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  • ross1948 19:20 on May 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Happy Empire Day – 24th May! 

    Just a moment’s nostalgia for a happier Canada, when freedom reigned hand-in-hand with Her Majesty, in a Dominion where the Red Ensign flew proudly…



    ….and our fire-crackers went off as we sang around the Empire Day bonfires in Perth County, Ontario…



    …as our forefathers sang when they created Canada.

    • Tom Butcher 19:46 on May 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      why do we not celebrate Empire Day??


  • ross1948 22:58 on September 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Canada Slandered – Callous Arabs and Turks Go Un-Condemned! 

    What a pleasant lazy Saturday, a wander to my warteg for brunch – big plate of good Indonesian food, plus a take-away bag for my midnight snack, total bill under Rp.30K – then home, to sunbathe out front, reading a good magazine (more of that in my Sunday blogging!)


    • lazy-sloth-14384269
    • ————————–
    • Then a cheery visitor, who cooked me an arvo meal, then left just a while ago, me settled down to enjoy The Listener, that interesting Canadian crime drama, set in a Toronto I barely recognise as the city I was more familiar with back when one flew in and out via Maltom Airport.  

    They renamed it for Lester Pearson – had it been changed in honour of John Diefenbaker, I’d have been better pleased.


    • Pearson-1 Pearson
    • ================
    • Pearson was called out by my not-too-distant cousin ( by marriage) J. Waldo Monteith MP, during the Flag Debate, when he told Pearson ‘You must be nuts!‘  for suggesting Conservatives abandon the beloved Red Ensign!
    • —————
    • canadaredensignold2
    • ——————
    • Which brings me to the way Canada has been slandered in the hue and cry by pro-crimmigrant propagandists, the very dirty campaign against Harper and his Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.
    • How many cheap-jack hacks have accused Canada of some kind of blame for the child drowned while his family were engaged in illegal activity off the Turkish coast?

    The reality?

    In the words of the boy’s aunt in Vancouver, the treatment of her family in Turkey was “horrible.”


    Instead of targeting the most visible and apparent villains in this drama — the Assad regime in Syria, the Turks, ISIS, Saudi Arabia and Qatar — the Liberals and the NDP sharpened their knives and went after Alexander

    So how much lower than a snake’s belly can Canada’s Liberals and NDP socialists sink?

    The true story is brilliantly told by the kind of Muslim migrant every country needs, Tarek Fateh, a true Canadian patriot I’ve praised before and no doubt will again.


    Tarek Tarek Fateh

    A Muslim Voice of Reason – Khadr May Return, IF………!!!! 


    Tarek tells it like it is. He disposes, lucidly, of the appeasement nonsense and slanderous trash-talk from Turdo and the socialist Mulcair, echoed by the disgraceful Mayor of Calgary, a noisy shrill named Nenshi,  Nenshi lashes out at Chris Alexander on refugee crisis  designed to score political points in the on-going Federal election campaign there. Tarek lets Canadian Kurds speak for themselves, with Hadi Elis, of the Kurdish Community Centre of Toronto laying it on the line.

    “If there is anyone who is guilty of this crime, it is Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar…all those who have refused to embrace hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing war, not Minister Chris Alexander who needs no lectures on compassion by politicians who are catering to the Islamists inside Canada.”

    This is not just one man’s opinion. The oil-rich ratbag realms have been shown up even by the leftist Amensty International – the five Gulf countries—Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain—“have offered zero resettlement places to Syrian refugees.”    http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/09/04/the-middle-east-needs-to-take-care-of-its-own-refugees.html


     Tarek notes how Turkey prefers to dump them in the sea and hope bleeding-heart, guilt-ridden liberal Europeans embrace them and pay for their resettlement.


    • Cameron and Erdogan (1) Erdogan
    • ————–

    Tarek then describes the obvious solution to the situation that has been allowed to develop in the Middle East. 

    Strictly from a management perspective and common sense, Saudi Arabia has the land, the resources and lies in the vicinity of the crisis. The refugees and the Saudis speak the same language and settlement and integration could happen sooner and at a fraction of the cost.

    But it’s far easier to call for the head of Chris Alexander than to be honest and admit the villain in the drama is Saudi Arabia and criticising the Saudis might upset the Islamist vote bank both the Liberals and the NDP covet.    


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