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  • ross1948 05:16 on April 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Canada’s Pro-Crimmigrant Rat-Packs Squeal In Unison! 

    Nobody trusts Justin Turdo to stick to the brief outbreak of sense we have seen on the illegal incursions across the US border.

    And now we read that, although ‘six asylum seekers have been prevented from entering Canada at an unofficial entry point along the border,’ it is widely…

    …and shrewdly, believed that plenty of other alien wannabe welfare bums are sneaking through at even less ‘unofficial’ sections of the international frontier.

    Incredibly, instead of concern about unwanted savages breaching the border, some leftist weasels are concerned these areas could be ‘dangerous’ for  the crimmigrant creeps!


    One might wish these areas could be seeded with mines, but since I’m not familiar with that part of Canada, there may be downsides to that idea.

    It would be a shame if cattle or sheep belonging to honest farmers were killed or injured.

    It’s a very odd, one-sided sort of article in the Globe and Mail, plainly penned by a pro-crimmigrant, Janice Dickson by name…

    ….whose prejudice comes across when she writes that the ‘new protocol raises the risk that asylum seekers may try to cross the border at other points of entry, refugee advocates say, which could be dangerous because of harsh conditions and lack of support.’


    The scribbler ascribes that ‘risk’ as a view held by collabo ‘NGOs’ but, tellingly, nowhere does she quote any Canadian who, probably like most Canadians…



    …welcomes a crack-down on unwelcome intruders. There’s not one view expressed by any person or party keen to block illegal immigration.

    Like, who gives a tinker’s cuss if criminals come to grief?

    To put it bilingually, a few dead or injured crimmigrants will surely ‘encouragez les autres’ to forget any dirty designs they have in mind about gate-crashing the Dominion of Canada.

    God knows something had to be done to discourage the illegal aliens.

    The report quotes an official who says ‘in early March, between 70 and 80 asylum seekers had been crossing daily…most were originally from Africa.

    But what is truly shocking is the number of Enemy Within outfits beavering away on the crimmigrants’ behalf.



    The collabo crews include a ‘Jesuit Refugee Service Canada’ and ‘Plattsburgh Cares,’ itself a ‘coalition of activist groups,’ and there’s ‘the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR),’ as well as ( inevitably!)a  Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, and the BC Civil Liberties Association.

    And, no show without Punch, the worst in the world (IMHO – ! ) Amnasty International!


    Big question, naturally unasked by the Globe and Mail hackette.

    How many of the above cabals and cliques have their snouts in the public ourse, federal or provincial?


    Time Canadians found out!

    • Marty N 17:58 on April 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Itis no good the way these sh-ts think they can just walk in and get fed and housed in hotels and we get to pay for them.
      Amnesty and those damn Jesuits have plenty of dough.
      Do they EVER use their own money or just expect us to pay the bills?

      The Army should be told to take over all border patrolling duty and given orders to shoot any illegals who try to invade our country


    • Arnold 21:29 on April 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The Turd will soon be letting them back in, he is only grandstanding to make us think his virus policy is effective.
      I agree with you, if an illegal falls into a gully and breaks his neck while he tries to break into our country, good!


  • ross1948 02:35 on April 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Toronto Terror? A Psycho, A Loner Or A Turdo Import? 

    Horrible news from Toronto, a van driven into a crowd of people, numerous injuries and, unconfirmed as yet, some innocents reported dead.


    An armed man has been apprehended, but no name or origin released, so we won’t know until tomorrow whether the perp is some nutcase…

    …or a drunk-driver…



    …or one of the many aliens so ill-advisedly admitted by one Canadian Government after another –  but recently steadily increased by Turdo’s ‘refugee’ policy. Some of that lot may be okay, but many must not be…

    Keep Canada In The Dark? Who’s Huque Think He Is? 

    …if sectarian apologists there are so determined to censor news of their undesirable activities!.

    We know from Nice, and from Stockholm – Breaking News – Truck Terror In Stockholm!  – and Berlin – –  and elsewhere that evil Islamists are apt to launch this type of cowardly terrorist attack…


    …so as we call it a night here, we can only wonder what sort of individual is behind the Toronto atrocity.

    • Jules Annan 17:08 on April 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      According to the news, this afternoon, the detained man, though not an Islamist, has a problem with women, just like all those Islamists do, misogynists every one..
      Interesting and food for thought. , ..


  • ross1948 22:46 on April 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey, Netanyahu! Tell Brussels Sticky-Beaks To Butt Out! 

    What the HELL?



    That was my reaction last night, an expression of dismay at Turdo in Canada, Mama Stasi in Germany, and the lame-duck leftists in Italy!

    I was ready to ask if there was no road low enough that these demented ‘leaders’ would not travel it?



    But while they’re bad people, they are now denying all knowledge of this particular plot – or s0 they say, according to the morning news.

    Innocent till proven guilty?

    Let’s see.

    But we need to look at whose hitherto hidden hand has now been revealed!

    Just as recently as last week, Israel’s government was winning admiration across the Western world for its stated determination to kick out illegals and jail those who resisted.


    No more!

    Yesterday we read that those three already infested countries had been identified as some of the nations that will take in the migrants.

    That’s not, of course, legitimate honest migrants, but thousands ( 16000, so Reuters said) of the crimmigrant rabble that Israel wants rid off.

    The swine must have thought they’d won the jackpot!



    Mind you, if decent patriots in the three victim countries felt bad, I’ll bet plenty of decent Israelis were disgusted too.

    Other migrants, many of whom are seeking asylum, will be allowed to remain in Israel, which they entered illegally on foot through the border with Egypt, for at least the next five years….

    Israel says to send 16000 African migrants to Western countries 

    Disgracefully, this dirty deal was hatched with an organisation  – the UN – which most Israelis see, correctly, as their enemy.

    Netanyahu said the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees had agreed to organize and fund the new plan that would take five years to implement.


    That Commissioner, yeah, that would be…who?

     – an ITALIAN!

    Filippo Grandi, whom we’ve exposed as our common enemy before…




    …they’d be in with a chance of gaining access to the rich and juicy troughs known to be available in Canada, or Germany.

    But today, suddenly, we read of a total U-turn by Netanyahu!

    Speaking to an outraged nation, the Israeli leader had this to say.


    Gambar terkait


    “…I am attentive to you…In the meantime, I’m suspending the implementation of the agreement.”

    Netanyahu’s Incredible Flip-Flop on African Migrants

    But what else did he reveal? It turns out that the previous plan to remove the illegals had foundered…


    …due to pressure from the European Union and a liberal American advocacy group…

    So Britain’s enemy in Brussels is not content to bully and boss about Brits – and anyone else in Europe who dares to stand up to their malignant agenda…


    Brussels Wants War? Send YOUR Solidarity To Poland Today! 

    …but has now extended its sphere of influence to the shores of the Sea of Galilee?

    Exactly what went on between UNCHR and EUSSR?

    Collaboration, with no regard at all for the people who really matter, who of course are not the lawless infiltrators who gate-crashed sovereign borders, but the honest citizens of Israel, of Canada, of Germany, of Italy?

    Truth will out, perhaps.


    Hasil gambar untuk liar juncker


    Just don’t ask Liar Juncker!

    Netanyahu should be pinned down, firstly, for more details of exactly how the presumptuous sticky-beaks in Brussels put pressure on a country in which they’ve no right to interfere…


    …and secondly,for guarantees that there will be no further moves to dump his trash on Europe!

    Because even as I type this, there will almost certainly be talking in EUHQ about how to take in not merely the 16,000 but the whole bloody lot…


    Frans Timmermans, the Dutch vice-president of the European Commission, said that “diversity was the future of the world,” and that Eastern European nations would just have to “get used to that.” 


    …to be parcelled out via that infamous quota scheme, to achieve the EuroCommissars’ grand design.


    • Gerhardt W 13:49 on April 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Netanyahu listens to his people and so he will be insulted and put under more powerful pressures from Grandi and Mogherini and the others who want Europe multiculted to death.
      I wish we had a smart Jew like him and not a pretend Christian like Merkel to be looking after our country. .


  • ross1948 23:01 on February 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Keep Canada In The Dark? Who’s Huque Think He Is? 

    8 Feb 2017 – Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, 39, is charged with six counts of sexual assault and six counts of sexual interference…A man is charged …

    So says the Edmonton Journal, and you can read it all via the link, but the most interesting aspects of this story is that the ‘man’ is one of those wonderful Syrian ‘refugees’ – you know, the ones carefully vetted before they get into Canada…

    Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, 39, is charged with six counts of sexual assault and six counts of sexual interference.

    No photo available, so  you just have to imagine what the Syrian looks like!


    Police continue to investigate and urge any other complainants or witnesses who were at the waterpark at that time to contact investigators at 780-423-4567 or #377 from a mobile phone. Anonymous information can also be submitted to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 …

    …oh, and the victims in the case are all young teen girls!

    We await the outcome of the trial, but already our blog must be in the dog-house, at least in the view of an arrogant uppity named Mohamed Huque, Executive Director of the Islamic Family and Social Services Association.


    Gambar terkaitMohamed Huque


    That obnoxious git wants to make sure Canadians are kept in the dark about ‘refugee’ crimes.

    Huque said the suspect’s immigration status is not relevant to the crime, and….


    …journalists had a duty to keep those details out of their coverage.  


    Sorry, Buster, but the Canadian public can decide for themselves what’s relevant and what’s not, ONCE they read all information available on this accused, or any other.

    Who does this hound Huque think he is?

    His attitude suggests he’s worried sick that if a significant number of these ‘refugees’ find themselves in trouble with the law…



    ….then serious questions are likely to be asked about what sort of people are being imported by Turdo.

    To be fair to Huque, he’s not the only one who’s making censorious noises. The same report quotes some academic upstart called David Tait, an Ottawa professor.


    Gambar terkait

    “Journalists have to sort of go and look at a situation not from the standpoint of, ‘Is there public appetite for this information? Do people want to know it?’ But, ‘Is that detail relevant at this stage to this story?

    Oh, so that’s how it works?

    It’s not what mere common citizens may want to learn about a case, but what journalists think is good for them?

    Hasil gambar untuk pravda

    Yes, Pravda in the Good Ole USSR certainly had that policy, and the Nazis in Germany too, I’ll bet.

    Sadly, a lot of the media operate censorship already.

    How many TV channels or newspapers gave fair coverage to the vile ‘refugee’ brats in New Brunswick…

    Faith Goldy investigates Syrian migrants in New Brunswick schools

    ….that ‘The Rebel’ exposed so bravely.

    • Andy Hooper 01:59 on February 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Who does he think he is?He thinks he’s boss, same as we did when we came across the ocean and took the land from those who had it before us.
      At least the Indians (oh, sorry about that, First Nations!) put up more of a fight than Canadians today.
      We could still put the like of Huque in his place. We have the numbers but not enough have the will.


    • Dawn Kinhessey 03:01 on February 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I am not so sure there isn’t already censorship of this kind going on. We know it is state policy in Sweden and other European countries.

      When you bring in people from countries with sexist cultures that allow polygamy and shariah laws in what women may or may not wear, you are bound to get problems of sexual harassment.

      The police give these migrants too many breaks(like in Toronto with the lying scarf-girl and her mother not facing charges) and even when they get arrested, you have to read between the lines to figure out which criminal is Canadian and which is not.

      Getting the truth up front with the accused in Edmonton is unusual and maybe the censors slipped up. That’s why Huque is issuing his ‘don’t–ask-don’t’ tell warning to the media. His problem is that word gets out on social media. That’s one of the main reasons there’s all this money spent by Facebook on shutting down news they don’t like.


    • Nathan 06:23 on February 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      No way should journalists be tailoring their news reports to suit people like this Huque.


  • ross1948 00:01 on January 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    How DARE Canadians Say Illegality’s Against The Law? 

    Of course this left-liberal drivel just HAD to have been written by a professor!


    Electronically monitoring migrants treats them like criminals

     Leftist academics are not often noted for basic humour, never mind self-deprecation, but this strange woman, Stephanie Silverman ...


    an ‘Adjunct Professor’ at the University of Toronto – checking her out, we learn that her sociolegal research on immigration enforcement focuses mainly on detention practices in Canada, the US, and the UK –

    …might be interpreted as deploying a rare bit of self-mockery, because we are initially shown clear photographic evidence of migrant illegality, a big picture ==

    Hasil gambar untuk somali migrants manitoba railroad tracks

    ‘migrants from Somalia cross into Canada from the United States by walking down a train track towards Emerson, Manitoba in February 2017.

    Honest migrants arrive at border check-points, with passports and visas, etc., as I did, even though not a migrant, at Niagara, the last time I crossed from the USA to the Dominion of Canada.

    So these Somalis, scenting Turdo’s Trough, were not in any sense ‘refugees…’



    ….just crimmigrants keen to stick their snouts into Canadian tax-payers pockets.

    She’s upset that some of the few sensible people in Canadian law enforcement want to tag that sort of swine.

    Of course nobody’s proposing such treatment for honest migrants, those who have waited in the long queues for approval as legal immigrants.



    In times past, they were welcomed by Canadian leaders, but these days?

    Justin wants to welcome blood-stained jihadists from the ISIS rape-gang! Plus the sort of Somali crimmigrants caught on camera, sneaking in along the tracks.

     What’s being mooted is a way of keeping track of those who delight Justin Turdo, not decent migrants.

    And Little Steph is horrified.

    …Canada is a “destination state,” and most migrants who have made the long journey here would prefer to live openly and co-operatively with authorities and their communities.




    Like, uh, Steph, who gives a tinker’s cuss what these arrogant illegal aliens ‘PREFER?’ 

    Most normal Canadians – those who don’t lurk in ‘intellectual’ isolation on campuses – would ‘prefer,’ surely, that they be kicked back across the border they violated at dead of night.

    Or at least lock ’em up til deportation can be organised.  But our pinko prof is not having any of that!



    …this program is a step backwards as an alternative to the inhumane practice of detaining migrants, sometimes in provincial jails.


    Throw money at the uninvited intruders. Steph’s best alternative is quality support and services to migrants based on their individual needs…

    It gets worse when she tires to pretend she cares about the tax-payer, when she expresses her abhorrence of  immigration detention or coercive monitoring practices.

    Such “case management” techniques even lead to increased rates of voluntary deportation, a costly problem for Canada where most deportees are “forced to leave with escorts or (have their transportation costs paid by the government…”

    Use RCAF transports, load them on in batches, and despatch them with gun-toting reliables! Give the crew and the guard a week’s leave somewhere nice on the way back!

    Money well spent!

    Let’s be realistic. She doesn’t care about wasting public money – she whines on about how tagging will criminalize, stigmatize and alienate migrants…

    Heck, they are illegal – self-criminalised!

     And if the aliens are that alienated, then they can make their way back to the alien lands they belong in!

    But not in her view – she even expands on her hand-out plans,  demanding – release…with free access to high-quality legal counsel and social welfare services for a financial cost that is much lower than imprisonment.


    I keep reading about homeless vets and old folks, and LOTS of REAL Canadians who are facing REAL troubles and THAT’S where tax dollars should be directed.



    Put her best alternative to a referendum, alongside options like electronic tags, detention in jail and/or deportation…

    …then let democracy decide!

  • ross1948 11:32 on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    So Now 17-Year-Old Crimmigrants Won’t Be ‘Minors?’ 

    And in Canada, there’s a new Private Members Bill to reduce the age at which you’re entitled to vote to a mere sixteen?

    Private Member’s Bill C-213 (42-1) – First Reading – An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act (voting age) – Parliament of Canada
    Gambar terkait

    Whatever next?

    When the age of enfranchisement was changed to 18, we were told that if you’re old enough to fight for your country, you are old enough to vote.

    Will kids in their mid-teens now be accepted as fully-fledged members of the RCAF and other Canadian armed services?

    Of more immediate interest will be if the sponsors of that parliamentary resolution will now become active campaigners for a change to the ludicrous Brussels EUSSR definition of ‘child’ migrants.

    “minor” means “a third-country national or stateless person below the age of 18 years.


    Or the UN’s –

    Children are defined by the Convention on the Rights of the Child
    as people below 18 years of age unless, under national laws applicable, majority is attained earlier (Article 1)

    Click to access 4._Chapter_1.pdf

    NB – not later, but earlier.

    Or UNICEF Canada’s –

     UNICEF Canada is advancing a child rights-based
    framework for Canada’s immigration system affecting children (under age 18)  http://www.unicef.ca/sites/default/files/2016-09/Immigration%20and%20Refugee%20Consultation%20Brief_UNICEF%20Canada.pdf

    Given the menacing character of these poor little children, as seen in Europe…

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates!   

    Nine Young Women In Denmark

    Poor Little Unaccompanied Minor Migrants 

    More Merkel Victims (Age 12 to 14) In The News? 

    …the fewer admitted to civilised countries, the better.

    PS  If my reference to Canadian definitions is incorrect or out-of-date, I am sure readers there will let me know.

    But so far as I know, they are accurate.




    • Jock Tamson 17:09 on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      We had the kiddies voting in Scotland already in the SNP referendum but Sturgeon still wants to bring in so-called ‘child’ migrants.
      If she had the power, she would take all those young thugs around Calais overnight!


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