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  • ross1948 01:35 on October 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    In Creepy Canada, Maladjust Gets ‘Pronoun’ Pay-Out! 

    Sad, sick…


    …certainly, but not silly, because while the ridiculous ruling by one of Canada’s gestapoid ‘rights’ commissions is indeed absurd, the arrogant commissars also imposed a diktat…



    …on every single employee in the business concerned.

    They MUST subjected to re-education!

    Like our report last month, the story involves a transfreak.

    What’s In A Name? Canada’s Trans-Lingualism

    It inhabits one body, has one name, but demands that we all pretend it’s plural.


    The tribunal, in British Columbia, long a province whose decent citizens are tormented by coercive queers….

    Petition Against Canada’s Most Revolting Pervert

    Church Meeting For Christians Only? OMG! Canadian Queers Go Nuts! 

    . . and by court collabos, like that big-mouthed scumbag Justice ‘Injustice’ Tammen..


    B.C. Supreme Court Justice Michael Tammen 
    Justice Michael Tammen yelled at Rob Hoogland for calling his daughter a “she,” but recently released a man convicted of murder pending an appeal of the conviction! https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/free-from-gag-order-dad-tells-how-judges-forced-transgender-insanity-on-daughter


    …ordered the restaurant’s management to pay Nelson $30,000 in damages as well as “implement a pronoun policy and mandatory training for all staff and managers about diversity, equity and inclusion.. 


    ‘Nelson,’ BTW, in a display of singular lack of self-awareness, of genuine indifference to the ‘plural pronoun’ hogwash that made it such a rich Thing, had the gall, as the report above relates, to use NOT a plural but a singular pronoun to describe itself!

    I am here today…, ” it says (which is a matter of regret in itself!)

    But please note!

    Not ‘We,’ but ‘I... ‘


    ‘O, Canada,’ we used to sing, ‘the True North, Strong and Free?’

    When did that wonderful country spawn a…

  • ross1948 22:00 on September 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'dead names', Canada, , , CBC pro-tranny propaganda, , Elections Canada, transfreaks 'dead' names   

    What’s In A Name? Canada’s Trans-Lingualism 

    With ‘the friend to every freako’ returned to power in Ottawa…



    ….let’s take a moment to look at an aspect of last Monday’s election that sums up the sad fate…



    …of the once-delightfully wholesome Dominion of Canada.

    Trans, non-binary Canadians caught off guard by voter cards addressed to names used before transition

    That’s a headline that sums up what’s wrong with Canada these days…



    …the country’s tax-funded broadcaster lending itself to an absurd perversion of Canada’s officially bi-lingualism.


    It’s been four years since Faelan Quinn legally changed their name and two years since they updated their information with Elections Canada.

    Clearly, whatever name it calls itself, Quinn is one person, or entity.

    It may be a man purporting to be a woman, or a woman purporting to be a man.

    …a ‘non-binary’ ‘transitioning’ to elk?


    It may even think its an elk!

    But it’s one of whatever it is.

    So why is a publicly funded corporation using ‘their’ – a plural?

    CBC is bad news and has been for years…



    …and years…

    ( much like its cousin UK Pravda across the pond! )

    …but its notorious far-left distortions of the truth…

    …is one thing.



    Making a mockery of basic English grammar is another!

    This nonsense is compounded by CBC’s ludicrous use of the term ‘dead name‘ to refer to the name freakos stop using when they claim to be somebody/something they’re not, viz.

     ‘…they were caught off guard when their voter cards were addressed to their dead names this year… ‘

    I’m perfectly happy with my name…

    …but if I chose by legal means to change it, I would not sepulchrally talk about my ‘dead name‘ but rather my former name.

    It’s high time the freaks were told that, unless one of their names is Nosferatu…


    …they should shuck off this morbid habit.

    Moreover, it’s not just one public tax-funded body that’s pandering to the delusions of maladjusts.

    In an email to CBC News, a spokesperson for Elections Canada apologized…

    But the tranny we began with isn’t happy.

    It kind of creates the sense of sort of dejection, of hopelessness,” they said.

    “I find myself kind of asking what would even be the point..


    For our part, we ‘kind of’ have to ask, if he/she/it is ‘kind of’ using the singulars “I” and “myself…”

    … why does CBC ‘kind of’ persist with the blatantly inaccurate “they?”

    • Chrissie Miles 22:56 on September 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      They are pathetic but CBC is worse for encouraging their delusions
      However, I fear Canada is on a downward spiral, Justin Turdo back as PM again and the NDP his willing collaborators.


  • ross1948 13:07 on September 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Canada, , misuse of 'progressive' which means LEFT   

    On Canadian Politics Too, BBC Bias! 

    On Canadian politics too, the BBC cannot resist bias.

    The NDP’s modest single-seat gain marks the first time since 2011 that Canada’s progressive party has not lost seats.’ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58641764.amp

    The so-called New Democratic Party is NOT “progressive!’

    Progress is intrinsically good – the example I use is when a teacher tells a parent that a child is making progress in some difficult subject.

    The NDP is leftist, or socialist!

    Its leader, as we have noted…


    Jagmeet Singh at the 2nd National Bike Summit in Ottawa in 2018
    … Jagmeet Singh

    Jagmeet Singh wants to be Prime Minister: Of Canada or Khalistan

    ..is a most extreme individual whose very allegiance to Canada is in question and whose open contempt for a free press…

    This media labelling of leftism as ‘progressive’ is not unique to UK Pravda…


    …but is unacceptable in a tax-funded state broadcaster.

    • Benny Scardena 16:06 on September 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      There is nothing progressive about that guy in the tall turban.
      He is everything you say he is, and worse.


    • Mort 18:22 on September 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Various people have identified the inaccuracy of equating ‘progressive’ with ‘left.’
      As you say, from childhood school work to repairing a motorbike, we learn that making progress is laudable.

      What is most disturbing is that so many lazy thinkers on the right have taken to describing their most dangerous leftwing opponents as ‘progressives.’

      The idea that what AOC wants to do to the USA, or the far-left GetUp network works to do to Australia, is in any sense good or positive or in any way could represent progress is insane, unless of course you are as extreme as they are.


  • ross1948 07:32 on July 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Canada Beset By Arson – Time To Cage The Savages! 

    I have refrained from comment so far on the largely artificial ‘scandal’ blighting Canada at the moment.

    …the US media aren’t interested in reporting our northern neighbor’s plague of church burnings — except to suggest it’s understandable.


    Churches burned to the ground in Canada in ‘anti-church hate crime wave’


    NB – the church-burning perpetrated by savages is NOT artificial, but very real.

    It’s a shame no arsonists have been shot so far.

    To save my own indignation supplies, I offer non-Canadian readers a link to an excellent site, the True North, which helpfully has a column called “This Week In Fake News” on its Candice Malcolm Show.

    The CBC is guilty of spreading fake news – again

    We have talked about the CBC….

    ….which is as bad as UK Pravda and Australia’s ABC, but…

    Just read and enjoy.

    • Marty N 12:04 on July 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Unmarked graves?
      Yes, now, because the wooden markers disintegrated over the years.


  • ross1948 10:30 on June 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Sadly, Sierra Leone Wins Brussels Smiles! 

    I see the Brussels Empire is sticking its neo-colonialist snout into the internal affairs of a Third World country again.

    British expats here in Jakarta were embarrassed some years ago when one of David Cameron’s embassy flunkeys swanned around town, in order to…

    …prattle at Indonesians on behalf of Brussels ‘safeguard scum’ policy.. 

    UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins

    An unwarranted intrusion into Indonesia’s internal affairs, serving Brussels’ soft-on-scum agenda.


    This time it was some stooge named Tom Vens, ‘congratulating’ Sierra Leone on its declared intention of abolishing capital punishment. https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20210512-sierra-leone-government-moves-to-abolish-death-penalty

    What a shame the ex-British colony’s government is falling in  with the undemocratic European practice, failing to give the people a vote on the issue.

    We don’t know, of course, how a referendum in Sierra Leone would go….

    …but allowing the electorate to decide on the death penalty would shame Kaiserin Ursula, Macron, Merkel and of course Jellyfish Johnson, who have no interest in consulting the people.

    Macron, for example, made much of his vaunted ‘consultations’ last year…


    Muppet Macron’s Mock-Consultation -“We’ll Only Talk About What WE Value!” 

    …but no mention of including capital punishment

    The EUSSR of course very carefully excludes such issues from its bad-joke ‘Citizens Initiatives…’


    EUSSR Ministers Desperate to Shut Out Citizens – A Tradition of Lies and Deceit 

    ….which denies citizens any role, except to approach the Euro-Commissars as supplicants, and denies them the right to present ANY proposal which does not accord with the Commissars’ ‘values.


    Effet ruling classes fear popular sovereignty, as the old drunkard Juncker made very clear…



    …especially in matters of justice, because the toxic liberalism which permeates the establishment…

    ….is quite alien from normal people’s thinking.

    Look at Canada, where an annual poll has again revealed ‘a majority of the country’s residents (51%, up one point) who think the death penalty is sometimes appropriate.’

    Yet the same report tells us there are no legislators known to be pushing for restoration.


    An opportunity for Max Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada to take a stand for the return of just punishment – or at least a referendum!


  • ross1948 13:00 on March 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Canada! Petition For Religious Liberty! 

    Always happy to oblige if good people ask my help – this petition about a persecuted pastor qualifies to be spread among my readership.


    Please forward this to your family and friends.

      Pastor James Coates is a faithful pastor and follower of God. As a result, he ended up in jail.

    Pastor Coates leads GraceLife Church in Alberta, Canada. When the government issued edicts that limited the free exercise of worship with overbearing COVID-19 restrictions, he chose to follow Christ.

    In true Gestapo form, government officials attended one of the church’s services in February and then charged the pastor with violating an order to shut down the church by the end of January. According to Breitbart, Pastor Coates turned himself in, but rejected an offer by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to release him from jail if he promised to stop holding church services on Sunday.

    As of today, Pastor Coates remains in prison, but has an appeal hearing pending. He is being represented by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which defends the constitutional and religious freedoms of Canadians.


    Sign our petition supporting Pastor James Coates and GraceLife Church.
  • ross1948 01:12 on March 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Canada, petitioon- impeach Justin Trudeau   

    Petition Against Pretty Boy Black-Face! C’mon, Canada! 

    No matter whether you live in Canada or not, if you carry a Canadian passport…



    …you should sign this petition to get rid of that mountebank, Turdo Junior!


    Impeach Trudeau (motion of no-confidence)



    Should a vote of no confidence pass, the Prime Minister of Canada is required to submit his or her resignation to the Governor General of Canada.


  • ross1948 16:59 on February 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Turdo On Terror – Like Father Like Son? 

    Pierre Trudeau was hard on Canada….

    ….and shamefully soft on terror!



    He aided and abetted the murderous FLQ so that they could enjoy a safe and comfortable Cuban haven for the rest of their lives, in collaboration with his Communist comrade Fidel Castro.

    History never repeats itself exactly, but the double standards we see in Canada today, with the patriotic Proud Boys…


    Image result for proud boys

    ( whose leader is what pinkos would call a ‘person of colour’ )

    …now branded as ‘terrorists’ by Turdo Junior, who is also hard on Canada…


    Pretty Boy Turdo

    …but is guilty of double standards  – only hard on people whose views he dislikes, while BLM brutes can operate freely across the Dominion, from sea to sea…


     Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

    …despite BLM’s Canadian doyenne being caught out regarding her infamous aspirations!

    Pretty Boy Blackface has made it know how he feels about Islamist terror ( that we must be understanding!) more than once…

    … so he won’t be banning any real terrorists any time soon.


    The Proud Boys are condemned  for violence – i.e. fighting the Red Nazis of Antifa – and apparently for burning a BLM flag.

    In other words, doing what every good citizen, in every country, should do, whenever the opportunity arises.

    • Lex Blocher 19:14 on February 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      It’s crazy to call the Proud Boys ‘terrorists. ‘
      There are real terrorists in Canada but Turdo will not deport them.
      And how about the NDP leader?
      What does he really think?


    • Marty N 22:58 on February 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      We have to hope Max Bernier and his party do better next time.
      Turdo is dire but after the new Tory leader turned on Mr. Sloan, we know the Opposition is led by a closet liberal.


  • ross1948 21:09 on February 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    For Canadian Readers- A Petition! 

    Sorry if this is a bit of a rushed job, but if you read my post last night..Stop Press – New-Borns – All Advice Re Home-Birth Welcome!  ….you may understand I am preoccupied!


    With regard to such unforgettable Tory leaders in the UK, such as Cast-Iron Cameron, Theresa Blubby May and their current successor…



    …Boris Jellyfish Johnson, we have had to use this nice illustration…



    …from time to time..

    But today we are looking at another Tory, a man we have been energetically deploring for years….the Mayor of Toronto, who’s the subject of this interesting petition launched by Ezra Levan’s Rebel News.

    8,960 signatures
    Goal: 10,000 Signatures



    We caught them. We knew we would. 

    There was a nice little winter weekend getaway party at John Tory’s Florida mansion this weekend. 

    The only question is: was John Tory, the brutal enforcer of lockdowns, there himself?

    Or was it just his wife, in whose name the house is registered? Because all weekend, cars were coming and going.

    Did Tory sneak down to play a round of golf at his private golf course? Did he go out for a gourmet dinner in a city that hasn’t locked down its restaurants, like Tory has done to Toronto?


    Or was it Tory’s wife, getting a $400 hairstyle in a city that hasn’t locked down its salons?

    We know there were several cars there — and a lovely summertime bicycle. Must be nice — it was 26 degrees in North Palm Beach this weekend. It was -15 degrees and snowy in Toronto. No bicycling for mere citizens.

    He denies he was there himself, but he won’t tell us who was there.

    We sent an urgent email to Tory’s office asking him exactly who it was enjoying Tory’s multi-million dollar home, right on the water, in one of Florida’s most exclusive gated communities. (We would have knocked on the door, but the whole compound is heavily guarded.) We got a two-sentence reply, full of wiggle words. They didn’t actually categorically deny it. And we know that Tory has sneaked away before during the pandemic.

    Here’s the reply we got:

    Here’s what I sent in reply:

    Tory’s staff had an email back-and-forth with me, using wiggle words that felt shifty. But I asked them four times: WHO WAS THERE?

    They simply refuse to say. Because whether it’s Tory himself, his wife and family, or even just his fancy friends — there really is no acceptable answer, is there?

    If Tory and his friends get to travel and party like rockstars, why should the rest of us follow his dreary lockdowns?

    If you’re as grossed out by this as I am, please sign our petition.

    I’ve sent a fourth follow-up letter to Tory’s office. If they write back, I’ll post their reply here, to let them tell their side of the story.

    I don’t think they’re going to ever say who was partying at their Florida mansion this weekend, while Torontonians were locked in their houses.


    You can’t have a lockdown cheater as mayor — it destroys any public respect for the rule of law.

    I don’t want to tell you every politician we’ve been hunting, because we’re still hunting them. We’ve had journalists in five different locations in three different countries. And as long as these hypocrites are locking you down, we’ll be hunting them.

    If you believe that’s important work, please help us pay for that real investigative journalism — I estimate we’ve spent $10,000 dollars tracking down lockdown cheaters, and with John Tory we finally caught him. If you value our work, you can support it by making a donation.

    UPDATE: After the publication of this video, the mayor’s office wrote to us to claim that the mayor “and his wife” have not left Canada since March of 2020. We have asked for a clarification if that choice of wording means that either of them have left the country, and if the mayor’s office has actually checked with either of them. We have also asked, for a fifth time, who was at the mayor’s North Palm Beach mansion, and why the mayor is covering up for them. We’ll let you know if they ever answer.

  • ross1948 14:09 on January 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Top Cop Sigit – Good News For Indonesia’s Pluralist Good Name! 

    So President Jokowi has nominated the Criminal Investigation Agency’s General Listyo Sigit Prabowo as the new National Police Chief?


    Karir Moncer Dan Bekal Jaringan, Modal Komjen Listyo Sigit Rebut Kursi  Kapolri

    General Sigit


    One could compare him to some of his predecessors and draw mre than a few interesting conclusions…


    Indonesia’s Top Cop Calls IslamoNazi Gang ‘Very Tolerant!’ 

    Hasil gambar untuk tito karnavian

    National Police Chief Tito Karnavian

    According to Tito, their activities like that he attended will get rid of the ugly stigma of the FPI as “radical and militant synonymous with violence and intolerance….FPI is an Islamic organization so very tolerant of other religions,” he addedVideo Viral, Tito Karnavian: FPI Ormas Islam yang Sangat Toleran



    National Police Chief Pradopo, taking coffee with FPI’s sectarian fanatics

    Top Cop Pradopo, Friend of Fanatics, Under Pressure from All Sides


    …but that’s not my purpose today.

    Thing is, in this 90% Muslim country, Jokowi has picked a Christian, a Catholic, to be precise, and that has caused a lot of comment. 

    What I’d like to look at is an article in Tempo by the Director of the Indonesia Intelligence Institute, Ridlwan Habib.

    He says there are three groups hostile to the appointment, one of which fears his reputation as an honest cop, who would enforce the law strictly and indiscriminately.

    Another is an intolerant group that plays the narrative of SARA. SARA here in Indonesia is an acronym that means playing on the differences between Indonesia’s many ethnic and religious groups to incite discord.

    The third group consists of JI, JAD, and pro-ISIS factions, such as MIT. They justify taking the lives of police because they are considered ‘thaghut..’ “


    Thatghut basically means ‘heathen,’ and, to savage scum like the terror gangs mentioned, it’s open season on anyone who’s ‘heathen!’

    Obviously, that third group is a clear and present danger, but I find the second category more noisome. 



    Why on earth would anyone worry about how a cop worships God?

    It’s firstly nobody’s business but his own, but if, as seems to be the case, he’s a good cop, he deserves the job, be he Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Confucian – those are Indonesia’s recognised creeds.

    I’d say even if a man – or woman – were none of those, if he or she’s qualified, let him or her get on with it.

    To any Islamopohobes who take issue, let me put forward a Canadian hypothesis.

    Suppose you’re asked who you’d prefer a Prime Minister of Canada?

    Two hypothetical choices. 

    One, the current incumbent, Pretty Boy Turdo….


    ….with his vile record of seeking excuses for dirty terrorist swine like the Boston Marathon Bombers…

    …or Tarek Fateh, the best kind of Canadian!

    A Muslim Voice of Reason .


    Tarek Fateh


    …who also draws his share of SARA, in Ottawa.

    “Arrogant, Mean-Spirited, Petty!” A Good Muslim Dissed By Bigots!

    • Mort 14:22 on January 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      This is very interesting and I find myself in full agreement with what you say.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 19:11 on January 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Good one, Ross.
      It looks like this man is the right man for the job.

      You even managed to get Pretty Boy into the story!


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