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  • ross1948 17:23 on February 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Amber’s Army Re-Groups! Will Theresa Surrender Again? 

    As France comes under attack by sectarian savages again, we have to wait and see if the beast shot by a good French soldier at the Louvre today was a migrant from some distant cess-pool or a traitor from the disloyal dens called banlieues.


    • devil destroyed

    Paris attack: Knifeman storms Louvre shouting ‘Allahu Akbar

    Or is he, perhaps, one of those Calais crimmigrants?


    Some of them were shifted to Paris last year, but only this week we have The Local telling us that brat-brutes galore are back in Calais!

    And that anti-social ‘activists’ are prowling that long-suffering city by night, aiding and abetting the undesirables in their efforts to defy French police.

    Three months after the sprawling Calais Jungle migrant clamp was torn to the ground, migrants have started to reappear in the northern port town hoping to make it to the UK….up to 8,000 migrants were dispersed around France.
    A number of minors were accepted by the UK.
    Yes, we all recall those poor little kiddies, hulking brutes, many of them…
    Suffer the little children?

    …and we recall too how Theresa May’s Home Secretary, Awful Amber Rudd, refused point-blank to require them to undergo effective checks that would have proven, or more likely DIS-proven, their claims to be underage.

    Amber’s Army Disembarks – Brits Should Echo French Resistance! 

    And all Europe understands what sort of things can happen when ‘unaccompanied minors’ are unleashed on the women and girls of civilised countries.
    Police have launched an investigation after a gang of young Syrian asylum-seekers sexually harassed three schoolgirls  http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/725458/Germany-migrants-sex-attack-syrian-boys-swimming-pool-police
    Yet it sounds like somebody has ordered the police not to round up the illegal aliens who have once again descended on Calais, but merely monitor their movements. 
    Police are kept busy in the area keeping an eye on the migrants, stopping them from entering the site of the Jungle, and stopping volunteers from lending a hand
    Obviously the crimmigrants should be captured and deported – not this time to blameless communities around France but to whichever country they came from!
    And these so-called ‘volunteers’ need to be detained too, and interrogated about their brazen involvement in succouring the lawless.
    One is even named in the report, a minion of something called Utopia 56 called Gaël Manzi.

    Here’s a video with a photo of Manzi, to help decent French folk identify him and – one hopes- encourage him to get out of town, tout suite!,


    His ‘Utopia’ gang have thousands of followers. They are all over France, it seems, and in Calais they’re out  discretely trying to help the migrants each night.
    (I’ll skip criticism of the mis-spellings of ‘discreetly’ and, coming up, ‘site’)
    He estimated that there were between 60 and 80 minors in the area, and that the older migrants were more likely to keep out of site to avoid being taken away by police.
    Manzi said his team works covertly during the nights – so as to avoid the police – and gives out sleeping bags and food.
    Time for decent people, the Calaisien citizens who lived so long in misery because of malignant migrants, to organise vigilante patrols, pounce on these agitprop enemies within and interdict supplies destined for the undesirables.
    And perhaps have a salutory conversation with those agitprop ratbags!
    As for Theresa and Amber, the initial public outcry when they brought the brat-brutes has died down.Hulk Update: UNICEF Sticky-Beak Slams Age-Check Call!

    I hope UKIP, at least, currently fighting two different by-elections…

    UKIP – An Educational Experience? And Posh Gina? Yuk! 

    …will raise hell on this issue!
    • Penny 18:17 on February 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks, Ross, for reminding us about Amber Rudd. The woman is dangerous.

      These ‘brat-brutes,’ I like your turn of phrase, need to be collected for incarceration.

      I read this week that an Austria court sentenced some for raping a young Austrian woman, three Afghan pigs aged 16-18.

      The youngest one got just FIVE years, the other six years
      What a useless judge, but even if he’d given the maximum, that’s less than eight years.
      These fiends should be executed. And will they be deported when they get out?

      France should learn from this, and deport all the ‘unaccompanied minors’ it can catch.


  • ross1948 13:26 on April 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    How Low Can Francois Hollande Sink? Shoot The Rabid Calais Curs! 

    What kind of national leader sits back in his palace and lets his compatriots be treated like this by a swarm of filthy savages?




    In a post that has been shared more than 8,000 times Emeline Vetu said the migrant chaos in Calais “shames France” and said the police are not doing enough to restore order.

    She rages: “My friends were attacked yesterday on the highway by 15 migrants with sticks and stones.

    “It was without reason – a gratuitous beating. At the moment, they no longer have any ID documents, any money, or their car…they were just left with a head injury and a dislocated jaw.”




    NIGHT OF TERROR: Calais migrant thugs attack car and SET FIRE to road to stop truckers




    Francois Hollande has betrayed the French people by his inertia in the face of crimmigrant mayhem in Calais.

    And like a little lapdog poodle, he has knuckled under to Mama Stasi Merkel, meekly agreeing to import another 30,000 of her flock of undesirable aliens into France.

    France has cops galore, both local police and gendarmes, as well as very effective armed forces, all of which are highly trained and well-armed.

    Hasil gambar untuk french armed forces


    • It’s time these men and women were tasked with the job of subduing the scum who are terrorising the good people of Calais – and make no mistake, we are talking about terror. Check out the Facebook page,Les Calaisiens en Colere!

    And there should be no weasel words when the order is given…

    shoot terrs

    …and shoot to kill!

    PS  Camoron should show some solidarity and lend him a few platoons of British fighting men – not that the French need help to get the job done, but it’s nice to be a good neighbour.

  • ross1948 09:54 on December 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Calais -Vive La Resistance! 


    So while Hollande’s feeble regime talks tough on terrorism but goes out of its way to encourage the colonisation of Calais by a swarm of savages..

    ‘Jungle Jet!’ Hollande’s Con-Air Luxury for Calais Crimmigrants! 

    Calais – So Cretin Courts Are NOT an Anglo-Saxon Monopoly! 


    …finally we read that the people of that small French city are demonstrating that they’ve lost patience with Hollande’s appeasement mentality and the way the Jungle swine bring terror to their locality on an almost daily basis.

    ‘…almost everyone here is against their presence…’    http://observers.france24.com/en/20151229-video-protesters-calais-caught-intimidating-migrants-video-gun-refugees-france

    That’s not a wild claim by some ‘xenophobe’ but an admission by a spokesman for a pro-crimmigrant pressure group. With their police clearly under orders not to use effective force against the undesirable aliens, citizen-patriots are doing their best to show the ingrates that enough is enough. 


    Calaisiens en colère is one such…there are others too.

    And although The Observer includes some recognition of reality, like the above quote that indicates these groups represent widespread popular indignation, the left-lib rag still affords a platform for the enemy within to do a neat job of smearing them.

    The article is a masterpiece of guilt by association.

    It has a couple of video clips of angry French folk telling the Jungle brutes what they think of them, and a suggestion of fire-arms.

    Oh no!

    If you’re living in Calais as a law-abiding citizen, carrying a gun these days is surely no bad idea! But – shock/horror! – the story goes that people pull up in cars carrying iron bars and try and attack isolated groups of migrants outside the camps. 

     Isolated groups? Like the violent rabble we’ve seen terrorising Brit truckers?PICTURED:Shocking moment migrant armed with hammer



    Isolated groups? Like the murderous louts who have put French police in hospital? 16 French police hurt in clash with Calais migrants

    The pro-crimmigrant puke gets another quote. “They do this to spread a climate of fear, to scare the migrants..”

    Well hell, the migrants are clearly not scared of the cops – Calais over-run as migrants outnumber cops 18 to 1 – so it’s about time SOMEBODY acted to put them in their place…




    …………….and the proper place for such marauding malignants is confinement inside the camp perimeter!

    Fact is, these migrants’ primitive presence is unwelcome –

    Family escape attack byCalais migrants who launched metal pole

    Kent haulage boss tells of daily migrant attacks at Calais

    Refugee crisis: Hundreds of migrants storm Calais motorway

     – they should not be allowed to be outside the camps!

    But even the pro-crimmigrant lobby has to confess that there’s no way of establishing a link between these groups and the individuals who carry out the attacks.

    So why the smear tactics, Comrade Observer?

     Hasil gambar untuk Calaisiens en colère




    • Martin 10:22 on December 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      That’s all the French I can speak but I like going there, or used to.
      It’s good to see the French are fighting back, even if their government won’t. The Jungle is getting all the goodies while the animals inside it are making life hell for honest French and British too.
      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a bit of pay-back. Like you said, the police are very obviously ordered not to shoot no matter how violent the migrants get, so if civilians decide to arm themselves, why not?


    • Isleworth 12:37 on December 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I have got to go to work in a minute, pay more taxes to keep ‘asylum-seekers’ in hotels. But first of all congratulations for writing this!
      This is SO sensible. The French man in the street, and his wife, refusing to let these animals over-run their town.
      I wish the English people would show the same spirit, but if they try, their own government will take the side of the enemy.
      Hearts of Oak? Deadwood these days.


    • Ted Wilmes 19:00 on December 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Anyone who lives in Southern England should get in touch with Angry Calais and go across next time they hold a demo.
      It would be useful to know about gun laws in France. A lot of people in my home town in England would like to have a gun in the house just to protect their families. Immigration is what you call it, crimmigration.


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