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  • ross1948 10:38 pm on May 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Poor Sick Canada – Mother’s Day Outlawed By BC School! 

    Another intolerant, indeed almost inexplicable, blow to traditional values in Canada, where some sicko school-boss has warned kids not to expect any Mother’s Day or Father’s Day activity within school premises.


    Unfortunately, the pathetic klutz who sent that note is not identified, but I feel the clowns in charge at Albert McMahon Elementary School, British Columbia (is it BC still, or changed to PC?!) should be made to explain themselves, which the note doesn’t…


    Albert McMahon building picture


    …unless we accept this ludicrous statement, that it’s a bid to ensure that all students, including those without traditional nuclear families, felt positive about their own family arrangements, whatever they may entail.  http://honey.nine.com.au/2017/05/05/14/33/school-in-canada-cancels-mothers-day-so-kids-without-mums-dont-miss-out/

    What decadent hogwash.

    Of course not every student has a mum and a dad.

    Sadly sometimes they have no parents and are being looked after by grandparents or aunts or elder siblings.

    Such exceptions to the rule have always existed and have never been made an excuse for outlawing those important Days.

    Sounds to me like it’s yet another bit of cheer-leading by those who detest family values.

    If you agree, tell the school.

    Here’s their contact details.


    Albert McMahon Elementary
    32865 Cherry Avenue
    Mission, BC, Canada
    V2V 2V1

    Tel: (604) 826-0274

    Fax: (604) 826-1760

    Principal Hardeep Grewal
    Vice Principal Cyndie Anderson

    Secretary: Crystal Mulholland

    • Dalton Jarvis 11:34 pm on May 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Boy if all this ‘inclusive’ BS isnt just an excuse to swipe traditions everybody liked and respected.
      Nuts to that.
      I think some school in New York did this, where else?
      My dad died when I was still in school but I never had any envy or grudge against my friends who were making Fathers Day cards and things like that.
      I will take your tip and email this school principal and tell them what I think.

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    Moronic Manitoba Outlaws ‘ASIMIL8’ – Why? Hurt Feelings! 

    Manitoba’s public insurance company has revoked a Star Trek inspired custom licence plate after receiving complaints that it’s offensive.

    Nick Troller’s two-year-old plate reads


    Apparently, according to the victim, it’s a reference to the cyborg villains who bellowed “you will be assimilated” on various Star Trek series and movies.


    Nick Troller's revoked license plate


    I haven’t been a Star Trek fan since Captain Kirk was on black and white tv, but that doesn’t matter.

    Mr Troller was served with a letter that states:

    “…it has been brought to the attention of this office that the personalized plate ASIMIL8 is considered offensive.” 


    What’s offensive about assimilation?

    And who gives a sh-t if some lame-brain gets ‘offended’ by something that is none of his or her business, another citizen’s witty licence plate?

    Nobody forces us to peruse license plates, unless we’re in a road accident, and then it’s not FEELINGS getting hurt! 



    But nowadays, in Manitoba (which used to be a very sensible province) the authorities practice serious tantrum prevention!


    Gambar terkait


    The letter demanded that he “surrender” the plate immediately.

     My first response was that any lame-brained dorks who complained were most likely to be pampered millennials, leftist sticky-beak creeps who have nothing better to do than wander round town all day desperately seeking ‘hurt feelings.’

    But maybe not!

    There’s a rather well-off character, ‘aboriginal,’ it seems, though he doesn’t look very Red Indian and in fact has an Irish surname…




    and Ry Moran is among those who agree with MPI that the word “assimilate” is too offensive to be on a licence plate. 

    For basically the entirety of this country’s history, indigenous peoples have been forcibly assimilated through really extremely destructive means and ways.”

    Oh For Pete’s Sakes!

    He’s done okay out of being assimilated! Imagine using hoary grudges as an excuse for state censorship!

    Assimilation should be a national policy in Canada. All those primitives caught committing so-called ‘honour’ killings? All those backward wretches in burkas?


    There’s a DESPERATE need for such aliens to be taught that they live in a civilised country where their barbarous ‘cultures’ are unwelcome.

    Thanks to PJ Media for publicising this.



    I couldn’t agree more with their Tom Knighton, who says that if this kind of nonsense continues, and people are bullied into submission by the state, then while public discourse will be far more civil in appearance, it wouldn’t be due to sudden magnanimity.

    We would simply be living in fear. Popular, uncontroversial speech has never needed protection, after all. And until now, neither did ridiculously misinterpreted language


    • Ivan 1:40 am on May 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I get so P++SED off with these sub-standards always whining about how offended things make them feel.
      I couldn’t care less if their feelings are hurt. They are not little babies in play-groups, are they? Grown up people get offended then get over it.
      You hit the bulls-eye about the primitives in burqas and all the other rubbish in this country who won’t assimilate. Why come to Canada if they want to be alien?
      My family came from a long way away over fifty years ago and we were more than happy to become Canadian.

    • Arnold 8:37 pm on May 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      We got along well enough with the Indians here in Canada until the left started teaching them to exploit the stupid liberal human rights BS. Then what happened in Ontario with that Caledonia crowd changed everything and now its kind of poisonous.

      You are right though, ASIMIL8 is 100% what the primitive Middle East Pakistan/Somalia immigrants need to do.

      I think that I must be not much different in age from you Ross.. I sure am glad I wont be around in twenty or thirty years to see what happens to our country once its total multicultural. Real Canadians wont get much of a hearing from Human Rights Courts or will it be shariah courts by then.

      Thanks for all the good work you do, I have just about given up but it is great to see some of us still fighting back.

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    Another Petition? Defend A Canadian Pastor Against Red Persecution! 

    As ever, I’m happy to give space to petitions in support of a good cause!



    The North Korean government (DPRK) has imprisoned yet another person who is guilty of nothing more than practicing a faith besides the worship of their Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un.

    On December 16, 2015, Reverend Hyeon Soo Lim was given a sentence of life imprisonment with hard labor for trumped up charges of harming the dignity of the supreme leader, trying to use religion to destroy the North Korean system, and helping US and South Korean authorities abduct North Korean citizens.

    Even though Reverend Lim appeared to admit to the charges brought against him in a state propaganda video issued by North Korea, there is strong evidence that he was coerced into doing so.

    Many former North Korean prisoners who have been captured and tortured by the government report being forced into making similar statements and confessing guilt to crimes they did not commit.

    The DPRK claims that Reverend Lim used his visits to provide humanitarian aid as cover for his secret plans to undermine the social system and overthrow the North Korean government. There is no evidence of this and he had completed over 100 of these trips without incidence.  

    North Korea has a horrific track record of imprisoning Christians like Reverend Lim for no more reason than a hatred of Christianity and a fear that it will undermine their iron grip on their people.

    Testimony given by Reverend Lim’s family and church community in Canada to news outlets make it clear that Reverend Lim was motivated by nothing more than his desire to bring help, relief, and care to the people of North Korea. Moreover, Reverend Lim’s advanced age and fragile health make his continued stay in prison very dangerous.

    howyoucanhelp-resized-600-1.jpgHyeonSoo Lim-1.jpg

    We want to show the Pastor Lim and other believers held captive in North Korea that they are not forgotten. To spread the word about this inhumane imprisoning of an elderly pastor, please:

    1. Fill out the form above to electronically sign this petition. 

    2. Tweet about the plight of Pastor Lim by using the hashtag: #bringlimhome

    3. Visit and like our ICC Facebook page here. This will raise awareness and show support for Reverend Lim.



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    George Soros, Hungary…And The American Deep State? 

    It’s a measure of how few governments have any serious interest in challenging true threats that once more we find ourselves congratulating Hungary.

    • Gambar terkait
    • These words of praise arise in response to the news that a Sorosoid lair  – or, as EUObs prefers, ‘an intellectual hub’ – in Budapest is in a terrible tizzy because of what the ‘intellectuals‘ say is the Hungarian government’s attempt to shut it down.

    The Central European University’s Rector, Michael Ignatieff indulged in a fine old rant last week. 

    “We will never close this university, we will maintain the continuity of our academic programs no matter what…CEU will resolve to all available legal remedies if it is passed!”

    The arrogant academic is telling the democratically elected government that the draft law has to be scrapped…


    Hasil gambar untuk michael ignatieff ceu


    Funnily enough, there’s no mention of the Canadian Ignatieff’s left-liberal politics – he was a wannabe prime minister and is a known champion of ‘migrants.’

    He has not hesitated to use his university position to pontificate on the issue. https://www.ceu.edu/article/2016-01-28/michael-ignatieff-right-have-rights-migrants-refugees-and-duties-states-ceu

    Hungary argues that the proposed reform is necessary because it had learned that no less than 28 foreign-linked universities were operating “unlawfully”.

    BalogZoltanFotoThalerTamas (crop).JPG

    Zoltan Boltag


    Zoltan Boltag, Minister of Human Resources, who is not only a politician but a Protestant pastor, has spoken plainly on the reasons for the government’s moves – the bill was prompted by “national security considerations” and the needs to ensure that the university courses meet “foreign policy priorities.”

    And the government’s concern about foreign policy seems to be justified, because the American Embassy in Budapest has jumped straight into Hungary’s internal affairs, issuing a statement declaring that CEU enjoys strong bipartisan support in the US government. 

    “The United States opposes any effort to compromise the operations or independence of the university.”

    So how come this matter, quite clearly none of America’s business, is being turned into an international incident by blow-hard diplomacy on the part of the USA?

    We know that, under Obama misrule, the US Embassy in Budapest aligned itself with very unwholesome elements  Embassies issue joint statement celebrating Budapest Pride  …

    …so it may be that the Trump Administration needs to clean out the dead-beats there.



    Are there ‘Deep State’ creeps still running the show within that diplomatic outpost? 

    As we read on, we get a clue.

    It is a major and symbolic postgraduate institution founded by Soros…



    ….who has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into central and eastern Europe


    We have seen that menace’s name before, not just in Hungary…- Now It’s Hungary! Soros Subversives Exposed Again! but elsewhere in Europe–  Smash The Sorosoids! Macedonia Stands Up To Evil! …and never for doing good, only for funding far-left agitprop outfits, and NOT only in Europe!

    • Soros has woven a web of influential left-wing operations, including Media Matters and Center for American Progress, that advance his socialist ideology.
    • He has financial ties to America’s most well-known media personalities, including CNN’s David Gergen and Christiane Amanpour.
    • To the tune of $6.4 million, Soros has worked behind the scenes to fund smear campaigns against 2016 conservative presidential hopefuls Rick Perry, Scott Walker, and Bobby Jindal.
    • He has funneled millions of dollars into journalism schools and more than 180 media outlets across the nation.

    Stop The Sorosoids? Here’s One Way!


    But sensible countries are stepping up to the subversive plutocrat’s intrusions – none more so than Hungary’s.

    The targeting of CEU’s is seen as part of a wider crackdown by the Orban government on organisations linked or funded by Hungarian-American financier Soros.

    In January, a top official from Orban’s ruling party said that NGOs funded by Soros should be “swept out” of the country.

    As one expects, EUObs can’t report this kind of issue objectively

    If CEU is forced out, it would be a major blow to Hungary’s reputation and to higher education in the country.

    No, it wouldn’t.

    If CEU is using its presence in Budapest to pump liberalism into the minds of young Hungarians, damn right it should be sent packing. 



    And guess which other unwholesome institution and which lousy leftist sticky-beak have been sniffing around this contrived controversy? 


    According to a source, commission vice-president Frans Timmermans raised the issue…


    Brussels Bully Backs Off – Salute Those Valiant Poles! 

    Yes, we remember him well!.

    (More …)

    • Martin Kincaide 7:37 pm on April 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I hope Trump does step into this and calls off his diplomats. By now if not before, surely he knows they are most if not all of them Deep Staters, internationalists, CFR people.
      He met the Egyptian President today and a good thing too. He needs to listen to a man who can tell him all about the Muslim Brotherhood and why it should go on the designated terrorist list.
      While it is easy to get that the MB are hostiles, the Sorosoids are too and they are much more dangerous..
      If only every country had leadership as honest and brave as Hungary’s!.

    • Dan Markow 9:28 pm on April 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Soros was convicted in a court of law, wasn’t he? Some insider trading case?
      He is a real menace.
      America should strip him of citizenship and send him back to Hungary, where they’d know how to deal with him.

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    Quebec Mosque Attack – Not ‘Islamophobes’ But Islamists? 

    A lot of minor media are reporting that the perpetrators of the Quebec mosque shooting are NOT anti-Muslim, but Islamist fanatics with Syrian ‘refugee’ connections.


    • devil destroyed
    • ———————–
    • The authorities declined to reveal their names, even though they had been promptly captured.
    • So l already suspected that there was something going on that might interfere with the dishonest spin at once applied to the atrocity by Justin Turdo.
    • ————–
    • JustinTrudeau


    The ‘Pretty Boy’ Prime Minister infamously tried to make excuses for the Boston Bombers…

    Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 

    …so let’s wait and see how he wriggles if the rumours are true.


    • Arnold 1:11 am on January 31, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I have been going around the news sites and see the police are still concealing the identity of the man detained for the crime.

      They have given out his age and that he’s a student at a Quebec university but it looks like the order has come down to keep quiet as long as possible.

    • Thomas Timmons 1:44 am on January 31, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You have been very fastidious about this, wisely, I think.
      Softly, softly, catchee …what?

      I see some of our British media are failing to report that the shooter was shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ as he killed the people in the Canadian mosque.

      My own first thoughts were of the murder of that Labour MP, a crime which almost seemed calculated to derail our Brexit campaign. It was a ‘rightwing extremist’ who was convicted, but what he did was help the leftwing pro-Brussels cause.
      Did he really commit his crime all by himself?.
      Don’t forget the behaviour of the judge in the case.
      After the verdicts were read out, Mair, who had refused to enter a plea and did not put forward a defence, said he wished to address the court, but the judge refused to give him permission.
      The murderer might have caused turmoil if he spoke up about who put him up to these horrible crimes.

      Now, at a time when the left is rampaging against Trump for his ‘Muslim ban’ (which is not a Muslim ban, as you have explained ) this mass-murder in a mosque is exactly what the left can latch onto as a propaganda weapon to wield against Trump.

      The cover-up of the names of those two people, killer or witness or whoever they are, cannot last much longer and I am going to be very interested not only in the facts but in the Canadian police’s excuses for hiding facts for as long as they did. .

    • Mort 2:36 am on January 31, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It’s pretty fishy what those cops are covering up in Quebec, but like you, most of us are waiting to see what they say when they finally do get round to saying it.
      But we know that whatever they say, CNN and the rest will by now have the script written, and one ‘journalist ( I wouldn’t call him that, but he does) has kicked off already.

      ‘Too early to know if Quebec mosque shooting was perpetrated by right-wing extremists. If it was, then this is result of Trump rhetoric.’ http://theresurgent.com/journalist-conor-mccormick-conormichael28-prospectively-blames-donald-trump-for-a-mosque-shooting/

      That comes from a drip called Conor McCormick. He’s bound to be a senior editor soon!

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    Canada’s Girls Fall Prey To Turdo’s ‘Refugee’ Sex-Predators! 

    We have kept up fairly continuous coverage of the menace imported into Europe by Mama Stasi Merkel.

    merkel danger

    Still the EUSSR has taken no serious action to launch the mass deportations required to quell the savages who, born and raised in so-called ‘cultures’ in which women and girls are held in contempt, forced to cover their heads…




    …refused equal inheritance rights, and  – even within the context of those cultures‘ primitive ‘marriage’ codes – denied the right to multiple spouses which their ever-so-superior men-folk enjoy – such savages NEED to be removed from Europe!.

    Happily for America, President Trump has promised to ratchet up vetting of so-called ‘refugees’ to the level of rigour required.




    This very day, we read that he’s issuing executive orders that should implement this pledge.

    That he’s on the right track is indicated by the fury of the Islamist CAIR pressure group.   http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-immigration-refugees-muslim-countries-sign-executive-orders-iraq-iran-libya-restrict-a7544566.html


    But in Canada, the ghastly Justin Turdo reigns supreme, a creep who appears never to have met an Islamist he hasn’t liked.

    In Turdistan, Decent Muslims Protest Junior’s Jihad Jaunt! 

    • A man who, when jihadist swine murdered and maimed Americans in the Boston Marathon bombing, preferred to mewl and puke about the excuses that might be offered for their heinous crime.


    • JustinTrudeau
    • ——————
    • bleating to anyone dumb enough to listen that we should look at the root causes…
    • ——
    • devil destroyed
    • .
    • … there is no question that this happened because there is someone who feels completely excluded.”

    Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 

    Turdo Junior also objected to the impeccably accurate application of the adjective ‘barbaric’ to the ‘cultures’ we mentioned above.



    The Zero-Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act’ – Canada Tells It Like it Is! 

    Of course we shouldn’t be surprised. 


    castro-trudeau-neanderthal Two faces of evil

    Turdeau and Terrorism – Like Father, Like Son? 

    A real chip off the old block. 

    Young Trudeau: Fascist, anti-Semite, and separatist – Canada.com

    After ‘cutting corners’ on the demented scheme to import 25,000 Syrians –Canada may have to cut corners to meet Syrian refugees target | Reuters – we now learn how Canadian kids are reaping the whirlwind that Turdo has sown.




     Many thanks indeed to the rather attractive Faith Goldy, who works with Ezra Levant on his ‘Rebel’ website, one of the few media in Canada which does not seek to cover up the consequences of current ‘refugee’ policies.


    • rebel-faith-goldy

    Faith Goldy


    • She’s given us an horrific story this month, compiling about a dozen reports, based on over three thousand pages of documents, covering five different Canadian provinces on the topic of Syrian students abusing their peers.

    EXCLUSIVE: Syrian Refugee School Sex Attack – The Rebel


    • Predators and Child Molestors
    • Some two-thousand and seven hundred pages of email transactions between teachers, administrators, and school board members painted a picture of ongoing physical abuse and sexual harassment within their walls:
    • Syrian migrant students bullying, harassing, and abusing their Canadian peers, VISIT SchoolyardScandal.com

    European readers will feel sympathy for those poor children.

    Empathy, indeed!

    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden

    Austrians Face Rising Tide Of ‘Asylum’ Crime! 

    Poor Little Unaccompanied Minor Migrants 

    “Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair

    But they will NOT be surprised. 

    Only yesterday, British media, more honest than Canada’s, some of them, revealed the spiralling nightmare in one of Europe’s most cruelly afflicted countries…


    ….where female workers at Sweden’s largest shopping centre are living in constant fear of verbal assaults and sex attacks…Swedish women ‘terrified of sex attacks’ 


    Hasil gambar untuk dozen reports, based on over three thousand pages of documents, covering five different Canadian provinces on the topic of Syrian students abusing their peers


    • Leo Cozijn 12:15 am on January 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      *When will you bring out your own dictionary (kamus)? My guess is you will be laughed out of the room in any civilized country.*

      • JazPen 9:20 am on January 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        I sometimes wish I had as good a vocabulary as Ross, lots of good words that sometimes make me grab a dictionary (kamus) and I find that he has used the word correctly.
        He has better grammar than the Jakarta Post often uses, even though they have a budget of millions.
        I think Mr. Cozijn can criticise what Ross says and I do that too sometimes.
        Even so, I think HOW he says it makes his blog more interesting to read..
        Congratulations, Ross, on getting up so early. I hope you get your new dispenser.

      • Santi 9:43 am on January 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        I do not always understand about the European problems but I get much help with my english language because I read the blog writing that Ross is good at.
        Many new words and the grammar I think is good too. I am not yet so clever as I hope to become but he already helps me a lot.

        • Herawati 11:02 am on January 28, 2017 Permalink

          Santi is same like me, learns English from Mister Ross maybe 10 years before in school now I enjoy his blog and learn much.
          This Mister Cosines is Dutchman, so why is he now expert on English dictionaries. .,

      • Mort 10:06 am on January 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Very weak, Mr. Cozijn.
        You think Ross needs a dictionary? So tell us which words has he got wrong?
        Like we say in the USA, put up or shut up!

      • Drew M 12:47 pm on January 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        You never offer any alternative to the ideas you don’t like, Leo!. always the same, your ‘sickening negativism.’
        You should try to do some serious thinking, come up with constructive proposals.

    • Arnold 5:30 pm on January 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Leo Cozijn can have a fit about dictionary problems if he likes. What ‘civilised countries’ does he mean, because the more of these people come in, the less civilised Canada will be.
      The really important thing you said is not about the bad so-called refugees. \

      The main problem is the dishonesty of most media who won’t cover all these true facts that Faith Goldy and Ezra Levant are exposing.
      Why is the Canadian media not on the Canadian victims side.

      Trudeaumania I am old enough to remember in the 1960s when they did the same for Justin’s bad dad. It is not a nice experience to have to live through it again.

      • Keith Lewen 10:59 am on January 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        So right, buddy. Canada was doing just fine, thanks, as a country with English and French cultures, but this multicutur is disastrous. It’s not like its about having Asian restaurants, we like that.
        It’s the arrogance.
        They spent years telling us Christianity has no place in public schools, now Toronto’s given Muslims exclusive right to do just that.

    • Leo Cozijn 6:44 pm on January 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I never suggested mr. Ross doesn’t write proper English. I was talking about the use of his self-made words,like crimmigrant or gaystapo for example.

      • Ernie Hutzmann 7:23 am on January 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Engage brain before opening trap.
        A good little motto you might want to try out, Mr. Cozijn.
        If you take a run through the search engines like Google, you can see that plenty of other sites, even academic sites, not just Ross, use both those words and Ross did not invent them

        Sorry, Ross, I know you thought you had coined ‘crimmigrant’ but it was around before you got started.
        But you certainly made the word popular and that’s something of an achievement for a small blog.
        You also got some Brownie points among Australians for combining two old words to make a very catchy term. ‘boat-bludgers’ – to describe the bogus ‘asylum refugees’ who were getting into Australia by sea, until Tony Abbott fixed things.

        • ross1948 12:00 pm on January 29, 2017 Permalink

          You’re quite correct, Ernie.
          I honestly believed I had created ‘crimmigrant’ and was briefly proud, but later learned.some unknown soldier of the counter-revolution had anticipated me.
          As for ‘gaystapo,’ it has long been popular, because it portrays the true nature of what decent people are up against.
          I am amazed at how this little matter generated more comments than most.
          Have a nice Sunday, everyone – even Leo!

      • Mort 8:38 am on January 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Not quite true, sir.
        Both words are common on many other media and not only conservative media.

  • ross1948 9:08 am on November 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Turdo Out, Tsipras In – Havana’s Basket of Deplorables! 

    Up early today, well-rested after a day of indolence yesterday, with an attentive visitor well-versed in cookery.

    So now tuned into France24, and heard that Justin Turdo is skipping the ceremonies organised in Havana to bid farewell to Fidel on his journey to eternal hellfire, despite his effusive tribute to Castro in the wake of his death.


    Pretty Boy’s as rotten as his dear old dad, but not as bold – Pierre would have gone, as Castro did to Pierre’s ten years ago.


    • castro-trudeau-neanderthal
    • ———–
    • This time round, in timorous fashion, Turdo Junior has sent the Governor General, the Queen’s Canadian stand-in, who constitutionally has to oblige.
    • Part of the Turdo Dynasty’s on-going project to demean the monarchy?
    • Neither will Obummer be there, though he’s playing coy about whom he’ll send.  
    • “The president will not be travelling to attend the funeral ..” said a spokesman, stopping short of revealing who would lead the US delegation.

    However, my curiosity was piqued.

    Every government with diplomatic relations has to acknowledge the tyrant’s obsequies, but only those with no sense of decency would send a head of state to weep over evil.

    Needless to say, a basket of deplorables ( nice turn of phrase, so I shamelessly borrow it!) will be there, mangy marxists like Maduro of Venezuela, plus other Latin American leftists.

    Plus South Africa’s ghastly Zuma.

    But let’s look at Europe.


    • Martin+McGuinness+UK+Prime+Minister+Theresa+WD7OZTrWDp_l
    • —-
    • Although she evidently sees nothing wrong with shaking the blood-stained hand of live murderous brutes, like Sinn Fein/IRA’s McGuinness, the British PM, Theresa May, has said nothing about the dead despot, and is sending an insignificant minister, Alan Duncan.
    • NB – McGuinness’s satanic comrade,  Gerry Adams, president of Sinn Féin...


    adams murders

    – the Irish political party long associated with the IRA..

    Terror Gang Leader Adams, Complicit in Child Molesting – ‘A Man Sent by God?’   .

    …is going!

    Since Castro opted for cremation, any stench in the vicinity will be from that rancid republican.

    Hollande, despite his enthusiasm for Castro’s imprisoned island, is staying home, maybe stressed out over his unpopularity as he mulls running for another term.

    But Red Tsipras showed up, and NO SURPRISE AT ALL.


    • A Greek who shows contempt for his own Greek people…

    Tear-Gas Greeks, Welcome Crimmigrants! Marxist Tsipras, Brussels’ Tool! 

    ….of course won’t hesitate to mourn publicly a Cuban who spent his life oppressing Cubans.



  • ross1948 4:15 pm on November 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    If We Win Tomorrow, Will Lard-Ass Haul Ass? 

    Just read this rather nifty article on the spiked.com site, a place where some of the handful of honest lefties left in Britain can be found.



    It’s all about the biggest phoney in America – maybe: there are so many in the Corrupt Clinton camp – namely Loathesome Lard-Ass, the multi-millionaire who masquerades as a common man, with his parodic scruff-bag gear and his foul mouth.

    This mockery of how working- men speak and act incenses many of us, not least me…

    ..but the article focuses on his new film –

    Michael Moore: the Leni Riefenstahl of the Hillary campaign –

     –  which the author analyses as something like an expression of Lard-Ass’s sexual hang-ups about Billy-Boy’s neglected spouse. Very odd – I never knew myopia was one of Lard-Ass’s many afflictions.




    I have only ever savoured anything Lard-Ass had to say and that was a week or so ago, when he confessed to being seriously worried that The Donald could still win – he was saying this despite the carefully orchestrated eruption of aged bimbos improbably claiming Trump had made a grab for them.

    Hasil gambar untuk old hags

    And that was before the emails began to flow again.

    We can do this.

    I say ‘we’ because, although I’m not American, I have friends there, and many readers/allies, all doing their bit in the campaign.

    And that campaign is very much an integral part of a worldwide war, the cultural marxist war on civilisation.   


    .And just think, if Crooked is handed a defeat, various plush parts of America could be deloused almost overnight, if some so-called ‘celebrities keep their word.  https://ca.news.yahoo.com/celebrity/celebs-threatening-leave-u-donald-035813624.html  

    Maybe Loathesome would depart too.

    But I sincerely hope they wouldn’t consider Canada as their place of forlorn, fanatic exile

    That proud Dominion had enough of American run-away low-lifes when those draft-dodging scumbags came crawling across the border forty plus years ago.  


    • Wendy Sternez 6:02 pm on November 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I LIKE that photo of the aged bimbo. She reminds me of that horrible Democrat Pocahontas, Elizabeth Warren.
      not so much in appearance but in the voice you can imagine snarling out of that mouth.
      Yes, we Americans know we have a lot of support around the world and we appreciate it.
      Thanks, buddy.

    • Trish Milnich 6:58 pm on November 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      It’s the same all over the Western world, I think, you Brits have monsters like that man Morrisey, always unpatriotic as you have said yourself. At least I think he’s English.

      How can Clinton really think she benefits from the support of stupid little girls like Katy Perry and dirty-mouths like Beyonce’s husband?
      I suppose they have fans but those kind of air-heads will be voting for Clinton anyway.

  • ross1948 1:48 pm on October 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Canada, , , , , , , , ,   

    In Turdistan, Decent Muslims Protest Junior’s Jihad Jaunt! 

    I don’t cover much news from Canada these days.

    I must be candid and admit this is quite simply due to my revulsion over the fact that, after half a lifetime, there’s once more a Turdo residing at 24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa – that’s the Prime Minister’s Official Residence.


    • The evil Pierre Elliot Trudeau, once a Nazi fellow-traveller, then later Communist Castro’s beloved comrade, did a very effective job of destroying the Dominion with his malevolent multiculturalism…
    • ——–


    …and his Charter, which has made Canada an infinitely less free country than it had previously been, spawning a network of gestapoid ‘rights commissions’ used by left-liberals to torment and silence patriots.

    Turdo Senior is also remembered for how he sent off murderous FLQ terrorists to a safe haven in the enslaved island his comrade Castro ruled.


    • JustinTrudeau


    Now we have his repulsive son, Turdo Junior, in power and just as welcoming to terror swine, embracing the worst kind of Islamist fanatics – CAIR’s Canada branch likes them, so they must be very, very bad.


    He’s now apparently heading off to a grisly get-together whose sponsor was stripped of its federal charity status last year for supporting Hamas, the outlawed terrorist organization.http://conservativefans.com/2016/10/28/justin-trudeau-defends-his-decision-to-attend-islamic-conference-sponsored-by-organization-linked-to-hamas/

    Hasil gambar untuk hamas terror


    This should be no surprise, to anyone who knows of Turd-Boy’s record.

    Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 

    But it’s important that decent Canadians protest loudly.

    The sectarian conclave should be subjected to a mass demo, a picket to expose the Enemy Within involved to public indignation.

    The Conservative Opposition has not even gotten around to electing a new leader after Stephen Harper quit on his election defeat a year ago! Don’t expect much from them.

    But thank God for Canada’s honourable Muslims.


    On Thursday, the Muslim Canadian Congress said it had sent letters to interim Liberal leader Bob Rae and Irwin Cotler, the party’s Justice and Human Rights critic, asking them to encourage Mr. Trudeau to skip the convention.

    The MCC is a shining example of good citizenship.

    Again, I quote their founder, Tarek Fatah, who, in the words below, was talking of another Turdo Junior trip, but his words then are just as relevant today.

    As Tarek says, Turdeau’s hosts represent therole model for ISIS, Hamas, al-Qaida and the Taliban!” Fatah said the Liberal leader would have been better off “denouncing jihad, Sharia and Jew-hatred that is the staple lecture at these mosque sermons.”


    Tarek Tarek


    “For him to pretend this is about meeting with people with whom he disagrees is intellectual dishonesty and playing ethnic politics to the advantage of those who seek Canada’s destruction along with the rest of European civilization, secularism, gender equality and individual liberty.”

    Turdeau and Terrorism – Like Father, Like Son? 

  • ross1948 3:21 pm on October 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , allegations, Canada, Cleveland Indians, , , , media bais, , politicised sports, , , University of Florida,   

    The Derangement of North America! 

    It’s hard some days, deciding what to discuss on this blog, with so much downright derangement going on in the world.

    The big news is covered by many media, so I’ll mostly skip the obvious story, namely why Americans still bother to read or watch the stuff that mainstream hogwash hacks are still churning out about the rising tally of decidedly scary…


    ‘And then he kissed me!’


    • …and often rather old, women, who have suddenly, coincidentally, remembered a Trump snog from all those years back.




    It’s frankly astounding that the media hacks prefer to focus on these unsubstantiated – and surely unsubstantiable – tales from the crypt, whilst pretending that Bill Clinton’s predatory record is no big deal…




    …when it’s been clear for years that Billy-Boy’s horrible wife is up to her neck in the cover-ups, intimidation and all the other unsavoury activities required to save his sordid skin. 


    But let’s leave that and turn to a Canadian story, almost beyond belief, how a pack of uptight pinkos are going to court (seriously!) to stop an American sports team due to play in Toronto from using its regular outfits and logo.


    • ——————–
    • The Cleveland Indians are the freakos’ target, and some freakos are even demanding they change their very name.  Why?
    • Indians, some Indians, are ‘offended’ by that cheery red face, and even by the word ‘Indians,’ because, after all, we all know they are ‘Native Canadians!’
    • What a dismissive slight to all the other genuine natives of Canada, like all my Ontario kin, like Stephen Harper, even Young Turdo in Ottawa, who were born in the Dominion and thus are, of course, native Canadians!  
    • But there are natives and natives.
    • The imbeciles on the Supreme Court elevated the redskin variety to superior status some years ago.  


    Supreme Court’s Racist Hogwash Excuses Red Indian Criminals! 

    Canada is getting nuttier.

    The act of madness when they elected Turdo Junior as PM seems to have released every form of imbecility into  public life.

    Harper was infinitely more sensible, but he didn’t do enough, e.g his failure to abolish the kangaroo courts known as ‘Human Rights Commissions,’ another avenue the PC klutzes are haring along in pursuit of funny logos…. the Ontario Human Rights Commissioner wants news outlets to avoid using their opponent’s full name –National Post


    But let’s revert to America for today’s final example of sheer left lunacy.

    The University of Florida is offering ’24/7ounselling’ to students ‘troubled’ by somebody else’s Hallowe’en costume.

    “If you choose to participate in Halloween activities, we encourage you to think about your choices of costumes and themes,” the school wrote. “Some Halloween costumes reinforce stereotypes of particular races, genders, cultures, or religions. Regardless of intent, these costumes can perpetuate negative stereotypes, causing harm and offense to groups of people.”




    Read the whole nonsensical saga, which includes the university authorities’ shocking exhortation to students to turn informer against fellow-students, here.   http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/university-of-florida-offers-students-counseling-after-warning-about-halloween-costumes/article/2604571



     And don’t omit a click on the link within that report, which takes you to the Washington Post – even that bastion of left-libbery seems bemused by the nazi-style witch-hunt against sombrero-wearers at dingbat-run Boudoin College !


    • Gary Martin 11:18 pm on October 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I was listening to Clinton News Network about an hour ago, and heard one of their senior men saying, with a straight face, that there was no anti-Trump media bias conspiracy, Trump’s ‘ludicrous lies’ notwithstanding!
      CNN is bad, with that self-confessed Communist Van Jones on the pay-roll, but the rest are little different. Trump is telling the truth. The US media is overwhelmingly, openly, backing Clinton.
      The media are inciting hate, and the fire-bombing of the GOP office in North Carolina is one inevitable outcome of their hate-campaign. It will probably not be the last.

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