxedos?


    burka contest

    Water-proof burkas?


  • ross1948 09:13 on April 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Furqan Fanatics! Oz Jihadists Shut Down – Now Show ‘Em The Door! 

    Well, glad tidings from somewhere west of Melbourne, with the closure of what the press politely describe as a  controversial Islamic study centre and bookshop.

    The same press report reminds us that Al Furqan was attended by several men charged with terrorism-related offences over an alleged Anzac Day murder plot, so news of its demise is even more welcome as that special day dawns.

    Better still is the reason its malignant management gave for its closure – “constant harassment!” 

    Actually, decent Australians might feel more like lodging complaints about insufficient harassment, given that the centre’s Bosnian-born leader, Harun Mehicevic, repeatedly has called for jihad in online video clips and been the subject of police and security agency surveillance, but has never been charged.

     Boot This B——d Back to Bosnia!


    The best way to handle pignoramuses who call for jihad is detention, until deportation, in the absence of a much needed death penalty, can be arranged. 

    It has been the subject of ASIO surveillance ever since it was opened…,http://www.theaustralian.com.au/in-depth/terror/melbournes-al-furqan-islamic-centre-a-key-focus-for-asio/s….and in fact it should never have been opened at all. The local authority, the City of Greater Dandenong, initially refused the plans but knuckled under after sectarian pressure. .

    Which takes us back a little while, to the shaming of the same city authorities when their appeasement policies were once more exposed to public scorn. 

    The asses who run Greater Dandenong were busily asking non-Islamic women to wear hijabs in a ‘social experiment’ to increase awareness and education.   


    The obvious question is why weren’t Islamic women asked to join in the spirit of the ‘social experiment’ by discarding their hijabs to increase awareness and education?

    Happily, sensible Aussies denounced the moronic move. Institute of Public Affairs executive director John Roskam said ‘This doesn’t encourage integration, this encourages separateness…

    But there’s a much more important question!

    burka contest

    When are all the numbskull pinkos going to get it into their heads that Muslim women are perfectly at liberty to dress like their non-Muslim colleagues and neighbours.

    They are NOT obliged to shroud their heads! 

    ‘An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

    It’s on the BBC! Bag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 

    Here in Jakarta, I am every day surrounded by Muslim women – well, not right now; I’m just outa bed and neither shaved nor showered yet! – and the majority of them do NOT wear head-scarves; they are mostly proud of their beautiful glossy black hair and show no reluctance to let it be admired in the shops, on the buses and everywhere else.




    One might hope people who decide to emigrate to a modern Western country would understand they really ought to leave behind backward habits and adapt to the normal standards of their chosen homeland.

    It’s not just scarfing, of course. Some backward brutes believe a woman’s status is similar to that of a domestic animal – note this report from Pakistan – 

    Muhammad Siddique was arrested for immolating his wife Shabana Bibi because she left the house without his permission, police reported on Sunday.

    woman-burned-alive-2.jpg Shoebat

    It was learnt that when she returned, she was heavily beaten by Siddique and his father.

    Information gathered from Bibi’s brother, Muhammad Azam showed that she was doused with fuel and burnt severely to death.


    How many such swine have managed to gain entry to Oz? How many women are bullied into scarfing by sectarian husbands or fathers?

    Any wife or daughter should feel free safely to ignore such domestic despotism. They can cover their pretty hair if THEY feel like it – equally, they can remove their head-scarves in good conscience.

    But if they don’t, it is hardly appropriate for any bunch of dimwit dorks like those in Dandenong to call for Australian women to adapt to a recalcitrant minority. 

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