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  • ross1948 10:37 on September 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Indonesian Clerics Scorn Justice? Not For The First Time! 

    Some people never learn.

    Indonesia’s Catholic Bishops’ Commission of Justice (KKP) and Peace for Migrants and Refuges has rejected the imposition of the death penalty in Indonesia.

    Reading the report on the conference in the Bali news site we often use, we have to acknowledge that the KKP-KWI has done some good work.
    One training programme won legal redress for an underaged child raped in Ruteng, Flores, where a prosecutor refused to impose a 10-year sentence handed down by the courts to the perpetrator.
    Because of public protests that went all the way to the Supreme Court, the man who committed the rape was eventually apprehended and placed behind bars.

    Yes, good the swine was apprehended, but that’s exactly the sort of case where the death penalty would have been entirely appropriate. 

    Yet we have a ‘spokesman’ making the absurd assertion that “killing someone has never solved a problem. “ http://www.balidiscovery.com.



    Bali Bomb Pigs


    Every child-rapist, and every terrorist, put down permanently after conviction, can fairly be said to have solved a problem.

    The filthy brutes will not molest anyone’s children, ever again.

    The fanatic savages will not maim or murder anyone, ever again.


    This is hardly the first time we’ve had that spokesman’s kind of guff from clerics here!

    Many of us remember the long wait for justice, ten years ago, back after the conviction of the Bali Bomb Pigs.

    While most decent people of every faith, and of none, would tune impatiently into the tv news night after night, while tiresome technicalities delayed their despatch to Hell…


    Benny Susetyo


    …we had Benny Susetyo, Secretary of KWI Commission for Interfaith Dialogue, rabbiting that “it is clear that a death sentence would not be able to “reduce” the number of crimes and the brutality of criminals…”


    The execution of three brutal criminals automatically ‘reduces’ their brutality, along with themselves, to zero threat level.

    It also removes three clear and present dangers to society, as far as Indonesia is concerned, because we know that sectarian terrorist vermin are FAR too often released before the sentences they get are served.

    Just think back  to quite recent events.

    Sarinah Attack – Terror Convict, Freed Early, Faces Charges! 

    …and to other cases!


    Hasanuddin the Pig

    Hasanuddin the Pig

    Indonesian Beheaders of Schoolgirls – Poso Pigs Up For Parole Soon? 

    Then think back to Bali – 2007!


    Benny thought  the lives of the scum who did this should be spared?


    When we actually think back to what those jihadist scum did, all those young innocents turned into bloodied corpses, the essential rightness of capital punishment is indisputable…except to Benny!

    I think Amrozi merits life imprisonment not death. It is also a very heavy burden”.

    Not for Amrozi!

    …in the letter signed by the terrorist, he says he is ready to “take up the jihad once again” should he be saved from the execution block…

    INDONESIA Catholics in Indonesia: “No death penalty for Bali terrorists”.

    Hasil gambar untuk nuns with guns


    I often criticise another kind of clerics…Many Islamic Scholars Are ‘Former Prisoners and Thugs!’ Gosh! If WE said that…..so  now that I’ve said my piece about a gathering of pastors, religious figures, laity, nuns, community leaders and other members of the Catholic Church…”

     Let nobody say I am anything but even-handed!

    • Kezia 12:25 on September 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The Bishops are wrong.
      It was a very evil thing the Bali Bombers did and the only way to punish then was to kill them.


    • Wayan 13:58 on September 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You are right and these Catholic clerics are not.
      Any of us in Bali can tell them that it was justice to shoot Amrozi and the other devils.
      I wish President Jokowi will shoot all of them who the police can arrest or it maybe easier and quicker to order police just shoot them. .


    • Prita 14:56 on September 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I was very young when all those people got murdered in Bali but I remember how every person that I could hear talking about it was saying the terorists should die.
      It is also true that very evil people like jihadist should never be allowed from prison like that Sarinah terorist.
      It is very expensive to keep them in prison so better for all reasons to execute.


  • ross1948 13:45 on April 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Dope Francis? That Old Argie’s An Ignorant Hypocrite! 

    The detention centers where Europe-bound refugees are held are like Nazi concentration camps, Pope Francis said Saturday.
    “Refugee camps are concentration camps” because they are so overcrowded, the pontiff said.

    Daft Old Dingbat!

    Were the Allied troops who arrived in Nazi concentration camps in 1945 shocked because they were ‘over-crowded?’


    Gambar terkait

    From my recollections of modern history in high school, there was a bit more to it than that.


    Is there no mechanism for the College of Cardinals to remove this clown? If he isn’t unfrocked, he’ll be unflocked – a bad shepherd can easily lose his sheep, as more and more patriotic Catholics in Italy and France and Hungary and Poland – and elsewhere – wake up to the extent of his betrayal.


    Hasil gambar untuk anti-popes


    Who knows. it may soon be time for an Anti-Pope to emerge. After all, there were once (circa 1400AD) no less than THREE popes claiming supremacy in Europe.

    Ecclesiastical politics matter nothing to me, as a descendant of Protestants who fled Catholic persecution.

    But while I am concerned for the survival of the Western heritage, of which all those countries mentioned above are, like Britain, co-heirs, I am almost more appalled at this oleaginous Argie’s hypocrisy.

    Dope Paul Spurns My Plan – Castelgandolfo, Open To Tourists, NOT ‘Migrants!’ 

    ‘Si, foreigners are welcome there- if they are tourists with money to spend!’


    Besides Castelgandolfo. which I’ve mentioned before, he has other vast acreages, of properties and lands, which could accommodate large numbers of lawless migrants, if the ratbag would only practise what he preaches.

    If he is prepared to accept responsibility for unleashing crimmigrants from detention centres, so be it.

    But let them all, in their hundreds or thousands, be transferred directly to one country…


    Hasil gambar untuk vatican city

    Large walls do surround most of the Vatican’


    ‘Si, foreigners are welcome there- if they are tourists with money to spend!’


    That’ll slash the enormous income the geezer gets from tourists who come to see his Vatican City!

    Best to evacuate the nuns first though.


    Gambar terkait

    .Or arm them!

    • Del Huntston 17:28 on April 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Doesn’t his church in Argentina have large buildings, cathedral, chapels etc. built on land stolen from the native Indians by the Spaniards?
      When he ran the Catholic show in Buenos Aires, did he take any steps to hand back these ill-gotten gains to the natives?
      Or was he the same as all those celebrities in the USA, who make a big deal of their support for justice for ‘Native Americans’ but big fancy mansions on land taken from the tribes?
      Yes I am with you on that idea, herd all the illegals in Italy into his little kingdom in Rome and let the fun begin.


  • ross1948 14:56 on June 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    The Pope’s A Dope – Should Catholics Convert To Buddhism? 

    Tibet has long had grim experience of colonisation by aliens. Thousands of young men of military age have stomped their way into and around that sad country, disrespecting and destroying its culture and way of life.




    So Europeans today should empathise with Tibetans.

    We should listen when its legitimate leader, forced into exile by barbarous adherents of a cruel ideology, talks about Europe’s plight today.




    Dalai Lama says there are ‘too many’ refugees in Europe…



    The spiritual leader of Tibetans was referring to real refugees, presumably – he’s too wise to be conned by all the rubbish about ‘poor, desperate asylum’ wasters, those brutes in the photo above this paragraph.

    So we can bear with him, when he adds –

    “A human being who is a bit more fortunate has the duty to help them. …”

    But he deserves high praise indeed for this next astute observation. 

    “On the other hand, there are too many now …Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country,” he added with a laugh…”Germany is Germany.”

    And so say all the Germans…


    …except Mama Stasis Merkel and her collaborators, bent on pandering to alien parasites.

    And another exception to the good sense rule is that oily old fool, Frances, Bishop of Rome…



    …..whose capacity for spouting hogwash seems to increase weekly, if not daily. 

    Predators and Child Molestors

    ‘Migrants not dangerous but in danger’ Pope Francis tells children

    The Argie cretin appears oblivious to the sex-predator risks brought into Europe by Mama’s crimmigrants – German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates!  – to whom pedophilia is a cherished part of their vile ‘culture.’

    Migrant Pedophilia – ‘Our Traditions Are Hard To Break!’ 

    I’m not much into doctrinal matters, but purely on the basis of the contrast between the Dalai Lama and the Vatican Viper, one tends to see merit in converting to Buddhism, at least from Catholicism.




    At least there’s no risk of beheading for Catholics who use their God-given brain to make such spiritual decisions – unlike those of other creeds who defy sectarian savages that think ‘apostates’ should be killed. 

    It’s just so refreshing to hear responsible words from a religious leader these days. 

    The Dalai Lama added that “from a moral point of view too, I think that the refugees should only be admitted temporarily”.

    “The goal should be that they return and help rebuild their countries.” Dalai Lama says there are ‘too many’ refugees in Europe

  • ross1948 00:01 on February 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Bleating Euro-Bishops – Secret Europa-Worship Involved? 

    Good to see a Catholic MEP (UKIP, of course) has challenged the disgraceful party politicking prelates of the Conference of European Justice and Peace Commissions (COMECE)

    BTW, this is about Catholic bishops. but next week I’ll have a go at Anglicans. They’re a sad joke of a church these days!


    Steven Woolfe said that the party stood for Judeo-Christian values and patriotism (PA)


    These arrogant Catholic priests have sold their souls to the EUSSR with a sort of Romanoid fatwa against patriotic parties, which they characterise as “advocating the supremacy of narrow national interests over universal human values, international commitments and obligations.”http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/news/2015/02/23/ukip-mep-clashes-with-european-bishops-after-report-on-belligerent-politics/




    A fatuous fatwa indeed, with eerie echoes of the disloyalty discernible in the subversive ummat allegiance proclaimed by Islamists, which outrageously claims that citizens should feel more solidarity with co-religionists abroad than with fellow-citizens of a different creed.


    Steven Wolfe MEP rightly abominates the Catholic bishops’ betrayal of their duty to their own countries. He calls them an ‘EU fan club!’

    I’d call them worse than that. 



    Pagan deity Europa – a turn-on for bleating bishops?


    One might have thought they’d be interested in the values Europe got from Christendom, values the Brussels elite detest, not least those under-pinning the institution of marriage. But it sounds like they pray to that cutie nymph, the pagan Europa!

    As for international commitments and obligations. those are ipso facto matters for nations to decide, based on their perceptions of what is in their NATIONAL INTEREST – such treaties and conventions requiring approval by national parliaments or better still national referenda.


    Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court


    Imagine if the European Court and the Convention on which it’s based were put to a vote by the British people.  


    There’s no doubt who the bad bishops are targetting, as the Catholic Herald in the UK says it quite explicitly.  It’s a reference to groups such as the United Kingdom Independence Party, which finished as the largest party in last year’s euro elections. 

    No wonder pews are slimly populated of the church leadership comprises windbags like COMECE.

    • Suzanne Smith 23:54 on February 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      People go on about UKIP being bigots, but I think that’s their way to get people fighting amongst themselves, while the Tories and ex-Tories who make up the UKIP act worse than any of those they put down.
      Such as giving their school and club friends safe seats, to live for free off expenses.
      Will Farage who employs his foreign wife on tax payers money want her to live in Britain? How can anybody seriously imagine all the ex-Tories that make up the UKIP would suddenly start caring about British people?
      The Tories got us into the European market when they thought it would only be good for their corporate donors. As soon as there were directives good for workers like allowing enough breaks and holidays, Thatcher started making the rest of Europe hate us and turning us into a USA state. Thatcher made us the only country that allowed the USA to use us as an airport to bomb Libya, which led to Lockerbie.
      Other countries made them fly around, and the Queen was upset at having such an uncaring PM. That was in the cold war when Russia was an ally of Libya, and the USA were planning a protective shield but we would have nothing.
      Then John Major first made us the 2nd largest force to invade Iraq, and committed us to staying there as the only other country to go on regular bombing raids with the USA up until the 2nd war, so we had so many commitments there by the 2nd war, we couldn’t have left if we wanted.
      Then the Tories voted against House of Lords reform that Labour introduced, so their upper class friends could be paid for doing nothing, with expenses and subsidised bars and restaurants. Around the same time they also voted against a minimum wage for others.
      I could write all day about it. People need to point out how much they would mistreat British people, as some think they care about the British because UK is in the name. They only want to leave the EU because it prevents them mistreating British people, and they want to mistreat British workers so their upper class friends and corporate donors can make more money.
      Their main policy is to get rid of human rights.


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