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  • ross1948 16:35 on November 28, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Where’s Jenny Geddes When Ye Need Her? 

    Ye’ll no say mass in ma lug!”

    Jenny Geddes in action


    Jenny Geddes was a staunchly Protestant Scots lady who hurled a stool at an episcopal preacher, Dean Hannay, in Edinburgh, because she felt his sermon was too Catholic.

    The story stuck with me as I heard it from a gent descended from the Dean!

    Today, though not at all a zealous evangelical, I had been contemplating preparation of my Christmas Tree next month…



    …and suddenly I had to wonder why there were no Christians in Cambridge around with stools to throw at the foul blasphemer…



    ..who slurred Jesus in the cause of transfreakery.

    Heresy’: Worshipers leave Cambridge sermon in tears over claim Jesus has trans body, crucifixion wound is vagina https://spanish.christianpost.com/news/cambridge-sermon-claims-jesus-wound-is-a-vagina-savior-is-transgender.html

    Incredulous, and since that news ws not from well-known media, I sought confirmation, from The Times

    Christ had a “simultaneously masculine and feminine body” during the Crucifixion, according to Joshua Heath, a junior research fellow at Trinity College https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/cambridge-university-college-dean-in-heresy-row-as-sermon-suggests-jesus-had-a-trans-body-270l7bpm9

    The dirty creep named Joshua Heath, who aired the offensive tripe, could do with at least a stooling…


    …but what about the senior Church of England Dean, Michael Banner, who has declined to condemn the vile slug, and reportedly claims that ‘these representations of Jesus Christ in male and female bodies have made it easier to discuss trans concerns.’

    Cambridge University dean backs claims suggesting Jesus Christ was transgender, leaves worshippers in tears


    Stuff ‘ trans concerns!’

    I am not one of those who believes in killing blasphemers, but this nauseating woker dean should surely be excommunicated…

    .( or whatever the C of E does to those who bring the church into disrepute)

    …for offensive heresy.


    • Diana 22:29 on November 28, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I’m no church-goer but if I was, I’d not be going again until that dean was unfrocked or taken by the scruff of the neck and dragged from his pulpit down to the nearest gutter.
      What’s Welby doing about it?
      I expect he’s probably talking out both sides of his mouth as usual.


  • ross1948 13:30 on October 31, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Girton Girlies Spooked By Trannies! 

    Harry Potter formal cancelled over inclusivity concerns

    The JCR had concerns over its association with JK Rowling’s views on transgender issues

    Girton College


    The Junior Common Room (bints who run the student social scene) have kow-towed to belly-aching from transfreaks…

    ….and fans thereof, by pusillanimously ‘re-theming’ their Hallowe’en formal knees-up…


    ….as ‘Spooktober!’

    It was held last week, the name-change surely another step downwards for a university that was once a wonder of the academic world, but…

    Free Cakes For Freaks? A New Cambridge Low! 

    …in recent years has been escalating ever deeper into decadence.



    Read the whole sick saga, replete with all the usual hogwash…

    …about ‘safe spaces’ for sexual aberrants!

    Here.. https://www.varsity.co.uk/news/24453
  • ross1948 14:45 on October 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Free Cakes For Freaks? A New Cambridge Low! 

    1. How low can Cambridge University sink?



    Free cakes or free eats of any sort would be welcome, you’d think, in view of the cost of living crisis.

    But you’d have been well-advised to skip the treats on offer the other day.

    More Cambridge Klutzes Exude Intolerance! 

    ….as we noted just a few days ago, but now this ‘latest in a string of free speech rows….’

    ….has fuelled concerns about academic freedom under Professor Rogerson’s college readership.”

    Pippa Rogerson runs Gonville and Caius College.

    Incredibly, she’s ‘emailed students rebuking staff for hostng ‘hateful’ author Helen Joyce.’



    You can read about this arrogant, intolerant professor’s jack-boot mentality and what she’s been up to if you use the link above…

    ……but it’s the sheer panic evident among teaching staff that’s most disturbing.

  • ross1948 22:45 on August 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Stinkos ‘Motivated By Love?’ Retard Alert! . 

    Having just caught the updated news from London, where red Stinko louts vandalised Queen Victoria’s statue with red paint..



    … making no effort to hide the fact that their latest criminal activity was not random but motivated by hostility to the Royal Family..

    It was exasperating to read that the laggard Metropolitan Police only belatedly made arrests…

    London Cops Legitimise Stinkos’ “Important Cause!” 

    …when they should have tear-gassed, tazered or truncheoned the swine off the streets before the criminal damage was done.

    At last I found light relief, a very bizarre piece of scribbling in a very bizarre ‘news’ site.

    Xtinction Rebellion protesters are motivated by love as well as fear – we could all learn from them… ‘

    Get a grip, twit!

    The Stinko rabble wouldn’t know ‘love’ if they tripped over it!

    The demented louts have over and over displayed nothing but contempt for everyone not part of their sicko cult.….

    X-Stinko Revulsion. Green Nazis Make War On Press Freedom! 

    Arrogant Stinko Scoff-Laws, Egged On By Big-Name Berks! 

    Image result for london commuters Extinction station

    A bearded weirdo kicks out at the decent people he set out to torment

    This morning London commuters furiously dragged a protester from the top of a train at CanningTown  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7582765/Extinction-Rebellion-protesters-cause-misery-morning-commuters-converge-CanningTown.htm

    Their arrogance is colossal.

    But read on…

    We owe a debt to those willing  to risk their safety and freedom for the sake of the planet… 


    The goof has the nerve to pump out poop like that this week?


    When we can all see scenes where many REALLY ‘risk their safety and freedom’ – trying to flee another sicko cult, in Afghanistan?

    Has “inews.co.uk” NO sense of irony when it publishes such drivel right beside this photo, below…


    Environmental activists from Extinction Rebellion gather around a giant table used to block roads in the Covent Garden area during the first day of Impossible Rebellion protests on 23rd August 2021 in London, United Kingdom. Extinction Rebellion are calling on the UK government to cease all new fossil fuel investment with immediate effect. (photo by Mark Kerrison/In Pictures via Getty Images)
    Activists from Extinction Rebellion gather around a giant table used to block roads in London



    …which underlines my point at the top of the page, that these offensive show-off idlers don’t give a tinker’s cuss about anyone…




    …because they knew very well that blockng those roads made life HELL for Londoners who earn honest livings by actual WORK!

    But X-Stinko scum are often strangers to the world of work, just as they rarely if ever ‘risk their safety and freedom.’

    A night in the cells with a free cooked breakfast is the worst that awaits even the handful brought in far too, gently – by London’s namby-pamby constabulary!

    • Expat Irene 22:52 on August 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Just about to switch everything off for an early night when you published this.
      London rush hours were always hellish. These selfish devils must have ruined countless people’s days.
      Devils like that need to be exorcised.


    • Diana 15:15 on August 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      They have plenty of money, I see in the press.
      They should be made to pay damages, not just for cleaning the statue but personal damages to everbody who lost wages because they couldnt get to work and to shops and cafes who lost business because of the mob blocking the streets.
      It’s time the Xtinko gangs were smashed.
      As for those judges who let them off, time for retirement and get people running the courts who care about honest people, not work-shy anarchists.

      Xtinkos are vicious, self-centred criminals.


  • ross1948 17:35 on November 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Stinko Vandalism = ‘Protecting Property?’ Fire The Cambridge Clowns! 

    You must have read about this, but we can’t let the outrageous ruling go unremarked.

    The Stinkos may face righteous public revulsion…

    Bravo, London Commuters! One Dirty Stinko Gets Taught A Lesson

    …but clearly they have powerful fans on Cambridge magistrates’ benches!

    Angela Ditchfield was arrested after defacing the headquarters of Cambridgeshire County Council during a protest last December painting two XR symbols onto the building.

    However, Friday the 41-year-old was found not guilty at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court as the bench said she was acting “on the spur of moment to protect land and homes…”.

    That demented vandal deserves to have her ugly mug plastered all over the internet…


    Image result for angela ditchfield cambridge"


    ..so decent folk in Cambridge – and there are many, some of them friends of mine, for I lived there very happily when I was a younger fellow – can easily identify her and tell her, to her pudgy, self-righteous face, what they think of her.

    She shouldn’t be hard to track down, having stood as a Green Party candidate locally…



    …and we know she lives in the King’s Hedges area. I would certainly not urge indignant tax-payers to daub grafitti on the walls of her home, not least because for decent Cambridge people, unlike her, the laws on vandalism presumably still apply.

    But the implications of this numbskull ruling as far-reaching!

    Delivering their verdict, magistrates said: “We find that you have a very strong and honestly held belief that we are facing a climate emergency.

    So how about the millions of decent Brits who have ‘a very strong and honestly held belief that we are facing’ an asylum-parasite emergency.

    UK encouraging illegal immigrants by not deporting bogus refugees in the tens of thousands, bombshell report claims – The Sun
    Jan 10, 2019 ·
    OF 80813 applications for UK asylum refused or withdrawn from 2010 to 2016, only 26659 ended in … BRITAIN is encouraging illegal immigrants by failing to deport tens of thousands  …



    Are they now entitled to splash paint on government buildings demanding that the parasites who get into the UK illegally…


    …and are then allowed to sponge off the public purse voraciously, sometimes for years, with even so-called ‘Conservative’ ministers hiding behind garbage ‘human rights’ and Euro-Commissar excuses?

    challenged by Sir Edward Leigh, a former Conservative minister, who said: “What people can’t understand is where someone has palpably come through perfectly safe countries and they’ve arrived here …they’ve arrived here … why can’t they be sent back to France and claim asylum there?”

    One of May’s mealy-mouth ministers, a wet wally named Richard Harrington, replied:

    “Actually, without going into the complexities of the Dublin Convention, it just isn’t possible in many cases.” 

    Christopher Chope MP,who introduced the Bill, insisted migrants are given a “perverse incentive” to head to Britain as they are only given a “slap on the wrist” if caught.  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/immigration/12183475/Asylum-seekers-arriving-in-Europe-doubled-to-1.2-million-last-year.html



    Of course crimmigrants can be kicked out, IF the government cared more about Brits than about undesirable aliens.


    I betcha any patriot who tried to use paint or any method to protest against the this scandal of alien leeching would not be given free rein by morons in the local magidtrates’ court but would be hammered viciously, fines and or jail-time.

    British justice is a sick joke.

    Fire the pinko creep clowns who delivered that vile verdict.

    • Mack The Knife 18:10 on November 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      A very interesting story and it’s a brilliant extrapolation, is that the right word?
      If that Ms Pudgy Green get’s a free pass to express herself on climate by defacing public buildings, then there is no reason at all that some of us cant go out tomorrow and spray paint slogans against the illegals slurping up our taxes.
      No reason in logic but with the rulers of our land almost all pro-alien, every reason to expect a double standard.


    • Vanessa Reilly 18:21 on November 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Oh, no, no, not at all, Ross.
      Your argument is very good, pro-Stinko daubing allowed by the courts, so anti-crimmigrant daubers also entitled to show their feelings in the same way.
      You have not lived in Britain for ages, but if you had, you would know that speaking up against asylum parasites earns a real police state response.
      That old bag in Kings Hedges ( I lived in Cambridge once too) should have been jailed and the fools who let her walk should be fired, you are quite right, but if we tried anything anywhere near as disorderly,, we would be banged up faster than a speeding bullet!


    • Amanda Adams 18:44 on November 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Rest assured, one law for Greens, nice n easy, pat on the head, but anybody with true Red, White and Blue patriotic principles protesting against the asylum parasites wouldn’t get a fair trial.
      Off to prison we would go.


    • Jacko 22:39 on November 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It’s not fair that she got away with vandalism.
      We never would.


    • Petra Malley 23:04 on November 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I hope a lot of people in Cambridge tell her she’s a disgrace to her city. If the law is an ass, at least the public should shame her.


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