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  • ross1948 00:21 on April 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Cazeneuve, Lame-Duck Lap-Dog’s Cur, Snarls At Marine 

    That pathetic little man Cazeneuve, Lame-Duck Hollande’s PM ( aka top flunkey ) whose miserable appeasement approach we’ve had to comment on before…

    Cazeneuve Crawls Again – Did He Visit Any Rape Victims? 

    …has now bared his teeth and criticised Marine.

    This on the same day that the ‘justice system’ he presides over is shown to be to blame for the latest atrocity in Paris.



    The Islamist pig was in prison, but was released FIVE YEARS EARLY.

    Had he still been behind bars, he’d not have been on the Champs Elysees to murder that cop.

    Soft sentences! Gutless government!

    Time for a REAL change!

    Hasil gambar untuk solidarite francais


    Roll on Sunday!

    • Jeanne 02:35 on April 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      He exploits this very bad Islamist crime to to score political gain against Marine because she can win on Sunday.’
      He and all of the French elite hate this possibility that the people can take France away from them.


  • ross1948 21:48 on December 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Calais Cleaned Up? So Who Snarled- ‘I’ll F—ing Kill You!’ 


    Wasn’t it Mama Stasi Merkel’s French Poodle, President Francois Hollande, who was so very recently strutting his stuff, trying to take credit for cleansing Calais of its long-standing crimmigrant pollution problem, revelling in his heroic achievement… 

    Hasil gambar untuk hollande traitor


    Tell Us, Hollande – How Will Such Savages Enrich French Rural Life! 

    ..,for dumping loads of undesirable aliens on defenceless French communities with not a single local referendum to see if the citizens wanted the brutes.

    Now, thanks to a septuagenarian pop star’s nightmarish ordeal, we know that the clear-out was largely cosmetic, or, more precisely, self-serving hogwash.


    • Gambar terkait
    • ——-
    • Tony Christie, whose big 1971 hit was Amarillo, was on his way home from Germany, with his wife and his band, in a trailer, when a gang of masked migrant savages attacked.


    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm
    • ————————
    • One of the swine hollered  –
    • ‘I’ll f—ing kill you!’

    • ———-
    • Happily, Tony and the rest of the intended victims survived, though one of the guitarists was wounded.
    • You can read the whole story on the link.
    • But the key part is this –
    • The petrol station where the attack took place is close to Grande-Synthe migrant camp, which sits alongside the A16 motorway connecting Dunkirk and Calais.    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4022968/Amarillo-singer-Tony-Christie-wife-s-terror-hooded-migrants-armed-crowbars-ambush-tour-bus-Dunkirk-petrol-station.html
    • —————-
    • In other words, the barbarous beasts are still encamped in the vicinity, still prowling thereabouts, still terrorising innocent people?And what do we call those who terrorise?
    • ooooooooooo
    • They are terrorists.
    • ———–
    • It is high time that the new French Prime Minister, Cazeneuve, gave a clear order, not to clear out these phoney ‘refugees,’ but to shoot them down…


    shoot terrs

    …as we suggested yet again a day or two ago!

    But he’s Hollande’s man.



    Cazeneuve Crawls Again – Did He Visit Any Rape Victims? 

    No way will he do the honourable thing.

  • ross1948 21:28 on October 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Cazeneuve Crawls Again – Did He Visit Any Rape Victims? 

    Not much in the Anglo-Saxon media on this cheery get-together in the South of France, but there are benefits from watching France24, which last week had a brief mention of a ‘Minister Meets Migrants’ story.

    Hollande’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has been bleating illogically at the UK for not taking enough of the hulking ‘unaccompanied minors’, though Amber the Ass has in most Brit patriots’ view taken too many already.


    Cazeneuve’s only argument seems to be that the brat-brutes want to cross the Channel.

    No doubt.

    And all those illegals in Ventimiglia want to cross from Italy into France.

    Arrogant Aliens Demand French Surrender! 

    Is he going to pander to those parasites too?

    I’m sure French patriots would be appalled at the prospect.

    Those arrogant aliens on the Med should be slapped down hard and told that their only ‘right of asylum’ – and it’s a stretch to think that, even by EU standards, many of the rabble have the remotest claim to such a ‘right’ – is wherever they disembarked from their bludger-boats.



    Britain’s benefit system and ‘soft touch’ immigration blamed… 


    But back to Cazeneuve’s jolly jaunt with the Jungleys, whom he did his utmost warmly to welcome.



    Cazeneuve goes a-grovelling!

    “The Republic is stronger when it generates brotherhood, he told them sycophantically on his first visit to Gelos…

    Poor Gelos, way down near the Spanish border, has been lumbered with forty people fleeing war and misery.  http://www.aqui.fr/politiques/bearn-le-ministre-de-l-interieur-rencontre-les-migrants,14599.html




    The report I picked out at random must be from one of France’s left-lib lying press.

    Otherwise they’d tell the truth and admit they have no notion whatsoever why these crimmigrants violated France’s sovereign borders.

    Most of the swarm in Calais have long since been unmasked as phoney ‘refugees.…as UK Government Minister Brokenshire said some time ago – 

    ‘In terms of the mix of people who are seeking to make that journey, our estimate is that the majority of those are probably economic migrants, rather than those who are fleeing persecution or some sort of civil conflict.  



    Gelos is far from Calais, and needless to say many of the more traditional residents (that’s BBC-speak for ‘French!‘)  are worried about the sudden influx and fearful that the problems which have bedevilled Calais will now simply be transported here.Calais migrants: Sense of anger in new host town

     Nor were they given any opportunity to vote on whether they’d have ‘a majority of relatively young Sudanese, three Afghans, an Eritrean and an Iraqi suddenly encamped in what the report describes as the bucolic site of “The Happy Valley,” 

    But never mind the absence of democracy in Hollande’s transmigration process.

    It’s the startling double-standards off Cazeneuve we should consider this weekend, his eagerness to talk hogwash to a bunch of bludgers…


    Accompagné d'un interprète et de nombreux élus locaux, le ministre a souligné le succès de l'opération humanitaire menée à Calais


    …and the contrast in his grovelling presence in Gelos,  ‘accompanied by an Arabic and many local elected officials…




     with his ABSENCE from the hospital bedside of that interpreter last week…

    Female Afghan interpreter ‘raped by armed migrants’ at CalaisJungle

    …and all the other victims of alien predators…

    Paris migrants gang rape and gag teen at Eiffel Tower

    ...predators who are only in France to commit their heinous crimes because Minister Cazeneuve, like his Merkel-puppet Hollande, WON’T DEPORT THE SWINE!

    Instead, the French must now learn to take care of themselves, because their government doesn’t care to.

    And shame on the collaborationist Mayor of Gelos, whose inane gabbling at the crimmigrant knees-up is at least worth a jibe.  

    He quoted the long-dead socialist, Jean Jaurès:

    “There is only one race, humanity…”

    Oh yeah?

    With that lot in the vicinity, the only one race likely to be run was the race for the free food!

  • ross1948 23:44 on September 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Hollande Finally To Face The Wrath of Calais? 

    Cazeneuve said places for another 8,000 asylum seekers would be created this year and thousands more in 2017, saying efforts would be focused on getting people in Calais to leave voluntarily.
    For pity’s sakes!
     Is this what honest French citizens pay taxes for?
    Pouring largesse into a trough where savages feed?
    Cazeneuve may only be doing the bidding of that effete appeasement artist in the Elsysee Palace, who ‘has until now avoided visiting Calais but is to visit the city later this month.’ .https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/sep/02/france-vows-to-dismantle-jungle …but nobody’s forcing the Interior Minister to do so. Neither was anyone expecting him to change his weasel tune from the last time he was there. 

    Unlike Hollande, he’s been seen in the vicinity before, and what he said then was pathetic.

    French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the eviction would be done “progressively, by persuasion and with respect for people’s dignity.”   


    The Government of France’s duty is to act decisively to safeguard the French people. To talk of persuading recalcitrant illegals to do what they’re told, seeking their consent to go where they’re told ‘voluntarily,’ is a dereliction of duty.
    March them onto trucks or freight rains at gun-point.
    Then put them into locked-down internment centres. 
    As for Francois Hollande, when he deigns to drop by, he may need to be protected not from the crimmigrants so much as from the French citizens he has effectively abandoned to the mercies of the Jungle savages.
    The Guardian reports that there are ‘currently a record 1,900 French police‘ deployed in Calais and Hollande’s flunkey Cazeneuve has just promised another 200.
    But even a thousand more will not make a whit of difference if the cops are not unshackled and allowed to do their job  – make Calais safe for decent people, a category that emphatically excludes the liars and layabouts in the Jungle.
    Despite France 24’s news broadcast, which I just now listened to, saying there is a ‘record number of refugees’ in Calais, there are few real refugees there, otherwise they’d apply for ‘asylum’ in France. Even France 24 went on to admit that much of the infestation wants only to reach the UK.  But what are we to expect from France 24?
    Hasil gambar untuk france 24
    Real refugees seek a safe country.
    In Calais, they’re in one, and have mostly passed through safe countries to get there. Phoney refugees, for sure. 
    Why should they not be treated for what they are, moochers on the make, at best?
    Who do they think they are?
    Their arrogant marauding should be ended.
    If Hollande and Cazeneuve were at all on the side of the French and not that of the alien parasites, they’d have ordered the police to seal that Jungle off, with clear orders to those inside that ANY attempt to leave would be met with live ammo.
    For too long the rabble have been terrorising innocent people.
    shoot terrs
    Instead, the regime in Paris wants to subject some other blameless towns to their maligant molestation, move the bludging brutes to other areas across France, where they’ll make other French people’s lives a misery by their lawless rampages. 
    MOVE THEM, yes, but BACK to whence they came.

    out with them


    So Cazeneuve’s in Calais today?

    As I said, back when he previously made obeisance to appeasement, why doesn’t he just go down on bended knee to the brutes?


    • cazeneuve
    • Boot-licker Cazeneuve
    • ————

    He should be booed all the way back to Paris.

  • ross1948 22:56 on February 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Pathetique! Savage Mob Amok, As France Fawns On Calais Curs! 


    I should say by way of preface that my reference to ‘fawning’ above is no slur on the people of France, who, I’m sure, are mostly outraged at the slap-on-the-wrist sentencing, at the Cazeneuve crawl and the way cops are kept from acting as they easily could, and should, to curb the crimmigrants terrorising Calais.


    French court sentences six migrants to jail for storming British ferry

    Wow, you think, wonderful, surely a serious prison term – five years, at least, then prompt deportation!

    Ya GOTTA be kidding! The savage swine – one Syrian, one Sudanese and four Afghans – got ONE MONTH each for their amok-run, and were immediately released, time in pre-trial custody apparently requiring this.

    For Pete’s Sake.

    If there were deportation officers waiting in the court-room with manacles, ready to escort the lawless parasites to a ship or a plane, okay, maybe it’s easier on the tax-payers to unload them back to whence they came. Crimmigrants who travelled through other safe European lands to reach France and declined to seek ‘asylum’ prior to crossing the French border have no right to be in La Republique. 


    Hasil gambar untuk migrants storm ferry calais Calais crimmigrants amok last month


    But no way! The doltish court unleashed the savages on the increasingly desperate people of Calais.  

    And here’s what such soft soppy sentencing begets.




    CALAIS AT WAR: Thousands of migrants scream ‘UK! UK!’ in violent riot as Jungle spared

    CALAIS descended into open warfare last night as thousands of migrants rampaged through the town yelling “UK! UK!” as they made their way back to the crime-ridden Jungle camp.

    Several thousand migrants took part in a violent victory march after French authorities performed a U-turn and scrapped plans to raze a huge section of the squalid shanty town to the ground. 

    Hordes of hooded asylum seekers clashed with French riot police and yelled obscenities at terrified locals as they marched through Calais in the dark, unperturbed by heavy rain.”  http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/647381/Calais-migrants-refugees-violence-French-port-town-Jungle-camp-eviction-halted

    See for yourselves on the video by Calais Infos Verities, who commented observantly – 

    French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the eviction would be done “progressively, by persuasion and with respect for people’s dignity.”  http://www.dw.com/en/french-court-sentences-six-migrants-to-jail-for-storming-british-ferry/a-19066911


    • cazeneuve Boot-licker Cazeneuve
    • ————

    Why doesn’t creepy Cazeneuve just go down on bended knee to the brutes?

    They should be herded out at gun-point, and stuff their ‘dignity!’ They show no more ‘dignity’ than they show gratitude. 

    Bad enough that the ‘evictions’ are only from the Jungle and not from France but those illegals are to be rewarded for their illegality with  nearby heated containers..


    or welcome centers around the country


    Good grief!

    Undesirable aliens are NOT ‘welcome!’ They need to be dumped in detention centres with electrified fences!

    But no matter what most Calaisians, or most French  people, think! The Enemy Within sedulously serving the swines’ cause have told France to play nice, because….

    The migrants PREFER to live like pigs in their self-created middens.“The refugees don’t want to be all over France,” Moseley said. “They want to be in Calais.”  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2016/02/22/enemy-within-thwarts-calais-savages-eviction-or-not/

    And who among the ‘great and good’ in Paris or Brussels is going to forego the pleasure of pandering to spoiled evil brats? Like Ms. Clinton says…

    Hillary Clinton: White people should ‘practice humility’



  • ross1948 11:13 on December 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Marine 'Facing Prison' For Tweeting Truths About ISIS Rape-Gang 

    Quite bizarre, that clown Cazeneuve on France24 last night, ranting away about how photos of ISIS atrocities were ‘propaganda,’ as if Marine Le Pen was at fault for reminding us of Islamist evil.

    He has ‘alerted the police!  



    True or false? I know what I think!

    That’s about as irresponsible as he could get, wasting police time when all their attention should be directed against Islamist terror.

    There’s even talk of jailing the FN leader!

    Marine Le Pen Could Face Five Years in Prison for Tweeting Photos




    And even more bizarre the way the media are telling us that Marine is ‘under investigation’ for putting the photos on her Twitter pages.

    I don’t ‘do’ Twitter, out of choice, and I don’t ‘do’ Facebook, perforce, having been outlawed by Zuckerberg’s geekstapo after posting pictures of an Islamist atrocity here in Indonesia.


    But I think Marine Le Pen was absolutely entitled to show the world what the West is up against.

    And her reason for those particular pictures has not been adequately covered in the media, much of which is hardly stalwart in the West’s cause.


    • Hasil gambar untuk Jean-Jacques Bourdin Bourdin should retract, not Le Pen
    • =========================
    • A particularly slimy pinko named Jean-Jacques Bourdin, during an interview on radio station RMC and news channel BFM TV, drew parallels between Le Pen’s party and IS, saying the two movements shared an “inward-looking attitude” and “mindset.”

    A furious Le Pen reacted…

    No bloody wonder.


    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm ISIS
    • ===================
    • ISIS comprises satanic sectarian rapists and murderers.

    Marine leads a democratic party supported this month by 6,000,000 French patriots.

    There is no shared ‘mind-set.’

    And far from being ‘inward-looking,’ ISIS is looking outwards, exporting its perverted ideology and the heinous crimes that ideology spawns.

    • France_Flag_Map_svg
    • Marine looks forward, to a France cleansed of such vile fanatics, a France re-newed on a foundation of national pride.

    There is NO comparison, and to make one, as that leftist scribbler did, is disgusting.

    To re-publish photos which we can all see by internet searching was an entirely legitimate riposte. When the family of one of the victims of ISIS objected, she courteously removed it.

    There are plenty more she can use, and should use, to expose the hellish freak-show that is ISIS.

    Vive Marine and Vive La France.  


    • Jeanne 13:13 on December 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Merci beaucoup. You are very vrai.


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