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  • ross1948 21:09 on October 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Evil Ilhan’s Riot Gear – Burqa Or Red Nazi Antifa Mask?? 

    Vile creature, that Ilhan Omar, and now she’s been spotted, caught in camera…


    …in the midst of a pack of riotous red scum, along with boyfriend Tim Mynett – surely a man of dreadfully poor taste! – then we have to ask, will she deny it’s her?

    If not, to what purpose her presence at the riot in Minneapolis.

    Riots of left wing radicals broke out in Minneapolis on Thursday night following President Trump’s record-setting rally… https://www.teaparty.org/confirmed-breaking-ilhan-omar-and-lover-tim-mynett-were-seen-at-the-mn-trump-riots-photos-and-video-facial-recognition-confirmation-413294/

    And of equal importance, perhaps, since she normally advertises her sectarian allegiance by wearing a head-scarf, has this new face-covering style been adopted to woo burqa bigots…


    ….or is it a ‘pledge of allegiance’ ( uncomfortable using that honourable American phrase in  connection with a patently disloyal deadbeat) to the masked malevolents of Red Nazi Antifa?


    • Mort 21:59 on October 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I hear she’s denying it.
      Well, she would, wouldn’t she?


      • John Freiter 03:31 on October 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Course she would, Mort.
        This all goes to show that masks, antifa or burka, must be banned in public places.


  • ross1948 09:45 on February 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Honest Turk/Austrian Green -”Nothing To Do With Religion!’ 

    Congratulations to a former Greens MP named Efgani Dönmez…


    Hasil gambar untuk Efgani Dönmez


    …who commented on a pro-burka demo in Vienna last month that he found it “sad that left-wing groups had joined the march and are now against the secular state.”




    Described by The Local as having ‘Turkish heritage,’ this honest man has reminded us that the burqa and niqab have “nothing to do with religion… but come from “archaic tribal cultures that want to make demean women and make them invisible.”

    Interestingly, the ‘Muslim youth organisation’ which played a part in organising the demo, proclaimed that –

    “Every woman must be able to move freely in public without harassment and discrimination – no matter what she does or does not wear


    …has apparently NEVER organised ANY demos at the Iranian or Saudi Embassies in Vienna demanding that the oppressive sectarian regimes in those countries implement reforms to achieve that goal for women under their cruel rule.

  • ross1948 21:34 on December 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo – Bavaria Backs Bag-Head Ban!, 

    Given how Mama Stasi Merkel has imposed nearly a million unwanted aliens, at least a lot of whom are likely to be devoid of both gratitude and loyalty, upon the increasingly alarmed German people, Ilse could also have added the other powerful argument for a burqa ban. –



  • ross1948 17:05 on October 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey,’Stifled, Suffering’ Canada – It’s Gotta Be Harper’s ‘Barbarism!’ 

    Well, today’s visitor just about departing, ironing done, food cooked, some eaten, remainder stored for midnight snack, so time for a browse of the news!

    Since I don’t imagine my regular Canadian readership is sufficient to make any difference to the election results, I’d no plans for further comment thereon.

    But after reading the hysterical drivel by some nobody called Lukacs, in the Guardian today, it is beyond me not to put in a few words more.


    •  Comrade Lukacs
    • —————————
    • Not least because I know, as everyone knows, for a fact, that the ‘overwhelming majority‘ of Canadians are neither ‘stifled‘ nor ‘suffering.’
    • Laughter


    Let’s begin with side-splitting merriment, the pinko’s incredible claim that the ‘barbarous’ Harper got into and held power because of  a deep network of right-wing media…


    Well, there was Sun News TV, but it’s gone, leaving the Kovacs think-alikes of CBC splurging tax billions on leftist propaganda non-stop.


    • kenneycbc
    • —————————-
    • There is still the National Post and the Sun paper media, which support a very diluted sort of conservatism, but there are no real ‘rightwing’ media at all, except for blogs like Blazing Cat Fur and Free Dominion.

    Oh, and me!


    • burqa
    • ……………………………………..
    • Far from abhorring Harper’s sensible stance against, not ‘head-scarves‘ as Lukacs lies, but face-shrouding masks, that same ‘overwhelming majority‘ have been surveyed and polled more than once, to demonstrate that he has their whole-hearted endorsement on the issue.

    The ignoramus Lukacs dishonestly calls the burka ban ‘racist pandering,‘ as if Muslims are a racial rather than a religious category.

    The Guardian’s clown also accuses Harper of ‘blocking the most desperate refugees!’


    All he seems to have done is require checks to make sure those admitted are really ‘refugees’ and not undesirables or wannabe economic migrants.




    He’s also apparently shown concern for those most assuredly in need of protection, the Arab World’s religious minorities.

    Nor have Canadian women, outside the fevered fantasies of the forever-fretty feminist nut-job clique, shown any sign of becoming ‘tethered to the home‘ as if looking after one’s family under one’s own roof is a shameful role!

    Oh, and who in their right mind would want ‘women‘ like Ontario’s Wynne ‘tethered in their home?

    Hell, I did my stint as a house-husband, for one of the most rewarding periods of my offspring’s young days…. 

    Aaah, I could contine, but that’s enough to get the indignation out and about.

    Don’t start me on Terrible Turdo!


    come on Canada




  • ross1948 10:23 on October 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    C’mon, You Dirty Canadian Dogs! BITE The B——ds! 

    After the Filthy French Solidarite Avec Les Filthy French and the Selfish Danes Evil Racist Danes Exposed! ‘“They’re Thinking More About Protecting Their Own!” and (worst of all, surely!) the Christian Cypriots Greek Cyprus ‘prefers’ max 300 Orthodox Christian migrants …

    • Shamelesstory_2011_Intertitle


    …now civilised Western people resistant to Islamist arrogance have been re-defined as dogs, CANINE Canadians, to be explicit.


    • Rabid-Dog-for-OS ”In all our pups command…?”
    • =======================
    • The slur comes from a Montreal journo, James Mennie, who also dislikes the democratic principle that politicians should represent, not dictate to, the people.

    If voters, for example, fear for their jobs, responsible pols respond with policies on employment. If people are alarmed about an ebola epidemic, parliament will debate medical resources.

    But if Canadians think that ghastly backward bint’s refusal to remove her head-shroud is an affront to Canada? Hell, their government should scold them for being ‘prejudiced.’




    there have been criticisms that the Conservatives are engaging in “dog whistle politics” ostensibly citing conviction and principle for their stand while appealing to the fears and prejudices of the electorate.

    In what possible way can the Canadian electorate’s disgust at the woman (whose bag-head haute couture is a personal whim, unsupported by respectable ( and even some rather extreme!) Muslims…

    ‘An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

    It’s on the BBC! Bag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 

    …be stigmatised as a ‘prejudice?

    Forgive me if I say he needs a dictionary – prejudice means ‘pre-judging,’ deciding something without knowing the facts. The facts in this case are that burkas are a sexist, discriminatory challenge to anyone’s ‘norm’ of women’s rights – so why should normal Canadians not ‘fear’ their imposition on a modern society?

    Are we to conclude Mr. Mennie regards hostility to FGM and polygamy as a ‘prejudice’ too? 




    Not to mention that such primeval head-gear facilitates evil, crimes both electoral “Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!”   and monstrous   (crimes that can be committed  by non-Muslims too, please note!)

    PC Burka-Grovel Condemned a Girl to Rape Nightmare! 


    Yet these factors do not seem to weigh heavily on Mr. Mennie’s consciousness – perhaps because he’s susceptible to ‘fears and prejudices’ about Stephen Harper?!?

    Or to his ‘fears and prejudices‘ about the great majority of his fellow-Canadians, the canines, whom he presumably regards as less ‘tolerant’ than the media elite of which he forms part?   

    But if that’s the case, the electorate has apparently responded with canine predictability. Mulcair’s unwavering opposition to the face covering ban has cost him and the NDP dearly in the polls, turning their campaign from a chance at government into a political salvage operation.

    I’m no huge fan of Harper, largely because he seems to have jettisoned a lot of his ‘conviction and principle’ to get the biased media off his back (NB – it hasn’t worked, Stephen!)




    But I can see no evidence at all that he doesn’t believe what he says about the revolting niqab/burka/head-shroud, whatever you want to call it. When he spoke of his abhorrence of the idea of his own daughter consigned to bag-head status, he sounded utterly sincere.

    As would any decent father, surely?  And mother.

    Young and old, parent or child, Canadians should delight in the fact that this has become a big issue in next week’d election.

    • Arnold 19:25 on October 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You are too nice about this baghead. She joined the facebook group of Jamaat-e-Islami, the terrorist organization that was being funded by ISNA Canada.
      ISNA had it’s charitable status revoked by the CRA for funding the group. Jamaat-e-Islami is recognized as an officially designated terrorist entity by our government.


  • ross1948 19:06 on September 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Canada Crack-Pot Court Grovels – Sign the Petition, Ban Bag-Heads! 



    Ever since Pierre Turdo subverted Canada’s parliamentary system by inserting his rotten ‘charter’ into the repatriated constitution, the courts have been elevating minorities, often unwholesome minorities, to privileged positions beyond the reach of democratic control.




    This week we have news, arguably the worst example yet, an arrogant bigot bag-head authorised to hide her fanatic features while taking her oath of citizenship.

    Muslim women are of course not obliged to wear bags over their faces, nor even head-scarves. We’ve covered this before.

    ‘An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

    It’s on the BBC! Bag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 

    Only the worst sort of subservient, the sort who exults in her second-class shariah status, would dream of donning an uglifying shroud, peering out from an absurd eye-gap.

    And that’s the kind that shouldn’t be granted citizenship in ANY civilised country.

    • Stephen-Harper-Biography-02
    • =
    • Harper is in a tight race in Canada’s current election campaign. He should make this an issue, curb the crazy courts and invoke the ‘notwithstanding clause,’ if need be, to outlaw primitive practices.

    Meanwhile, Canadians should not leave it to the politicians, or the courts!

     For a fine piece of campaigning coverage, with links to a petition, here’s what you need – http://www.therebel.media/showyourface.

  • ross1948 13:47 on July 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Hello? Harper, Cameron, Abbott? Learn from Chad’s Bag-Head Ban! 


    Now here’s a lesson that Canada, Australia and the UK could usefully learn…


    • burqa
    • ……………………
    • …from Muslim-majority Chad, as described in AlJazeera!
    • Like all three of Her Majesty’s realms, Chad has come under attack by Islamist savages, in their case the brutal Boko Haram beasts.

    But UNLIKE the timorous leaderships in Ottawa, London and Canberra, the Chadians aren’t reluctant to take needful action.

    “This attack just confirms that a ban on the full-face veil was justified,” national police spokesman Paul Manga said, adding that “it now must be respected more than ever by the entire population.”



    “Anyone who does not obey the law will be automatically arrested and brought to justice,” he warned.  http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/07/chad-police-wearing-face-veils-arrested-150712143747203.html

    We all know very well that the garb imposed on women by backward bigots lends itself all too readily to undesirable, anti-social activity.

    “Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!” 

    But of course it is not only on security grounds that this uglifying garment should be banned. It is grossly offensive to democratic principles that anyone should demand that women be confined behind shrouds while men are free to go about unshrouded.

    If aliens wish to behave in benighted fashion this in their own lands, that’s their problem, till they haul their sorry asses into the modern world. As Canada at least has gone some way to recognising.

    ‘The Zero-Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act’ –Canada Tells It Like it Is! 

    CIVILISED  countries should NOT accommodate primitive customs that affront women’s rights – as the burka most certainly does.

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