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  • ross1948 21:14 on June 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    China’s Badiucao – More Guts Than Brit-Wimp ‘Banksy!’ 

    A sad anniversary for Chinese patriots, who refuse to let the massacre truth be buried by a regime that boasts of its achievements yet cowers from free elections.




    One example of what’s wrong in China is how the satirist/cartoonist Badiucao..


    Image result for badiucao unmasked


    ..who would be imprisoned, tortured or killed if Beijing’s Reds got hold of him I’m not backing down this time’: Chinese dissident artist Badiucao  has had to hide his face behind a mask for so long.

    I just saw on the news that he’s ripped away the mask and is out in the open, still challenging marxist misrule.

    What a contrast to that wimpy weasel that calls itself ‘Banksy-‘ – male, female, one person, more?

    The very name ‘Banksy’ is redolent of an inarticulate infant’s fumbling efforts while learning to speak!


    Image result for banksy


    No more artistic talent than half the other anti-socials whose daubs deface public and private property in the UK and other countries.

    Yet lionised despite the cowardice, because the message is always…what?

    The word ‘nihilist’ springs to mind!

    Something to think about.

    • Paul Henty 21:26 on June 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Did you see today that Twitter’s far left bosses showed their true colors, censoring many critics of the Red China dictatorship?
      It’s like Google offering that sharia app.
      On everybody’s side but that of Western democracy and with Youtube too, always out to take down patriots.


    • Karen Stone 08:12 on June 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I never ger why ‘Banksy’ is so celebrated.
      My niece in playschool can draw about as well and she isnt ashamed to put her name on her works of art.


    • Barry Haynes 13:02 on June 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It’s not that there is much or any artistic talent that makes him – or them – a hit with the arts left crowd, it’s the total lack of respect for public or private property..
      Anti-socials naturally adore anti-social ‘art’ perpetrated by sneaky vandals


  • ross1948 20:03 on March 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Hurray, Helvetia – Swiss OK With Insults To Erdogan! 

    Just got back from a walkabout, feeling slightly sorry for President Donald Trump, who is having to spend a great deal of time in the undoubtedly disagreeable company of the Bitch of Berlin this weekend.



    I wonder if she’ll lecture him on his legal ‘obligation’ to import crimmigrants, after her own irresponsible admission of around a million with no regard for German visa regulations.  New Book Exposes Merkel As More Coward Than Traitor!  

    On another ‘enemy alien’ issue, given Americans’ constitutional right to free speech,  one hopes she won’t seek to persuade him to follow her craven example on censorship.  

    Zoology Shocker- A Bitch Can Get Lower Than A Snake’s Belly! 

    And THAT leads me onto today’s ‘reasons to be cheerful’ headline….

    stamp-collectors will know that ‘Helvetia’ is the agreed name of multilingual Switzerland


    how the relatively small Swiss Confederation has been showing so much more true grit than the forsworn leader of their mighty German neighbour! 



     The Swiss justice office has refused four requests by Turkey for judicial cooperation over comments posted on social media platforms about President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he deemed offensive.    


    Most of us are sick and tired of the intolerant whining of one ignorant Islamist after another about how ‘offended’ they get when civilised people write or draw or say things that aren’t permissible under their backward codes. 



    • Sure, they can belly-ache as much as they like, but when they set out to intimidate, they need to be slapped down HARD!
    • ======
    • No doubt you were no more aware than I was that the sectarian regime in Ankara has been demanding that Switzerland pursue critics who had ‘insulted’ Erdogan.
    • Heck, that man deserves a lot more four little insults – I’m sure our modest blog has long since passed that total!
    • But whatever – the Head of Information at the Swiss Justice Office, Folco Galli, neatly put the Turks in their place, saying that Switzerland would only be obliged to cooperate if the act concerned was considered a crime in both Turkey and Switzerland!
    Hasil gambar untuk folco Galli
    Eminently fair comment, and better still that Signor Galli spelt out the difference between what happens in European democracies and wannabe caliphates.
     “If similar criticisms had been expressed in Switzerland against a federal councillor in the course of a political debate, they would of course have been tolerated as an expression of free speech.”
    Of course Erdogan is upset.

    The viper can dish it out – as when he called the Dutch of being ‘Nazis’ last week.

    Turkey Sat Out WW2, Now Slanders Dutch Who Fought! 

    But he cannot take it, which is why he’s used what passes for ‘law’ in Turkey against some 2,000 people for supposedly insulting Erdogan through words or cartoons
    And please note, it’s not just insults which the Ankara Ass seeks to suppress in other countries’ media. 
    ‘Don’t you DARE insult me!’
    When Blick published an opinion piece urging Turks to vote NO in Erdolf’s forthcoming referendum, Turkish authorities said the article was “offensive” towards Erdogan and called for Blick to “make amends for the lack of respect shown to our president.”
    Here’s the proper response to such arrogance –



    • Alain Speren 02:22 on March 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Very good that Switzerland is not surrendering to Erdogan. He needs many insults.
      Very good also that the Swiss are shaming Merkel who always goes down on her knees when the Turks start ranting. You make the very relevant point about that comedian she allowed to be put on trial for his funny story about Erdogan sex and animals.
      What a terrible leader she is.

      Let all of us think of new insults for Erdogan and Merkel tomorrow on our rest day.


  • ross1948 00:58 on April 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Filthy Foul-Mouth Islamist Insults Danish Judge! String ‘Em Up! 


    “You should s— my f—ing circumcised d—, Nazi whore,” he said.

    I try to avoid obscenities, so if you want to read the actual words, look at The Local link –http://www.thelocal.dk/20160415/dramatic-day-in-copenhagen-terror-trial

    There’s really no reason why the likes of Mahmoud Rabae should not be put down. And I don’t mean because he’s a foul-mouthed pig.

    He and those other sectarian swine on trial for their role in a murderous outrage in Denmark have made it clear they are utterly unrepentant of their evil.

    After the terrorist attempt on the life of the cartoonist Lars Vilks last year…


    . Cartoonist Vilks


    … which Vilks survived but in which – and in a related attack, on a synagogue the same night – other innocent people died, a trial is now in progress with  Judge Marianne Madsen presiding – she was the target for the vile rant. Another pignoramus, Bhostan Khan Hossein, had this gem of jihadist intolerance to add

     “Those who died were innocent. The cartoonist deserved to die!”

    Enough said, surely. Nobody who thinks a rude drawing merits murder should be allowed to live in a civilised country.  And if they’re convicted of what was done, why allow them to live at all?
    But we are no longer shocked by such savagery, and not by obscene outbursts either.
    What is TRULY horrifying is what The Local tells us about the Danish legal system.
    If found guilty, the four risk life imprisonment, which in Denmark means they would be entitled to a pardoning hearing after 12 years.
    That’s a mockery of justice.
    They should be put to death.
  • ross1948 14:57 on November 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Reassuring French Muslims? How About Reassuring France? 

    I spent the latter part of yesterday watching the continuous updates from Paris, along with my guest, an Indonesian Muslim.

    We were identically appalled at the enormity of the evil that was done by those filthy savages hollering ‘Allahu Akbar.’

    I dare say we both recalled the equally filthy savages at Cikeusik, a few years ago, recorded on video as they bludgeoned three innocent Ahmadi martyrs to death.


    They too hollered the same blasphemous call. 

    And I am utterly confident that my other Muslim friends here are just as disgusted as we were. 

    At least the jihadist scum in Paris got what they deserved and will now be burning in Hell.

    That outcome differentiates the French police from their Indonesian counterparts, who stood back and let the pogrom happen.

    And those Cikeusik pigs eventually arrested got off with slap-on-the-wrist sentences.

    Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 

    However, my guest is long gone now, after making me a great bacon breakfast, BTW, and now the media is rattling on about how Muslims in France need reassurance, that they’ll not all be blamed for the crimes committed by Islamists.

    It would be monstrous if they were blamed. Many of them will share my guest’s views. But there are things that could be done to minimise the risk of an unfair backlash.

    • islamophobia-21


    Condemnations of the atrocity from Islamic leaders have been forthcoming, and are welcome.

    But there is more they could say and do. They could call on their clerics in every mosque to clarify perceived aspects of their creed that alarm everyday French (and other!) folk.

    First, they should be required to denounce any suggestion that ideological allegiance trumps their duty as French citizens. Sectarian solidarity with foreign populations is inadmissable as a reason to criticise their country’s foreign policy.


    • heretics-title


    • Equally important, perhaps, is a clear decree that ‘apostasy’ and/or ‘heresy’ can never be grounds for harm. Every imam should be required, on pain of dismissal from his pulpit, to tell his flock that, just as anyone has the right to convert to Islam, so too anyone is free to convert out of Islam, to another faith, or to none.

    A similar clarion call must be sounded in every mosque, that while the preacher may not like certain cartoons or other depictions of prophets…




    … such dislike should be expressed via sermons, emails to editors or Facebook posts, ALONG WITH an unequivocal injunction against any physical threat to the authors of such drawings. 

    • sexism
    • As for sexism, well, it’s their mosque, so if they can’t abide women worshipping side by side with men, okay, but OUTSIDE, in a free society, no second-class status  may be ascribed to women. 

    Any cleric unwilling to comply with these modest requirements should be excluded from religious premises – in fact, it might be wise to exclude them from France altogether.


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