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  • ross1948 11:24 pm on November 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    A Petition For Canadians! 

    This petition originates from Canada…

    ….so I guess only Canadians are eligible to sign it.


    Given my loathing of Turdistan’s ruling class, I am happy to pass it on to my readers in the Dominion.

  • ross1948 11:49 pm on October 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Why? Evil Embraced Yet Again By The CBC! 

    An interesting story, and video, from The Rebel, which confirms what more and more Canadians are beginning to realise – that Pravda Canada, aka the CBC

    Sell Off Red China’s Canadian Media Running-Dog 

    Related image


    Canadian Tax-Funded TV Channel Promotes Red Nazi Antifa 

    …is as lousy as the BBC.


    The report concerns a piece of Somali pig-sh-t named Ahmed Aden Ali, who was exalted by that rotten tax-funded propaganda channel which we have written about often enough…


    …and which actually tried ‘making a case for why Ali should stay in Canada.’ 

    Click here for more…


    EXCLUSIVE: CBC's flattering coverage of violent illegal migrant
was far from reality


    …and ponder the question The Rebel asks…why did the CBC feel the need to write a puff piece about this dangerous criminal in the first place? 

    These dissenters who produced the Rebel report are some of the few honest journalists in the Dominion, so I’m happy to append their appeal.

    P.S. The CBC wants you to believe that people like Ahmed Aden Ali aren’t a threat, but our freedom of information investigation shows just how wrong they are.

    Since we don’t receive any government funding like the CBC and our other mainstream competitors, we rely entirely on our audience to bring you stories like this. To help us fund our independent journalism, please donate at RebelInvestigates.com.

    • Arnold 8:52 am on October 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      CBC is a horribly leftwing biased broadcaster.
      What’s worse, every Canadian pays for it.


  • ross1948 8:22 am on October 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Britain, Canada, Oz Should Follow This Example! 

    An excellent move by Donald Trump, or rather another excellent move, for he has already done so much to meet his pledge to make America great again…



    ….but I refer today to his resuscitation of that wise old American policy of keeping out communists.


    There have long been laws, gathering dust in the USA statute book, which state quite clearly that any alien who has ever been a member or affiliate of a Communist Party is “inadmissible” for immigration into the United States. ( see USCIS Policy Manual)



    There are exceptions allowed, for anyone forced to enrol in CP ranks, etc. and, notably, for people with a conscience, i.e. who quit and then “actively opposed the doctrine, program, principles, and ideology…”

    …but that’s fair enough.

    If they have seen the light and understand that the only good communist is a dead one, they are likely to be a boon to any society.

    The point my headline makes is that it’s long overdue that countries inundated with ‘students’ from Red China, or any Chinese who refuse to repudiate the evil dogmas of marxism and/or their bare-faced support for the totalitarian tyrant in Beijing…



    …should be doing what the Trump Administration has just done.

    If you cherish your country’s freedom, then – do all you can to keep your country unpolluted, and cleanse it of plague-carriers you find within it borders, vermin of whom Canada has a surfeit…

    Don’t Confuse Good Chinese-Canadians With Red Scum! 

    VANCOUVER, BC., August 18, 2019 - Scenes from a rally outside the Chinese consulate to protest against "police brutality" against pro-Hong Kong supporters by police in Hong Kong as well as pro China demonstrators, in Vancouver, BC., August 18, 2019. (NICK PROCAYLO/PNG) 00058411A ORG XMIT: 00058411A [PNG Merlin Archive]

    Pro-Communist ratbags soil a Canadian street

    “This is Canada! Go back to China!” 


    …..and Australia too.

    Look at these red vermin in Oz, fanatic, snarling adherents of Beijing’s Adolf the Pooh….


    Image result for pro-beijing sydney

    …although in Oz, unlike Canada, senior politicians do seem to have a grasp of reality. 

    Well Said, Dutton! Communists Are Vermin! 


    And don’t forget the UK, where Red Chinese louts at a university in Manchester confronted decent young Chinese protesters on the Hong Kong democracy issue


    Every single individual who comes from Red China, knocking on the door of any Western democracy, should be subjected to the most rigorous vetting…

    ….and before obtaining any sort of visa, must be required to sign a declaration of detestation and contempt for the doctrines of Karl Marx.

    It’s only a pity that home-grown disciples of that demonic prophet cannot be deported to lands where his evil holds sway.


    • Arnold 8:12 pm on October 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      If Canada had started throwing out communists in the 1960s, Pretty Boy Turdo’s daddy would have wound up in Cuba with his terrorist FLQ buddies.


  • ross1948 9:55 pm on August 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Canadian Petition – Defend The Heritage! 

    I recently had something to say about desecration of statues and the need for Canadians to fight back.


    It turns out that some of them are!


    Tell the police – protect our monuments!

    Antifa radicals in Montreal have brought down the historic statue of John A. Macdonald. 

    And the Montreal police officers were nowhere to be found.


    This statue had stood in Montreal since 1895.  For well over a 100 years, it stood. Until Antifa radicals brought it down. 

    Just a few weeks after Montreal’s left-wing mayor said she was open to defunding the police, one of our country’s oldest monuments was brought down with no police officers in sight. 

    This must stop. 

    These radical activists are taking over our cities and destroying them. 

    We deserve better. Our history deserves better.

    Police in Canada must defend our historic monuments and fight back against violent Antifa radicals. Sign if you agree!


    Sign if you agree police in Canada must defend our historic monuments and fight back against violent Antifa radicals:


  • ross1948 7:19 pm on August 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Flog The Scum Who Felled Sir John! 

    The disgraceful desecration of Sir John’s statue in Montreal is bad enough…


    Sir John A Macdonald, first Canadian PM

    ….but the fact that no arrests have been made is infinitely worse.

    Are the police there genuinely slack, or are they led by crawlers like the multicultist slug who runs England’s Bristol constabulary?

    Police-State UK? Don’t Dare Say It’s OK To Be White! 

    Avon and Somerset Police Superintendent Andy Bennett said the action was“inexplicable and unacceptable,” and that the police treat “any reported hate crime with the utmost seriousness.” 


    Bad Cop Bennett – hope that’s his resignation letter!


    Bennett’s the klutz who ordered his officers to stand back and watch a mob of BLM scumbags commit criminal damage in Bristol.

    C’mon, Brits In Bristol! Fire Superintendent Slug! 

    But let’s get back to Canada!

    There must be witnesses?

    If they won’t come forward out of civic duty, then offer a reward?

    How about a Go-Fund effort to raise the money?

    And who wants to start a guessing game as to the background/origin of the perps, or, as the CBC bias cess-pool insists on calling them, ‘activists!’


    I’d say it’s much more likely that, rather than Red Indians, the criminals are red nazi antifa…


    ..spoilt whelps, pampered white cultural marxist college brats!

    We know their sort abhor democracy, no way would they leave it to elected representatives to decide if the statue should stay up or come down.

    We know that because one of their sort, holding mayoral  office on the far side of Canada, a nasty authoritarian vixen named Comrade Helps, once kindly told us so!


    Gambar terkait


    The reason we’re not doing a big public consultation on the statue per se is it would become a debate about do we keep the statue or do we remove the statue?”

    Victoria, BC – Pinko Mayor Scorns Democracy! 


    Ontario TeachersTalk Tripe On Sir John A MacDonald 

    Or perhaps one of the asinine imbeciles currently poisoning young minds in Ontario schools?

    Whoever it is, they should be publicly flogged!

    • Arnold 7:31 pm on August 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Heartily agree, Ross, but even principals in schools nowadays dare not take a belt to young hoods, or the principals would be prosecuted!
      I feel sorry for the people in Bristol. A lousy cop like that would do well in Canada, though,


    • Marty N 7:46 pm on August 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I like your thinking and the way you say it.
      I wish all these criminals could be caught and given a beating but Canada law is weak as a kitten.
      In Sir Johns time they knew what to do with criminals, not anymore.


  • ross1948 7:24 pm on August 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    New Coven-Witch Petroff – Worse Than The Maitlis? 

    Since the BBC did not put her name on the screen yesterday, we spelt both Alanna Petroff’s first and last names incorrectly…

    ..BBC seemed ambivalent about telling us whether the freako has a penis or not, their Warsaw correspondent, Alana Petrov, an American, judging by her accent, insisting on referring to it as ‘Margo

    Poland’s Opposition Freaks Out – In Their True Colours! 

    ….but if that merits an apology, it’s the only one she’s getting.

    Her rancid pro-pervert bias was bad enough for us to notice and mention, but we were focused on the events, not the BBC propagandist.

    However, having had comments come in from readers who also watched that report, and were appalled, we felt that a second look, or listen, rather, would not go amiss.

    It turns out she may not be American after all.

    One of her first jobs was with CJCS Stratford, Ontario, a station we farming folk out along the Embro Road used to tune into, back when Canada was a much more civilised country, no multicult…


    no Turdo ( Senior or Junior)…

    ..and no persecution of Christians for telling truths about sin!

    In those halcyon days, queer meant peculiar, not perverted, and we never heard much about any such things in Perth County!

    But Petroff seems to be very keen on queers – she ( almost inevitably!) used to work for CNN and wrote admiringly about rich homos back then.


    But her smarmy, blatant bias expressed so loudly and clearly in that BBC report today makes me think she will soon be, if she is not already…

    TFPC Tarts, Not All Ugly As Emma, But Just As Biased! 

    …a key Coven insider, perhaps another rival to The Maitlis itself!


    BBC’s Beastly Begum-Symp – More Awful Than Maitlis


  • ross1948 8:54 am on July 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Yo, Canada! Fight Saputo! Join Oz War On Appeasement! 

    Having inveighed against the slimy Saputo sell-out to ignoramus BLM activists on the issue of Coon brand cheese, I only learned today that the guilty plutocrats….

    ….present their image as Australian, but in fact they are headquartered in Canada….


    ..so I append below their contact details and urge Canadian readers to protest and boycott.



    BTW, I believe those 1-800 numbers are the best bet in terms of cost- you don’t pay a penny!

    Corporate Headquarters
    Investor Relations 
    Sandy Vassiadis
    Vice President, Communications & Corporate Responsibility
    514-328-3141 / 1-866-648-5902
    Media Inquiries
    Dairy Division (Canada)
    Consumer Services 
    101 Royal Group Crescent, Vaughan, Ontario L4H 1X9
    Sales Services
    Dairy: 1-800-567-7811
    Greater Montréal area (Cheese): 1-800-265-3667
    Greater Québec area (Cheese): 1-800-463-4487
    Western Canada

    I was sent this interesting pictorial protest yesterday.


    Incidentally, I have never seen Coon cheese on sale here in Jakarta, though it’s possible one of the fancy stores in posh Kemang that cater to rich expats may stock it.

    Needless to say, I tend to confine my shopping to more modest places, where my Indonesian neighbours go.

    Whatever, I’ll eschew every Saputo product I can identify!

    • Uncle Oz 9:58 am on July 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Big businesses like Saputo think they can treat Australians as they like.
      If Canadians and other countries join in our protests, maybe we can beat the super-rich.


    • Arnold 11:36 am on July 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I’ll do my best.
      Not sure I ever buy much of their stuff!


      • Marty N 3:35 pm on July 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Much the same as you, Arnold.
        Never used it but I now never will.


  • ross1948 10:27 am on July 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Non-Masked Man Shot Dead By Ontario Cops!. 

    Ever curious, I would be interested to know exactly why this Canadian senior citizen who declined to wear a mask was shot dead by local cops!

    The Ontario Police SIU (the unit that handles press) said that after the shooting, the officers called in “additional resources”, which were brought to the area near Eagle Lake, by the village of Haliburton…

    It seems there were fire-arms in the man’s house…

    …but it’s not clear whether the man had brandished them at the police, or whether he was unarmed during the encounter….

    But if the man attacked the officers first, why didn’t they just say that?


    Anyone got more info?

  • ross1948 12:50 am on July 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Don’t Feel Sorry For Facebook! Election Meddling Exposed! 

    As plutocrats put the boot into Zuckwit, it’s tempting to feel sorry for him, but don’t.



    His geekstapo are a disgrace, and here’s a link to new evidence!


  • ross1948 7:48 am on June 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BLM In Canada – Good Black People NOT Welcome! 

    In Canada too, the Black Lives Matter ‘movement’ is not really about black lives at all but about cultural marxist intolerance!

    Get this!

    “This is simply what happened. It’s the left’s stock in trade to race issues,” he tweeted.

    Kaycee Madu is a government minister in Canada’s Province of Alberta.


    • ……

    Nigerian-born,of humble origins, he has made a success of his life in his new homeland.


    Mr. Madu is a conservative, a member of the United Conservative Party.

    So it’s no surprise that, having been invited to speak at a Black Lives Matter ‘rally,’ the organisers belatedly realised that he was the wrong kind of black!

    ( i.e. one with A a brain, B a conscience, and C loyalty to his country)

    They decided ‘at the last minute he wasn’t welcome.’

    “I had agreed to speak at the event, but was told by organizers that I could not. I respected their wishes and visited friends at Africa Centre instead,” Madu, the UCP’s Municipal Affairs Minister tweeted.


    • Arnold 9:44 am on June 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      In Canada the racism is usually anti-white.
      It’s crazy, when we have a non-white leader of one of the main political parties.
      You should write about our non-white politician Leslyn Lewis, a real conservative trying to win leadership of our main opposition party.


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