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  • ross1948 20:17 on August 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Curse the Snake That Hisses From History’s Dust-Bin 

    Who the HELL is Lady Patience Wheatcroft?

    Thanks to Leave EU, we learn she’s one of Cast-Iron’s creepy cronies, a grotesquely rich recipient of one of his ‘honours,’ an in-crowd bint elevated inexplicably to the peerage.


    • And she’s ‘already said that the unelected Lords should seek to derail or delay Brexit.’

    This elitist vixen’s contempt for democracy would be a matter for indifference, true, were she not, thanks to Cameron, in the House of Lords, with much capacity to make mischief against the British people.

    But that’s not the only reason we should still use David Cameron’s name to curse and swear by.

    Police arrest 900 Syrians in England and Wales for crimes including rape and child abuse


    Just a handful? Can you do simple sums, work out percentages?

    Official statistics show that 1,602 people had been resettled in the UK under the scheme by the end of March 2016.”

    Or, to be generous to the jerks in the ruling class which cares so little for the well-being of ordinary British citizens, there’s a parliamentary research paper which mentions a different total.

    “Syrian nationals were the sixth-largest group of asylum applicants in the year ending March 2016, 2,539 main applicants. 

    Either way, the proportion of Syrians in the UK caught in lawless disregard for their duty as guests of the realm is staggering.

    This situation is entirely down to David Cameron…




    …and Theresa May,who, as Home Secretary, fully endorsed and implemented Cameron’s crack-pot sell-out.

  • ross1948 19:36 on July 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Loser Lagarde – After Brexit, Now Facing French Trial! 

    I’ve pointed out more than once, since the Brexit triumph, that Cameron’s Project Fear was based on lies and dissimulation.

    His weaselling on his known support for Erdogan’s entry into the EUSSR….




    ….and voter anger at his adamant avoidance of the clear truth that Brussels gained a lot more than Brits from UK membership probably played as much a part as the obvious concerns about immigration.

    So today I relish the truths which Better Off Out explains further down the page, realities penetrating the fog of deceits which the Remainiacs constructed.

    And my relish verges on a good old-fashioned gloat, with the news that one of the Remainiacs most notable foreign sticky-beak backers, the IMF Queen Bee..



    ….whose contribution to the debate was admirably summed up as another rerun of the same rather tired by now incomplete analysis on offer from the others, the Treasury, OECD and so on. Largarde actually goes one step further than those in fact and make a claim which is quite obviously untrue.


    Gambar kisah untuk lagarde dari Aljazeera.comliar-liar2

    IMF’s Christine Lagarde Says Brexit Would Be Bad, Very Bad, Slightly Missing The Point…

    ,… is now in a great deal of bother  – she’s been ordered to court on charges of ‘negligence’  that could land her behind bars!


    IMF boss Christine Lagarde to stand trial in Tapie case


    She must be hoping she’ll get a verdict less damning than that passed on her drivel in the court of British democracy.

    UK voters rightly ignored her hogwash, and as Better of Out reports, thanks be for that.

    One month on from the historic vote to leave the inward looking, protectionist and backward European Union, the British people are already reaping the rewards. 
  • ross1948 21:40 on June 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Beware of Boris. He’s Pulled Many A Trick Before Now! 

    Not every day I find myself nodding in tentative agreement with a Guardian writer, but this girl Gaby Hinsliff may be onto something. About Boris Johnson.

    She suggests that he thought: it would be a vote for remain, he would be seen as having stood up for a principle.”

    After which leave’s newest martyr could simply have bided his time for a year or so before being triumphantly installed in Downing Street.  http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jun/24/a-pyrrhic-victory-boris-johnson-wakes-up-to-the-costs-of-brexit

    Naturally I was glued to the screen when the result was announced, and delighted with Nigel’s heart-felt victory speech.

    But Boris’s?

    As the Guardian’s Gaby says ‘it’s perfectly possible, of course, that the Tories on both sides who suspect Johnson was never an outer in his bones are plain wrong,’ but it’s at least as possible that they were right. I admit now that I was concerned when he declared he was on sovereignty’s side.

    I thought he might well be a plant, perhaps having agreed with Camoron after that pow-wow they had together.


    After all, there were a few lack-lustre lads and lasses who joined the Leave campaign only to jump ship for fatuous reasons, hoping to do as much damage as possible. EU referendum: Baroness Warsi switches from Leave to Remain Since they were all politically worthless, nobody much cared.  

     But Boris carries a lot more weight – in every sense!. 

    Boris Johnson is a past-master in the art of u-turning, as we have seen more than once in the past.

    He was once a columnist for the Telegraph, a forthright conservative, which endeared him to many, including myself. Then he found preferment, ending up as Mayor of London.

    His record there was anything but conservative. As Gaby correctly says, he converted his sometime ‘principles’ into adherence to multicultery and the so-called ‘gay-rights’ nonsense…




    …and he treated us to the spectacle of a grisly feast, eating his own words on the Islamist menace – all faster than a hunted rat goes up a drain-pipe !

    Well, no, Gaby doesn’t say that –  that’s how I put it!

    Gaby uses different words when she reminds us how Boris came to chorus along with Camoron’s sell-out slogans, advancing what she calls that broader modernising movement to which both he and Johnson belonged.

    • Colin Upritchard 02:10 on June 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks, Ross.
      Important this chameleon get exposed.


  • ross1948 11:25 on June 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! Merdeka Britannia! 

    The BBC just called it half an hour ago, but I wasn’t ready to hit the ‘publish’ button instantly…


    …I never trust the BBC!

    It’s not yet noon here, but seems like it’s been a long day.

    Despite myself – hyper, I think is the ungrammatical word – I slept like a log till 9am Jakarta-time, worn out, not by physical toil but by emotional exhaustion, all those weeks of service in the cause of self-determination.

    My headline?

    I often post views on religious liberty, but am hardly what you’d call a ‘religious’ sort of person. I just think folks should be free. 

    However, today the lyrics of an old hymn keep flitting around my modest home.

    Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!


    Merdeka is the Indonesian word for INDEPENDENCE.

    The people here rejoice every year on August 17th, their Independence Day …


    Now everyone in the UK can too, every 23rd June.

    For years, Brits have been subjected to  the condescending arrogance of the rotten elites, the banksters, the bought-and-paid-for BBC…


    BBC EU flag


    …and the political establishment, the base cabal that Camoron assembled to ram his treason tripe down the throats of the British people, that campaign of fear and smear which debased the currency of  political discourse.




    Oh no, you’re not!


    One of that clique, Labour’s Keith Vaz, has just appeared on my screen in near-lachrymose mode ( I’m not entirely dry-eyed myself!) lamenting that the people have spurned the views of the ‘experts.’

    Get stuffed, mate.

    The PEOPLE have won!


    • Pamela 11:36 on June 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Praise God, of course, but lots of praise for all the campaigners. And for you, Ross, because you’ve put in so much effort from so far away.
      I too am exhausted, ready to drop, asleep on my feet, but I raise a glass to you and everyone else who helped get our country back!


    • Vojo 11:39 on June 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Congratulations, Ross, and all other British leavers! Now the real fun will begin, the aftermath.


    • Billy King 11:45 on June 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Great stuff, my friend! I’m away to my bed now, but be celebrating later.
      That wee Dimbleby man on the BBC is just after saying we arent out at all, it was only an ADVISORY referendum.
      Let them ignore our ADVICE at their peril.
      WE WON.
      From all your Ulster friends, thanks a million for all you did to help us get this result.


    • Penny 11:47 on June 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Ross, I’ve never been so tired and almost never been so happy!
      Go OUT and have yourself a drink. You earned it.


    • Hilary-Not-Clinton 11:53 on June 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Time to organise another ‘Festival of Britain’ like the one I missed in 1951 (because i wasn’t born then)
      And we might soon get another reason to celebrate, if that traitor Cameron quits.


    • Griff G 11:58 on June 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      As an American, it was not for me to interfere and I wish that turncoat in the White House had taken the same view.
      This is a defeat for Obama as it is for his friend Cameron.
      Next month we are having our Independence Day so enjoy yours today.


  • ross1948 10:23 on June 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    A Million Already, Now More Jihadist ‘Refugees’ OTW! 

    bulgar turkey-and-its-neighbours-map


    “Fighters travelling without passports left Syria about a week and a half ago in order to reach Europe by boat via Turkey and Greece,” a memo sent to police and security services across Belgium said, according to La Derniere Heure newspaper.


    They don’t say how many, because they don’t know.

    And what’s worse is that nobody knows how many have already made it to Berlin and Paris and Vienna…


    ‘Refugee’ savages amok at Greece-Macedonia frontier


    …or London, since Camoron appears to be letting the latest boat-bludgers stay on, parasites, preying on the UK tax-payer.

    Migrant attempts to cross English Channel on flimsy boats are “no longer extraordinary or isolated”, according to French maritime authority Calais migrants use tiny boats to cross Channel




    And what’s the worst yet is that the Italian Navy, and the entire Frontex flotilla on the Med, is ferrying in hundreds and thousands more every week.

    out with them


    • Sorophobe 13:41 on June 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Did you see what Soros said in the Guardian newspaper?


  • ross1948 09:20 on May 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Camoron’s Kamerad Colludes With Crimmigrants! 

    Good to read Nigel Farage’s response to the weasel words from Camoron’s flunkey on those illegal Albanians scooped up by UK coastguards and brought ashore.


    ‘Shouldn’t necessarily?’ 

    They should have been given neither food nor drink before being bundled back to Germany. A dose of corporal punishment would not have gone amiss either…

    Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court

    …but of course the European Court would slap down any of those suggested measures.

    We’ve seen Camoron’s hypocrisy on this issue already, wannabe bludgers from the Calais swarm oozing through the Chunnel then given hotel accommodation at Brit tax-payers’ expense…

    . Guilty Conscience? Home Office Hiding Crimmigrant Costs!




    ….and we’ve seen Theresa May bottling out of an appeal against the insane ruling from some wet tribunal that granted crimmigrant brats access to the UK welfare trough.

    And under Camoron that trough has been made tastier than ever.

    Remember this plush place?

    Amblehurst Hotel

    Officials acting for the Home Office sent the migrants to book in at the suburban 50 bedroom Amblehurst Hotel while their claims to stay in the UK are dealt with.
    But did Brit readers see that other news last week?

    Migrants caught trying to sneak into Britain on ships from Germany are being sent back – and immediately freed to try again…Critics blame Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow more than a million migrants into the country last year. 

    Albanian migrants sneaking onto Britain-bound ships from Germany

    I have nothing against Albanians.

    Indeed, I have more than once here reminded readers of the wrongs done against them by those who subverted the will of the people of Albania when their democratic choice was denied them, that referendum vote for monarchy violated by fraudulent communist malpractice.

    Albania Could Do With a Royal Restoration! 

    But those who are intent on illicit entry into the UK these days are not the sort of heroic emigres that Philby the Red sent back to their deaths during WW2.

    These modern crimmigrants are the worst kind of undesirables, and it’s entirely right to return them promptly when nabbed  whist aiming illegally to trespass on British territory.

    But what about Mama Stasi Merkel’s protestations of ‘friendship,’ that we heard during her intolerable politicking on behalf of her Comrade Cast-Iron.

    The Latest: Cameron has friend in Merkel at EU reform talks 17 December 2015 –

    Now we see the calibre of that camaraderie.

    The Fuhrerin can instantly institute prosecution of a satirist who upsets that fanatic Erdogan but won’t enforce deportation orders against Albanian illegals. 

    • Cassie 21:27 on May 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      She is no more a friend to Britain than she is to her own country.


  • ross1948 16:12 on May 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Dirty Dave’s Fave Turk Will NOT Be Delighted! 

    British PM David Cameron told the ITV broadcaster on Sunday it would be the “year 3000” before Turkey would be eligible to join the EU.  




    Best Friends Forever?


    So, pray tell, Dirty Dave, are you lying now, or were you lying then?

    (Erdogan’s question, not mine!)

    August 2010  Turkey must join EU, says Cameron: ‘Those against are playing on fears of Islam

    December 2014    I’d welcome Turkey into the EU, says PM  – David Cameron has said that he still “very much supports” Turkey joining the EuropeanUnion.  David Cameron: I still want Turkey to join EU, despite migrant fears …

    THEN, as the UK referendum approaches...

    May 2016    David Cameron claims Turkey is decades away …



    And now ‘decades‘ has almost overnight expanded mysteriously into centuries!

    How many ‘decades‘ between today and the Year 3000?



    Do the math, and thereby measure the sheer immensity of Camoron’s capacity for dishonesty.


    And just IMAGINE the sheer extent of the Islamist Erdogan’s incandescent indignation!


    • Pamela 13:36 on May 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hello, Ross.
      I just woke up and am energised after reading this. How true it is .as you write, the abysmal dishonesty of that man Cameron.
      I hope Erodgan is piqued.


  • ross1948 22:21 on May 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Camoron Entreats Mama – ‘Mask Your Fuhrer Complex!’ 

    What Camoron says in public and in private are quite different.

    He’s a two-faced SOB, but that’s hardly news. His record on queers speaks for itself.



    It’s just that every so often, he gets caught out, as with his latest exposure on the issue of Nigerian corruption.

    Not again! Cameron caught telling Queen leaders of ‘fantastically corrupt’ countries are coming to Britain  (strange he never gave the EUSSR as another example!)




    But what has he been saying off the record to HMV, the worst woman in Europe, who, it transpires, was allowed to dictate the content of one of his major speeches on his phoney ‘renegotiation?’


    • A fuhrer-complex extraordinaire!
    • ——
    • merkel


    • Her minions’ denials don’t just ring hollow, they are unsubstantiable, as they themselves have been forced to confess.
    • Her MEP buddy, Elmar Brok, denies that Germany has a direct impact on British policy – that is just wrong.” But pushed on whether Mrs Merkel asked the PM to drop the policy, he was forced to admit: “I do not know what has been dropped or not…
    • Malignant Mama seems to have developed an alternative history in her warped mind, that D-Day and Alamein and the Battle of Britain never happened, and that she can shrill from her Berlin bunker and those recalcitrant Brits will come to heel.
    • She has shown the same attitude towards Poland.

    • ———————-
    • Camoron, who actually lives in the UK, at least has the nous to see how counter-productive that could be.
    • BUT…the rivetting issue now must surely be…
    • CAN she bridle her hubris long enough to oblige her Downing Street lap-dog?   . http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/politics/7141005/Cameron-begs-Merkel-to-keep-out-of-EU-referendum-after-she-forced-him-to-abandon-key-immigration-demand.html



  • ross1948 10:22 on May 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Good Reason for Brits To Vote Today! 

     “This is something I feel very strongly, very passionately about… I want us to pave the road from Ankara to Brussels…”

    David Cameron…



    …was speaking to…

    …..Erdogan, who, eager to accept Cameron’s embrace, reminds us of his basic motivation in following that path to Brussels!


    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

  • ross1948 15:05 on April 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    One More Camoron Double-Cross – No Right to Vote for UK Expats! 

    So a court has ruled that Brits who have lived overseas for more than 15 years have NO right to take part in what must be the most important decision likely to be made in their lifetime.


    • 21NeverMindDemocracy.png
    • ============
    • Yet citizens of a foreign country who have resided in the UK for maybe a couple of years, who owe NO allegiance to HM The Queen, and whose government is actively encouraging the Europhiliac side in the June 23rd referendum – Fear in the air as Irish firms worry about Brexit have the right to cast a ballot? 

    What manner of British justice is this?  

    These exiled Brits against whom Camoron discriminates include maybe a million or more who have retired, after long years of hard work, home and away, and others still working abroad but who, in many, probably most cases, remain fiercely loyal to their country.

    The lying swine made another of his infamous ‘cast-iron’ pledges not long ago to restore their enfranchisement, which Labour stripped from them – but now he tells them –



    • ‘Aaah, yes, but not just yet, wait till we have the UK safely subjugated to Brussels, then we’ll see…’


    Would the expat vote have helped or hindered the fight for freedom?

    Who knows?

    A lot of those featured in the media have been the selfish sort, more concerned about the risk of extra Euro-bureaucratic form-filling than about their country’s sovereignty. UK Expats Are NOT All Europhiliac – And ‘Abroad’ Reaches Further Than Brussels. 

    And there are plenty on the Brussels pay-roll, over-paid flunkeys with snouts deeply embedded in the Eurocrats’ NGO gravy-train.

    But that does not justify what’s happened.

    There’s to be an appeal to more judges, who, I fear, will be no more sympathetic to democratic principles.

    To those patriots now disenfranchised, I can only urge participation to whatever extent is available. A donation to the Leave EU campaigners would be a small but proper step to take,

    Dear Supporter,

    Here at Leave.EU, we’re certainly excited. After a turbulent week and a bit, during which No. 10 threw the kitchen sink at us in the form of a dodgy Treasury document, an undisguised threat from President Obama, and yet another dubious economic forecast, this time from the OECD, we emerged victorious: a lead in the polls.

    On Wednesday, Leave.EU Founders, Arron Banks and Richard Tice made a brilliant case for Brexit, defending the interest of their, and YOUR nation in front of the Treasury Select Committee in Parliament.

    Richard Tice made the often neglected point that you don’t need a free trade deal to trade, just look at America, Britain’s biggest export partner. Arron Banks, meanwhile was laboured with having to point out the difference between ‘the deficit’ and ‘the national debt’ to the Committee’s members, his lessons in economics didn’t end there. Click here to see them in action.

    Time for a shake-up to the establishment? We think so. A monumental win for the ‘Leave’ side would be a great start, paving the way for a better future for Britain in the process. Let’s get everyone we can behind the referendum on the 23rd June, and make those votes count.

    We have new leaflets for distribution offering the necessary facts and the arguments. With only 55 days left to make a difference, every day of campaigning counts.

    We need leafleters for busy town centres, volunteers to knock on doors and put on street stalls, as well as organising our local events and supporting our national activities. With more than 400 task forces set up around the country it couldn’t be easier to get involved. Contact groupsupport@leave.eu to find out where your nearest group is so you can get involved.

    Leave.EU have a big calendar of events coming up. Show your support by coming along and promoting our events to all your friends, family and colleagues.

    We know you like to hit the streets daily, and we encourage that, in addition we have organised national events such as our;

    Leave.EU Fight for Independence Day: Saturday 14th May
    We need all our supporters to grab their Leave.EU t-shirts, round up friends, family members and colleagues and hit the streets with our “Know the Facts” leaflet. We need your help to distribute a million leaflets in one day!Freedom Run: Sunday 12th June
    Join a host of famous faces on Sunday 12th June at Wolverhampton Race Course for our Freedom Run. Run 5km, walk 1km or come along and support people participating. You can also organise your own freedom run or walk in your area – post your photos on Twitter, tag us @LeaveEUofficial and join in the fun. Our aim is to have supporters up and down the country running for freedom. Let’s tell the EU to jog on!The Great British Street Party: Weekend of the 18th, 19th June.
    To attract the young families and young people in general we want to make politics fun, and how better, than through a Leave.EU Great British Street Party: an occasion to inform people of the facts on why we are better off our of the EU, and have a lot of fun at the same time. Street party packs will be available to order very soon.
    For more information on how you can lend your support, promote and take part in any of these events, please write to: groupsupport@leave.eu


    • Pam Trevelyan 21:00 on May 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with you, as I almost always do, Ross, that every single British person should have the right to vote on this historic decision.
      I also agree with you that the some of the litigants seem to have a very narrow and selfish view on this, only interested in expats on the Continent, not anywhere else. .
      I found this statement from their lawyer.
      ““We now intend to take the legal battle to the Supreme Court, the highest Court in the country, so that all British citizens living elsewhere in the EU can be part of the democratic process to vote in this referendum which will have a very real impact on their lives.”
      Europhiles who appear not to care about ‘all British citizens’ at all, only those who are ‘living elsewhere in the EU.’
      I like your approach far better, votes for every Brit wherever they may be.


    • Pam Trevelyyan 15:30 on March 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Good day to you, Ross. I have just seen that there is a definite commitment to give us British long-term expats a vote, in three years at the most.
      It’s on the expat site https://votes-for-expat-brits-blog.com/
      As you correctly reminded us, Cameron lied before the Brexit referendum. Please continue to monitor this issue to keep them honest.


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